Jose Sosa likely to play from the start against Crotone in the place of Kucka, Pasalic to replace Bonaventura

Jose Sosa during Milan-Udinese at Stadio San Siro on the 11th of September 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Jose Sosa during Milan-Udinese at Stadio San Siro on the 11th of September 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Vincenzo Montella will be without Jack Bonaventura and plans to rest Juraj Kucka, so Mario Pasalic and Jose Sosa look set to play against Crotone on Sunday noon.

The upcoming matchday in Serie A (which starts tonight) gives Milan a unique opportunity as while Juventus face Atalanta, Roma face Lazio and Napoli face Inter, the Diavolo of coach Vincenzo Montella have a match with the team in the last place of the standings.

The Rossoneri host Crotone for a match at Stadio San Suring at lunch time (12:30 CET) and Montella is thinking again of making changes to the starting XI.

Giacomo Bonaventura will miss the game through a muscular injury and so Mario Pasalic, according to Sky and La Gazzetta dello Sport among others, will step in and replace the Italian on the left side of the midfield. Juraj Kucka meanwhile is one yellow card away from suspension and so with Roma coming ip next week, Montella doesn’t want to risk him and is expected to play Jose Sosa with Pasalic and Manuel Locatelli.

Sosa joined the club from Besiktas in the summer for €7.5m but only played about 230 minutes so far and hasn’t been on the pitch since the 1-0 win over Pescara at the end of October. Pasalic also arrived in August, on loan from Chelsea, and is starting to find his place as this would be his second consecutive start after playing nearly 80 minutes against Empoli on Matchday 14.

Probable XI (GdS): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Jose Sosa, Manuel Locatelli, Mario Pasalic; Suso, Gianluca Lapadula, M’Baye Niang.

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Well the fact that we got a tough match next week this should be like a bonus points for us. But would love to see Gomez and Zapata starting with Antonneli


Yeah zapata starting as referee or linesman or even freaking mascot would be great. As a milan defender, no way


Then f***ing tell your presidente to buy a world class CB


I think I like you man!


Romagnoli and paletta say buonasera


Hahahahaha! You would do well as a stand up comedian


Zapata, Gomez defence line up is perfect for a milan friendly match not League match.


this will be a tough match for us. We have struggled over the past 4 years to dominate low level teams. We have struggled at times this year to do the same with poor goal margin to show for it. Last week was a breath of fresh air. This week we might struggle and here is why….1) missing key players to injury 2) replacements have had little to no playing time / serie a experience 3) we are in a risky over confidence situation…sure we should be able to destroy Crotone but if we are too confident so much so… Read more »


Nice decision from montela he knows kucka can be book against crontone the best way is to rest him so that he can face Roma


Loca – sosa – pasalic. Now thats one UGLY midfield. Whos gonna disrupt the flow of the opponents and win the ball back?
Also, what kind of king leaves battlefield just when his troops need him most? Dammit king eric canbona


Mauri :'(
Well, Sosa can try to be physical – at least more than Pasalic who simply roams around the pitch and gives away possession and NEVER wins any ball back, not even tries to press.
Should start Poli instead of Pasalic.

Eric Canbona. Horrible one, mate. Horrible. 😮


mauri…again with your nonsense. And again bashing Pasalic. Well, last game we won 4-1, you wasnt so loud after that game like you were before it. Not cool. Im starting to suspect your objectivity


Truth be told, Pasalic wasnt that impressive. He lacks physicality and doesnt go into duels, especially 50/50 ones with the desire “I will win”. This is something that Mauri has, but then again, I wasnt that impressed otherwise with Mauri, he looks like a De jong light, with better technique. Pasalic did improve in the second half along with the rest of the team, but im still sceptical. We’ll see what he does this sunday.


I was extremely loud after the game as well, I suspect you did not see my comments.
And I will keep staying loud about it.

We don’t need like for like replacements in transfer market, we need better ones.

Agreed. Mauri can be a real asset. I wish he could have some quality game time and starts in Milan shirt…. like Pasalic is getting.


Well, i was gonna say bonadoni but it wouldve been far too easy, borderline cheating.
Anyway, letting destroyers like de jong and mauri go is idiotic and milan cant afford to let b&g make blunders like that on regular basis so the sale has to happen one way or another

Iliya yusuf

Nice decision from YK with love to see Gomez and Zapata starting with Antonneli


Trust in Montella guys, he got us this far with a shi**y transfer budget…trust in Montella!


I trust Montella now. At the start I was very pessimistic of his capability


I think Abate too can do with some rest. Especially with Calabria not recovered from his injury. Although Abate has not always been spectacular, he’s been decent recently and even got an assist in the last game. Moreover, he’s been good as captain – in fact better than I thought – helping to further banish the memory of a certain injured captain who dons the #18 jersey. Now what’s his name again…?


If Abate doesn’t play and Bona injured, who will be our captain ? Please don’t say MDS will take it


Mds will probably wear it but i think paletta is more deserving


Against Genoa, even though Bona was playing MDS wore the armband.



I would rather have preferred to see Honda feature in midfield than Pasalic start.

Honda/Poli-Loca-Sosa later sub in Poli/Honda.

Ah well at least it is Crotone. If Pasalic does not impress against Crotone and still gets start afterwards, I will start to suspect that something is fishy about that loan deal.


even a 4-4-2 with Poli – Loca -Sosa-Suso and Lapdula – Niang up front


POLI is not a starter, why is that SO HARD to understand? Even if we have half of our players injuried, poli is NOT a starter.

Poli is a HANDBRAKE, he is risky at the back and useless at the front. Poli is ONLY useful when we are closing a 3-1 lead. Why is that SO hard do understand.

What is WRONG with people, god, no wonder trump is the next president


Pasalic over Poli?


I think i’ll just copy paste my own post here
“Marabona invented his signature move, rabona while he’s teaching football at tender age of 10.
The name came from words Ra: sun god of ancient egypt + bona: sun god of sheva’s hometown”


The experience has shown that “choosing” games, never ever worked..Just play the best possible XI, focus on winning the next game. After all we play only one game per week! The whole story with rotation is non-sense in our case. I am very afraid of loosing points in this game… Look what happened when we tried the rotation recently: Genoa (lots of changes and a terrible loss which almost “erased” the win over Juve), then Empoli (first half was not good and without the subs – all starters we could have lost points). My point is that I sense a… Read more »


I do get your point. But Genoa and Crotone are two different teams my friend. If Kucka plays and picks up a card, he will miss Roma. So let me ask you this, If it was up to you, would you rather play Pasalic/Sosa against Roma or would you rather have Kucka the thank in our midfield against them? It’s simple really. There is no over-confidence either, it’s rather believing in your players. And if Pasalic/Sosa doesnt have what it takes to play against Crotone, or any player for that matter, then they dont have anything to do in Milan,… Read more »


Even tho I like your comment i have to say, after Mati got injured, Kuco came in, and changed a game for better. Now I am pretty sure that if Mati stayed on the pitch he could made a good difference, but I am just giving some credits to Kucka for Empoli game


Yeah i know, and credit should be given to him, but he was on for most of the first half where we were quite awful, even though he was a standout, and played his part to win back the midfield.


Genoa loss was due to Poli playing as rb


I hope Pasalic improves physically and tactically because he seems lost when there is pressure on Milan. Sosa is an experienced player and i expect him an improvement from him too.

We cant underestimate any team now since Udinese got 3pts at San Siro.


I can’t wait to see Sosa play from the start. I understand Montella’s thought, we are stronger than Crotone. Then, we better play more offensive midfielders for this time