Team news: Milan were without Ignazio Abate, Luca Antonelli, Leonardo Bonucci, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli, Lucas Biglia, Jose Sosa and Carlos Bacca. Craiova had to do without Apostol Popov. Kickoff time for the 2nd leg of the Europa League third qualification stage was 20:45 CET.

Goals: Bonaventura (9′), Cutrone (52′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Andrea Conti, Cristian Zapata, Mateo Musacchio, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Manuel Locatelli, Giacomo Bonaventura (81′ Fabio Borini); Suso (65′ Hakan Çalhanoğlu), Patrick Cutrone (70′ André Silva), M’Baye Niang.
Unused: Storari, Calabria, G. Gomez, Montolivo.

CS Universitatea Craiova (4-3-3) – Devis Mangia
Nicolae Calancea; Radoslav Dimitrov, Hrvoje Spahija, Renato Kelić, Tiago Ferreira; Fausto Rossi (46′ Alexandru Mateiu), Hristo Zlatinski, Nicușor Bancu; Gustavo Vagenin, Alexandru Băluță (65′ Mihai Roman), Alexandru Mitriță (82′ Cristi Bărbuţ).
Unused: Mitrovic, Briceag, Barthe, Screciu.

Referee: Nikola Popov (BUL).

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As far as the goals were concerned

Kiesse- what a Thunderball strike, it was a shame it didn’t stand.

Bonaventura – opportunistic, kept his cool and took the chance well.

Cutrone- the more I see him , the more I begin to like him and believe in him. Showed a great eye for a goal and pounced on the loose ball, typical strikers goal. Turning out to be a real fox in the box. Congrats for his first goal and that too at the San siro. Keep growing. He has been a pleasure this season.


We are Ac Milan, now that we have hope with our players while wish all well when playing the games! what they need is our supports and what we need is their wins so we can be happy and be proud of our club that we support and why do we support Ac Milan is because we love Ac Milan as a football club. there are so many football clubs but we choose the one we love most. Lets wish all our players well for what we will achievement this season will be great. Forza Milan.


What I was happy about was the confidence on the ball players had. Combining with short passes on a small space being calm, that’s what I miss few seasons now. I was sick of watching Montolivo, Bertolacci etc. acting all scared with the ball at their feet trying to get rid of it as it was on fire or something. These guys played around in their own goal line with no sweat. Good to see confidence on their play, that’s one of first stepping stones for a good season ahead of us.

Forza Milan!


Now all I’m hearing is praises but last week all I was hearing was fans bashing montella and how he is such a poor manager..its a pity

Baresis Dream

I wasn’t basing Montella last year, but we won’t be hearing praises from me – this isn’t a team ready to challenge the scudetto.


Kaka22’s talking about last week when everyone was crying over Craiova’s 1-0 defeat.

Baresis Dream

I meant last week and not last year. Thanks for the correction.



You go and search for my comments after 1st leg game in Romania last week, I’m really curious where you’ll find me bashing Montella or team performance

Go on lad


Don’t get me wrong my comment is not really directed to you, its general


Baresis Dream, nice to see someone being realistic here

sui generis

Comment: Did u guys noticed Donna’s confidence on d ball….. Mussachio dat guy is something else. Locatelli crazy as always….. Good job guys…. Forza Milan!!!

I'm rossoneri

I still have my doubt about de coach,is he sticking to his 433 formation this seoson? Den wat do we need another striker for ?I don’t trus dat formation ,plus a lot of our players are going to be wasted




Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Conti, Calabria, Locatelli, Cutrone

I’m really excited to see all these young Italian prospects in Milan shirt, the club is indeed starting a new cycle and building foundations on domestic players for Azzuri also.

Forza Milan!

The Psamlist

Fassobelli have put together a great well rounded project. We have Primavera graduates seriously challenging for places in Gigio, Locatelli and Cutrone. We signed exciting prospects who were key players in thier previous teams like Silva, Kessi and Conti. We signed undervalued, seasoned performers in RR, Hakan, Biglia & Musacchio. We signed a superstar in Bonucci. Then theres the players that we already had like Jack and Suso who will do so much better with quality around them. All in all the team is so well balanced. We have an italian core, huge potential youth players made up mainly of… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Ah, the euphoric feeling of beating a European giant from Romania at san siro. And creating 2-3 chances at home is more than enough against the iron clad defense that is Craiova; their GK should have gotten man of the match for making 1 (?) save. This does not remind me of Milan in previous years at all, even though that Milan had the same problems pretty much. And we can’t expect our new young squad to connect so quickly, that’s true, especially against the Romanian giants; I’m sure Rome, Napoli, and Juve will be considerate. Even Zapata was great,… Read more »


Haha and bash all the ”moaners” because they always find the negativity when everyone else is blindly applauding. You rise fair points about Kiesse. Zapata will always be Zapata. Conti’s accuracy for 25mil…. well, to be fair it is still early. I will attack him in the Pasalic style I did last year if he still plays like this after 10 league games. However I disagree with you being negative about Europa in general. I think it is a nice place to start and test things. It is completely my personal opinion, but I liked what Mourinho said last season… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Indeed my friend.


Evaluating this team which consists of 10 new, potentially 1st team players after two official games into the season, predicting bad display in Serie A clashes with big guns.

Your comment is a complete rubbish, imo

Baresis Dream

I hope so too.

But predicting a scudetto challenge based on this performance is even more rubbish. Please tell me what else do I have to base my predictions on? Statistics of previous seasons in foreign leagues ? The belief that is was so bad in recent years, it has to get better? Apart from a packed san siro, please enlighten us doubters with what got you so excited from this match.


Why is there even a discussion about Scudetto? Who mentioned that? CL should be priority this first season wether through EL or domestic competition. Maybe Milan can pull a Leicester season but that would he foolish to expect from them. Every project need its time


Comment:#We are Acmilan


Guys was this news that am hearing that the BANK has not not yet accepted the money for BONUCCI AND BIGLIA and they cannot be registerd yet as MILAN PLAYERS this is really scary ooo and we only have untill 11 of august to do so all else they will return to their back to both LAZIO AND JUVENTUS