Poli: “My desire is to play more and I would not be honest if I said otherwise, we will miss Montolivo”

Andrea Poli during Chiasso-Milan FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (@acmilan.com)
Andrea Poli during Chiasso-Milan FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (@acmilan.com)

Andrea Poli hopes Riccardo Montolivo will ‘come back stronger than before’ and expresses desire to get more minutes.

Poli played 86 minutes in the 5-0 win over Chiasso on Saturday and the midfielder, who was involved in just 105 minutes in the first 7 matches of the season, scored a great volley in the 13′ minute.

The Rossoneri played that match on the same day Riccardo Montolivo underwent knee surgery and an ACL injury he suffered on Thursday while playing for Italy against Spain, will keep him out for 5-6 months.

“I want to send wishes to a friend and a great teammate who suffered a serious injury – Riccardo, please come stronger than before,” Poli told reporters at the end of the match. “We’ll definitely miss him and we’ll play for him. When we heard of the injury there was great distress in the team.

“I’ve known him for years, he’s a close friend. No one expected it, we’re close to him and we’re sure he’ll come back stronger than before. He’s one of the few players [on the squad] to have so many international appearances. Riccardo is often criticized and there are those who agree with the criticism and those who don’t. To me, he’s a great person who always gives 100%.

“Manuel Locatelli? He has great desire, he’s ready and he showed it in the games he played over the past month. We will help him grow further, he is a guy who knows how to listen to advice and can become an important player, who room for improvement. Sosa and Locatelli are both quality players who can play in that role, but then it will be up to the manager to decide who to field.

Andrea Poli, Gianluca Lapadula, Ignazio Abate and Luiz Adriano celebrating against FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (@acmilan.com)
Andrea Poli, Gianluca Lapadula, Ignazio Abate and Luiz Adriano celebrating against FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (@acmilan.com)

“The substitutes? There are players who have quality and know how to do well in that role, but then the coach will decide who to field. My role in the squad? I’ve always felt important and tried to do my best for this shirt. The desire is to play more; I wouldn’t be honest if I said otherwise.

“But we are only at the beginning of the season. The most important thing is that we continue playing like we are doing. We can and must continue on this track. I know that Montella trusts me. I just have to do what he asks and train to be ready if he needs me.”

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Dwayne Kanas

lol at Abate as captain!


Abate was the captain when Milan turn around the game against Saussulo! He’s great captain but how he have played last few games hasn’t been good


Shut up Poli! Just because you scored one goal in a friendly game is not going to make you play regularly. Be content with your role. If you behave yourself I’ll ask Montella to start you in some Coppa Italia games…


Says montella’s harem


Poli may not be the player we all want him to be but no one can question his hard work and commitment on the pitch,and for monto I only wish you’ll be benched but not injured get well soon skippo.


Wonder what happened to Poli…he used to be a bright spot.


Poli is the most useless player i ever seen in football.

Bertolacci, bonaventura, poli OUT


I’m no fan of Poli at all but worse than Constant, Taiwo, Bonera, Traore, Zapata, Matriiiii?


He is! Bonera at least played FOOTBALL. He was responsible for any goals, but he played FOOTBALL.

Poli, have NONE, ZERO sense of fooball. I dont know who fooled him into football, but he is in wrong sport


i give sheva like, just because he put bertolacci as most useless player!!

AC Milan Lover

In other news, we are scouting a 17 yr old Nice central defender … Malang Sarr …. Seems to be a prodigy …. has played in all of Nice’s matches and Nice have conceded only 5 goals so far and top the French league ….


I live in France, and besides Monaco or Paris , no teams have a decent attack. What is he worth against stronger sides ?


Thank God it’s not Balotelli…


Montolivo Neva Added Anything To D Team Diffencivly And Offencivly So Its Great His Gone. Now Jose Sosa Can Make Dat Role His


We don’t need to criticized, poli is very good player that can attack, he is good player that disturb opponent anytime, very strong and ready to give it all on the pitch. Please stop talking rubbish about poli, he is very good though, he still need more confidence to hold ball but can attack


We already have enough youth players that become stars.. …..what we need now is experience and quality leadership…..if we get thiago silva.. ..we have talents like roma, gomez and ely who can learn alot.. …if we get fabregas or xabi alonso.. .we have locatteli zaneallato mauri who vcan improve nd learn alot just by training beside great players.. …all we need is just three exprienced players which to me should be.. …thiago silva/godin…..fabregas/xabi alonso.. ….den a winger.. .i would prefer Ukraine s yamerlenko



this is andrea poli. one of the worse midfielder which ever played in ac milan. for me is this player synonym for weak and avaregness ac milan of last years. useless player


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Giuseppe Meazza


Poli is a good defensive midfielder but he has been having off days during matches. I hope he will get better always. To Motolivo he will come back stronger and better bcos we need his experience against stronger teams not baby locateli bcos he scored. All we need is to support the players we have now and hope better ones will arrive in January or summer. On rosso@altafini who gave you the power to ask for people to call you before they can have a say in Milan issues in Nigeria? When did you join Milan and what have u… Read more »


Apache, I’m afraid you missed Rosso-Altafini’s point completely . . It’s normal for the administrators of a WhatsApp group to have your digits before they can add you to the group . . And since they’re not wizards they’ll need you to volunteer your number . . I think that’s what his message was all about . .