Ricardo Rodriguez expected in Italy next week for his Milan medical, Wolfsburg to get €15m plus €3m in bonuses

Ricardo Rodriguez before SV Darmstadt 98-VfL Wolfsburg at Jonathan-Heimes-Stadion am Böllenfalltor on October 22, 2016 . (Photo by Alexander Scheuber/Bongarts/Getty
Ricardo Rodriguez before SV Darmstadt 98-VfL Wolfsburg at Jonathan-Heimes-Stadion am Böllenfalltor on October 22, 2016 . (Photo by Alexander Scheuber/Bongarts/Getty

After Musacchio and Kessié, the Swiss fullback will soon have his medical as intermediaries are working to complete the player’s transfer to Milan.

Milan announced Mateo Musacchio yesterday and will announce Franck Kessié very shortly. And in the coming days, the third summer signing – Ricardo Rodriguez – will be confirmed.

According to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, after Wolfsburg secured Bundesliga survival, intermediaries are now at work to finalize the deal which will bring the 24-year-old Rodriguez to Milan in a €18m deal.

The left back should be in Italy next week to undergo the medical and sign the contract with the Diavolo. Milan are also linked with a move for Atalanta’s right-back Andrea Conti and if they get him it’ll be fair to assume that at least one fullback is leaving this summer – De Sciglio most likely.

According to transfermarkt.com, in 149 Bundesliga appearances, Rodriguez scored 15 goals and made 29 assists. For comparison, in 256 Serie A appearances, Ignazio Abate scored 4 and assisted 23.

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Welcome Ricardo
Milan no need MDS anymore…



Those who do not want to play for the club can leave.. especially if one thinks Juvi is bigger than Milan.


Bruh. What is going on?
No more signings like zapata and berlotacci? Too good to be true


With Rodriguez nd Conti on the wing back,nd Romagnoli nd Mussachio we are solid rock in defence, now we need one creative midfieder nd Morata to start next season


Kessie? Lol


there are 2 creative midfielders that i would like the management to sign :

1. Isco Alarcon — but i don’t think real madrid will let him go
2. Nabil Fekir of lyon. He is the one who supports Lacazette to be a top striker in ligue 1


You guys read about Biglia ?
sounds amazing

Baresis Dream

Biglia is world class no doubt, but for how long? The report says we’re offering around 20 mil for him, and he is 31. Who knows what are budget exactly is, but if this around 15% it’s a bit steep. On the other hand, with him, Monty, and Luca for backup we basically got the registra role completely covered.


My problem with biglia is his age…. Which to me looks like a very temporary fix… But if we are to go temporary i would strongly prefer we go all out for fabregas….. But if we want a perfect fit… I would say paredes for 25mil…would be a bargain buy


i Love Parades. this guy will be the future.


I agree with the concern. I suggest to negotiate with Lyon for their creative midfielder, Nabil Fekir. He is more like Eden Hazard of Chelsea.


Yes.. We need experience and winning mentality in the team. I think Lucas Biglia can give those things.


I have a feeling this might be the best move, don’t look at his age he is exactly what we need that unpredictable player and also look at de Rossi or Dani alves or even pirlo for that matter the older they got the better and I have a feeling it might be the same in his case


Essien 2.0


you are right. look at pirlo in juventus


How exactly does he bring a winning mentality when the best team he has played for is lazio?

Baresis Dream

It’s definitely a gamble. But if he stays fit, he can give us additional nessasary steel in the middle. Kessie, Biglia, Kucka, Monty … it would be very hard to bully these guys around. Add someone creative in there (we have Jack and Suso but that might not be enough) and we might get a proper midfield. Heck, we can even go back to the diamond shape of our golden years.



Baresis Dream

This is one of our transfer targets which I’m most confident with. Considering what we currently have on the left wing (Vangoni reminds me of the good old Kevin Constant days), he will most surely be an upgrade.


Comment:wel come RODRIGUEZ


We must be ready to work extremely hard. Our target should be to compete with the likes of Juve, Inter, ROMA, Napoli. We need relatively large but quality team. Inter are getting set and we must watch out. It’s high time we maintain high standard. A team like Milan should not be losing to Empoli, (at home for that matter) cagliary, udinese, Napoli and Roma(Home and away) .
We got real work to do …………….


I dont know what you all think about getting anthony martial on loan… With an option/obligation to buy.. That guy could do alot of wonders at milan… Then get thauvin as back up for both wings


Galliani’s FFF excuse suddenly disappeared with new management after we suffered years of lies and bad management.

Another sensible deal. Thanks Fassone and Mirabelli.


Stop talking about that nightmare, on the other hands, galliani doesn’t have finacial strength like mirabelli have.. Galliani have a good management before ibra and thiago silva gone… respect for him..


Exactly. I’ve been saying it since 2008 that Galliani was a cancer at Milan and i got nothing but thumbs down everytime I put him on blast.

So happy we don’t have to hear anymore lies and bs Mr X.

That Balde head stooge was a total embarrassment at Milan.


Hello Jibola, please how do you watch Milan matches in Nigeria? I think I might have to watch all our matches next season.


@ayo, get a startimes decoder or stream live via cricfree.tv


We’re moving fast now in the mercato, thanks to new management. No more wine and dine at restorante Giannino fo uncle Fester


What if de sciglio decides to stay?


Then we have a bamboo in our a** and lantern in hand…bad bad situwtion.MDS has to leave.Kick him out if required.


Very nice , one of the best in that spot ! Were not used to such signings so ahead of time , but you know how humans are next year we will here comments from fans ” are we going to bring reus and not hazzard ffs “

Toni K.

So true.But for a team like Milan,those kind of players are who we should be linked with(Hazard,Reus,Modric to name a few).Let’s hope the 5 year nightmare was just the calm before the storm,after which in 2 years or 3 we start sweeping teams in the Champions League(a bit too early but one can always hope haha) and be a top 5 team in Europe where we belong. Forza Milan per sempre!!!


We will get there sooner or later , Forza Milan !


I pray Milan can convince Tolisso to join he would be a fantastic signing


Well Montella said he likes Tolisso alot and Morata will give plenty options. so I will assume both will most likely arrive this summer.

Montella also said Belotti and Morata can play upfront together and he would prefer both instead of one or the other.

It really appears that Fassone and Maribelli are building a team according to the type of players and formation Montella likes.

Looking forward to next season with great enthusiasm.

Milan is on the rise and I see that this new management means business. It will be an all out assault on the scudetto next season.

Don Bee

Am so excited hearing the kind of names that are linked to Milan in this Macatto, Shows that the future is bright we can compete and high level again am so happy that my Milan is going back to his glory days again.

Please we need Fabregas in that Mid field……


please 31 years is still young,what are you guys saying.fabregas ain’t strong for seria A


No more eating dinners. Just meet and buy.


Comment:for za Milan, we should go for iniesta or modric they are good great player s, since fabregas dont wanna join Milan


Awesome signing, he will be absolute upgrade from de judas.

Judging from milan’s transfer targets, i think montella’s still in love with 4-3-3. Tolisso, biglia, kessie are ballplaying dm/cm whose attacking prowesses are as good as their defensive prowesses and if all of them come then milan can finally dominate the midfield. But can milan really afford all of them now that a cf is a must considering bacca may leave to join arsenal?


Where did you hear Tolisso may come ? He is Kessie type of player in my opinion , James would be the dream for our connection between mid and atack and with Morata there would be no excuses . All the players that where rumoured came so Morata is most likely the next to come after Rodriguez , a bit expensive but we won’t give the money from our own personal fans pockets :)) I heard Real wants aucction for Morata so we will see what happens


Its all over the news mate. Tolisso would be perfect for milan i think.
Regarding james, madrid and him just rejected inter’s 45m offer. I think he’s set for mu


Actually 4-3-3 can be a miraculous formation with the suitable players. And it’s flexible too. But yes, I totally agree that we need a classy striker in addition to a classy midfielder.


Personally, i think 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 are 2 best formations ever. But 4-3-3 is more tricky than 4-4-2 because u’ll be outnumbered in midfield thus it takes very talented midfielders and pass and move strategy to pull it off




Rodriguez is a good signing. But I am not sure he is an upgrade. He is more like, an even replacement for MDS than an improvement. His faults are very similar to MDS’s faults.
I cannot prove right now, ofc. But we can always make that judgement at the end of the next season.


According to transfermarkt.com, in 149 Bundesliga appearances, Rodriguez scored 15 goals and made 29 assists. For comparison, in 256 Serie A appearances, Ignazio Abate scored 4 and assisted 23. he is a massive improvment.


Left back, mate.


I watched rodriguez play few times and i can say with conviction he’s much better than what milan have. He can probably be included on serie a team of the year next year

Baresis Dream

I think very few people know our exact budget. The news about Biglia for 20 million, the 50 million offer for Morata, the offer for Conti, and more. All this and without selling one player yet. I guess management gave some estimate of what they are aiming for, but they seem to be operating under quite a flexible budget l.


I read that milan’s budget for this mercato is around 130-160m, not counting money from the sales

Baresis Dream

Milan10, I’m not sure the numbers they gave the press are final; they seem to have additional plans to raise further funds they way they are operating. Who knows.


I really want conti to join us after this. That would be our whole back line sort [after keeper decides to signs a new contract]


In all these transfer rumours, the only three transfer possibilities I am happy with are, Musacchio (ofc we need someone to provide consistent stability at CB position with Romag); Rodriguez (cover the LB position), and Morata (ofc. but i have a sneaky feeling that he will not join in the end). All the other transfer rumours stink of shinter. Overpaying unnecessarily on players who are not proven yet, or 31 years old. Instead of focusing on playmaker. Fassone and co are working hard, but I don’t know if they are working at the right direction. Obviously it is only the… Read more »


Comment:I also second you with the playmaker suggestion because we seem to having so many midfields and they are adding more without a playmaker in it plus i see some as not needed.
I want Kuco,Loca and Sosa to stay. I expect 2 playmakers in that midfield just in case. I also prefer having 2 strikers where wingers operate from the midfield.


From what i’ve heard, mirabelli and Fassone trying to get enough player, until june 3, so montella can start a pre-season more soon than other club.
Thats why, mirabelli tried to push Giggio for sign his offering contract..


Can someone distinguish between this guy and Suso? Rachid Ghezzal, 25 year old, Free agent from Lyon.

Here are the words of his agent and brother
“Milan are interested in my brother Rachid,” agent Abdelkader Ghezzal told Mediaset Premium.

“There was already a meeting a while ago. The door is always open, we’ll see how this pans out.”


Comment:PLAYMAKERS ARE NEEDED. We do not have any playmaker in our midfield, so if we can get 2 because 1 might be an easy target for our opponents. Another thing that baffles me is the formation Montella will use. we have Kessie,Bonaventura,Montolivo,Poli,Kuco,Bertolacci,Locatelli. and rumours that more are coming. What happens to Pasalic,Mati,and Sosa? Forwards: Rumour says Bacca will leave so we have: Lapadula,Cutrone,Suso and Niang for now. Defense: To me, we only need 1 more from the youth sector and Either Zapata or Palleta will leave because Ely is also coming back. I only believe what I see concerning the… Read more »


Well, Pasalic and Mati were loanees and are no longer here while Poli and Bertolacci are thought to be leaving. So we might be needing even more midfielders.



—-Kessie – Bonaventura

——-Lucas Biglia


I’d love to watch this team play

Veer Khase

Rodriguez is best we can have in that position.Trust me, our strikers are going to get plenty of crosses in the box.

Baresis Dream

Agreed. That’s one the things most missing on our current squad – crosses from the wing backs.


and also if we get Conti… we would be set!


Well well… Look at this!
*An image of Balotelli with the famous “why always me” shirt*


Guys, what about dembele


im wondering if ever the management scouted youri tielemans. that kid is something else and on his way building his legacy at anderlecht

Pa ibra

Hes good with freekicks too. Good move but the last thing I will ask for is another fullback (Conti or any other nice one out there) after this given the load of work ahead fixing other areas and besides I think Calabria can do the job on the right with this guy on the left and Abate & Antonnelli as back ups.


In 149 appearances, Rodriguez scored 15 goals and made 29 assists. In 256 Serie A appearances, Abate scored 4 and assisted 23.

I rest my case… And I dread to think how many games Abate has thrown in those 256 appearances.


Rodriguez is definitely good but his faults are, he gets dispossessed easily. And his control on the ball is not very good. That kind of evens things out when you are facing pacey wingers in Serie A and lose such situations.
That is what I meant by he being a replacement for MDS in the left wing. Not a particular improvement imo.
And as for the comparison with Abate, different wings.
We need Abate in our team even if most of the fans fail to see it.


“We need Abate in our team” – as a starter? To me Calabria’s already better and he’s only 19. Haha this debate could go on forever.


I can understand what you are saying mate. But without a leader on the pitch, we might as well fold every game after we concede the first goal.
I know I am gonna get a few more jabs for saying Abate is a leader.
But well, I should not have to say this if people watch our matches when Abate played.


Finally keisse pass is medical


If Rodriguez arrives and I hope he does we have the left flank covered.. He is really good. Get Conti and we have the right covered. Granted everybody stays healthy we would have the second best defence in the league only behind juve. Now onto biglia, the price is a bit much cause of his age but hey, if he performs well and helps us get into champions league he’s worth it. I too heard we have very strong interests in tolisso an did would be fantastic if we could get him he is young and already a great footballer,… Read more »


Good signing


The issue about kessie, it was revealed that he is 25yrs not 20yrs…..I think there is something which is not clear…


False. Those were rumors started when he failed the first medical exam. He failed it because of cartilage in his knee that Milan were already aware of


Nope, those rumors date back from when he was 16yrs old.


Yes but they started back up again because of failed medical. The rumors are from a Senegalese site, how would they know what the failed medical was about before Milan did?


Corentin Tolisso…Moussa Dembélé & Ousmane Dembélé …hope they want to join Milan…They’re very GOOD…Forza Milan!!!


With 7 weeks to go to the start of the season, and 4 to go to the transfer window opens, this is certainly a promising start. Deulofeu, Pasalic, Ocampos, Honda (in addition to Diego Lopez) should all have their bags packed already. At least two of Paletta, Gomez and Zapata should have already found their suitcases and toothbrushes, with Musacchio confirmed, and Antonelli and Vangioni better hope MDS leaves, or they will be out instead when Rodriguez arrives next week. Something in me wants to see MDS stay and fulfill his promise, but at this point it’s looking like a… Read more »


ac Milan will great team


Welcome K(ESSIÉN) and Ricardo Rodriguez!

Don’t buy Biglia ffs! He sucks… he’s just like another Montolivo… being better than most of our midfielders isn’t that hard..

Wasted money….



Lanzini… Çalhanoglu… Fabregas… not that hard I think..

What about Yarmolenko? …


Yarmolenko is stuck in Kiev. They demand a high price, no clubs are willing to take the risk unfortunately.


Hattrick for lapadula and 3 assists for conti. Yes italy playing San Marino but I want Conti more now


Good signing. Now Conti, a midfielder (Tolisso, Fabregas, Kovacic), a winger (lots of options there, Keita is an option) and 2 strikers (One of Morata/Abaumayen/Belotti and a younger attacker, e.g. Moussa Dembele). Then the team is set to compete. It’s tough but I want us to challenge for the scudetto next season, Juve also went from 7th to 1st within a season, hopefully we can follow.


I fancy an idea of bringing zlatan back to milan. Zlatan alone can drive milan to atleast challenging for scudetto.


Yes it will be interesting haha, look at how Juve got Pogba, Pirlo, and Dani Alves for free! What a lucky fate haha #Forza Milan

Optimistic about this mercato, looking forward for #NewMilan and OFFICIAL news about transfer


Like it or not De Sciglio will gain from when he’s at Juve just like Pirlo did and we will be beating ourselves for letting him go. Compare his performances for Italy to those of Milan. It’s mostly different. Maybe the hype was just too much for him by our own fans. As for signing Kessie then still chasing Biglia is like eating a grape fruit and drinking a grape juice. We want a playmaker now, Kucka can still do the dirty job for us as so Kessie. Fekir would be good or just sign Thiago Maia and forget about… Read more »


If MDS decides to go to Juventus….then he is going to warm the bench because he is not going to play.

Dani Alves, Lichesteiner, Alex Sandro, Asamoah… where is he going to play?

and of course they will have to buy another full back because he sux.


All the best MILAN! ……hoping for a great season ahead!

Milan Boy

Rodriguez’s news is a good one,i hope we get conti and Biglia and then we can go out for an attacking midfielder as we hope that at least one of any of our three major attacking targets will arrive. Next season is already looking prospective.


De Sciglio to leave? nooo waaaayy?


Comment:Milan Will Be Back. Like before.


Abate and MDS did many good things here.


I have long been a fan of football and ACMilan and I don’t dwell in speculations or fantasies. But if Rodriguez joins us then we will be the real deal next season and if Morata and a tetraquartista can be added then Milan for UCL.