Team news: Milan were without Gabriel, Mattia De Sciglio, Alessio Romagnoli, Leonardo Bonucci, Andrea Conti, Davide Calabria, Riccardo Montolivo, Leonel Vangioni, Maneul Locatelli, Lucas Biglia, Suso and André Silva. Kickoff time for this ICC friendly was 13:20 CET / Italy time.

Goals: Sahin (17′), Aubameyang (20′ pk, 62′), Bacca (24′).

BV Borussia Dortmund (4-3-3) – Peter Bosz
Roman Weidenfeller (46′ Dominik Reimann); Dan-Axel Zagadou (63′ Erik Durm), Marc Bartra (73′ Neven Subotić), Sokratis Papastathopoulos, Łukasz Piszczek (46′ Felix Passlack); Nuri Şahin, Gonzalo Castro, Sebastian Rode (63′ Emre Mor); Ousmane Dembélé (63′ Mario Götze), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (73′ Alexander Isak), Christian Pulisic (73′ André Schürrle).
Unused: Burki, Kagawa, Schmelzer, Bansen.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Marco Storari; Ignazio Abate (63′ Gustavo Gomez), Gabriel Paletta (46′ Mateo Musacchio), Cristian Zapata, Ricardo Rodriguez (63′ Luca Antonelli); Franck Kessié, Jose Mauri (90′ Matteo Gabbia), Giacomo Bonaventura (63′ Jose Sosa); Fabio Borini (90′ Niccolò Zanellato), Carlos Bacca (63′ Patrick Cutrone), M’Baye Niang (46′ Hakan Çalhanoğlu).
Unused: A. Donnarumma, G. Donnarumma, Crociata.

Referee: Zhang Lei.

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Rikimaru Tenchu

Kessie is such a beast. Hakan has got moves, Mussachio is brilliant and confident, RR will definitely light up the left side. Bona has been out for too long but will get back. Mauri still lacks concentration and doesn’t track back as much even if he was quite committed and very involved in today’s game. Borini is really bad but Niang is so much more terrible. Storari should never be in our goal.

ALL the others don’t deserve a mention.

OK Cutrone had flashes but wasted them. Antonelli has a lot of work to do.


@hey bitchIn_k you made me make a commment just for you. Go and make a bet with someone so I can take your name when you lose it. Are you trying to fill absence of the old “Sheva”? Or he bought Ink nickname from you? I guess that can make sense given that Pasalic is returned to Chelsea and you have nothing to say besides how bad is that player? It was dubious when you suddenly sroped using stastics to back up your claims. Come on man. We signed 9 good players each really vital for it’s position and you… Read more »


Hahaha relax. These people like ink hahahahaha. He and his playmaker hahahaha. Biglia on left or right????? Hahahaha. Biglia is always in the middle. Left with be calhanoglu and right will be kessie. Flanked by 2 wingbacks RR and conti. 3 CBs. Andre silva partners a new striker. He and his playmaker hahaha.


@ck oh I see you are here So, to continue our fascinating spat, let me recap, you called me a ‘girl’ and a ‘whining grandma’ (My grandma did not whine though. Did yours do a lot?), practically called Fabregas, Mata and Pastore useless, and took a shot at MDS. You know, I am astonished that in this age, calling someone a ‘girl’ can be used as an verbal offense. Lets just forget the other minority terms related to race and sexual orientation, but to think people still use ‘girl’ intending to cause offense, is simply mind boggling to me. People… Read more »


Just out of curiosity, ARE YOU a girl?

Because that would explain a lot 🙂


Kourosh, is that relevant? If you tell me why it is relevant, I might answer. Because, I am kind of trying to build up my point that, I don’t get offended if someone calls me any term that is perfectly normal and yet is intended to be offending.

Btw I thumbed you up because I dislike you less than I dislike ck 😉


Can’t be a 100% man. Man types farewell not fa thee well. We can be humorous with friends and once in a blue moon in blogs and forums but we don’t do it so often. When online most of our humours are when we find something really funny and we share but we don’t create cold jokes in every reply



Fare thee well is a song. Look it up.

Also, how does it matter if I am a 100% man or not?


You don’t get offended but you dislike CK. So contradicting. Girls are contradicting by nature. Btw i thumb you up. Guys can’t be bothered with thumbs up or down. Who cares.


It is relevant to a certain point. As much as some people might disagree, there are differences between men and women. It doesn’t mean one is inferior in anyway to the other, but the difference is there nonetheless. Anyway, I wasn’t trying to offend you by that question, it was just out of curiosity, like I said. And unlike you, I don’t dislike you, as I have no reason to. I might disagree with most of your ideas but then again I have disagreements with my family members and friends, doesn’t mean I dislike them, I just have different views.… Read more »


Haha, if I took offense, trust me, you would know.
Disliking/thumbing ck down is different than taking offense on anything you said on a personal attack.

Good night!


@ Kourosh I can understand that. I know my opinions are different, and I like to stand up for my opinions even though they might not be the most popular and most people might have other opinions. So when I am attacked or ridiculed, I attack back and it might seem like I am deliberately trying to be annoy everyone. I don’t mean to annoy anyone ofc. Except ck, during our fascinating discussions about playmakers. Cheers. I don’t really dislike anyone here. Everyone has different opinions. But as I said, I will always defend my opinions passionately, and that might… Read more »


Ink is only me.
And I really don’t know why you got the idea that I am a stats person. As I explained before, I used stats to justify my points that Abate, MDS and Calabria are not useless when people were screaming they can’t cross can’t tackle bla bla bla.

I am irreplaceable! Ink is only me and I don’t like Borini.


less than 20 appearances in 38 league games. starting less than half of league games. u call that important playmakers haha. i am sure kaka is not important hence he has more than 30 starts every season and Pirlo as well


You tactfully ignored my attack about your obsession with trying to offend people with ‘girl’ 🙂

And what they were able to do in those appearances 🙂



Not that i ignored. Admin deleted my long comments. I replied a lot but it can’t go through. U can give me your email address. I will write it once more.

What they were able to do in those appearances? U mean they are purposely rested for half a season so they can explode in half of league games? So what did they do in those games to be dropped for the next match?

Is that what we did with kaka and pirlo?
So how do players with less than 20 games a season be important playmakers?


Everyone, meet ck, who thinks Fabregas Mata and Pastore are useless and Milan does not need playmakers like them.

Oh and they were purposefully rested so they could explode and do more than our playmakersuso? Brilliant!


You can’t differentiate question marks and full stops???? You are the one who said that pastore mata and fabregas are top playmakers. Then you go on to show that pastore and mata started less than 20 games in a season.

You are who said that it’s not about the number of games they start but what they did when they started. So i am asking you if they have started and performed well, why didn’t they play the next game. Dumbfounded by yourself. This is hilarious. This is your best joke.


You lost me there.
I was not aware that we were talking about the team, not about the players themselves. Playmakers. You pointed out their personal stats.
Why don’t you answer to yourself, did they perform badly? Were they not an integral part of the success (maybe not Pastore, but Fabregas and Mata – and that does not mean I am lowering my opinion about Pastore)?

And I could take a cheap shot here at your ‘do’ as you took at the question mark, but I won’t.


Did they perform badly? If they are not even on the field, what do you think? Integral part of the success? By sitting on the bench? What are you talking about? Do we bench kaka? Do barca bench messi?

Stats? That’s between you n sheva. Unlike you i watch games. I watch enough of their games to know that all 3 players hardly start for their teams. You are the one who verified the stats via google. I don’t talk about stats. I watch games

Baresis Dream

Borini – actually only a mil this year, and 4 the next. A deal worth less than what Donna will earn next season.


But the difference is, Donna will actually win us points on his own 😉


Why the rampage here? Hey calm down people, the game served its purpose which is not for result but to see players performance and thats all. The plane taking De Sciglio back to Italy should wait for the following players; 1. Paletta – He’s addicted to blatant fouls. 2. Storari – Not good for 10th choice 3. Niang – Hopeless Balotelli wannabe 4. Borini – Gave the impression the fans were right to criticise his signing. I’m not Zapata’s fan but those mentioning his name are wrong sighted because he didnt make his usual mistake and was good. MUSACCHIO is… Read more »


Niang is practically a Torino player, along with Paletta and hopefully Locatelli on loan (he needs playing time, he can either move now and have a full season, or play while the new buys settle in and leave in january for the test of the season, but he needs regular playing time, and getting that at Torino would be about as good as it can get. Storari is a GK coach, so to speak, and won’t be playing a singke competitice match all season, unless both Donnarumma bros have hernias, so don’t worry about him, and by extension, today’s result.… Read more »


Psst..Have a care when u write mate for rossoneriblog is THE ONLY place where u automatically get downvoted for saying milan can win scudetto.

P.s. Like i said, musa > roma.


Yea mate Musa>Roma and Bonucci-Musacchio should be our pairing while Romagnoli takes a sit and learn,well except we are playing with 3 CBs


yes.if we play 4 at the back then we have to play with musa and bonnie.bonnie and roma’s style of play is too similar.but bonucci is more experienced,already serial winner and very strong character which would be good for the squad.
musa is esential because he read the game very well, quick and strong physically so he will complemented whoever his partner is


Estonian atheist: Its was just a bluddy frienly! We are on the right track.


Hello sheva, long time no see. Nice touch btw, “perfect10”.

The Psamlist

The last five years have done you guys serious damage. Any negative result and we there we go- frothing at the mouth about ‘I remember the days when…’ Calm down. Its the first game of preseason. Players dont have a switch to go from normal to game mode. It takes preparation and match practice. Firstly, we will probably not be playing a 4-3-3. We dont have the wingers or the depth on the wings to use it as our primary formation. Secondly, majority of the players that played will not be part of the team come 1 September. Thirdly, as… Read more »


preach brother!!! but seriously, these 5 years are the worse. We got into such negativity that scudetto is no longer at our reach. we survived free transfer players,mr.X, injured players here and there, we survived k. Constant,the likes of zaccardo and taye f***ing taiwo. We watched the jersey put to shame by actors doing Hakka against Capri, just for the sake of money and advertisement. that’s for me, the ultimate rock bottom moment for us. Switching mentality has never been easy. We got to grasp the winning mind set again, and this without doubt takes time,money, blood,and sweat from everyone.… Read more »

judging by his goal vs lugano, cutrone already masters details like that. He’s bright youngster but sadly i think he still needs 1-2 yr dry loan to serie a/b minnow in order to help him hone his skills and mentality. Surely his miss tonight was caused by lack of calmness not finishing skill


agree with u….composure and concentration will grow with playing time and full trust from the coach…


Correctamundo mate


But the problem is, if the team he is playing in is sh*t, that will hardly help him develop and gain confidence.
That is why I am of the opinion of letting them have some play time with the parent club.


Well said Ink but unfortunately some fans here do not have logic. This same people want locatelli on loan despite proving his worth beyond expectations last season. Cutrone bagged a goal against Lugano and played even better against Dortmun as he created several chance more than Bacca and Borini who had zero scoring chances. If cutrone had scored that chance alone it would have been a different story. Zanellato showed his world class composure once again in just 3 minutes. He almost made for cutrone a nice assist on the platter. Cutrone must stay as a back-up who will do… Read more »


@klum Arent u the one who’re blabbering about illogical things like 1) locatelli is world beater. 2) milan had raised world class players in matri, micolli, antonini etc. 3) to win ballon d’or u have to play in clubs with ucl appeal or just straight up win it. as if papin, weah, rivaldo were in either of the categories, and as if ballon d’or is measured by popularity not actual performance. Boban, del piero, costacurta, beckham were much better players after they finished their loan spells. Even plizzari is out on loan now. What makes u think loaning out players… Read more »


As is said before I think the formation to go with to get the best results from each player must me a 3-4-2-1 Musacchio bonucci romagnoli will be a wall if they can stay healthy. That gives Conti and Rodriguez to boss those flanks and put in crosses. Biglia and Kessie will combine to break up play and link defence to forward. Calhanoglu showed what great passing and creativity he has and bring the explosiveness of suso beside him with Andre Silva up top. The team will Boss and that formation seriously gets the best out of each player. If… Read more »


I don’t think there is any need to get disappointed or criticise the team. First of all this is not going to be our starting XI. We have just bought new players who have to gel together. So be patient. The quality of players we bought is top draw and no one can question that. Secondly Dortmund are already a top team with great players who have been playing together at a top level (UCL). So to expect that by playing 3 new players with that shitty old squad will help you beat overnight is unreasonable. The second half was… Read more »


Im done with this stupid blog. I have written probably around 100 comments and all have been deleted by the moderator of this site. I cannot reply to anyone or have a debate because all my comments get deleted. The moderator is balantly a hypocrite. Any racial comment about my nationality is allowed , no moderator even tries to remove the racial statements made against me. But if i even said dont be racist, it got deleted too. Even this comment of mine may get deleted. I had a great time over here with my fellow grateful milanistas but unfortunately… Read more »


Fare thee well.


No please dont go mr suracho. Any self respecting milanista needs ur suracho analysis, the best kind of food for thought

the bird

no please don’t leave us the grateful milanistis sir suracho. if you go who will give us the suracho review that we deserve?


You can write to me. [email protected]


Hotmale ck

Interesting to learn from you that men do not do jokes frequently. We learn something new everyday don’t we.
Learn from ck, Milan10. Stop doing jokes. He highly recommends it to improve your manliness.


Another cold joke. I am laughing really hard now. Hotmale. Men jokes when we meet up. Men jokes frequently in sex blogs. This is a soccer blog. Okay to joke once in a while but cold jokes in half your replies. I believe this blog has more than 100 users but how many do cold jokes in half of their replies? Furthermore, you are crying for playmaker in every single article. Trying to gain attention?


Wait, you laugh really hard at cold jokes? Oh no, you have a problem with me doing cold jokes? Oh wait I have to learn about what men do, from you? Are you the official high representative of men of the world? Who elected you? I certainly did not. And of course I am trying to gain your attention bird <3 Because all my reasons of crying for playmakers is youuuuu luv………. And I am still struggling to see how you were intending to insult me by calling me a girl. What's wrong with girls? Won't you ever tell? Will… Read more »


I luv ya ink


Oh no!!! Pls don’t go Lord Suracho. Ur fans need you.


lol no. The Admin actually deserves respect, I think he runs the place masterfully. I also had comments deleted and when I asked why he answered that my comments were directly insulting other users of the blog. He was right of course. Basically, next time try to insult people indirectly, or better yet, not at all :D. Anyway, if you notice your comment is deleted I’m pretty sure if you write a comment addressing the Admin he’ll answer lol


Calling people not be a racist when you are the most racist person here coupled with the fact that you are the one who started all racist remarks and slurs. This is astonishing haha


Lol… the pot calling the kettle black


Is Montolivo injured?


“Who cares” said bonucci the capt


@ milan10 lol


Mussachio- fantastic on the ball, cool and composed Kiesse- powerful and confident in his passing and running Calhanoglu- brilliant in his vision and play making RR – solid and composed Bonaventura- was alright but will get only better Mauri- now I know why his favorite player is gattuso. Fought hard for everything. Borini- ran around with little output Cutrone- impressive but is very raw Bacca- did alright, nice finish. Zapata- please pack up and get lost asap. Zero confidence on the ball. Palletta- another penalty. This guy is just horrible inside our own box. No confidence on the ball. Niang-… Read more »


Comment:well done keep on trying


the defence was better when musacchio came on.naing palleta made Rodrigues look bad they should go


I recommend backline to be like RR/ANTONELLI-BONUCCI-ROMAGNOLI-CONTI/CALABRIA that would not only help milan but italy too that was the reason for juventus dominance they featured more italians at the back that creates chemistry


as much as i want Auba or Morata come, i hope we avoid FFP trouble next season, we spent over 200m already, if we put more 80m cash to 1of’em i think is too much, it’ll be wise if we can loan/buy in 2or3 instalment which’s Belotti is more possible, 40m + Paletta & Niang + 40m (next season)… & if no clubs pay 25m+ for Bacca or Suso, please keep them, players with those quality is 30m+ in todays market… we need to sell Niang, Paletta, Zapata, Sosa, Storari to give chance for Locatelli, Cutrone, Calabria, Mauri & Gabriel,… Read more »

musa haroon

Comment:pls pls pls keep locatelli


The match was Ok during the second half. Storari really dived his last dive. Any more would have disconnected his ribs from his body. Abate did nothing special. Paletta gives away penalties even in friendlies. Was surprised he wasn’t booked, or maybe the ref is still amateur. Zapata the skipper should just leave to Columbia and only play for his national team. RR shows is we really haven’t gotten a better lb since Jankulovski. Kessie. I was beginning to think we’ve signed Yaya toure. Is this guy really 25? I definitely know he’s not 20 as proclaimed. Anyway, we’ll enjoy… Read more »


Now people are applauding Cahlanoglu’s play making skills whereas they said “He’s just a Free-kick kid” don’t worry your forgiven for going to your best scouting network #YouTube instead of watching matches


He’s just a free kick kid. At least, so far.


Yes and he says that pastore mata fabregas are important playmakers in their respective teams. Upon checking all 3 made less than 20 starts for their teams. I don’t know why important players are not starting games. Barca should start dropping messi haha


Oh come on mate you seriously cannot believe that Mata Fabregas and Pastore are not important and quality playmakers. You need to be deluded to say that.
That is just ridiculous.


You are the deluded one. They are not only overlooked last season, they were overlooked for 2 or 3 seasons. How important are they. Continue deluding yourself but at least 3 managers cannot be deluded to include them in first team football. At least 3 who are their present and more managers if you include the club’s previous manager


4 1 4 1
best formation for Milan squad



Conti mussahio bonucci rodrig


Suso kessie hakan. bona

silva/new buy


Didn’t know that you are so into me but i am sorry, i am not into pink dot event. I don’t discriminate but it’s not for me either. I was writing something along this line. Man and man relationship and admin didn’t like it. But it’s okay, nothing wrong. You have the freedom to love.

Yes, your cold jokes are everywhere and this is becoming very annoying. Acting cute in a football blog.


I hope you won’t change your statement when the season season starts and you will see that we actually do have a playmaker but our “strong-coach” plays him on the wing instead of the Centre.


I’m just tired of montellas excuse , if we had won he would say the result is important , hahahahahah !!! Like when we won our last friendly against Lugano why didn’t he say the result wasn’t important hahahaha

Willy wang

Players that must go.
Bacca: Victim of circumstance


borini should be playing in the 3rd division.

Carlo Gambino

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