Milan-Craiova: The Rossoneri squad


Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face CS Universitatea Craiova on Thursday when the clock points 20:45 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro for the second leg of the third qualifying stage of the 2017/18 Europa League and coach Vincenzo Montella has named his squad.

Ignazio Abate, Luca Antonelli, Leonardo Bonucci, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli, Lucas Biglia, Jose Sosa and Carlos Bacca are all out of the squad.

Probable XI: Gianluigi Donnarumma; Andrea Conti, Cristian Zapata, Mateo Musacchio, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Manuel Locatelli, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso, Patrick Cutrone, M’Baye Niang.

Antonio DonnaurmmaDavide CalabriaGiacomo BonaventuraFabio Borini
Gianluigi DonnarummaAndrea ContiHakan ÇalhanoğluPatrick Cutrone
Marco StorariGustavo GomezFranck KessiéM'Baye Niang
Mateo MusacchioManuel LocatelliAndré Silva
Ricardo RodriguezJose MauriSuso
Cristian ZapataRiccardo Montolivo
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So what happened to abate and antonelli?injured again?


Forget Abate. His is not a starting material. Conti and Calabria are the future. But honestly I think Calabria is the better player than Conti who is struggling defensively having been known to make late tackles. Btw, I think the main reason for Abate’s absence is to test Calabria incase Conti fumbles. If that happens it will be good for Calabria who is my favorite RB in the world. He reminds me of Cafu and and alves who are very good with the ball excellent crossing and well balanced in defence and attack. The kid just need more playing time.… Read more »


You are way to far in the future, Klum. Defensive Line needs experience and this is what Abate can provide. By the way he is the longest-serving Milan Player, therefore he is needed to integrate all new arrivals into the family.
Otherwise I hope you are right and Conti and as soon as possible Calabria (because me too learned to love him) will outshine Abate, who is at least a decent Serie A player.


People here sleeping on Andre Silva, he’s not the type of striker that will give you 20+ goals every season. He’s a complete striker that plays from deep like Dybala who’s very good with the ball at his feet, he will drop deep to get other players involved like a second striker, the only thing he has over Dybala at this point in time is his bigger and combative frame, he’s a rare breed of strikers and i am glad we got him. What we need now is a striker that plays off the last defender like how Belotti does.… Read more »


From the little I have seen from him he seems like a great player. Explosive, versatile and always a threat for any defense.


Give him time. The Coach is convinced. And he sees him every day.


Club paid 38 million for him so the coach will back him…sure he has some skill, speed, larger frame…but he is still skinny…needs a few more years to add muscle…Serie A will be difficult for him his first year or so. Reminds me of Niang when he was 19. Of course, depending on the rest of the team and how well they control the ball and attract defensive pressure he might have a great year…


FyahDGreat, I thought that was a given.

Lapadula yan

Conti confirmed


I rather suso not start as he is just coming back. I rather have Borini or Çalhanoğlu play in his place, or have Mauri play in mid-field and have Bonaventura play further up.


Get some fresh air, Hachim.


We all should not be in a hurry to have a perfect team now, we need to continue building and see what Montella has for the club. Best of luck guys


just bang in goals…. is that too much to ask.


What happened to Gabriel? The GOALKEEPER!! I like that guy


My Guess @ starting lineup

Conti – Zapata – Musa – RR
Loca – Kessie


I like that team alot


An unfit suso is 10x more useful that a fit borini who breaks medical records.


Very interesting line up. All the best for tomorrow, andiamo ragazzi!


guys, has anyone watched Emre mor, the guy is like messi, I hope Roma does not get him,
we should go for such players, I ve also watched Danilo Barbosa who is linked to Milan he is good, better than Sanchez, I Wonder what those guys want with Sanchez. its good Suso is back Niang should not be in Milan, he has failed two times, why give him another chance, get a player better than him.


There are reports that Fiorentia is interesting for him and ofering 12 milions


Roma offered 20m

Patrick Jürgensen

Emré Mor is a technically skilled and fast player, but he is very immature. I followed him in the Danish League before he got sold to Dortmund, and I don’t believe he is a player whom will fulfill his potential. He is a great ego, so shouldn’t count him into building a team up from scratch. We have other talents standing in line for his spot, e.g. Crutone.


Conti vs Baluta.
Oh my.
Musacchio will have loads to deal with again on his own tomorrow.
Would be interesting to see how Calabria does if he comes on second half.


Yeah, I have noticed that Conti’s defensive game needs some serious improvement. We don’t want a Danilo kind of player who can only attack and can’t defend a dime that is why he struggled in Real Madrid. I have always maintained that Calabria is the best RB for Milan even while Conti was on the cards. Calabria reminds me of Cafu and Alves. Milan are fortunate to have immensely talented youngsters in Calabria, Loca, Cutrone, Donna, crociata and Zanellato. It’s once in a life time opportunity for Milan and they had better grab it with both hands because appreciation goes… Read more »


Yup totally agreed, I said this even before Conti signed for us. Hve to trust our youngsters now, after years of not producing the goods from our primavera! Just a slight correction though, Musacchio is from Argentina, he’s not Spanish.


Can u all let this new guys play at least five matches before judging? Thank you


Conti has 5+ official appearances, mate.
You still need to see more before you judge him to be shit in defending?


Pls anyone with the livestreamming link of this match pls




Abate and antonelli are excluded from the squad for technical reasons and andre silva sadly had minor injury so he wont play tonight. Speaking of silva, i understand why people who havent watched him play underestimate him (they shouldnt be talking in the first place) but anyone who really watch football on regular basis shouldve known by now that if anyone is sheva 2.0 its silva not belotti (next vieri/trezegol). Silva is rare breed of #9 who can score AND act as creative source for the team. If anyone bitch about his lack of goals, well, he’s 21 for gods… Read more »


i don’t agree with you on the scoreline ….
i just time jumped to the end of the game and guess what i saw??
Milan 4-0 Craiova


Wow, even better than my expectation. Would u kindly tell me who’s gonna score mate? *wink

Baresis Dream

I just hope he goes hard on tackles, otherwise he’ll get injured a lot, this new Shevchenko of yours …

The nerve of even mentioning the two names in the sentence before the kid scored one goal for us.


Says the guy who claimed that “donna > buffon”
Also, sheva was already sheva before he scored his 1st goal for milan. Had u watched football back then i wouldve heard of rebrov – sheva duo. His style of play was a lot like silva’s


I watched him in the confederations cup, and his movement on and off the ball reminded me of Torres from his Liverpool days. He has been poor in his few minutes he has played for us, but he recently came back from holiday, he”s young and in a new league, there is no reason to slate him at this point, he needs time. I mean, as an example, Felipe Anderson struggled for a season, sat most of the time on the bench, but then he bounced back the next season and took Serie A by storm.


Interesting point of view mate.


well done Mr teleporter,although I like what u saw and I really wish it a reality …Milan should take this game serious cos from what I saw the last time those boys r dangerous and I like the fact that mussachio is playing that guy gives me defensive assurance even more than bonucci for now.forza Milan


i think suso shud come on as a sub cos he is just returning from injury let borini play on that flank and please we need mauri on the pitch ,this are the kind of games we need him to play in


All hail Lord Zapata and his mind control skills!

Rixardo Leite

Nice defence above all else. Even our supposed weakest is awesome for now. . Big up Zapata


Zapata must be caring his rabbits foot every time before the game. I still don’t understand why Zapata is preferred ahead of Gomez


bonucci and biglica moves could collapse..the bank rejected the money for milan..
that would be a big hit..our owner founding the transfers with not existing money.
the reaosn why bonucci and biglica had not been includet in the list of players is becouse of this issue.
lets see if the chinese have a magic money donkey..