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Milan no 1

Let’s go boys.. #3points


why Montella so stuborn with 433 while we don’t have wingers & poacher?!
even Suso isn’t real winger, more like trequartista or false9,
Silva also not a poacher, we only have Cutrone beside fake wingers such Niang & Borini failed to feed him with good pass/cross,
& our possible transfer target is central midfield & muscled slow strikers (kind of Bacca), i don’t understand…


i saw Silva looks like he feel alone, no talk no smile no interaction,
i hope soon we sell Sosa & sign Sanchez, loan Costa & sign Zlatan
(then no more Kalinic & Badejl news, they arn’t bad, just not good enough)

ac baba

please we really need to help silva….watched the training…he seems isolated or at least trying to isolate himself…we need another Portuguese signing asap