Report: Aubameyang wants Milan and is hoping they make an attempt for him, verbal agreement reached over Kalinić

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang during Bayern Munich-Borussia Dortmund at Allianz Arena on April 26, 2017. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Aubameyang during Bayern Munich-Borussia Dortmund at Allianz Arena on April 26, 2017. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang apparently wants Milan to make another move for him, but the road for Andrea Belotti appears to be a very difficult one.

Marco Fassone revealed in an interview this week that there is a ‘Mr. X’ for the attack but the pursue for the target that the fans and press are aware of continues.

Borussia Dortmund have announced that the window for Aubameyang to leave has closed, but according to Gianluca Di Marzio, the 28-year-old striker, who was the Bundesliga top scorer last season, has declined their offer for a renewal and wants to move to Milan.

The press in Germany is convinced that Aubameyang will leave for China in January, but Di Marzio claims that Auba is hoping that the Rossoneri make another attempt at signing him and now the ball is in the court of Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli, as signing him would require a big investment.

Di Marzio adds that a verbal agreement has been reached with Fiorentina for Nikola Kalinić – €25m plus bonuses. Coach Vincenzo Montella is a huge fan of the 29-year-old Croatian striker, who has already announced that his desire is to wear the Red and Black shirt next season. Some reporters believe that an arrival of Kalinić would not exclude the signings of another top striker.

Nikola Kalinic during Fiorentina-Cagliari at Stadio Artemio Franchi on March 12, 2017. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)
Nikola Kalinic during Fiorentina-Cagliari at Stadio Artemio Franchi on March 12, 2017. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

As for Andrea Belotti, the Torino man seemed to emerge as the number 1 goal for the Milan attack. But Sky and Di Marzio are now reporting that il Gallo could stay put and sign a new contract worth €3m per season. There was a meeting between Belotti and President Urbano Cairo and it’s stated that Belotti has put his future in the hands of the club and will only leave if an adequate offer arrives.

Di Marzio says Milan will make another try at signing him but Cairo wants €80m plus players, which the Diavolo will not offer for the 24-year-old Italian striker, who is known to be a Milan fan and is the dream of many supporters. Belotti has a €100m clause which is valid only for teams outside of Italy.

Meanwhile, there were reports of Milan taking Chelsea’s Diego Costa on loan for six months but GdM reports that there has been no confirmation there and the Aldo Rossi club is denying this possibility.

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No kalinic please.. What’s the need for kalinic when there is carlos bacca? If we can’t get one of these, belotti and auba.. I think we should leave bacca instead and invest the money in renato sanchez.. Fasobelli should try once more for auba, the guy is ready to take a pay cut and join the rosonerri team.. #Forza milan


I agree with you. I would hate to see Kallinic in the Red and Black Jersey especially as a starter. I think he will end up a liability who won’t do any better than Bacca has done. If the Croat comes, then Bacca will definitely leave but as long as Kalinic is not a starter, thats ok by me. The Man is ABSOLUTELY NOT the one to take Milan to the next level and he is CERTAINLY not the WOULD BE excellent MrX signing for a top striker. Indeed the ball is now on Milan’s court. If only Aubamenyang weren’t… Read more »


I really hope sanches comes to milan this season, followed by ance next season


Did it cross anyone’s mind that Carlo Ancelotti may be building the new Milan because he wants to come back? Why would he push Renato Sanchez towards Milan? Maybe he is already working for himself, we just don’t know it yet LOL


I don’t understand people’s obsession with Ancelloti. He won 1 Serie A title with Milan in 7 years or so.
I know he also won 2 Champs Leagues but I feel with the squad he had he should have been more dominant in Serie A.


Milan had scudetto material squad between 2003-06 and ance won 1 out of 3 attempts. Not bad. 2001-02 and 2007-10 squads were complete joke and theres no way ance couldve won scudetto with those squads. And i havent even mentioned calciopoli advantage juve had yet.
He won all those league titles with chelsea and psg too. Also, la decima and all those european supercups and intercontinental/club world cups.
So yeah, ance is legendary coach and nobody condescends him so if u have the nerve to condescend him then ur essentially a nobody


Hmmm is Beloti using us in order to stay st Torino on an improved contract? I hope not but I somehow doubt him now. If he was so keen to join us I’d expect him to have a strong reaction to his president. Oh well, let’s stay with what we’ve got then!!

Rikimaru Tenchu

Not everyone is Donnarumma and ungrateful to their club. Besides his contract is not expiring yet. What’s the point fighting when you are not not even sure Milan will do everything to get you.


butthurt still i see…


No Kalinic. He cost too much for someone who is about to be at the end of his prime. He has maybe 2-3 years left before he is done. Belotti cost too much as well. And for what the club wants is absurd. 80 plus players. That was in plural. I’d give them Niang who is worth at least 15-25mil. Plus Pale and he should be worth 10-17mil and from there maybe add one more like Suso cause we all know playing time is gonna be rough to come across but he should bring in somewhere between 25-30mil. That alone… Read more »


Just imagine this. A. Silva, Belotti, n Calhanoglu. That becomes A B C, the deadliest attack in the world. I know Belotti is expensive, but he is 20 + goals guarantee for the team in serie a. I hope Milan keep on persues him. Torino can have Paleta,Niang, Zapata, Abate, Sosa, Montolivo or even Montela and the whole Milan office boys and bus drivers altogether , but not Locatelli. That’s all


Just because milan sign a lot of players this mercato doesnt mean we have to be hyperbolic. silva – belotti – calhanoglu would be deadliest attack in the world, milan mercato is flawless, milan have no problems signing anyone including cr7 and messi, suso is indispensable; these are hyperbolic statements which can not be further from the truth.


Belotti is not a guarantee. Til now he is a one season wonder plus it is always very risky for a first striker to switch club. First striker plus one hit wonder, he shouldn’t be costing 100M. Morata and lukaku cost only 80M.


@ck you see only few people in this blog understand football mathematics u cant just buy buy buy,belotti to me is a risk lukaku morata cost 80m almighty lacazzete cost 65m one season wonder open his eyes and signed a 100m realease clause he is no nyemar messi nor ronaldo,my question is what if he turns a FLOP is back to square 0


Deadliest attack in the world? WTF are you talking about? Ever heard of Messi, Neymar and Suarez?


@Law, I don’t agree in giving away Suso but I do agree Kalanic is a waste of time and Costa would be a good short term option. As much as I can’t stand the guy he is a “beast” in front of goal.


Costa is no beast in front of goal, as a matter of fact bacca has far more goals than Costa in his career


Sure! Costa would be great for Milan until January. With the spaniard who is devastating, I would expect Milan to be topping the seria a table until the break. Even if he departs, Milan would have gained enough momentum to finish off the league and still possibly win the Scudetto. But I think with Aubamenyang, it would be the same story. So I would expect Serie A and Europa League titles along with coppa italia. Milan is second to nobody with Aubamenyang, or possibly Sanches.


Suso is our only playmaker last season and I see no reason why Milan is going to let him go.. I don’t really like what the coach is doing, you can’t just condem all the player who work very hard for you last season because of new signing. I want Calos bacca and Suso to stay.. Our coach as one problem… Throughout last season we don’t have starting 11 and if we don’t plan ourselves this season we are going to face the same problem because of the new players. How long are you going to keep rotating player if… Read more »


A player’s will is always important factor in a transfer so if auba wants Milan, then he can always push for it so that Dortmund are willing to negotiate with an open mind.

Unlike Torino who are stuck with 100 mil valuation of bellotti.


Comment: This Kalinic matter is really getting me upset.
If he’s the only signing left in the market I will advice we retain Bacca for God sake.


He is better bacca


Is Bacca better than Kalinic? That’s not the question that you should be asking. The correct question should be: Is Kalinic a better fit for Montella’s system than Bacca? Because of a lack of proper holding midfield options last season, Montella opted for a counter-attacking football over his preferred option of possession football. He stacked his Fiorentina side with ball-playing midfielders like David Pizarro, Borja Valero, Alberto Aquilani and Mati Fernandez to play a possession based system. With the arrivals of Biglia and Kessie and the impending arrival of Renato Sanches, Milan have players capable of playing a possession based… Read more »


mario gomez – rossi couldnt hold the ball well but theyre fairly deadly during their fiorentina days. Milan might needed post player like kalinic last season when they had absolute garbage for midfielders. Now that milan’ve sorted the mf problem out (especially if renato does come), they dont need post player anymore. Instead, they need clinical finisher who can bury chances created by mf like hakan. Baca thrived in a club with fully functioning gameplay like sevilla, thus he may be deadly poacher milan bought him for if he stays. Players like niang clearly doesnt want to stay judging by… Read more »


Not that Niang doesn’t want to stay but since last season going on loan with an option to buy and this mercato Milan has been trying to sell him.


Bacca could work in fully functioning “counter attacking” club like Sevilla of the past. But not in Montella’s Milan which bases his game on ball possession.

Slyfox is right, Bacca is fast and he’s good when he runs behind the defense and finishes one on one. When it’s crowded around him, he’s pretty useless.


Because cutrone whose style of play is similar to bacca didnt just score a brace against bayern?
Also, sevilla was possession based team not counter attacking


Cutrone is nothing like Bacca. He’s actually good at playing with his back to goal and keeping the ball, which Bacca can’t do if his life depends on it. Bacca’s style of play is very direct. He runs at goal.

And you’re telling me Unai Emery’s style is possession and not counter-attack? wow. Who are you and what have you done to the real Milan10.

Watch back Europa League’s final between Sevilla – Liverpool and get back to me.


Or maybe u should rewatch sevilla – kalinic’s team in ’14/15 el final. Just because bayern got dominated by barca doesnt mean theyre counter attacking team, likewise sevilla vs lpool. Emery’s tactic is high pressure football with high defensive line, what kind of counter attacking team play with high defensive line? Just because he likes 4-2-3-1 and fast wingers doesnt mean he likes counterattacking football. Cutrone likes to play with his back to goal? Maybe, but that besides the point. My point is cutrone played as fox in the box in both friendly matches. And if he could do it… Read more »


Good logical analysis of characteristics within the system. If we are gonna play 2 up front we will likely need a big guy and a runner as starters and backup.

Which is why I think Bacca would likely stay. He and Kalinic would be that duo on the bench whereas Silva and Mister X would be the starters.

That could be a theory given that we have two strikers and are in pursuit of two more.


@slyfox where a hell did you come from i took my time to read your article ,that is one thing many bloggers here dont know they always complian about his age ronaldo benzema messi suarez how old are they so kilanic is a good striker i have watched him live not from youtube very smart with d ball and a good dibller up in the air he can do well so i know for bacc is emotional but we are not in a state of emotion he got payed to do his job is up to the club to decide… Read more »


Glad you guys see what am talking about,Nobody is saying bacca is not good,but can he integrate?,the coach knows better and the coach has decided
Kurosh,you are damn right,what did that guy do with the real milan10 cos this milan10 is always at my neck for reasons not known,used to respect the old Milan10


What makes u think kalinic is cantona 2.0 who can head, pass and hold the ball well? Kalinic, like bacca, is actually a poacher. A poor man’s van nistelrooy if u will. His style of play is nothing like ibra. Go watch his full matches for fiorentina and croatia if u dont believe me. In fact, He doesnt even score with his head often despite his height.
I think montella wants him because he reminds him of mario gomez, a stiff poacher


Finally, someone who understands …

I swear every time I see someone say why go for Kalinic, we have Bacca …


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You saved me a super long comment, all these fools comparing two completely different players, everything you said is spot on. It’s as simple as bacca doesn’t fit into the system. And kalinic would. That’s it.


Forget belloti, go for auba. Torino president is jus too ridiculus. What he’s askin for is just absurd. Inshort let’s continue with bacca


am just surprised in our attempt to sign kalanic,if we can’t sign auba n belotti for now den it wil be better we stick to bacca n Silva so dat we immediately work on team cohesion n formation

Abdulkadir Ahmed

It’s Good news Auba to return Milan and Marco fassone and Mira attempt again. B. Dortmund may be accepted to pay Auba Forza Milan


i believe carlos bacca is a better player compared to kalinic with greater exposure and experience then why sell bacca for 20m and sign a lesser quality for 25m. its really not good enough.
please suso and locatelli to stay
bellotti is good and too expensive i would prefer an aubameyang to play alongside A silva because of his experience and due to the fact he is also a rossoneri and he can also mentor our future star


@micah same here. I don’t know what the fush about with kalinic. We have Bacca which can do as much even more damage to defenses. Between belloti and Auba, I would choose Auba as he is a proven poacher in front of goal. Plus he is cheaper than usd 100 mm valuation for belloti. I like belloti but we can wait and get him later on. Bona, Silva, Auba, Bacca, Suso now that’s a deadly attack…… Belloti can come in later on. Auba was the highest goal scorer in Bundesliga he is a worthy investment for the serie a title… Read more »


An unproven 29yr old striker for €25m? waste of money. If we can’t get one of Auba of Belotti, I guess we should try get Diego costa on loan or even Zlatan on a 1 year deal. All these aforementioned Strikers are far better than Kalinic. He is not even as good as Bacca and Fiorentina fans don’t like him. Lets not trow that money down the drain


if kalanic is unproven then so is bacca….
bacca is poor seriously, ball control, aerial duels, footworks, the way he shoots is annoying(using outside of his foot to do everything)
kalanic is on the same level with bacca if not better.
then think of this, why would montella want kalanic? because he knows kalanic suits his system better and he is better than bacca.


Only the best kind of strikers like hugo sanchez, romario, zico (not a st) and eto’o strike the ball with outside of their feet. Its very technically demanding thing to do but very rewarding too because its harder for gk to block. U’d know its true If u watch AND play football regularly. Remember romario’s goal vs madrid?


i know using the outside of the foot is good… .. but bacca uses it to do everything even to pass….and that is why i said it is annoying.


I see that u get annoyed really easily. I bet u hated maradona too for being rabonaholic because he didnt like using his right foot


Man these coaches really get the hots for some players don’t they? Players that no one else in the world sees with the same rose tinted glasses. I’m talking of course about Motella’s fascination with Kalanic and Badelj, which reminds me of Allegri hanging pictures of Matri and DeScigio above his bed and kissing them on the lips before he goes to sleep every night.


if aubameyang deal is still possible please go for me…..the guy is amazing, his pace is super crazy, jux look at what he did to palleta at the near post during the friendly match. aubameyang is the real deal, he is far far better than the overpriced kid called belloti. plus aubameyang will bring in more revenue. kalanic is okay too, i actually prefer him to bacca, bacca’s footwork is xo poor and i don’t know why he always plays the ball with the of his outside foot, it is annoying seriously. transfer market has changed….we have to live with… Read more »


It’s better to invest around €60M for Aubameyang than full on €100M for Belotti and also bring Kalinic to Milan. We need proven strikers, we’ll be playing in Europe and need to get someone who has experience in Europe. For Aubameyang, if he arrives, the Europa league will probably be a walk in the park for him, this is someone who has reached the UCL finals in recent years ( not including Bonucci) and so he knows how to handle pressure up in front of the attack. Guys, forget Belotti, getting Aubameyang should be what we want if we are… Read more »


Long distance shot like bacca’s goal vs dortmund? Bacca is much deadlier st than kalinic and milan dont need post player like kalinic anymore now that theyve sorted their mf problems out. Bacca also wants to stay at milan judging by the way he plays and the way hes been refusing lucrative offers


OOT, Auba is amazing indeed, but ive never really fond of pacey guys, theres some scientific research (somewhere) on how player with speed as his primary weapon will fall off earlier thn the one who doesn’t, now im not saying auba only depends on his speed, but it looks like its one of his strongest trait. I always liked bergkamp, I’m not sure hiw he would play on these times though, and pretty sure theres no such player anymore.


Oops wrong post, the replies are meant for others mentioning auba


Good point nonetheless mate


@slyfox….God bless u for that analysis.u are on point


It seems he is a loyal guy this Belotti and won’t force a move from the club that lifted him although he’s desperate to join us. That’s a character and class which I admire most at a player.

If Aubameyang wants Milan, make it rain on him Fassobelli! Next season pair him with Belotti up front although I have my hopes really high for Andre Silva to explode this stage

Forza Milan!


Belotti, the “true Milanista”, left his future in the hands of his stubborn owner that is against selling him to another Italian club, potentially renewing his contract with Torino. Aubameyang meanwhile, is rejecting a renewal offer with improved wages from Dortmund to try and force his way to Milan. Aubameback it is. Lmao but seriously, Belotti has really made it so difficult for himself to leave, singing the contract with 100m release clause, not handing in a transfer request. I think it’s a huge mistake, even if he doesn’t go to Milan, for himself and his career he needs to… Read more »


c,mon what are we doing,we are going for kalinic when we have option with deadly Diego Costa,you don’t compare Costa and kalinic cos the difference is clear,Costa is strong, clinical, very aggressive,tough for defensive opposition,aerial threat, with deigo Costa our fear factor automatically increases, Silva brings techniques while Costa brings aggression.I will gradly take Costa ahead of slow kalinic anytime any day. oh he is world class forget about his personal character issue


As ive said many times before: auba > morata > belotti. But, auba couldve said he wanted milan much earlier but he never did. I think hes only saying it now because chelsea bought morata and china league isn’t attractive enough. Milan also couldve acted on it faster. Dortmund were targetting giroud as auba replacement and thats when fassobelli shouldve sealed the deal. Now giroud is leaning closer to everton, making it harder for dortmund to find auba’s replacement, thus in turn making it harder for milan to buy auba. Oh well, whats done is done. Most important thing is… Read more »


Comment: fasson should pls go for another chance on auba is the right man for us FORZA MILAN


Btw bacca n kalinic, I believe bacca shld stay, we also have a ball playing striker in Silva so bacca can be d finisher becos we all know he is a better finisher Dan kalinic with loads of experience n already used to d Milan atmosphere..bacca chose Milan even when we were in d doldrums…if need be we can still buy kalinic but dat will also mean dat we forget Belotti n auba! Use d remaining money to get forsberg n Sanchez…I also don’t believe Milan shld pay 42m for Renato who cldnt get playing time in Bayern, 30m shld… Read more »

Peters Junior Luis

Funny how everyone wants to be placed in montella’s shoe which I know too well will way too big and heavy too… Pls let the coach decide his formation and how he wants his team to play, if he wants kalinic above bacca pls grant his wish, we are not there to coach the team with him…. Some say keep bacca… Leave kalinic… Get Costa.. Are you the one who’s going to be fired when things ain’t done rightly, or do you think Montela doesn’t see what you see, Matter of fact he sees them everyday… So please let’s cheer… Read more »


He was absolute garbage at sampdoria and he’s garbage at milan too finishing below lazio and atalanta. Just because he’s the coach doesnt mean he can do no wrong and shouldnt be criticized. Thats dangerous way of thinking if one wants to progress


Montella is garbage? Careful mate, don’t say things you can’t take back.


Montella WAS garbage last season or a season before with samp. Am i wrong? Finishing 6th is ok now? Like u and any milanista didnt complain about how milan performed last season?
Montella can always prove me wrong next season and nothing can make me happier for him and milan than to be proven wrong about him.


Absolutely not. He did a decent job last season. Even I criticized him in some matches last season but overall he did a good job with the squad he had available. Yes, Atalanta and Lazio had a better squad. Just look at the likes of Kessie, Conti, Biglia, Keita and … If you don’t have the players, you can be Milan and finish last let alone 6th. He also did great with Fiorentina and Catania despite minimum activity on transfer market. So that leaves his spell at Sampdoria, which was a six month period. And you can’t judge him on… Read more »


I said he was garbage at sampdoria and milan. I always said i liked his fiorentina days. He was a complete failure last season and milan only compete in europa league now because lazio and juve already qualified for european competitions heading for coppa italian final. Yes lazio had biglia and keita and atalanta had kessie, conti and papu gomez but uve gotta be kidding me when u said they had better overall squad than milan. Milan played ugly football and the results spoke for themselves; 2nd most goal conceded and least goal scored among top 6. Dont give me… Read more »


What is this one even saying?
The club doesnt pay us to support them, what we only earn is bragging rights and some level of satisfaction, so you mean as a fan, you shouldnt chat and discuss about players scouted during transfers? so we just surf the net, see the news and keep quiet when the “red and black” bleed in you? oh comon, didnt mean to disrespect you, but thats the dumbest thing i’ve heard in a while…

Rikimaru Tenchu

I wonder who Mr X is.

Kwame sai

No kalinic please

Signor milan

10 an with you. If you play football, playing with side-foot is one of the most important skill a striker will have. Did Kalinik score more goals per seaspon than Bacca? I beleive with the up-grade of ourmidfield Bacca will play better. Inzagi was not skillful but you can’t talk about milan best strikers without mentioning his name. Forza milan.

Signor milan

Good strikers are measured on how many goals they score.


I would love it if we got Aubameyang and Sanchez. Even with one of them I would be happy. But if I had to pick one, then it would be Sanchez due to his potential and young age.
on another note, I rather keep Bacca than sign Kalinic. And for Belotti, I love the guy but he is not worth more than 60m plus a player or 2 [and even that is a great offer].

Forza Milan!

Milan Boy

@Hachim and milan10, u have spoken well.
There is no need for kalinic in this team, if we cant sign any of Beloti and Auba, then keep B acca


All i can say is all of this mentioned strikers are over priced Belloti 80m plus 3players, Auba for 90M, even our beloved Kaka who can win matches on his own was not sold for that price not to talk of Ronaldo .. i will suggest we should just Get costa on loan for six , keep Bacca and Cutrone has prove he is a milan quality scoring 2 pass Bayern Munich first team … with Bacca, Costa, Silva, Cutrone, Borini, Suso, Hakan, Bonna.. our attcker look much decent … Bacca – 10goals Costa – 10goals Silva – 10goals Cutrone… Read more »


please milan should do all what it takes to bring pierre aubameyang back home not excluding renato sanchez too