Cutrone: “Scoring in front of 65k fans at San Siro is a unique feeling, I hope with my whole heart to stay at Milan”

Patrick Cutrone celebrating during Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on the 3rd of August, 2017. (
Patrick Cutrone celebrating during Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on the 3rd of August, 2017. (

Patrick Cutrone could not describe his feelings after scoring against Craiova, and said he now owes Rodriguez dinner.

With his goal against Craiova yesterday in the 2-0 win, Cutrone became the second youngest player in Milan history to score in Europe, with only Alexandre Pato coming in front of him.

Cutrone has exploded in the last few weeks and is showing coach Montella that he is more than a legitimate option for next season. Patrick now has four goals in five matches this summer and is hoping to keep wearing the red and black of Milan next season.

“It’s a unique emotion to score in front of 65,000 fans,” Cutrone, 19, told Sky Italia. “It’s a dream I’ve always had as a child. I’ve been training with the first team since January. From the start, I’ve been doing work from a physical point of view, but then I raised my level and now I’m doing fine.

“The transfer market [Crotone want him]? I hope to stay at Milan, but the club will decide. I’ll give everything in training. I like to run and help the team, that’s my job. If I also score, that’s even better. Idols? In the past few years, I’ve been following Morata and in Italy Belotti is very strong.”

“I’m overjoyed, I didn’t expect it. I thank all those who have made it possible. I especially thank the coach,” the striker said to Mediaset Premium. “At the end of the match Ricardo Rodriguez told me that I have to buy him dinner now. My future? The Milan shirt is beautiful and I hope to stay. Montella is giving me confidence and I’ll everything in training, then the club will decide but I hope with my whole heart to stay. I always play my game, then the decisions are made by the coach.”

Patrick Cutrone celebrating during Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on the 3rd of August, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Patrick Cutrone celebrating during Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on the 3rd of August, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Speaking to MilanTV, Crotone, who could be this season’s Locatelli, added: “It’s a great emotion, indescribable. This is a dream come true. Being the second youngster Milan player in history to score in Europe? It’s a great honor. I was hoping to be the youngest but that’s OK! It’s a great emotion.

“My first goal with the Milan shirt [in a competitive match]? It’s the result of all the work in training, this is a starting point, I absolutely must not stop. The goal arrived after having done a lot for the team. If the goal arrives, it’s good, otherwise I will work for everyone else.

“The growth of the last few months? When I got to the first team, I suffered from a physical point of view. Now I feel better in everything, the staff and coach are helping me in everything. Who gives me the most advice? Before the match I was ‘charged’ by Storari, his advice is gold. But everyone is helping me. Ricardo Rodriguez? Yes, he said I have to buy him dinner, and I will.

“I thank everyone, especially those who brought me here to Milan. My objectives for the upcoming season? I want to stay at Milan and score goals, then the club will decide. I feel the confidence of everyone, they have welcomed me well and help me on the field.”

Cutrone will keep working and try to show Montella that maybe a new striker isn’t needed after all. Montella said there is no intention to send Cutrone away and Sky also expects him to stay.

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keep flowing. I trust u.prove the doubters wrong.


Comment:ma new boy


keep it up Boy


we don’t need any new striker.


Yes we do. You can’t place all responsibility on this young man’s shoulders or it will hinder his growth.


i believe too.
we need a killer striker 20+ man
thats where cutrone and silva will learn and thrive
just becouse cutrone scored against bayerns 18 yeAR old keeper and a low level club does not make him one for the stress moments


I hope we keep him for this coming season. It’ll be nice to have a young, hungry striker at home games against the smaller teams and to use in the Coppa, especially since we will be playing a lot of games this season. He seems a bit further ahead than maybe most thought.


“Before the match I was ‘charged’ by Storari, his advice is gold.” – always listen to the keeper’s advise, the last time i did i scored 5 goals in one match.


So glad we have him and didnt waste €100M on a certain someone from Torino.


This guy can be our next miracle after Donna and Loca… Great young itallian backbone for our future (along with conti, romagnoli, calabria)


You and me both Cutro!
“If the goal arrives, then good, if not then I will work for everyone else.” – this is another huge positive aspect with our primavera, not only developing great talents, but also keeping their feet on the ground.
Really hope he will be our next new talent after Gigio, Calabria and Loca! Keep it up!
Wouldn’t mind keeping our strikers as they are – Bacca, Silva and Cutro, if we ae to spend money on Kalinic… if someone like Auba or Ibra arrives though, that’s another story!


keeping our strikers means sticking 352 and leaving 433
bacca will be a killer in 352 as cutrone and silva
but montella cant get of 433
we would have with 352 – 3421-3412 enough styles to switch
in the end bacca scored so many goals in a system what was not helping him
now with calkanoglu -conti-rodriguez
two man strikers will scream goals


I agree soo much, we need 2 strikers up-front. We got the players for it and it is something we should try.


“I was hoping to be the youngest but that’s OK!” Now this is the right kind of mentality if one is to survive in highly competitive environment of professional sports, an environment where ur value is measured strictly by ur own personal results and ur last recent performance. Im 100% sure he also believes that with right kind of mindset, tactics and a little bit of luck Milan can soon win scudetto because he’s not a chronic loser. Regarding cutrone’s promise to ric rod, I’m glad that new star signing can easily have a bond with rookie like him. This… Read more »


I sense a great future is awaiting him. I hope he grows everyday until he is a legend.



Subs; (in a game) Loca, Biglia, Niang


Comment:next inzaghi


He might be the next Inzaghi. His goals style looks like Inzaghi. We’ll see