Antonelli, Mati Fernandez, Pasalic and Lapadula expected to start against Empoli, Bonaventura on the left wing?

Mati Fernandez and Jose Sosa during training at Milanello (
Mati Fernandez and Jose Sosa during training at Milanello (

Vincenzo Montella is preparing several changes to give some players a rest but Jack Bonaventura is still likely to start.

Milan face Empoli tonight at 20:45 CET at Stadio Carlo Castellani and while a win is a must for the Rossoneri to keep their position in second place of Serie A, it looks like coach Vincenzo Montella will make some changes in the starting XI.

According to Sky Italia, and La Gazzetta dello Sport among others, in addition to starting Gianluca Lapadula over the injured Carlos Bacca, Montella is going to bench M’Baye Niang and play Giacomo Bonaventura on the left wing of the attack, with Suso on the right.

Bonaventura moving to attack opens a place in midfield and it will be occupied by Matias Fernandez, the summer signing who after recovering from injury, proves to be a favourite for Montella. On the right side of midfield, however, Juraj Kucka, on whom Vincenzo said yesterday that he is ‘in a bit of a decline psychologically’, is set to get a chance to catch his breath, with Mario Pasalic starting.

Gazzetta disagrees but others expect Luca Antonelli to replace De Sciglio. It also remains to be seen who will be starting between Gustavo Gomez and the now-fit Alessio Romagnoli in the defense.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella (Probable)
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli / Gustavo Gomez, Luca Antonelli; Mario Pasalic, Manuel Locatelli, Matias Fernandez; Suso, Gianluca Lapadula, Bonaventura.

Empoli F.C. (4-3-1-2) – Giovanni Martusciello (Probable)
Łukasz Skorupski; Freddie Veseli, Giuseppe Bellusci, Andrea Costa, Manuel Pasqual; Rade Krunić, Assane Dioussé, Daniele Croce; Riccardo Saponara; Manuel Pucciarelli, Massimo Maccarone.

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Pasalic? Again? Ahead of Kucka, Sosa, Poli? And no Kucka? Who will provide physicality on the pitch and win the balls?
I have a bad feeling about this. But well, if Montella believes this will work, let’s hope it will.
I must admit though, I kind hope Mauri puts of a superb show tonight if he plays and keeps Pasalic in his pocket.


Mauri based on transfermarkt, played 7 games for empoli, out of 13. So he isnt regular at the 17th placed team…Even more, he isnt expected to start today either. Pasalic on the other hand isnt even simillar type of player like Mauri. Further, i really dont see any point at bashing our players, not to mention wishing for them to have a bad game.


Last time I checked, Mauri is our player. Pasalic is Chelsea player.
Of course Mauri is not a starter at Empoli, they start their own players. YET Mauri started 6 matches.
Exactly, Pasalic is not a gritty player like Mauri. We need a player with grit if Kucka is not playing. Not silk.


So, becuase he is Chelsea loanee, i should wish him a bad game??And empoli are bound to fight for their status, you think they have that kind of luxury to ignore Mauri just becuase he isnt their player?Rediculous….Pasalic is player whith great vision, good passing and nice finishing. I guess those are not the qualities u look in a player.


When we need a ball winner or someone with at least remote physicality, no, I don’t. You cannot say that Pasalic is a better passer with better vision than Mati and Loca. So what is the point of starting Pasalic? I have no problem if he gets a few minutes from bench, but starting him? Also, using your logic for Empoli, we do not have the luxury to ignore Pasalic and let Sosa or Poli start? Ridiculous! Mati, Loca, and Pasalic all three of them are not very strong physically. That is just not their game. We need at least… Read more »


Pasalic isn’t a a milan player…soooo he should be on the bottom of the pecking order. Also I am pretty sure that we don’t have a buy option on him either. Chelsea didn’t want to give us that.


Thanks wes.
Let’s hope we manage to win tonight either way. It will probably be difficult.

Pa ibra

Mauri might be abit more defensive yes but Pasalic is stronger both technically and physically.


Risky… Let’s see what happens


Trust me you all, this will backfire just like it did against Genoa. We have a relatively easy game at home with Crotone next week and can be allowed to gamble with line-up hoping home support will back and boost the fringe players morale; but doing that at away with a team so motivated and had not lost to ACmilan in years at home is a huge risk not worth taking.
A word is enough for the wise…..


True, however, the changes are good. Unlike poli , Adriano and the likes as against Genoa

Pa ibra

Who do you think should be coming in? Niang?? Maybe Kucka but its obvious his recent performances not been upto standard.. This is the reason you need more than 11 players and to me the line up looks strong enough to beat a motivated 17th place team


That’s the same risk Montella did against Genoa,and we are down by then.what is the essence of resting some of the players?

ismail garba

Don’t blem him let’s see what will happen

Ricardo Leite

Toying around with 3points, and most of you marking people down who are bringing this points to notice. When it finally happen you guys will start blabbing. You don’t carry out such tests when you are at a delicate period like this, someone said an away match for that matter, no defensive midfielder with a tough persnality, teams around us just one two points away. Guys just trying to be shrude and thoughtful, and think above everyone else Montella should.


Gomez was maybe our best player against Inter. Paletta won’t get any better and always has a mistake in him. I say Romagnoli and Gomez from now on


Are you serious with your statement? Gomez is better than Paletta? Gomez is somewhat strong in contact but when he has the ball, he can’t even control and pass it to his teammates without putting them in difficult situations. We didn’t watch the same game. Gomez needs some time before the coach can even trust him to be a starter. He can be a good alternative to our defense, but now he has to work more…




One player can not tackle they should just play like a united team …forza milan

Ricardo Leite

I hope for a win and wish them the best. All the best too Montella


Hmm… This is maybe not as big a balls-up of the Honda/Poli caliber but definitely a gamble.


Montella doesn’t learn? Keep your experiments minimal and don’t start players who usually come in as substitutes. Kucka should start and be substituted for Pasalic mid second half. Bench Gustavo as long as Romagnoli is fit to play. Empoli is right on top the relegation zone they will come with everything they’ve got. Genoa Reloaded – No need to say more : – \


Montella is selections are based on his analysis from training both physically and psychologically. Let’s get behind him and give him all our support. Ofcourse losses like Genoa were painful and could have being avoided, and while it may still look he’s about repeating Genoa’s situation over again we should know that we can’t keep the same starting XI for all the 38 games and rotations will happen once in while.
Let’s support them with a positive spirit.


Montella really seemes to like Pašalic. And I don’t have problems with him like some of us do here. I do understand you guys, he is a chealse player, but set that aside for a moment and tell us, would you like him if he was our player or we had a buy-out clause?


Mate, personally, me, no. If he joined us permanently, it would mean one less space for youngsters to prove themselves that are coming up, guys who are 18-19 in our youth team, guys like Zanelatto. If Pasalic was an up and coming def mid, I would not have a problem. We need def mid. The thing is, we already have so many similar players. We have Loca Mauri and so many more talented midfielders coming up. Pasalic is not proven better than them. If he was an experienced, proven player, great, but he is not. But we lack wingers and… Read more »


We shouldn’t waste the money on him. I’d rather see milan take 100 million and buy 2 quality players than spread the money across 5-7 players hoping 2-3 pan out. We already had a big spend year with the hopes of raising the core level of the team….now lets get 2-3 game changers each year for the money.


a CB to pair with roma would at the top of the list….a decent striker with size to replace bacca (additional money could come from bacca’s sale) and a quality box to box midfield player would be nice.


I don’t understand Monella sometimes. This players are playing a match every week and still he’s altering an already altrered squad?


This match doesn’t matter. The takeover is off. The 120 million debts. I think even after selling romagnoli, bacca, we are still short of 40. Donnaruma has yet to sign a new contract. Can’t sell him for much untill he pens a new deal. We are dead.


Where do you get this information?
So suracho was right all along? Goddamn


Either we like it or not the squad will be rotated .No team plays the same eleven all through the season not possible.


Lapadula 3rd time as a starter, that’s okay. But Mati Fernandez as 1st time starter, along with Pasalic as a 2nd time starter, and Antonelli, who came back from a long, and Romagnoli from a short injury? That sounds like a suicide now.

I hope Montella knows the fitness of our players best, and fields those who can perform all over the 90 minutes.


Mati does have several years of experience in Serie A unlike Lapadula and Pasalic


This is why i want montella gone. Hes a COPY of allegri.

Comon fans.. deny it and thumb down. in the end reality will hit you, but i doubt you will wake up from that either.


Lapadula yan Bah

Pasalic is good he is a Chelsea player and we don’t have buy out clue but the different between pasalic and van Gankel is van Gankel didn’t want to stay maybe montella will convince him to stay cuz we all know now that montella like and last time he said want to buy him so anything can be possible


I don’t know about the changes, we will have to wait and see if it backfires or not. But at least on paper, with Niang and Kucka out / Pasalic and Mati in, Montella can play his game better, which is to hold the ball. They are more suited to his idea of possession play. Now regarding Pasalic, there’s no need to be so dramatic. I’m pretty sure if Montella wants him at the end of the season we can and we will buy him. He seems really happy at Milan, too (unlike van Ginkel) and has not been shy… Read more »


Pasalic will give you guys a show today and you will all come here later and praise him


Hey montella, while ur at it. Why not play zapata? Also let honda play as RB, i mean he cant be worse than poli? Also let adriano be alone striker with mario behind him.

Heck, if you lose, dont worry. There are many braindamaged fans who will still be optimistic. optimistic for closing their eyes on stupid misstakes. Dont worry montella, the world is full with stupid people.

Hell, bench donna. Be creative, be smart, dont worry about losing. Fans are always behind you


Fun FACHTS (benitez style):
1) bonadinho is the most reliable outfield player of milan
2) bonadinho will possibly take his rightful place on left wing tonight, just like his spiritual predecessors rivelino, cruyff, stoichkov and ronaldinho. Interesting

King Ragnar

Lets just see how this turn out Montella is resting some players but with this squad we cant afford to play our bench players they are just that bad we almost lost Points because of this a couple of games ago


Lol man it’s worrying reading most of these comments on this article and realizing how many of you actually have no idea about football and common sense


Takeover stalled. Din berlusconi may not sell, what next


Any one with live stream?
I need to watch this game!!


This is why it so hard to win again palermo, Pescara, lost again Genoa, because of this acmilan can’t win with a large score


peeps just talking anyhow here……..we need FIGHTER……BALL WINNER…….ITS A GAMBLE…….ITS THESE ITS THAT…….even with the fighters like the so called KUCKA…….we av shipped in so many goals…….a little more than the other teams competing on the better half of the table…….was KUCKA not in the team when we lost to GENOA……give the coach a break and let him do what he feels deem fit…….All we need is unity and cohersion and wud definitely get a GOOD result