Milan Allievi beat Roma 5-2 to win the Under 16 Scudetto, their first league title since the 2010/11 season

Milan U16 celebrate the victory after the U16 Serie A final Roma-Milan match on June 23, 2017 in Cesena, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)
Milan U16 celebrate the victory after the U16 Serie A final Roma-Milan match on June 23, 2017 in Cesena, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

The boys of Alessandro Lupi have won the Scudetto as they scored five past Roma on Friday afternoon in Cesena; it’s the first title for Paolo Maldini’s son.

After beating Genoa in the play-off semi-final with an 87′-minute goal scored by Riccardo Tonin (matches are 80 minutes plus stoppage time at this level of football), the Diavolo faced Roma yesterday with a chance to win the title.

And they did it. With Marco Fassone, Massimiliano Mirabelli, Arrigo Sacchi, Sebastiano Rossi and others watching from the stands, the players of coach Alessandro Lupi took the pitch by storm.

It took Tonin less than a minute to find the back of the net to give Milan the lead. In the 18′ minute, Gabriele Basani doubled and in the 23′ minute, the red and black devils were leading 3-0, thanks to a Siaka Haidara goal. Roma got back to the match, however, and in the 30′ minute Alessio Riccardi scored to make it 3-1. Six minutes into the second half, Roma’s Alessandro Barbarossa netted too.

But eventually Milan managed to hold on, also thanks to a massive save from goalkeeper Matteo Soncin and scored two more goals in the last minutes, as Tonin celebrated again in the 80′ minute and Haidara got his second in the 85′ minute. Daniel Maldini, the son of Paolo and grandson of the late Cesare, played 67 minutes in the attacking midfielder / second striker position.

Milan won the league title, and it’s their first since the 2010/11 season, when that team had Petagna, Cristante and Kingsley Boateng as their stars. It’s also the first club title in the era of the Chinese.

“Unbelievable satisfaction, the route was hard but I’m happy for the growth of the players,” coach Lupi commented following the league title win. “When we started thinking about the Scudetto? During the season, there were some fundamental moments, like the tournament in Turin. From there we took awareness and the wins in the play-offs have made a different. We’ve achieved them by always playing our football, always on the move. The strength of the group? We’ve been able to give them character and mental strength. We are now the Champions of Italy, Forza Milan!”

“We have to applaud the kids, the staff, Mr. Lupi. They have earned this Scudetto and they went past big teams. We collect this fruit and thank all the boys, those who played a lot and also those who played little,” the head of Milan Youth Sector Filippo Galli told reporters at the end of the match.

Allievi U16 captain, Daniel Culotta, said: “I still don’t believe we are the champions of Italy. We never stopped playing our football. We did well in this competition and the result has come. I felt some pain before the match? I didn’t want to miss it, I didn’t feel pain anymore on the pitch. They came back to 3-2? After the 3-0 we lowered the tempo and paid for it, we recovered well in the 2nd half.”

“It’s great to go straight to the end, it’s a shame we dropped the tempo a bit but everything went well, thankfully,” Maldini said right after the final whistle on Friday afternoon. “I still haven’t realized it, I don’t understand it… we are the champions of Italy! I still haven’t heard from my father.”

Goals: Tonin (1′, 80′), Basani (18′), Haidara (23′, 85′), Riccardi (30′), Barbarossa (46′).

A.S. Roma (4-3-3) – Alessandro Rubinacci
Matteo Cardinali; Stefano Parodi (76′, Flavio Bucri), Alessio Santese, Francesco Laurenzi, Francesco Semeraro (68′ Riccardo Calafiori), Alessio Riccardi (68′ Pier Luigi Simonetti), Luca Chierico (4′ Gianmarco Meo), Jean Freddi Pascal Greco; Mory Bamba (68′ Andrea Silipo), Alessandro Barbarossa, Gianmarco Cangiano (68′ Ethan Eugene Bouah).
Unused: Giuliani, Carruolo, Cataldi R.

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Alessandro Lupi
Matteo Soncin; Alberto Barazzetta, Tommaso Merletti, Daniel Culotta, Gabriele Basani; Marco Romano Frigerio, Alessio Brambilla, Alessandro Sala; Siaka Haidara; Daniel Maldini (67′ Giacomo Olzer), Riccardo Tonin.
Unused: Zanellato, Viganò, Brusa, Cretti, Capone, Colombo, Corti, Bruni.

Referee: Sajmir Kumara.

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Milan no 1

Well done lads, let this be the begining of success to our great Milan. More of this we all yearn for. Forza Milan.


Congrat to the boys who bleed red and black


Bleed red and black is a sign of severe internal bleeding. That really horrifying. 😛

(This post means as a joke, so feel free to thumbs down it)


Bravo guys. Even the goalkeeper impressed me with his huge save. Wtf are we going to do with all these good goalkeepers 🙂


We will trade Donnarumma for Ronaldo, Plizarri for Messi and keep this young one LMFAO


Does this mean:
1) milan senior will soon win the scudetto in near future?
2) milan #3 will soon be worn by an attacking midfielder?


Love to see how a family bleed red and black.. the king may come and go but one family stay and protects the kingdom.. I genuinely the next Maldini will lead AC Milan to its glorious path!


2. Only if the new Maldini want to wear it.

The club “oath” only state that #3 taken from retirement when there another Maldini Sons, or Grand Sons, rose to senior team.

It did not say that the new Maldini “must” wear #3


Good point mate but why wouldnt he wear #3 and further cement his family’s legacy at milan

joel david

I don’t knw y we are still crying for donarumma to stay when we have lad like this who can keep excellently well. Bravo lad your time for senior team will still come soon. Thanks for making us proud. I hope d senior Milan are seeing why this young gays are doing. Fuza milan


Can I please say it or is it bullying?! 🙂


One does not simply dare point out typos as it hurts the feelings so much. Internet nowadays, smh


Sheva then I think we should forget Donna and swap him with James and with good defense I think we can move forward


Congrats boys. You make us proud.


Did you reqd the last line from Jr Maldini?.I dont know whats up with Paolo Maldini.Your kid just won the title and you dont even call?What’s up with you man?


Daniel had met his Father’s expectation. Paolo will only call if his son failed, and it won’t be a consolation.


Deb, did you read?
”Right after the final whistle”
Do you think they run around on the pitch with their phones or sit on the bench and play pokemon go?


Congrats on another foundation achievement, hopefully we discover couple of legends from the squad.


it’s Daniel, what about Christian maldini


He’s not talented.


Well I guess not every apple doesnt fall far from the tree


plays for pro pista serie C


Congrats boys. Wish you all the best for your future.
Just surfing on the internet and found out that Kingsley is playing for Olympia Ljubana in Slovenian League. Glad to know that he scored 2 goals in his last 2 games. Hope he gets his best performance this season.


Congrats lads…keep it up

shams arafat

Christmas tree formation strikes again


Xmas tree formation is 4-3-2-1 not 4-3-1-2 mate


Comment: Bravo Young Red and Black Devils…This is a sign of success for Senior Red and Black Devils too…Forzan Milan