Yonghong Li: “This glorious club now begins a new chapter, we have a great responsibility, Forza Milan!”

Head of Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux and new owner of Milan, Yonghong Li, during a press conference at Casa Milan on the 14th of April 2017 (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Head of Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux and new owner of Milan, Yonghong Li, during a press conference at Casa Milan on the 14th of April 2017 (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

The new Milan President and owner spoke at today’s press conference at Casa Milan as the Silvio Berlusconi era ended and the Chinese era has begun.

Yesterday it became official that Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux, headed by the Chinese businessman Yonghong Li, has completed the €830 million acquisition of Milan, putting an end to the 31-year regime of Silvio Berlusconi.

Today (Friday), the new management – represented by new President Yonghong Li, new CEO Marco Fassone, and Han Li – held a press conference to welcome everyone into the new era.

“To all those present, ladies and gentlemen, friends and fans of Milan, good morning,” Li told journalists in the press room. “For all lovers of Milan, today is an important day: Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux have completed the purchase of the shares in Milan.

This glorious club now begins a new chapter: the success of this transaction has been possible thanks to the love of Milan fans, but especially thanks to Berlusconi and Fininvest for the confidence placed in us. Milan are a top club worldwide, with 118 years of glorious history. In the last 30 years Milan have achieved passionate successes: 8 league titles, 5 European Cups and 7 Italian Super Cups.

“All the stars that were once at this club together with its successes mean that every fan expects the return of the club to the top of Europe. This means that behind us we have a great responsibility, as well as the expectations of Milan as a club.

Han Li (L), Yonghong Li (C) and Marco Fassone (R) during a press conference at Casa Milan on the 14th of April 2017. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Han Li (L), Yonghong Li (C) and Marco Fassone (R) during a press conference at Casa Milan on the 14th of April 2017. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“The board is composed of professionals of the football and the financial sector. We are a stable team with high efficiency. We want to ensure that every professional is dedicated to their role. We have delegated to the task of developing a Milan for the future to Marco Fassone, we believe that he is the best candidate to be the next CEO. We believe in him, in his leadership of Milan, that under his management we will get better results, and become competitive on the world stage.

“Our goal is to ensure that all the fans of the world can continue to love Milan even more. Forza Milan!” concluded the new owner, who will hope for a debut win tomorrow in the Derby.

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God bless Milan. God bless Li and we the fans who have gone through pains and hopelessly watch our darling club suffered unnecessary defeats in the hands of every club. Now with the new owner who is younger am sure Milan will shine again. Buy quality players and we will win champions League. Am so happy and can smile again amongst those who mocked me when Milan failed. Pls don’t forget to bring Maldini into the system. Forza Milan Forza Li.


Can’t say I’m super enthusiastic about Yonghong and his crew (wanting Mancini is a red flag for starters) but all we can hope is that this is the start of a new winning chapter. FORZA MILAN


Agreed, cannot be completely enthusiastic about it.
The involvement of Eliott and stuffs was very worrying. Also, as you mentioned, Mancini.
Let’s see what direction things go in the next few months.


I cannot express my feelings. …today but I am optimistic for this event forza Milan….and we wil be competitive team recent future


Hope that rumors about Mancini are untrue. He is an overrated coach, who lacks tactical approach. If we have such a serious project and if we only need to replace Motella, why not go for Diego Simeone, Leonardo Jardim(monaco coach), Carlo Ancelotti or maybe even Cesare Prandelli. We need to keep Deulofeu.Players that they buy should be the ones which are tactically right for the coach, and can play on positions that coach needs. I would like for them to go for the likes of: Belotti, Depay or Chiesa, Caldara, Berrardi or Bernardeschi, Mussacio, Kolasinac, Pelegrini and regarding playmakers one… Read more »


Just bring Maldini in instead of ex-Inter staffs.


As sad as I am and as skeptical I am about this, I did really enjoy what Fassone had to say in his interview.


the debt is going to kill the transfer budget… these funds are the payday loans for businesses… miss a payment and they take everything… so enjoy the summer.. ‘cuz after that we are back to loans and players out of contract…


This is my research on each member of the Board of Milan: Yonghong Li: Not clear, said to have several assets and has a net worth of USD 500 mil, but not much news about him. Most likely he is a nominee of someone else. However, it’s common in Asia that you have much bigger assets than what it seems to be. I’ve literally met and had a discussion with several people who acts as puppet master in Indonesia who literally controls several political parties in Indonesia but their names turned to nothing when I searched in Google. Han Li:… Read more »


There are a lot of super rich chinese people that don’t want to get interviewed by forbes or any medias about their assets and their valuable resource. So for me its nothing wrong regarding this done deal take over


Perhaps Berlusconi knows well who is the real owner behind this project. That’s why he kept his patience despite the several postponements. More importantly, I do not think why would Berlusconi sell his club to a guy who merely has net worth of US$ 500 mil. If the richest Italian of net worth €7 bil with super political background can’t hold on Milan, why would he let a Chinese who has 15 times less than himself and claimed he gave up his team with love and pain,etc. I think there is the state of China behind this purchase. I am… Read more »


I would put “ah, I see you’re a man of culture” meme here but the blog doesn’t let us post pics or gifs..

But anyway, I agree with you, because how come a 500 mil guy could entice top talent of ENI, Telecom Italia, and ex juve and inter’s? However, in my opinion, whoever this guy/organization who currently owns Milan is a darker mafia/ mob than Berlusconi..


It should be easier to buy players now that we don’t have to deal with Galliani shady business deals and bad reputation with other clubs. At the end of Berlusconi era, our Milan club lost it’s identity and ambition. I am very happy this deal is done and I’m confident Fassone and Marabelli will do a great job. Just look at the quality players Inter have signed in the past under their leadership. That should be a good sign of things to come. Especially since Yonghong Li wants to build our own stadium. Every top club needs that to be… Read more »


Honestly i don’t like to see fassone face.he is like a cheater to me.or maybe because he’s ex inter.i don’t know…anyone else like me?


He has a trollface

Jusuf Kurniawan

Welcome for the new Milan… Hope the best will come our way… Forza Milan Forever!!!


So no one is concerned about this my skepticism comes from the fact they are Chinese not Asian, because if they were Japanese I would have no prolem with this. I’m still confused as to why we could not have the Barca /Juve
Model berlusconi remain has president and just bring in investors by selling stocks.