Report: Milan agree €18m + bonuses deal with Wolfsburg over 24-year-old Swiss fullback Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez celebrates his goal during Freiburg-Wolfsburg at Schwarzwald-Stadion on November 5, 2016. (Photo by Michael Kienzler/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Ricardo Rodriguez celebrates his goal during Freiburg-Wolfsburg at Schwarzwald-Stadion on November 5, 2016. (Photo by Michael Kienzler/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Ricardo Rodriguez seems to be on his way to Milan as the club reportedly reached an agreement with Wolfsburg.

Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli are not waiting until August and have already started to look for players to reinforce the Milan of next season.

Mateo Musacchio is believed to be a done deal (although it should be said that nothing is official), while Franck Kessié of Atalanta is another player that the new management want to see in Milan (talks have already been initiated).

In addition to Musacchio, a center back, and Kessié, a midfielder, the Rossoneri are always in the market for a fullback. Gianluca Di Marzio reported at the start of the week that personal terms have been agreed with the representatives of Wolfsburg’s 24-year-old left back Ricardo Rodríguez.

Last night BILD reported on their website that Rodríguez is close to Milan as on Friday night the Diavolo and the German clubs have come to an understanding over the framework of the transfer: €18 million plus €3 million in bonuses. The 24-year-old Swiss has always been a target for Inter.

It remains to be seen what will actually happen in the transfer market, as rumours keep flying around. For Vincenzo Montella, however, the focus is on tonight’s match vs Atalanta in Bergamo (20:45 CET).

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Good move!
For once after a long time Summer at Milan will greatly anticipated for and interesting. I can’t wait to see what our mercato campaign will be like! ☺⚫


i’m worried the most about MDS situation, it seriously brakes my heart. fans are getting over the top if you ask me. i hope he stays because now with the purchase of Ricardo we have young and exciting pair of fullbacks.


Agreed. Always looks sad replacing our own youth still hope he is an upgrade


A little expensive for a fullback but any player who could hold his ground against madrid is surely better than what milan have.
Welcome rodriguez, hope ur best is yet to come


Surely €18m even with €3m in add on in today’s market is hardly expensive?


I mean expensive considering Milan’s limited budget for next Mercato and fact that Milan already have 4 fullbacks but zero playmaker


I Think its always best to build from the back…. With Romagnoli, Gomez, Calabria, MDS… Milan have a good back line for years ahead… Midfield is more concrete with Suso, Jack… if Kessie does come in it adds strength

King James

who says we have 4 full backs? add mds, vangioni together and both r not up to half


Good buy


Mildfielders……. please!!! we have only been talking about defence and attack.. Isco pls… Also, we need players that can hold ball be it a defender or attacker.. This is very important


If truly mussachio is coming.. I can’t wait to see how we will start holding possession and controlling it into attack.. the guy is a very good ball playing defender, we all know romagnoli is good with his feet too buh one tin is missing a playmaker.. I would love to see Moutinho of Monaco join us


If Isco Alarcon is too expensive for Milan, the new management can go to Lyon to check Nabil Fekir.


This says it all. In as much as I appreciate all that Don Silvio and Galliani did for Milan, it would have done all a lot of good if Galliani had relinquished some of his powers if not all. And Milan gets proper DS. Look at what happened to the last 150m€ Berlu brought for transfer and compare with now. All of a sudden players now want to come to Milan and clubs are ready to do business with Milan to the extent that their DS come to CASA including agents, even without Europe guaranteed. Well, one very important guaranty… Read more »


Finaly! this is a quality left back. This guy is on so many levels higher then our fullbacks.

Abate 30 years played 243 games
2 goals and 15 assist.

Rodriguez 24 years. played 175 games
19 goals and 27 assist.


Exactly “Misund”
Its so important that fullbacks chip in with goals and defiantly should contribute a fair share of assists
How many times have we seen our fullbacks assist goals? Very rarely
Abate wouldn’t cross his legs let alone provide proper goal scoring opportunity’s


Sure, nice stats, but then again, there’s a difference in the leagues AND, he is a defender. What’s more important is that he can defend, anything else is a bonus. This annoys me with football these days, they look at Marcelo and think WOW WORLDS BEST LEFT BACK. No – worlds best attacking left back yes. But his defending is poor. Gets saved due to his speed.
As long as Rodriguez can defend then im happy! Nice with him looking like an attacking asset as well though.


Our fullbacks are instructed to overlap and cross. its important for the 4-3-3 to work. As our wingers are inverted. Cut in side and make space for full backs on the flanks.

But yes he is solid defensively. He has played CB alot too.


Marcelo’s defending is far from poor.


It’s far from world class anyways.


Still not official


Hopefully he will be the defender we can rely on. This guy’s quality is of no question. But still he recently got critised for not defending as he should be doing.


You make a most valuable point…

King James

if anything, bundesliga is tougher dan serie A plus marcelo is better dan ourfull backs even defensively


Milanista123 doesnt know what he is talking about. Marcelo’s defending is wc. Remember he has Ronaldo infront of him who never defends.


Its 121. And Marcelo also has Pepe/Ramos/Varane to cover up whenever he messes up. His defending is not WC, Carvajal is a better defender than him. But whatever.


All these transfer talks aint good for d players atall n it can b seen during d matches…i tink mirabelli shuld slow down a beat or keep a low profile transfer til d end of d season because all dis speculations wil only mak dis players lose confidence n worse still make dem slip of 4rm europe….they already knw its gonna be a total overhaul of d team at d end of d season n makin it too obvious wit milions of transfer news n meetings (agents n DSs now cum 2 milan 4 negotiations frquently diz days) wil create… Read more »


Nah, the dead wood is already dead. (not performing)
Now they have something to work for. the place in the squad and ultimaltly their jobs.


Exactly, it should be a source of motivation, not “omg no it’s all over now”. If they have that mentality, then its more of a reason for them to not be at Milan.


When was the last time you become anxious to read about Milan news and transfers ,it been a while let’s enjoy this as its also act as a wake-up call to the players in milan first team who would love to remain in Milan for the next season


Absolutely yeah…….


Why should they hide the fact there rebuilding and actively looking for quality players?
If the current players had to of bothered there ass trying in the first place maybe they’d have no need to be looking over there shoulders
I say good riddance too all of them who just turned up and didn’t bother performing, there’s very few players who can rest assured they’ll be involved next year and to them I say well done and to the rest piss off!


Frank does have a point. Dont talk to media, just buy.


Presently, he is better than all the left full backs we have been associated with. (1) He can also play as a center back which he has done as a make shift this season for more than 10 matches. (2) He is a specialist in taking penalties and rarely lost. (3) He is a classy free-kick specialist and has scored couple of goals in this regard. (4) Good in the air and make clean tackles with top notch crosses.
Definitely a good buy/a steal by Milan for that price putting into considerations today’s inflation on average players.


Yes… With all of his ability, free kick taker, header, slice run from the left, strong left foot… I believe he should be our next kevin constant, oh i mean jankulovski, jankulovski!!!


Milan have all but signed kessie. Sounds like good music in my ears. For 28m, 18m for Ricardo, 18m for Matteo. Good business if you ask me. Less than 65m€ for all. Average age 23.33. Smart!


A decent buy. Now De sciglio can leave if his heart is not with Milan.


i hope he doesn’t and i’m seriously irritated how the fans are taking this situation.


You should be more annoyed at how De scliglio is willing to leave us in a heart beat just because teams that are more successful than us right now are interested,not to mention one of our biggest rivals JUVENTUS,what does that say about his loyalty? THATS why the fans have that attitude towards him,we are not going to lick his boots:..he’s hardly earned that much of respect from Milan




Milan needs that Basselli of Torino. Dude is a fine midfielder. Hope for more solid midfield buys so we can break noses next season.


Decent buy am so happy but my fear is that will Montella ever repent from his rubish formation? I think we need to try him with just 5 matches and see if he continues with his ackward formation before the sack. We need Milan spirited player coach not Roma player coach


This guy is actually a good ball playing defender, can play numerous positions on the field and is still young. This is really a good buy.

Agents and D.S are now coming to Casa Milan. Galliani would be flying in private jets if he was still in charge. Thank god his gone now


Yes indeed. He was the cancer of Milan because instead of scouting quality players like Fassone and Maribelli he would rely heavily on super agents like that crook Raiola.

Why in the world did Milan sign players like Ocampus, Deluofeu, Vangioni, Honda, Paletta, Poli, Zapata and Mati?

These players are mediocre and they add no quality to our team. We can thank Galliani for this mess. Ugh!

I really miss Bonaventura every time I see Ocampus on the pitch.


Mati was Montela’s choice


Nice start to the mercato if this is true, especially as Inter have wanted him for years.


THIS IS GOD NEWS, Milan should also buy Andrea Conti available for 13-15M, Ely and Mauri will have to play next season AC MILAN wasted them for 1,5 years, i have seen ELY play meny times he is as good as romagnoli and MAURI is much clever that meny midfielders milan have right now, If MIlan sell them they will be another darmain or aubameyang, Petgana that milan will regret selling, Keita Blade and Berardi should be MILANS top wings target, and will not cost milan more than 50M for both of them. Pellegrini and Santiago Ascacibar should be top… Read more »


MIlan will also get 3M from sapanora deal and 17M from Niang, that i forgot,
Thats a transferbalance -60M milan it will leave milan with 60M to get another top target.
as the new owners will injekt 120M from their own pocket.
and for 60M +Bunuses Milan can get Mbappe from Monaco.


Mirabelli wanted him Dejan, but Kessie is still overpriced IMO. At least €18M would be understandable. Baselli should be our next signing. That guy can distribute the ball well.


Even bertolacci could when he was not with milan. Many prospective italian central midfielder now, but it’s rare to see one with special talent since Verratti..


I like that we are starting from the back, getting a cb and a lb, but now we need TWO midfielders in my opinion and it’s crucial that we get an established experienced midfielder. I don’t know if that’s fabregas or someone else. If we had to spend more than 20-23 mil on fab I’d say no. Kessie is still overpriced in my opinion but if we sell kucka we have no more physically strong players to throw on the pitch so idk. I see a lot of you saying baselli which I like and also pellegrini. There are so… Read more »


There are a lot of confusion among the fans about our transfer market budget. It’s not only 50 million. Yes we will use 50 million of Elliot’s loaned money for the transfer market but that’s not all. There will be a 120 million capital increase confirmed by Fassone by which 60 million of it will be used for the transfer market so it’s something in the region of 110 million. There will be also player sells, so it’s safe to say we have a 150m transfer kitty for this season. I mean, think about it. We have already spent more… Read more »


Elliot gave them 130m which 50m was suppose to go transfers. So far e have spent zero because nothing is offical. Bild&sky sport are not trust worthy. They live on gossip.


Good transfer so far Rodriguez, musachasio (if I spelt it right) and kessie (though a bit over priced), I would still go for one more midfielder (a proven one) and one attacker (proven one) along with renewal issues resolved……then it’s over to mr montella to prove his worth with tactics or what ever……if he doesn’t perform than plz show him the door next year…..I always liked Real Madrid president Perez policy of galacticos getting big superstars for huge sum and hence increasing their revenues in long run by marketing and branding and recouping there initial investments……now this is called football… Read more »


I like d fact dat d new management hv eyes 4 good players. They’re hungry & eager 2 succeed. 4 a very long time, speculations 4 good players are bcomng reality, a + 4 d managmnt. I don’t want MDS 2 go as regard is potential but as 4 me, Milan is bigger than any player & non is indispensable. I bliv good midfielders & attackrs will come, they want 2 get there hands on d easy b4 d complicated ones.


He’s a very good player and I’m happy if he joins. Chelsea, arsenal, Liverpool and inter were strongly after him and it’s nice to know that milan can finally compete for someone’s signature against those kind of teams. Also looks like between milan and roma regarding Kessie it was totally up to him on what team he wanted to play for because the transfer fees were accepted by both and he chose milan. That’s why I’m excited for this summer to see what we can really do and if we do get musacchio we really have a strong d and… Read more »


It’s good that we have the power to spend big again, and he’s a good player who many teams were following but, I don’t know about this transfer. Like @Milanista121 mentioned on another page, this feels like more of an Inter signing. I don’t like it but it was to be expected. After all, there are former Inter people in charge of Milan now …

It’s done now, nothing we can do about it other than hoping for the best.


Does any one know how much transfer budget have we got……obviously the way we started spending is like we got 100 million or 150 or something, I guess we still won’t be paying full amount for purchases so far in one go as money is probably divided in number of years… we still got some money from our starting budget and plus likes of mds, bacca and niang will go so we will get some return on them so I guess we can still get couple of more signings beside three as mentioned in different we already got……my point is… Read more »


This is the probable Milan line-up for next season according to the respected La Repubblica newspaper : Donnarumma in goal, Darmian, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez in defense, Kessié, Luiz Gustavo and Bonaventura in midfield, Suso, Morata (Kalinic) and Keita in attack. Morata is rumored to cost about 60m, else we go for Kalinic. Keita will cost around 20m as his contract is nearing it’s end. With a total spending of about 160 million, which could be lightened thanks to the sales of Bacca, De Sciglio (to Juventus) and Niang. Personally, I don’t see why we need a right-back and I… Read more »


I pray this is true bcos i dont want to get too exited now. De Sciglio can fhak off now.


I just hope this Kessie rumours ain’t true. He is a fine player no doubt, but he would take at least 2-3 years to be the player we need him to be right now. Unfortunately time is not something Milan has in abundance, we have enough developing players. 2 solid proven top midfielders is what we need atm. We should bring in Papu Gomez from Atalanta instead, monster of a guy, selfish but efficient.


… the 24-year-old Swiss has always been a target for Inter…

Ok…. Good or not, just buy him. Let inter cry for that



I’m very glad MDS is leaving, that guy never do anything good in milan, no good crossing, no goal, he’s not supported ACM in nothing bye


Lol, nice1 King James.


Comment: I do not really believe in big names, because all the great footballers we know now were strangers brfore, so they made themselves known by showcasing indivudual talent or bringing up the team. some players are team players while some are lone players. the first thing i will say is communication among players, do they really have unity because no matter how many big names you bring to the club, if there is no communication, nothing will happen. another is strength and weakness, all player have strength for example moses in chelsea was dumped by most coaches,but see how… Read more »