Official: A. Donnarumma joins Milan on a four-year deal from Asteras Tripoli

Antonio Donnarumma at Milanello on the 10th of July, 2017. (
Antonio Donnarumma at Milanello on the 10th of July, 2017. (

Antonio Donnarumma has joined Milan and director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli insists that the player is not here only because of his brother Gigio.

Milan signed Gianluigi Donnarumma to a new four-year contract and today they officially announced the arrival of his brother, Antonio, who is returning to the Red and Black club after five years.

“Milan announce the permanent signing of Antonio Donnarumma from Asteras Tripolis FC, through to 30 June 2021,” a statement on the Rossoneri website reads.

“Antonio, as a youth, won a league with the Milan Allievi (2007) and a Coppa Italia Primavera (2010) before starting his adventure as a professional footballer. In his career, he played for Piacenza, Gubbio and Bari in Serie B, making also one appearance in Serie A with Genoa. In the past campaign, he played in goal for Asteras Tripolis, in the Greek top-flight, recording 21 league & 2 Cup appearances.”

Marco Fassone, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Antonio Donnarumma and Massimiliano Mirabelli at Casa Milan on the 12th of July, 2017. (
Marco Fassone, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Antonio Donnarumma and Massimiliano Mirabelli at Casa Milan on the 12th of July, 2017. (

Donnarumma, who according to reports will be earning €1m per season, is expected to act as his brother’s back-up and be Milan’s second choice goalkeeper in the next season. During a presser today, director of sport Mirabelli made it clear that Antonio’s arrival was mainly of a technical nature.

“The first thing we had to do was to renew Gigio’s contract, but I immediately had the idea of ​​bringing in his brother Antonio too,” Mirabelli said, sitting next to him. “I know him well and so much has been said about his arrival, but the truth is that I really wanted him, to bring the family back together.

“Still, the technical evaluation comes first and I think Antonio can be a 12th man for Milan. Antonio played an important role in this affair. He’s not a postage parcel like someone said. I’m sorry for him if certain things have been written. Vincenzo Montella also endorsed this signing.”

Antonio will start working with the club tomorrow, after undergoing tests at Milanello and at La Madonnina Clinic earlier this week. “I must thank Fassone and Mirabelli,” the 27-year-old Rossoneri youth product said. “I’m really happy to be here with the club and with my brother. It’s a wonderful thing for me to come back to Milanello and find the same people I enjoyed being around. I’ll be in the same dressing room as my brother and I’m very happy. I’ll do my best to deserve this place.”

He later added: “I’m happy and I could not wait to return. Now I can’t wait to go to Milanello. I thank Mirabelli for his beautiful words and I’m really happy. I’ve had several experiences over the years and I’ve improved. Now I’m ready to start off at Milan. It was great to go back to Milanello and it was great to see so many people I know already. They too are happy about my return.

“Gigio? He always spoke well of me and always saw me as an idol. I will continue to be close to him for our own goal and that of Milan. The Supercoppa Italiana final in Doha in December [Gianluigi saved a decisive Paulo Dybala penalty to give Milan the win over Juventus]? We were home to watch it with the whole family. When he saved the penalty, it was a beautiful moment.”

“My objectives? I always want to work at my best, train and make myself ready for when I’m called-up.” With the Donnarumma brothers and Marco Storari, the goalkeeper position is set at Milan.

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Seriously what the f****** hell? Are we going to play him as our second choice keeper now? He surely sucks so hard that he couldn’t even find a team in serie B. Hope it’s all worth it after all.


Jesse james spent his adult life robbing trains yet he never planned let alone executed something as smooth as this. Bravo


Funny as always. Bravo


while on earth will Milan include romagnoli in.a deal to sign bonuchi? why???

Manga la figa

It’s bs. Don’t believe it.


Please we heard this news since yesterday so give us updates concerning incoming and outgoing players what is happening with the Dotmound striker coming to Milan or Chelsea? Bonucci for Romagnoli is Noooooooooooooooooooo pls bcos juventus knew they have tired defense (1-4) to Madrid. Who is going Niang and Bettolacci good and who is coming. Pls we need updates not Donna news. A traitor is a traitor


If that Bonucci story is true than I am really bummed. Please keep Romagnoli, Bonucci wasn’t as good as him at 22!!!


We don’t know for sure about that news BUT after great work by Fasobelli in this mercato, I don’t think they will do such a ridiculous thing, it doesn’t make sense, really.


i would give 7 or even 8m /year contract to Gigio rather than sign this useless sh*t… sure Gigio deserve more than 6m/ year, it’s not that big problem for our rich Milan, but this Ant not deserve 1m, better to spend for Plizzari… so shame


We have forgotten Enzo Raiola. One more signing guys. Please wait….. Loading Enzo Raiola …50%.

Minh Thai

This comment is so underrated, LMAO

Kwabena Adu

To go with what I saw on youtube I think he is decent. But of course is on youtube so let’s wait and see.The sad part is he can not even make a sentence without mentioning his brother….my brother this my brother that. What a shame


I love rossoneri


If I remember correctly there’s a requirement from UEFA that at least 8 players from your squad must have played in your youth team. Antonio played in our youth team so he adds to that number. Besides only the first choice keeper plays the important matches so even if he’s crap there are few consequences for the team.


You will never have my respect. You didn’t earn your way here, your family got you in here (some would even say blackmail).

Its really a shame Milan is allowing this type of behaviour. As much as I love Donnarumma 7m (6+1) is waay too much – not cause of money but cause of relations between other players.


I think we can safely say that we have the highest paid general-staff member (i.e. non player/coach) in sports history. Because, let’s not hide the truth, he is not hired as a player.


Welcome to the club of clowns. You clown.

Collect your alms . I don’t call it salary, coz salary is paid to someone who deserves it.

You just piggybacked on gigio to pile on us.



Get your facts straight.
It was not Antonio who made that tweet.
There is a subtle difference between a brother and a brother-in-law — in case you did not know.


This why I’m an ACMILAN fans, you playing for acmilan I’m with you, i hope the €€€€€ don’t take long to come so milan can get rid both of them


Wow a lot of you guys who complain don’t understand the bigger picture. Think about it, the one thing that the world learned through Donnarumma-gate was that Milan will do anything to keep Gigio. This means that no self respecting and promising GK would be interested in joining our club because they would never play! unless you are an old close to retirement keeper OR related to the main GK. What do we have now? We have just that! Storari who knows his role and Antonio who will support and never cause any issues for his kid-brother. This is what… Read more »


R u telling me u’d rather have Antonio between the posts than Gabriel/plizzari when Donna gets injured and storari retires?


No I’m not telling you that – go back and read. Both Gabriel and Plizarri needs playing time, they know it and our management knows it, so Instead of letting them rot on the bench waiting for Gigio to get injured they have been loaned out where they get playing time. In the meantime, we still need two more GK to backup Gigio, what better ones than an old one and the brother? You have to see the logic.


U mean u’d rather see antonio play against minnows in coppa italia, serie a and europa league than plizz and gabriel when storari inevitably retires?


Great logic. So let’s waste 1m salaries on him.
Do you understand that this 1m in salaries potentially could be the deal-breaker in signing Auba for example?? Let’s face it, no matter how F&M try to sell it, this is a result of Raiola/Donna “negotiations”. And it is so embarrassing.


I seriously doubt 1 million will break any deal 🙂


One kind of nepotism in football history.
And its mean, that actually, we paid gigio for 7M,coz his brother definitely not count in his position.
But im still hope, if clowntinio will be better as ballboy….