Abbiati officially returns to Milan and named as Club Manager, Christian: “Milan my second family, Donnarumma…”

Massimiliano Mirabelli and Christian Abbiati at Casa Milan on the 14th of June, 2017. (
Massimiliano Mirabelli and Christian Abbiati at Casa Milan on the 14th of June, 2017. (

Christian Abbiati is back at Milan as a Club Manager (‘I accepted it immediately’) and he hopes that Gianluigi Donnarumma will stay and that Milan can make top 4 next season.

After Gennaro Gattuso was named Primavera boss earlier this month, today it was confirmed that another Rossoneri legend is back at Milanello – Abbiati.

“Christian Abbiati is back home. A true Milan legend, he played 15 seasons in the Red & Black, winning 6 Italian trophies and 2 international titles,” a statement on the Diavolo website reads on Wednesday. “Today he has been named as Club Manager. He will report directly to the club’s Sporting and Technical Director Massimiliano Mirabelli and will be the liaison between the team and the Club.”

Abbiati retired from football at the end of the 2015/16 season and afterwards explained the team that season was different ‘in every regard’ from the Milan of the past as there were many players with bad attitudes and difficult players to deal with in the locker room. Now, however, with Vincenzo Montella in charge and after a few ‘bad apples’ left last summer, things are different at Milan.

“I’m very excited, returning to my second family is beautiful,” Abbiati, 39-year-old, said to MilanTV. “I accepted it immediately as I was offered, immediately. If I thought about coming back? No, but because with the change of ownership everything seemed a little different. Instead the new management called me and I accepted it right away. I’m happy to be here and work with the team.

Christian Abbiati at Casa Milan on June 14th, 2017. (
Christian Abbiati at Casa Milan on June 14th, 2017. (

“My role? I will be at Milanello, for any problem that arises I’m be then, then I’ll report any problems to the club. Milan? We have a good base, I also talked to some of my former teammates and they told me that this season the situation in the locker had improved. Last season has to be the starting point.

“Milan’s value? Going to Mondo Milan Museum the first thing is positive [referring to new signings who get a tour before signing the contract], in the first match at San Siro they will understand even more what Milan is. Gattuso? I’m happy he has returned. Training the Primavera is not easy.

“The future? We have to go back to the top four. For the club, it’s important to return to the Champions League immediately. My dream? To go back to winning right away.”

Abbiati salutes the fans for his last game to his career at the end of Milan-Roma at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on May 14, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Abbiati salutes the fans for his last game to his career at the end of Milan-Roma at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on May 14, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

“For me, Milan is really my second family, being a year away from it I was suffering a bit but I followed the team from far,” Abbiati told reporters after officially re-joining. “The club underwent changes and as soon as they proposed me this responsibility in the club, I made the right choice.

“I’ve always had a good relationship with everyone: those who work behind the team, those who work at Casa Milan and those who work at Milanello. Milan to return to greatness? The club is working well on the market and let’s not forget, however, that the project already started last year.

“Gattuso? I’m very happy for Rino, because he’s a brother and one of my best friends. I wish him good luck and I will also do it in person, training the Primavera is prestigious, it’s an important job and I’m happy for him that he’s returned to these colors [Gennaro returned after leaving in 2012].

“My role [as a Club Manager]? I’ll be a reference between Milanello and the club, I’ll be the supervisor in Milanello and see what happens during training with the team, the coach and the technical staff. I’ll be the fact of the club that is always present with the team. The objectives? The Champions League. As I said before, last year a good job was done and this year our goal is top 4.”

The former goalkeeper also spoke to Premium Sport, saying: Milan has always been my second family and I’m proud of being back, as soon as the club gave me the chance I didn’t think for a second. My role? I’ll have to learn how to do this new role, but mainly I will be with the team and be present as a club figure at Milanello, and be in touch with the players and technical staff.

“A tip for Donnarumma? It’s been a while since I heard from him. The player wants to stay and now the club, him and his agent will decide on his future. I hope with all my heart that he can stay, he’s loved by all the fans and he’s shown his value by playing at a high level for a year-and-a-half. If he’s the new Buffon? Looking at his young age and what he’s done over the past year-and-a-half he’s proven to have great quality. He still has some improving to do though, because he’s only 18.

“The Milan market? The club is doing a great job and is preparing for an important season, in which the goal will be to return to the Champions League. Lucas Biglia to arrive? I don’t know, what I can say is that it’s good to bring champions to Milan. The more experience and the more technical ability there is, the better it is for the team. Then it will be up to the boss to decide who to play.

“Objectives for the next season? The Champions League has to be our goal for the season. That has to be the launch point from which to start again. Last year they did good work and now we’ve started with a project to take us forward. We hope to do everything to reach fourth-place.”

The returns of Gattuso and Abbiati show the understanding of Fassone and Mirabelli that in order to win – the Rossoneri, despite their new ownership, needs to be connected to its tradition and history.

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Good, now to bring back more legends. I say they make another offer for Maldini to bring him also back.
And why not appoint Dida as Donnarumma’s trainer? He’s jobless since he and Seedorf got fired in China.


Welcome back Abbiati. You always looked like BOSS. Now you truly are!


Yeah mate. I watched the boss baby the other day and i thought “wow this bald guy sure looks and behaves like abbiati”


Haha. He should even do a revoice for Italian version. Overshadow that Alec Baldwin.


welcome back to milan family!


Welcome back. Good to see 2 legends have been brought back home. Now lets seduce Nesta next


True professional Abbiati. He’ll be a great link between the team and the club and he will bring in a winning mentality like the Milan of the early 2000s had. Hopefully help Donnarumma mature once he signs a new contract and understand the importance of playing for this club. I hear rumours of Belotti? 20m plus 60m next year. I really hope we don’t run out of money before we buy a central midfielder. Are we going to play 3-5-2? with two strikers; Andre Silva and Belotti? Or our old 4-3-1-2? With Suso as 10… Rumours of Kovacic re-emerged today… Read more »


heard the same thing, from torino website they said the deal was received but no answer yet from the club as cairo seems stunned again from the latest Milan approach. Belotti’s heart and soul always belonged to Milan, he neither object nor agree in this whole scenario. Maybe we can somehow pray and hope that he got the guts to urge his agent to push thru the talk.

Milanisti Indonesia

Give sheva a place on board, and belotti will knock our door…


I like this comment. very hilarious..


Nah. He is not Donnaruma. He’s a well behaved gentleman


True legend and Rossonero. Welcome back. In other news, Milan are closing on Belotti and Biglia. There was a meeting with Torino today and both Milannews (later in the afternoon) and Gazetta (this morning) back this up. confirm the outcome of the meeting this evening. A loan offer of €20 and obligation to buy next season for €60 making a total of €80m. I love to see Belotti wearing our shirt but this is outrageous. Lotito is ready to offer Milan a discount on Biglia as Keita has blown the joint deal. They are ready to accept 16-18m with… Read more »


Came across the bellotti story as well… I’ll be glad to see him play for milan, because i just have that conviction that fasobelli have plans of getting him, also we should not forget that there alternative that are being working on… The idea of 20million loan is fine buh fasobelli shouldnt dash out 60million without a clause(like a set target for belloti). Anyone understand what i mean? Truth be told Fasobelli knows how to go about there businesses, from the signing to be bringing back of legends. I just got a flash of a Shot from Hulk Abbiati save… Read more »


I think what fassobelli are trying to do is making every effort to improve the squad massively so as to make the champions league next year which thereby increases revenue and then they will be able to make up for money spent this season and they are doing it early so all the players can blend.This guys are smart


Welcome back abbaiti. Yea, maldini turned down an offer, has it opens door to more significant return of our Legends. I beleif Rino & Abbiati will be a good role model has they discharge their duties judiciously.
Forza milano!


there was talk today about belotti loan with next year buy, 20m now plus 60m at end of season.
also bacca to leave for 25m(price tag set by milan) possible everton, marseille, sevilla or psg
for conti offer is 20m plus vido, biglia price will likely be 18m, possible sell niang(18m) to everton or exchange with deulofeu
all this sounds like dream 🙂


but it’s really funny how allegri rejected any claims of him wanting MDS. so i don;t think how our defense will turn out. Left side Rodriguez, Right side Conti, and Calabria as a reserve. but Abate, Antonelli and MDS as subs? most likely Antonelli will be used in some sort of a deal.


i see antonelli leaving only if we get new lb or mds stays as only antonelli can play with left foot, i would be ok if mds renewed he can adopt play anywhere in defense sides and middle.. wish we knew what formation will we play next season how we are buying now looks like 3-5-2


Agreed, for Belotti we should consider paying something like:

30m now
25m if he scores 15+ goals next season
25m if he scores 50+ goals in next 3 seasons
20m if Milan wins champions league while Belotti is in Milan

that is 100m but with security – if Belotti pays off it Torino gets what they want. it seems fair.


I don’t agree with that, at the same time I don’t agree with them paying 80m for him in the first place. Keep us in the same shoes as Torino. If someone said they will take Donnarumma for 20m for loan and only pay 25m for 15+clean sheets, 25m for 10+ penalty saves for example thats not how the transfer market works. Torino believes Belotti is 80m worth, if we want him we should pay that or try to negotiate but paying with clauses will make us sound stupid.


That is exactly how the transfermarket work. Its called installments. Very few players with 50m+ prisetag ever gets bought outright.

Milan Boy

Please we need an attacking midfielder to compliment our wonderful additions and to offer us more options in terms of formation. Having Belotti and Silva up front will be a dream combination, signing conti and Biglia will add colour to an already beautiful team and bringing an attacking minded midfielder and a wide player will be the icing on the cake.


3 4 1 2

? Mussachio romagnioli

Conti biglia kessie rodriguez

Silva belotti


Out: de sciglio , pasalic, Paletta, vangioni, fernandez, honda, becca, ocampos
What are everyone’s thoughts on the ? In 3 man defence? Maybe keep desciglio? Or play Rodriguez there and push Mds to left wing ? Thoughts


I would like to see MDS olay as a central defender, making the same conversion as Maldini did, though at an older age. I think he can be good in the middle. His composure and positioning should be up to par after perhaps an adjustment period in pre-season, and besides his output in attack has never been stellar, so he shouldn’t get a lot of time as a fullback if Conti joins the squad. But along Musacchio and Romagnoli, he might form a great 3 man defensive line with attacking full-backs.


No.. MDS is too weak for us to try him out as a FB.


to weak? and you are saying romagnoli and Gomez are stronger?

I dont see them being anymore physicality. And there comes Mateo which is even less physical.


Roma want Suso, PSG want Bonaventura, everyone wants Donnarumma… no takers for Zapata then? (Welcome back Abbiati!)


I think Either Suso or Bonaventura will leave. My prediction on our starting XI for next year

Conti – Musacchio – Romagnoli – Rodriguez
Kessie – Biglia (Kyrchowiak) – Bonaventura (Kovacic)
Suso (Pastore)
Andre Silva – Belotti

Playing with Wing backs, I also like the idea as MDS playing as a thrid CB in a back 3, like Azpilicueta for Chelsea.


Everyone DOES want zapata.
Zapata is wanted

Dead or alive


The new management is very aggresive and also smart in the market. Can’t wait to see the pre season games. As for playmaker role, it is up to Montella now, whether he wants a DMC or AMC. Biglia will give leadership and experience as playmaking DMC. But he is 31 y.o. If i were the coach, i will fight against Jurgen Klopp to get Naby Keita, a 22 y.o central midfielder from Leipzig. Liverpool is trying to lure him with a £120k per week salary. I believe Klopp see a more complete version of N’golo Kante in Keita. If possible,… Read more »


Welcome back Abiatti! I see lots of posts that 80 mil for Bellotti is outrageous but it really isn’t. In todays futbal world, if you want top young players, you need to pay. If new management have money to spend, I am all for it. It’s been so long since we spent some serious money that I am loving this transfer campaign – seems like Conti and Biglia will arrive as well. This is all great news, we have a new owner who is not afraid to spend and knows what it takes to build a great team. Look at… Read more »


I wouldn’t complain if we got belotti for 80m but there is no denying that’s way too much for someone who has one good season. You can’t even compare that to higuain….who has proven to be a fantastic striker over multiple years. That doesn’t mean belotti won’t become world class, but there is no comparison to make here.


Er this is exact reason why clubs like cragnotti’s lazio or mike tyson or any bling bling rapper went bankrupt and guy like warren buffett keeps getting richer and richer. U dont just buy 10m supercars just because u think u can afford it, for now. Invest, dont buy unnecessary garbage. If u spend lower for thing than the intrinsic value of it, all the better. Now, according to fassobelli, milan’s operating budget (including transfer fund) is around 150m. Why should milan spend > half of it on unproven st? What if he failed to justify his price tag like… Read more »


The belotti news is smoke. They only met today for Zapata. Nothing more


Excellent decision. Welcome back Abbiati. Maldini? He will never work under Fassone, so forget him. Belotti worth €80 m? This is the unfortunate reality of today’s players values. But since we have the money, who cares. Belotti can become a Shevshenko, 23 yes, Italian and a milanista. If Suso leaves (has not sign new contract yet), Silva can play right-wing in 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. Anyway Montella will deal with that. The most important thing is that quality players are been added to the team. Tomorrow will be a big day: Dona may sign or leave; Belotti, Biglia and Conti could… Read more »


“Belotti can become a Shevshenko, 23 yes, Italian and a milanista.” Because at 23 shevchenko was italian milanista who could speak rebrov’s language?

An Indian Rossoneri

Guys,please understand,it is not possible to change a whole team in one mercato.We have god some very good signings already and one or two are more to follow.The rumour is Milan has offered a loan belotti.Maybe they will run out of money to buy a creative midfielder but then again.It is not possible to sign world class players in every position in a single mercati.We are not Real with tons and tons of cash.May be the creative midfielder will arrive next mercato but currently Milan,i think, has done almost enough.If Belotti deal goes through i am certain we are… Read more »


I saw this on Facebook earlier today and was over the moon when I saw it, this is great and something that has been missing for us the last couple of seasons! Missing Albertini, Nesta and Maldini though. Welcome back Abbia, so If we would get Belotti and Biglia, perhaps Pastore, our team is set. I dont approve of Kalinic… Bacca is a better goalscorer, an attacker is abundant, but if we really are determined to get one, it should be one who will improve our side by much – like Belotti will. Otherwise for creativity and while looking at… Read more »


Unfortunately the rumours for belotti aren’t true. The meeting today was for zapata


Baselli? Now thats a thought. If milan could get him for < 35m i'd say its good catch. What about bonadinho though? Where should montella play him


If they decide to keep him. Probably behind two strikers. Not like its not tried before. Broccoli tactics, anyone?


My left eyelids and left lower arm twitch involuntarily and my heart rate increases every single time someone/thing reminds me of broccoli (admirable player but garbage coach) era so thank you very much for mentioning it mate


@Philaldon, as long as we dont get Kalinic and sell Bacca im fine…

, it depends on the formation, if we stick to the 4-3-3 then Bona can play as a winger where he excelled and Baselli as the mezz’ala. But I have no idea what formation we’re going to play what do you think…?

, true… which after the new centre back is what this team needs the most, unless we get Biglia and play Monto in a more advanced role, I think that could work actually.


I think 3-5-2 suits milan roster better and bona can play as cm marchisio style, when he’s not busy settling down conflicts in middle east, north korea, iran or south china sea of course


Baselli would be great.
But they really don’t seem to be trying for a creative midfielder as hard as they tried for others.

Manga la figa

Another fantastic bit of news with Abs coming back. Mirabelli and Fassone have done a great job so far.
Truly good riddance to b&g. I’m not missing them one bit that’s for sure.
All we need now to keep our core squad together and with the new additions we will be ready. The important thing the management did was to go out and get these guys early and not wait for ever like fester used to. Pretty much killing the first part of the season with players learning to adjust to each other.
Forza Milan!

Eshan Palkar

I know I’m kinda new here. But in my opinion, we shouldn’t sign Belotti, period. Not this season at least. I actually like Lapadula for his work ethic, Bacca on the other hand, not so much. I’m aware this isn’t FIFA 18 either but why don’t we take a breather in the transfer window and scout out more midfield options? In 80 million can actually be enough to bring in midfielders like Markus Henriksen or Younes Belhanda (just suggestions). If that is not the case and if all we are looking for is a major marquee signing, 80 million can… Read more »


I think ur wearing a bra 2 size too small. Haha, sorry just kidding.
I fully agree with u so to u sir i say, “correctamundo mate”
And welcome to this beloved blog, home of famous suracho analysis

AC Milan lover

Hey Eshan, are you from India?? If yes, we can connect and talk about our beloved Milan


I am from india

Carlo Gambino

The Rossoneri Group: “Forza Milan”
To Get The Latest Update On Ac Milan News & Group Chat/Discussion Add Us On Whatsapp Chat: 08131515005.


It is awesome to see Abbiati back.

But well, if Abbiati is the link between the team and the club, then why do we need a captain?
I don’t agree with the role.
It should be the captain who maintains a link with the club if there is a problem in the locker room.
The captain should be the leader for the matters in squad. Else it undermines the authority of the captain in the squad.


Because milan’s current captain cant even tell his dogs to sit


He lacks confidence. We really should make Abate captain.
But the fact remains, he is the current captain, and he should be the one to link the club with the squad.
Abbiati is a legend. He should not be a news carrier between the squad and the management.


Well, lets change the fact and give the armband to beloved lev yashin of 21st century, don donna then. Im sure his experience in minimum wage activism that makes him head of football players union will come in handy


With that kind of strong mental maturity, we will be lucky if Donna stays around and eventually earns the armband in a few years.
But I was talking about Abate. He really should get the armband this season.


Good give Abate armband while he sits on the bench watching Conti and Calabria taking his place in the team.


Okay lets give it to a mercenary.


The armband should be given to someone greatly respected by the squad. I dont see Abate nor Montolivo realy captain material. Abate have the right mentality but does anybody realy care what he have to say? I dont see the rest of the squad working their ass of for him. He is just gonna create more frustration with his agressivety.


I strongly disagree.
The squad almost always looked to (except for the midfield – consisting of the Chelsea boy) rally with Abate leading.


Regarding belotti’s absurd valuation, he’s great st but theres no way he should be valued more than cavani, van persie, ibra, lewandowski, diego costa and suarez. Just because some clubs like juve are dumb enough to spend that much money on undeserving players doesnt mean milan have to go along. Only solid crap, dead bodies and garbage float mainstream



But I think that absurd valuation is smart.
Torino doesn’t want to sell him, and wants him to stay another season, so to deter interests they slapped 100mil tag.
Only because of stupidity, people want to entertain the idea about paying 100mil for him now.
Wait till after next season, and they will reduce the valuation.
It is like, if we do not want to sell Loca now, then we can just say he will be sold if any club meets 100mil bid.

#1Milan Fan South Africa

To be Honest I dont care who returns but there is still no Paolo Maldini.The greatest ever #3.



In my opinion, with andrea conti at the back, we have a solid defense that can be a guarantee. We can play 3-5-2 with de sciglio a la azpi in chelsea but also can be set in 4-3-3 / 4-3-1-2. i love the idea to change krychowiak/pastore with carlos bacca.bacca is quite lethal finisher, but his attitudes remains big question.i/m also rate lapadula higher because his work rate and desire to play for milan.i’m like the idea to play with 4-3-1-2 with suso/bonaventura roaming free behind andre silva and kalinic.kalinic is lesser version of lewandowski/klose, and andre silva is the… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Sorry guys, never been a big fan of Abiatti, but even if I was, I wouldn’t dare describe him as one of our legends. No, simply no. Maybe management thinks a self professed fascist (google it if you don’t believe me) is what we need as a club manager …


Sorry we are Milanista and he is our legend.
Don’t come here with useless, baseless and irritating gossips you picked up from a bar or a local discussion.
That man has given to Milan what you would never give.
The most you may have done is buy a shirt and browse.
it is rude, annoying and grossly disrespectful when you talk down or downplay the efforts of those who have shared their blood for Milan.


Fascist or not, i’ll still remember his saves vs perugia in last giornata of ’98/99 and vs inter in 2010/11. Those are saves worth scudetti and milanisti should forever be thankful for it.
“I accepted it immediately as I was offered, immediately.” Now this is someone who means it when he kisses milan badge

Baresis Dream

OK, let’s start from the top. Abiatti is by no means one of our great players … Maldini (father and son), Barasi, Costacurta, Sheva, Kaka, Swedish trident, etc … those are (part of our) legends. Putting him – or anyone else whose sole credit is wearing the shirt for a few years – in that list is an insult to the true greats that carried this club to its place in history. He had a couple of solid seasons, I’ll give him that, but c’mon. Legend ?! Will Poli be a legend in a few years? How about his last… Read more »


Couldn’t agree more dodoz!! Welcome Abiatti


I can’t think of anyone better suited for the role. He deserves this. Welcome back Abbiati.