Ricardo Rodriguez medical scheduled for Wednesday, Milan expected to meet the agent of Conti on Thursday

Ricardo Rodriguez celebrates during Wolfsburg-Schalke at Volkswagen Arena on August 28, 2015. Wolfsburg wins 3-0. (JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images)
Ricardo Rodriguez celebrates during Wolfsburg-Schalke at Volkswagen Arena on August 28, 2015. Wolfsburg wins 3-0. (JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Marco Fassone was in Germany to close the deal to bring Ricardo Rodriguez, and the medical has already been scheduled, while the pressure for Conti continues.

Milan have already confirmed Mateo Musacchio and Franck Kessié, and the official for Ricardo Rodriguez is closer.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, today was the decisive day for Rodriguez: CEO Fassone was in Germany to close the deal and he’s on his way back to Milan after practically concluding the negotiations.

The 24-year-old Swiss left-back will pack his bags and go to Italy in the coming hours and on Wednesday he will have his medical with the Rossoneri before signing the contract. Earlier reports suggested that Milan were looking to get a discount on the €18 million demanded by Wolfsburg (€15m + €3m bonuses) but it hasn’t been leaked yet whether Fassone was successful in that.

Rodriguez is not the only fullback Milan want as Andrea Conti remains a desired target as well. Di Marzio suggests that on Thursday there will be a meeting between the Diavolo and the agent of the 23-year-old, who played alongside Kessié in the jersey of Atalanta last season.

The intention of Fassone and Mirabelli is to close the deal for Conti before June 16, which is when the UEFA European Under-21 Championship starts. Conti and Donnarumma will both play for Italy.

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yeeeeeeey finally a LB…

i hope so…


Conti will be used as a RM as he played for Atalanta the whole of last season. Either way Conti is rock solid. Even so, Calabria is world class in the making. Milan isn’t at his levels yet. I think Montella knows this that’s why he favours Calabria over MDS. The way Calabria manages the ball with intelligent in attacking play is pure class. But every now and then Milan loses possession in attack and the kid gets frustrated at the lack of understanding from his low class team mates. Calabria only needs trust and more game time. The kid… Read more »


Great News by all Standard. We moving on in the right direction. Am proud of my great Milan.


Good news,but I hope we get Belloti



I think I’m going to cry with joy.


Take a look at milan’s midfield roster and laugh to balance it out then



B Hutama

Don’t be afraid, we have Kessie now and also Biglia is very closed to us. Mirabelli and Fassone is doing a good on this time. They focused on Riccardo rodrigues and Conti right now. After that, they will focused on Striker (Morata/Aubameyang/Belloti) and Midfield(Biglia).


Biglia… ah ah ah xD

still no playmaker.


we need a #10 james in our reach .. I don’t think we need cese’ pastore would be better


Obviously he is good at defensive roles; but for creativity — LOLgila


Kessie Locatelli and bonaventura in midfield. May not be world class but don’t seem to be very bad. Top 4 finish is possible. Just need blade on left wing and a good striker. Actually i believe Lapadula is good enough




Conti and Rodriguez as full backs would be scary. We are talking out attacking full backs full of assist qualities.

Make this happen Fasobeli and i will name my baby Fasobelli.


I will name your baby ballotelli


U serious?? Lol


After we secured RR and conti i think we should go all out for atarking midfield


Pastore…. Would be perfect… Or fabregas


Fassobelli are really putting in dia best n dis is encouraging…Get these targets with montella, I believe we can fight for d scudetto n also d Europa…We can use primavera for d cup games, who cares… Madrid has shown us day juve is not unbeatable…With a good MF and sharp stikers, juve na mincemeat….


. To beat Juve in the one off games is not really the problem. The difficulty is in matching their consistency throughout the season
With the introduction of video assist referees Juve will no longer benefit in the big matches from biased referees.


I just love the spirit/approach fassone & mirra are applying to the mercato. Cant rmba wen last have been xo willing to check online for milan news/updates… The saga continues.


Wow, Millan is back…pls sign conti next….love u guys fassone and Mirabella…Hala-Millan…!

AC Norman

Jibola u making me LMAO but you absolutely right we’ll be settled at the back then for our midfield and attack then our Milan machine is ready for war….thumbs up and Forza Milan!!!!


On a side note, if Donnarumma goes to the under-21 European Championship, then it will be the scariest under-21 side in Europe.

Their line-up could be like this :

Donnarumma (Cragno)
Conti (Calabria) – Rugani – Romagnoli (Caldara) – Barreca (Masina)
Gagliardini (Benassi) – Locatelli (Cataldi) – Pellegrini (Crystante)
Berardi – Petagna – Bernardeschi (Chiesa)

I don’t think Romagnoli will be allowed to go though, but even without some of them, it’s still a very strong squad. Maybe even Politano is eligible?


Pretty sure Romagnoli is injured at the moment, he saw that doctor in Barcelona recently. So I don’t think he’s playing this competition.


That’s an insane lineup. The future is indeed looking very bright for Italy after several years of not producing the goods. Glad to see more teams depending more on youngsters, at least one good thing came out of this money crisis Italy has been going through.
So excited to see what they will do and see Loca boss the midfield!


Gone are does days we keep waiting 4 Mr.X…… Hala fasobeli… forza milan


An then Galliani brought Aquilani after weeks of making us fans dream


cant Milan just break the bank for ERIKSON,FABINHO &LANZINI?


For the last one we simply can ofer Bacca, they still search for atacker


I think they should break bank for verrati… If we can dream of ubamyang then verrati is possible too


Now we must get one of james or kovacic or tolisso or fabregas or wilshere


Willsher have broken his leg.That means that his carer is over now definitly


Wao! European giant is back now we make Italian football proud again unlike juve..


Juventus acutally did pretty well in Europe and they were only bright thing in last few years for italian football if you don’t recognize that you are blind or just to ignorant.You can hate them but you must show some respect cause they deserve it on other hand we are still bad but I hope we get back to the top and I hope we don’t become what Inter became they are splashing a lot of cash on players but they are lacking results.


Juve? Pfff, respect my ass


Also heard that we are linked with James Rodrigues (Real Madrid) we need a world class mid of his standard to go along with Belotti(if we can pry him away) Goals Galore!!!!!!!!

Junaidu Bunu hamza

A good moves we are now in d right direction


I am very happy we are back on track again,with belotti,suso,bonaventura I see Milan lifting the seria A again.
Forza Milan


Thanks to fassone and Mirabelli for putting smiles on the face of milan faithful.


milan will back of italy and wold milan want striker two boleti and morota milan vorsa


At that time last year Galiani will be in the restaurant dinner with Xabi Alanso , philip Laham ,Totti, meet those retired argent , no $$$$$$$$$ in Italian soccer


Comment:nice move…just get auba since morata is out of sight.get conti and fabregas to close the mercato….am happy cos we are moving fast with deals unlike uncle fester,that will just be travelling around to eat dinner…


This is leaps and bounds the best start to any transfer market in recent memory. Forzaaaaa


The joy that Milan is coming back to be champion again is making me look younger everyday. I said we are the pride of Italy in Europe and with these new signings Milan can face any team in Seria A now. We should build a formidable team to revenge our lost to Napoli Udinese Roma both home and away but as for Juventus they are full of Referees support and we will beat them with the new arrivals. Forza Milan


am thinking RYAD BOUDEBOUZ of montpellier as another playmaking option…very technically gifted player


This guy is a beast… Jeeez… D guy is so good… My problem with players from french league is that most of them always look awesome until dey leave d league… But dis guy in a team like Madrid or bacca.. Will definitely win world bes


This guy is a beast… Jeeez… D guy is so good… My problem with players from french league is that most of them always look awesome until dey leave d league… But dis guy in a team like Madrid or bacca.. Will definitely win world best


Eriksen ‘ fabregas ‘ kovacic ‘ verratti ‘ modric ‘ james rodriquaz ‘ coutinho’ …any one of these would be a dream and huge boost to our midfield . But the problem is that all of these players are way to overpriced . The cheapest one is kovacic and even him would be a great signing . But i do think that verratti ‘ modric ‘ coutinho are impossible to sign right now .


I would love it if we capture Moussa Dembele, he will be cheaper than some of our targets and is young… so perfect for now and the future


I would say the same thing but other Milanista will start to criticize my comments,
I have watch Dembele in few celtic games, this guy is real deal! he is the reason why celtic finish the season unbeaten!
He got power, dribbling, vision and eye for the goal… he is more like mini Suarez!!
People like belotti because he is italian, while if you compare seasonal performance Dembele will win the battle.
May my wishes come true that we sign Dembele for not more than 40mil.

Forza Milan


Mini suarez is he? Well, i hope he isnt no bark all bite too


Gigio – Conti – Musaccio – Romagnoli – Rodriguez. kessie-Badelj . Suso – Pastore – Bonaventura. Belloti We are already near to this and I’m very happy!After we will need 1-2 young wing players.Fantastic job from fasobeli, well done.


Yaaay.. a real LB.. Now sign Conti to replace Ivan Drago, I mean Abate.. and we are all set at the back.


If abate is ivan drago then bonadinho is chuck norris in delta force who just shaved his beard with excalibur

Forza Milano

All I need from Milan is a Good Midfielder that can deliver long passes, a creative winger that can dribble and cross and an awesome finisher that is both good in the air and feet


on paper at least at the back we can feeling secured with gigio conti — musacchio — romagnoli— rodriguez but in midfield,we lack of technical qualities, experiences and leadership.I would love the midfield as below kessie —-fabregas(now at chelsea)—–moussa sisoko/moussa dembele (both from tottenham) and finally at front i would like to see suso—-morata–bonaventura i like fabregas a lot.hell of a player.brilliant techniques, brilliant vision,excellent passing ranges and already a champions on his merit (WC,Euro,Domestic Titles).and i’m also recommend sissoko/dembele from spurs.tough tacklers,strong and very physical but also possessed excellent skills on the ball. at the front i would like… Read more »

#1Milan Fan South Africa

Didnt Fasobelli say we must dream of mendes list of players ?Isnt James Rodrigues one of his players ?I mean he didnt even make the bench in the final.He would be a good buy for the creative spark


What I see here is smart management from our duo Fassone and Mirabelli. Three players for estimated 37 millions:

– Kessie (5 millions for 2 year loan)
– Mussachio (18 millions)
– Rodriguez (15 millions)

Here I excluded 3 million bonuses on Rodriguez and rest of obligatory amount for Kessie which will be payed after 2 years. Lit management from Fassobelli!


no more walking..Milan is indeed reborn.


Atalanta’s owner must be a pushover…

Sells: Gagliardini, Sportiello, Caldara, Kessie and now possibly Conti!

They pretty much sell all their stars!

…I wish he owned Belotti!


I would like to see James, I know he almost didn’t even play but with his national team he is excellent and if you see his performance vs gameplay time this season he was the best. For the new arrivals everything is looking good they are building the team the right way from back to front. FORZA MILAN!!!


25m done for biglia.. Way too expensive, he better be a beast in that mid and make others around him a beast too!


I read reports that Montolivo is uncertain of his future in Milan and is looking for other options since he doesnt want to sit on the bench… I still think that he can be a good mentor to Loca, who Locatelli actually looks up to…but… I dont know, maybe Biglia would be okay then too, I really hope he can have the effect Pirlo had for Juve when he came there and they were just rebuilding… My point though with the Monto leaving-part is that I under no circumstances want to lose Abate… He is the one and only leader… Read more »


Comment:I would have prefer Douglas Costa to biglia…… I don’t think biglia is worth 25m when Douglas Costa is around 30m


Go for Lucas lima


Comment:am really happy with Wat is happened in Milan now


why are some people calling fassone as Fasobelli.