Luiz Adriano close to completing move to Spartak Moscow, Milan to reportedly end their Orsolini pursue

Luiz Adriano (

Luiz Adriano will most likely leave Milan soon for a fee that is close to zero, while the Chinese have no interest in signing Ascoli’s 19-year-old Riccardo Orsolini.

The transfer market will soon open and it’s a fact that Milan have to sell players so they will be able to buy new ones as both current owners Fininvest and the future owners Sino-Europe Sports will not fund any transfer out of their own pocket.

The first player to leave this January will be Luiz Adriano. The striker joined the club from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2015 for €8 million but spent most of his time on the Rossoneri bench. Today there was a meeting in Rio de Janeiro between Adriano Galliani and Adriano’s agent Gilmar Veloz and the 29-year-old is close to Spartak Moscow.

“The meeting went very well. We are very close to Spartak and we’re talking about things. I think that next week we’ll close the deal. If all goes as planned then Luiz will be a new Spartak player,” Veloz, who got his client a lucrative deal in Russia, told Tuttomertcatoweb on Wednesday.

According to various sources (Sky Italia, La Gazzetta dello Sport and among others), the transfer fee will be close to zero, and like Jeremy Menez and Alessandro Matri, the disappointing striker is going to leave Milan with the club getting virtually no money in return, only saving his big wages; Sky estimates that Milan would save up to €5 million net per season from this sale.

Luiz Adriano’s exit was supposed to make room for Ascoli’s 19-year-old winger Riccardo Orsolini, for whom Milan had already reportedly made an offer. But according to’s Antonio Vitiello, Sino-Europe Sports do not share the interest in the player and as a result, the Diavolo will not try to sign him. He’s followed by other clubs like Juventus, Napoli, Sampdoria and even Chelsea.

The window will officially open in a few days and the two big problems are already visible for all to see: one is the lack of transfer funds, and the other is that two parties have to approve everything.

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where is DAN.

DAN, the galliani supporter, bravo DAN. We sign players for millions, pay them salaries for doing NOTHING ,then we give them away for almost free with the explanation. we save millions because we wont need to pay his salary anymore.

Thats business, this is galliani business.. and we claim.. we dont have money, bravo DAN another big sleeping milan fan who cant see thats really going on


What is really going on? I’d love to hear your take on it. Since you sit on the Milan board in your fantasy world.


Would you like to know how I would work? SIMPLE. Guys, what do we need in milan? Well, the link between attack and midfield have been broken ever since kaka left us. What does that tell us? Well, that tell us that we need to sign a player with playmaking abilities. Which players could slot in that position? Make options, SIGN. How we do currently? What do we need? Galliani: We need 3rd goalkeeper, lets sign him on free agent (agazzi) lets pay him millions in salary. Our link between attack and midfield still broken.. after 2 years we give… Read more »


Please tell me some players in this position that MILAN should buy now to help this problem then? Given their financial situation name some?

Agree on tha Agazzi thing. That was a complete waste, but as fans we can’t know the complete inner workings of the club and why certain decisions were made. Also I’m guessing with your amazing common sense the Chinese have lined you up as gallianis replacement. Or are you already the CEO of some big club?


Easy, lamela, coutinho the first two players i think of. There are many out there, young and proven. But noo, we “dont have money” but we have money for signing 50 free agents and pay them MILLIONS in salary and then give them away for free. Isnt that strange? Whats more strange to me is that ppl you have NO CLUE whats going on, they are just blind naive and they just “trust” and being optimistic and EVEN defend galliani for not havning money. Thats very scary to me. Galliani has blew up so much money you couldnt even COUNT… Read more »


Bonaventura passed an excellent through pass to Bacca last season. 1-3 win against lazio. SO no, the last through pass wasnt in 2008. Further proof you dont watch our games.


First of all you need to let go of Kaka, hes gone, its simple. You are comparing Milan to the Milan teams of the past. Its not right. For the simple matter that you cant have a team with that many stars unless you have money. OIL MONEY. You need to wake up to the simple fact that players like Kaka dont really exist anymore. Save maybe 10 in the world. They dont grow on trees. And the last time we scored on a thru pass? You are kidding right? We have scored on a lot of thru passes this… Read more »

Mathijs Savicevic

Whahahahahahahaha exactly. Tell him.

I think he has been rejected too many by girls.


I think that we need to keep in mind that recruitment is very difficult, especially when the coach and the approach on the field is constantly changing. so many players that have been bought in the past fit the system at that point in time, but no longer do. Additionally, players (as do employees of any organization) have a total fixed cost called a compensation box – so in football this is a combination of cost to buy, salary and other costs (i.e. agent costs etc). So Galliani’s approach has been to buy players on free and shift a higher… Read more »


I’m here mate!! Plus I don’t care about this deal he did absolutely nothing anyway. If you saw him in shaktar he would have been something to get excited about. You going to blame Galliani that he flopped?

Also where were u when MILAN beat Juve – never saw your usual posts full of praise about Bonaventura? What happened Sheva??


I still say bonaventura is NOT champions league material. Time will show what i mean. The day we meet BARCELONA, REAL MADRID CHEALSEA BAYERN, i will show exactly what i mean with bonaventura. He did score, bravo jack. But time will show that milan need better players than jack IF we want to restore our pride. You are talking like adriano was the only bad signing? How about, agazzi, destro, torres, MATRI, silvestre, zaccardo, legrottagalie, essien, muntari, flamini, poli, berolacci, yepes, sokratis, traore, constant, acerbi, bojan, pazzini.. seriously i dont even want to go on. Are you telling me that… Read more »


Go And support another team then mate. I think everyone is bore down of you trolling this blog just leave. Also paying wages and stumping up 30 million in one go is different! Destroy was a good player before. Not sure if you remember torres at Liverpool. Matrix did well at Cagliari. Essie was a beast. Sokratis is killing it in Germany. You know what Sheva, where are you from mate? I’ve had enough of you raving and ranting all the time. If you don’t like it go away. As a Milan fan I will support the team no matter… Read more »


A sheep is a Sheep. And Galliani and berlusconi was over the moon for havning them. Thats why the could sell t.silva and ibra and LIE UP TO OUR FACES and tell us that was due FFP. Thats how stupid they thought we were. EDIT: Sorry im not one of those sheep. Go ahead and support the galliani as much as u can. Because soon he will be nowhere milan. Please go and support the next team galliani will work for. Do you know WHY we are linked with STPUID players like fabio borini?? This is exactly GALLIANI type of… Read more »


Bonaventura is not world class level. But who is other than Bacca? Elcapitano Monto? Kaka is gone…done. He had Sheva and Inzaghi ahead of him, Gattuso, Pirlo, Seddorf behind him. Having a player like Coutinho will cost 70 million. Also Milan didn’t pay 30 Million for Kaka. they got him for cheap from South America. When was the last time MIlan payed 30 million+ for an attaching midfielder and it worked? We need to invest in having better scouts. Milan suck at buying young players and getting them to first team. They buy young players, then they buy old players… Read more »


And you still here sheva despite your deal with phildadon?


End of the season is when the season ends. I dont where you come from, but maybe in your country season ends in january


I think it’s ridiculous that Sino has to approve our transfers.


Agreed and its not like they have any shares in the company to say the least


Definitely agree. So they aren’t going to give us any money for the transfer market, yet they want a say in the January mercato. Makes no sense. Especially with someone such as orsolini, a young talent who’s purchase would be solely for depth, and he’s CHEAP. Does SES not expect us to make any reinforcements for a champions league push just because the targets won’t be superstars. Without money from SES, we can’t buy the targets they desire, so they should really back off until they actually own the club. I bet SES doesn’t even have a clue about serie… Read more »


It is better for the future of Milan that they do. 1) Galliani has been under fire for the previous 4-5 years because of his transfer decisions 2) I am sure that Milan can do what they want now, but if in 3-6 months the new ownership doesn’t like the decisions it only means additional time and shake up for the club while they spend time off loading players the the previous ownership and management picked 3) from a players perspective you would want assurances that the new ownership welcomes your transfer otherwise why sign.


they dont actually “approve” it… this is Finvest’s way of avoiding speding money on an asset they are disposing of… it is like renovating a house that you have sold and are waiting for the date of the title transfer. no one would do that, and this is the same with AC Milan…


I feel sorry to Adriano. He has good skills, especially ball possesion skill. He also has good work ethic and attitude. Wish you all the best in the future, Adriano.


Funny how everyone is slating the Chinese when regardless of whether they approve or not, Milan don’t even have the money to afford Orsolini. Is it really the Chinese’s fault galliani can’t recover a cent from Adriano even though he’s still on our books? Is it the Chinese’s fault that Galliani and Fininvest refuse to spend any of the money that the Chinese advanced to them on the market, even though the Chinese can obviously pay it back to them when the sale goes through? Seems like the lot of you are hating on the wrong party here.


Wow!!! Kudos to Galliani, he eventually proved us all wrong this time. I now understand why Milan will never make money under Berluscoli as a business entity, the reason why we have lost so much money in marketing sense because we have a dullard as a CEO managing a huge brand like Milan when he can”t even manage an orange shop. He keeps giving players out for free when we can make good money from them. Spartak Moscow were already making available funds for Adriano’s transfer and all Galliani had to negotiate was for them to take him for free… Read more »


Bad business yet again as Galliani approves €8m loss on a single player less than 2 years. Milan is the only club in Italy that gives player away for free almost every transfer window now.

We are giving away a 29 year old Brazillian striker for free yet we paid €8m for a 32 year old midfielder we barely use in Sosa.

Galliani loves Milan passionately as a fan but he’s bad for business.


You may not agree with the Chinese blocking some Galliani’s decisions on the transfer, but you have to remember that you cannot keep adding players if you can’t get rid of the flops. You will end up with 35-40 players, then since you can’t sell them, you’ll have to give them for free or loan them out to second to third-tier clubs while you are responsible for a part of their salaries and lose money like Galliani does. I agree with the Chinese on controlling the transfers, knowing how Galliani does his transfer is pilling up low-cost players with high… Read more »


I don’t see why ACM not sale player like Poli, Adriano, Baca , and buying Tevez ,fiorentina midfield


Cause Tevez now have a wage of 34 mil a year. Get your facts straight please


@Cocor you are exactly the type of fans milan is sorry to have. Seriously, your like a blind sheep. You dont even the name of that “fiorentina midfielder” But you want him in milan BECAUSE OF WHAT? Seriously, is this forum a kindergarden?

The guy can even say badelj, and you want that fiorentina midfielder???! Why do you want him? Because you read somewhere that somebody wanted badelj in milan? Is that why you want “fiorentina midfield” in milan?? O M G, this is the kind of fans we have. bunch of sheep

Shaved ice

So Sheva…in the fantasy world that you are living in…you feel almighty and superior because Cocor can’t remember Badelj? So true Milan fans must be able to name all the transfer targets or tactical savvy (not) like you?


One Milan has no cash berlusconi and d Chinese don’t wan to spend from their pockets is ok but we have to sell all d player’s dat are bench warmer.the Chinese should stop mending in d transfer since they are not 100% d new owners we have to heal our middlefied and defense plus backup even if they are not world star’s but dedicated one’s.lets see what happens in January


Let’s bring Kaka back. Anyway, it is disappointing to see that Orsolini is not coming here. We definitely need back up winger and defensive midfielder this January. One injury and we might go down the hill. Mastour could play in the wings. Mastalli could also have proved useful. Hamadi is playing well for Primavera. Maybe we could find a solution from within. Let’s just hope our absolutely awesome management won’t decide that it is time to sell Donnarumma and Romagnoli and get that cash to buy players. This kind of takeover saga, I have never known in any other club… Read more »


This thing were the two parties have to approve everything is not working because obviously they each have their own ideas and it’s totally different from the other. So it’s preposterous for the Chinese to reject players when the transfer market will be done at zero cost. If they want other players and they want to have a say, then they better put some money into the kitty otherwise I think they ought to shut the hell up and let the current management do their work. After all, they’ve done a good job this season. We are practically third and… Read more »


How could the Chinese agree with a man, who is selling a 29 yr old Brazilian striker ,who was earning 3.5m/yr go for free

#1Milan Fan South Africa

Call Mastour back from loan and let Cutrone ease into the team.I think a signing like Gabriel Barbosa would be awesome if we can pull it off and maybe try to get Dybala.

#1Milan Fan South Africa

I think these players have to go

Sosa,Vangioni,Adriano,Niang,Poli and Zapata.

Would love to see Mastour play under Montella.


Cavani. Kovacic fabregas isco tah pepe free agent. Sell bacca honda. Poli. Sosa. Mati. Zapata. Vanngioni. If the chinese r serious about investment. Next season should be all out spending spree.


Bona cavani suso

Kovacic fabregas isco

Antonelli romagnoli pepe/tah/rugani abate



Where are we getting 80 million for Cavani? You paying for him yourself?


Deulofeu of Everton closer to Milan according to reports.

milanfans idn

Now, we’re getting Deulofeu on dry loan and if it happened, SES shouldn’t worry about to sign Orsolini on permanent deal, he has good talent. We can depend on Deulofeu as alternative for Suso or Niang while Orsolini is developing.


A pacy winger with some skills….could certainly be a good back up for Niang as Niang is not consistent. ‘ saw a few of his games @ everton….cld add sumtin to Milan and he is 22


We’ve been saving for 30 years with Fester. People tend to see only the big transfers, but that was Berlusconi’s money, not necessarily Galliani’s talent, strategy, etc. In 30 years we had only two with positive balance. If this means a good CEO than all of us can be one at Milan.


So in your opinion, when galliani makes good signings it’s berlusconi’s money that did all the work. But when he makes signings that don’t workout because we have no budget, you don’t blame berlusconi’s lack of money, you blame galliani. Also, knowing berlusconi’s personality and how he has tried to get involved in the team and coache’s tactics in the past, do you think galliani made transfer target decisions on his own? I don’t believe that for one second. Yet galliani gets 100% of the flak from the fans. Throughout his career I don’t necessarily gauge galliani’s ability on the… Read more »


Did I say Berlusconi didn’t interfere? No I didn’t. Galliani’s job is not to make good transfers when Berlusconi is giving him money, because if this is the case, those Chinese have some good Gallianis nowadays, so do Chelsea, or PSG. But the true is when you have a s#!t load of money you don’t necessary need some special skills. You need those skills when you don’t have the money, when you have to make the money, and Galliani didn’t manage to have a positive balance when we’re on top of the world…I don’t expect him to do it now.


Adriano is going for 5m n also we save His 5m salary, I don’t think it’s a basd business! Painful we can’t buy orsolini! Though deulofue is also not a bad winger! All in all, we hv a very heavy log to offload, painful as it sounds, d truth is dat dey will all go for free becos dey are already bad loads! I’m still optimistic dat we can get some cash for Honda, sosa, vangioni, zapata. Please where is ely?


Deulofeu will be a great back up for suso. Even in the next summer he has to leave. Then at the same time, i really hope we’ll buy permanently a back up left footed right winger.


Happy New Year!

perttu junnonaho

We must try really hard to sign Orsolini who is young and up-coming star player in the making!


Juventus will snatch Orsolini and give him to Atalanta in order to continue their good transfer relationship. This is how you do bussiness with a feeder club which develope talents!


Cant beleive we are being linked with Gago – Galliani free agent 0$ down + fat salary/contract transfer speciality.
Is he really an upgrade over Sosa or Fernandez or even Pasalic?


Definitely not. Gaga is a terrible idea and would be a very poor singing. He is so injury prone that you can almost guarantee he will spend majority of the time in the treatment room or the bench.

Galliani is overrated and he is still making some horrendous decisions. Can’t wait to see the back of Galliani.


Gago n sell poli makes sense


Sosa, Mati Fernandez and now Gago? Hope these Chinese investors block this move or else they are no upgrade to our present management

And if Everton doesn’t want to let go Deulofeu then Milan should go for Serge Gnabry he’s available for 8 millions


i see, without money galliani are back into desperate move. this and i mean Gago…? he will step into the table more than he step into the pitch. i think it’s better that milan goes on with the material at hand rather than get desperate and sign whatever. they said the chinese want aurrier in the summer. a PSG bench warmer that had a lot of trouble outside the field throughout 2016. barca want him too as he is said to be one of the best fullback in the world. i said let barca have him, he is a bad… Read more »


There are rumours that Milan made a loan bid with option to buy for 20M for Keita Balde Diao Lazio i really hope that happens he would be a upgrade on the LW


2017 welcome you all .but with the rumours i have been hearing going for Gago what a mess if we dont have money sell what we have to get what we want if we cant get first class why not go for second class dat will make if through insted of dead and week players we have sosa,mati and so on what is itself am sick and tired of the stories


Not only Gago…. We’re also “interested” in those two footballing dynamos Zaza and Fellaini.


Bacca is reportedly target for Chinese clubs and they tend to offer a lot of money. If they can squize 50 millions for him then sell asap, with that amount we can already get some concrete players