Official: Ricardo Rodriguez joins Milan on a four-year deal from Wolfsburg

Ricardo Rodriguez at Casa Milan on the 8th of June 2017. (
Ricardo Rodriguez at Casa Milan on the 8th of June 2017. (

Ricardo Rodriguez has officially joined the club, signing a contract until 2021 with the Rossoneri, becoming the third purchase of the current summer.

The Swiss fullback landed in Italy earlier this week and over the past two days he underwent the medical check-ups at the La Madonnina clinic and at Milanello, before putting pen to paper at Casa Milan.

“Milan announces to have signed from VfL Wolfsburg the player Ricardo Rodriguez, who has signed a contract until 30 June 2021,” a statement on the club’s website reads. ‘RR’ is the third signing of this window after Mateo Musacchio and Franck Kessié were already confirmed.

He reportedly cost Milan €15 million plus €3 million of bonuses. The 24-year-old left back signed the contract live on Facebook with CEO Marco Fassone and Sporting Director Massimiliano Mirabelli on his side. “I love the [new] Milan jersey, it’s beautiful,” Rodriguez told MilanTV after signing the contract. I’m happy to be here and play for this team. My shirt number? I’ve picked the number 68, I’m happy to wear it. I picked it because it’s the year my mother was born [she died prematurely].

“Baresi is a legend, he was such a great player. I admired many players who made the history of Milan: I loved Gattuso and also Ronaldinho. So many legends played here, Maldini is one of them… I’m happy to be here and to play for this great team. I’ll do my best to make the fans happy.

“Milanello is really beautiful, remarkable, I was happy to visit it, as well as to visit the Museum, I loved it. I’ve already played at the San Siro stadium, it’s incredible and it’s going to be my new stadium. I’m really happy to play in such a beautiful stadium. I’m really happy to be here.

“I’m eager to get to know my new teammates. I know there are many South American players, I’m sure we are going to get along. My skills? I have good ball skills, you will soon be able to judge me. I’m happy to be here and I want to make all Milan fans happy. I’m going to play anywhere on the field where the coach wants me to, I can play in either a three-man or a four-man backline.

“I can’t wait to play the Europa League, I will do my best to help the team and also want to do well in Serie A and get back into the Champions League, we will do everything to play it. I want to play and I’ll do everything to show I’m worthy of this club and to do well. Forza Milan!”

During the signing, Fassone said: “We are pleased to be here to officially announce our third purchase, Ricardo Rodriguez. Mirabelli has followed him for some time. He’s one of the best in the world and we are happy to have him at Milan. His look, his desire and his enthusiasm have struck us.

Mirabelli said: “More than important players, we need those who will show a certain enthusiasm for this jersey, which is why the first thing we do after the medical is give a tour of the trophy room.”

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Great signing, I think he ii be good in assist since he is a good crosser of d ball




“OFFICIAL” is my best word now. Thanks Fasobelli for another signing worthy of Milan jersey and welcome Ricky, we hope you shine like Ricky.


I said 20m’s too expensive for a fullback. fassobelli sign rodriguez for 15m + bonus. I said instead of splashing 70m on one player, milan should just raid ajax for klaasen, dolberg and kluivert. Fassobelli are reported to target klaasen. I said 70m is too much for unproven st. Fassobelli are reported to target diego costa, a hardass brute but proven st. I said adding 3 players (cb,playmaking cm, winger) will massively improve milan. Fassobelli are buying players left and right like syd barrett bought all kinds of psychedelic drugs. Add to these facts that milan just bought musacchio, kessie… Read more »


Are you saying that YOU are pulling the strings behind the scenes? Hopefully you can bring us back to the top milan10


Haha, i should be so lucky.
Its a little beyond my expectation of current milan, like going back to that summer mercato of ’92. Thats all


Oh ya. Li a nobody in China spent all this money? And why did Elliot allow the Kessie deal to go thru? 24 months later, Elliot will be footing the 28M bill.


What makes u think li doesnt use money from elliott to buy all these players? He told u personally?
“Vulture fund is fund that buys low sells high, like grocery stores in ur friendly neighborhood” – ck
“Warren buffett and his berkshire h is in fact vulture fund” – ck
“2 cf pairing doesnt work because 4-4-2, 4-3-1-2 and 3-5-2 are most common formations” – ck
“Ashley cole is in fact a playmaker because he creates chances” – ck
Ur on the same level as late departed sheva mate. Congrats


wow Vulture funds lending Milan money to buy players wow hah. i love vulture funds haha. does anyone need to be told?????? since you are so “well versed” on Vulture funds hahahaha, when will they lend money to a club to buy players. we have not sold a single player but we have bought. wage bills have increase too. Elliot is ready to accept all these.. I LOVE VULTURE FUNDS hahahahaha. so what did Elliot do that make the Argentina bond deal illegal? 2cf doesnt work?? since when? del piero inzaghi, sheva crespo/inzaghi. i only said that two first strikers… Read more »


Er, i seem to remember elliott lending li money. No elliott money, no take over. Which means no allocation for transfer fund. If u want to buy a car for 10k AND modify/upgrade it for 2k but u only have 6k, doesnt borrowing 6k help u buy the car AND modify it? Simple really. What, u wanna deny knowing elliott lend li money? When did i ever say what elliott did buying argentina’s bonds on secondary market illegal? If its illegal, How could international court won their case against argentina? What a logical failure Crespo – inzaghi are indeed 1st… Read more »


Crespo partnering inzaghi. Hahaha. Luckily Ancelotti doesn’t have a mind like yours that’s why the preferred partnership is sheva with another first striker. Just because they are in the same team doesn’t mean that they are the preferred partnes on the field. Thank god that Italy coach didn’t think this way too. Luckily it is usually del piero vieri or Totti as a second striker with whoever is a first striker. partnership. I don’t think i have to go on with the list. It will be endless. And talking about the Elliot. Amazing that Elliot loan us money to buy… Read more »


Er, im pretty sure i mentioned zamorano – salas, bierhoff – klinsmann and the likes. True successful cf pairings.
Are u slow? Without elliott, li wouldnt be able to close the deal, let alone have allocation for transfer fund. The fact that li has budget for transfer means elliott has done him big favor by handling the takeover so li can use the budget on transfer not paying berlu.
What, the chinese mr x couldnt pay berlu directly so they needed elliott but he could pay atalanta, wolfsburg and villareal directly? What a logical failure


Costa is good and proven ST, he would definitely help us. But MAN how I hate that player. Like seriously he is one of the dirtiest players in my eyes.


I see hom exactly the same … But guess what ! … And so was Ibra to have him against you


Well, he’s hot headed like bouncer on steroids but i dont think he’s as dirty as materazzi or pepe.
As a matter of fact, i think milan needs a little dirty in front of goal


I definitely wouldn’t be angry if we got him. Right now we need a team that could win games for us.


Costa…. Hhhh no more Balotelli-esque please! Maybe brilliant in talent, but he would be disastrous if he is not on his mood


Costa performs regularly unlike Balotelli.

This season Costa along with Hazard were winning games for Chelsea. I don’t like his dirty style of play, he also can be difficult to manage, but he is very efficient, can play the ball, and can Finish. If we can get him for less than 40M I’d do it in a heartbeat.


Nice Nice, <3 Milan jyst need to forget Costa, and do a new offer to Torino with 55/60M plus Zapata and Kucka im pretty shure Torino will accept. Then Milan need De Vrij, Biglia, Keita from Lazio 75M for all of them, maybe include Paletta and Bertollaci in the deal ang get them with 60M Conti, from Atalanta, 18/20M I also will love milan to go for Yermolenko, 20/25M And Milan is unstoppable next year, botht in europ but even juve will not have a chance in Seria A against that team.. <3 In 2018 Messi is free transfer, I… Read more »


Messi as milan #10? That’d be more epic than 1st moon landing


Messi?? Hahah… Oh my, i prefer Cristiano while he is on 40 years of age


Sweet.. now all we need is conti, then we will have a decent back line


Bend it like Rodriguez.


Keita and Conti’s agents are in Casa Milan now for meetings with Fasobelli. What is happening to Milan? Are we dreaming?


I know… It feels like we’re on some sort of Matrix simulation.


There is no spoon at casa milan


Fans are tripping balls rigth now


Lol bro, it is happening live and direct since galliani left 🙂


Waiting it for soooo loonggg…. Thank you Galliani for bring to us Fassobelli…. LoL!!


Happy times are back again. It was so bad that even as Milanistas we fight ourselves whenever we come as a result of frustration. It’s so unbelievable!


welcome to milan ricardo is amazing to see d new ownership spending to get to the top i as a milan fan am impressed with this development.


Keita Balde Diao’s agent confirms “Lazio have reached an agreement with Milan and we have not been offered a renewal,”. AWESOME! Also, it was said that Conti agent walked into Casa Milano right after Ricardo was signed! GREAT NEWS all around!!! Finally!

IZUNNA milan

Comment:I don’t kn what to say so happy to read this


After years watching Antonini, DeSciglio, Kevin Constant etc etc flapping about on that side of the pitch, all I can say is FINALLY we’re back in business with a quality LB. THANK YOU Fassone, Mirabelli, the Chinese and everyone involved in this new project.


Ohh and don’t forget Mesbah, Emanuelson, and Taybo!

I wouldn’t put De Siglio and Kevin Constant/Antonini at the same level though.

De Siglio and Antonelli have been our best Left Backs since Maldini retired. And I wouldn’t mind seeing De sciglio start at the right with Abate/Calabria as backup. Gomes starts at the left with Vangioni/De Sciglio as backups.

Milan Boy

Good deal,Get Conti and Keita and further weaken our rivals.Good job Fassobelli


Great point bro! Not only we are getting stronger and better, we are making other teams like Lazio weaker!!!


Still,they will get a huge ammount of money to replace them.


Pedulla: Conti’s agent have agreed a five-year contract worth around €2m+bonuses/year . Milan and need to reach agreement with Atalanta .. I believe the deal should be sealed soon



Diego Costa (cheaper than Belotti and Morata and he’s worldclass.. I know many of you dont like him..)
Keita Balde
Biglia or the polish from PSG he’s younger and better imo, also have europa league experience.
Rachid Ghezzal

BUT the playmaker?? forget that xD

Klassen, Ziyech or Çalhanoglu are my options.


Whats the deal with Çalhanoglu anyway? He got like 4 or 5 month ban. I wonder if he would be cheaper aswell now..


His ban is almost ending… in August he can start playing again… so no problem.

I think 30m max for him…


Fabregas is still an option and would fit perfect in 4-3-3 with Biglia as DM and him and Bonaventura as CMs while Suso,Keita Belloti/Costa would rape other defenses with killer balls from the midfield.

Milan #1

Federico Ceccherini, anyone know this guy in Crotone? Did he’s good for Milan?


Comment Milan evolution!!!! I hope I would watch Milan again with full confidence that they won’t put me to shame (like losing at home to Empoli )


Milan have a deal in place for keita balde? OMG! Rubentus should be s**ting in their pants already


Nothing better than raping Lazio off their players LOL! Remember Nesta?


Niceee ! One of the best in that spot , Welcome to AC Milan


Welcome!! Man utd confirmed zlatan won’t renew. Imagine getting him on a free with still another world class striker. I don’t care that he had a major injury or he’s old, he played amazing at man utd and just gets better. You add him to a team your instantly challenging for top four.


Well, ibra would have to settle for <4m per year though. After all, he's no donna. *wink


The only transfer I am happy about so far.
Welcome and good luck Rodriguez.


Welcome Ricardo, i will meet you in winterthur for that jersey :).


Comment:happy for did.goodtimes ahead,cant wait for 17/18 season


They said that Montella will have 2/3 of the squad by july. I wonder does that mean that they will BUY all their targets and then the second part of summer, they start to sell deadweight.


A summer without the freaking “in order to buy, we need to sell first” seems weird. Right? Ahah


Zlatan for ac Milan would be awesome…But with Costa we will be in cloud 9. Morata doesn’t want Milan, Belotti is too expensive, y not go for Costa n then buy James of Madrid…then Milan wins eurupa plus seriea, we can even do d triple with Copa Italia….im really in Dreamland.. Fassobelli is doing a wonderful job at d moment….Read on, dat Milan have agreement in place for keita balde, his agent n lotito confirmed…Dis is giving me goose bumps…Just James remaining n we can keep bacca plus lapa n sell niang…Waoh Forza Milan


I agree – Costa is an a**hole but he is a great goal scorer and he is eager to find playing time. He would destroy Italian little teams that Milan has always trouble with..


Dembele and Andre Silva still the best option in terms of financial aspect , As Chelsea tag 80M to Diego Costa


Milan 10 you’re one person whose analysis I really admired.


Why thank you dear mate.
To be honest, I learned it all from suracho analysis series on this blog. Its rare now but very worth reading


Welcome Ricardo. These days are so dreamy on this site. I honestly can’t wait for season to start. Forza New Milan!


I have a strong feeling Rodriguez will stand out the most this season. Welcome!

But there’s but

Montella will need to work hard to gel all the new players after all it looks like we’ll have 2/3 of completely new team and qualifications for EL are just around the corner. Hope Montella is up for the job

Forza Milan!


Welcome back sheva


Welcome R.R..Hopefully, he stays injury free and become a major player with US. I like the fact that our proposed back-4 (RR,Roma,Musacchio,Conti) are all good on the ball. They’re all good passers!

Comon August!! Comon!!!


Benvenuto Rodriguez! I hope for the best for you as well as the players who have arrived and those who will arrive of course.
Exciting times ahead! This transfer window is looking more like a transfer window you have in FIFA/PES where you buy every player you want in one transfer window haha.


Well guys i am sorry to say that from the way Keita’s agent and brother are behaving we might have difficulty landing the boy. Besides right after the statements by his agent, he was spotted in Juventus with their sporting director. You can check the story on Football Italia. As far as i am concern, he is a fine footballer by all standards and gosh his attitude precedes him. Anyone who feels he is too big for Milan can go and shove it. WEAREACMILAN and we are bigger than the so called Juve. If he doesn’t want us then adios… Read more »


This is good buy and not Bonaventura de fake maradona type of player.


The trophy room images brings tears,oh how much i miss the dream team of Maldini,nesta,pirlo kaka and sheva,i will try my best to make my kid a footballer.I will try my best to make him play for Milan.I love you Milan.I just love you a lot.I am so happy with these signings.I am so proud my beloved will now bounce back.I will again see Milan winning Scudetto and CL.I will again see them dominate world club football…..Go ahead my love.I will trade all good deeds for your good fortune.May almighty make my Milan ruthless that every team loose mentally even… Read more »


I don’t think keita would be coming either, would love it if he did, but he has been very vocal about juve


To all Milan fans,let’s enjoy our return to the top,we deserve it, 5years of pain and we still remained loyal. Forza Milan, luv u guys.


Radio’s objecting would be avoiding the serie B next season if we can get biglia n balde…. One rival down


Welcome ricardo !

Baresis Dream

Great news! Welcome RR68. Finally, after maybe 4-5 seasons, we have a proper LB in our squad. Kevin Constant seems like a distant memory ….


Hes playing is constant..


Forza RR

HASSAN milano

Comment:welcome Ricardo, wish a successful season with us here in sansiro,home of Italian giants.forza Milan……