Montella: “Montolivo is almost irreplaceable for us, J. Sosa has the qualities to be a regista, Vangioni…”

Vincenzo Montella during Chiasso-Milan FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (
Vincenzo Montella during Chiasso-Milan FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (

Vincenzo Montella says he doesn’t know if Manuel Locatelli will replace Montolivo against Chievo and compliments the players who beat Chiasso 5-0 in a friendly.

Milan took advantage of the international break to play a friendly against 2nd division Swiss side FC Chiasso.

Coach Vincenzo Montella was without many key players so he used some players who have so far been less-used. Regardless, it was no match for the Rossoneri: M’Baye Niang scored (18′) and assisted 4 goals, allowing Gianluca Lapadula to score a brace (7′, 20′) and providing Andrea Poli (13′) and Luiz Adriano (29′) with the ball to score their first goals for this season. 5-0 was the final score.

Montella left Stadio comunale Riva IV satisfied but in the next days he will have to figure out how to replace Montolivo, who today underwent surgery and will miss the next 5-6 months of football.

“We are very disappointed for Riccardo, because he was in fine form,” Montella told reporters at the end of the match. “He is very important for us, almost irreplaceable. It’ll be a big loss both on a technical and psychological level. We are all by his side. He is a very important person in the locker room, so yesterday there was a sense of great sadness at Milanello when we heard the news.

Jose Sosa during Chiasso-Milan FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (
Jose Sosa during Chiasso-Milan FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (

“Who will play as a regista? We’ll see, there is time to work that out. If we’ll change the formation from 4-3-3? For now, no, because currently we don’t have the players with the characteristics to play with two central midfielders. We’re a bit short. Jose Sosa? He has already played as a regista; it takes time but he has the qualities to do it. The fact that we played Suso as a regista in the second half (until he was replaced in the 68′ minute)? It was more in order to play Sosa as an internal midfielder.

“Manuel Locatelli? I don’t know if he’ll play from the start against Chievo. He is very young; we mustn’t rush him. We’ll see when he gets back from international duty, I have time to decide. Alessio Romagnoli’s Italy debut? It was positive, I was at the stadium and I congratulate him.

Gianluca Lapadula during Chiasso-Milan FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (
Gianluca Lapadula during Chiasso-Milan FC Chiasso at Stadio comunale Riva IV on the 8th of October 2016 (

“Lapadula? He did well and approached the game in the right way. I congratulate the boys for how they approached the game as they demonstrated maturity. When you wear this shirt, you must always give your best. Vangioni? He played his game, it’s hard to give definitive evaluations. For those coming from abroad – especially defenders – it’s difficult to adapt to our football.

“Maldini? I can’t speak about the future management. I can only say that Paolo is an extraordinary person,” concluded Montella, who has now over a week to prepare for Sunday’s Chievo game.

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Dwayne Kanas

I wonder what Montella will do now that Monty isnt gonna play, and yes, using Locatelli as a starter is not right since he is too young!
Using Sosa or Honda as Regista might be very adventurous, but we’ll see!


Kucka should play in montolivos role and with sosa and bonaventura by his side. Locatelli should come on in the second half to support.


Did Gattuso ever play in that position? Some guys just think because a player plays forcefully or aggressively, he must play as a regista. That’s a position for someone who dictates the game. That’s why NDJ was not so successful. That’s why we had a problem with Monto, because he declined over time.

The first injury that cost him the world cup affected him psychologically and he was slow in getting back to what was expected of him. With this second injury, only a miracle can help him, because Milan would have moved far ahead in 6 months.


IMO I tink Kucka should play in d middle with a different role.. maybe as a destroyer to atleast cut passing lanes for us.. flank him with Sosa and bona… Let Sosa dictate the play.. it’s tactics.. it doesn’t mean he has to be stagnant at d position.. he can roam n dictate play for us perfectly


Destroyers only work with a more skillful and formidable midfield that can hold possession for long periods of time
We don’t have such a midfield as yet …thus we need a regista


With the situation on hand, other than Locatelli who is young, I dont see any player other than Kucka for that role. Sosa is the complete opposite of Kucka he has the technical ability but no aggression (he is better when attacking). Second of all it has always been a fact in the past couple of years that no one in our squad (Montolivo included) can dictate the game as a complete regista and that is on of the main reasons why our midfield isnt that great to be frank. This is why I still think Kucka is the safest… Read more »


why don’t we try 4141 like Man City ? Kucka (or Poli) in front of the defense like Fernandinho. Up 4 is Niang/Bona – Bona – Sosa/Locatelli – Suso/Honda. Bacca as striker. We don’t need regista


It’s too early to expose Locatelli. He should be given time to adapt, learn and not be rushed. He has a lot of potential. He made a few obvious mistakes in the previous matches. Right now I doubt his capabilities,if he had to start. I would allow the more experience guys to start.

Simba Mada

Had Sinisa hesitated with a certain 16yr old Goalminder would he be where he is now.? he might have ended up frustrated and moved probably to Juve and we would all kick ourselves when he became a great as Buffon replacement.


I think I like what is going on right now,wen Monty was fit u all condemned him like poison now that he wud be absent all of u tend to be confuse that tells how important he was to the team he is still the best in that position if u feel am wrong we will see how things go in the next 5-6 months


We are not confused. Just one or 2 matches for either locatelli or sosa you will see that nobody is confused. Just that monto has been taking that position for too long. Trust me, just 2 matches and monto will not find his place back in the first team. I trust Locatelli so I hope Montella can field as a registra. I know he is young but he seems strong mentally


Crack statement from some milanistas. Locateli should not play because of his age what ignorant in the highest order. I am an exec utive director in Mtn Nigeria at 30years, maybe am too young for the post, I should be a driver???????lol


Really? Can you hook a brother up with a job?


Which company do u work for mate? Boko haram?

Pa ibra

Funny but to harsh mate




Ignorance of the highest order…not funny at all…childish, bigoted, ignorance. …some of you folks lack common human decency. ..and if it wasnt for the anonymity of the internet im sure you would keep such statements to yourself. …

I am not Nigerian, I simply hate ignorance.


Ur right father, i apologize. Still, i think making jokes are better than deliberately lying about insignificant things

Rikimaru Tenchu

Hahaha and I am the Owner of MTN at 27, bloody Liar. The EDs of MTN Nigeria are public knowledge and we know their ages.


Irreplaceable? Lollllll


Irreplaceable within the squad, yes. It’s true. His quality is up for debate but other players do not have his distinctive characteristics coupled with his experience.


Well I think sosa can hold the fort for the time being, with lucatelli as an understudy (as is the current case). But we’ll need a solid dmf come January. On a side note have you guys seen that guy dahoud for monchengladbach? He’s really good.


If you read between the lines, Vangioni didnt even perform well against a second division team from Switzerland.
Let that sink in before you clamour a starting position for him in your “dream teams”.


So its settled then; niang is essential. I hope there will be no “niang should be benched”, “bacca should be sold” garbage from now on. Regarding monto, he’s not great but he is indeed essential for this milan, at least until milan buy proper CMs and AM. last season milan started to play badly once roma, monto and niang were injured simultaneously. I like locatelli a lot but without protection from destroyer-type MF he’d get bullied around playing as a regista at such tender age. Just look at his figure, no way he could stand MF battles. He needs tu… Read more »


Kucka should play the regista position, with bona n locatelli. There’s a shining light on Milan right now, same way donnaruma got his first break n hasn’t disappointed now for locatelli turn, trust me something bout this kid reminds me of Pirlo. forzamilan


Comment:y i like wat is going on 2 u guy always abuse him and now dat he is out so let see wat well happen is he usefull or not tanks guy

Beto 007

…Locatelli will start against chievo , got my sources,!!


Nice, mom who loves football

Pa ibra

Kucka is a good midfielder but I personally wont play him infront of defence because he seems to prefer dribbling out instead of passing out. Abit to flashy and I think hould be better on the sides. Montella will howevwr likely start with Sosa in the middle. I dont think Montolivo injury should rapidly change everything for Locatelli .Likewise for example he must not be given less minutes even when the team is full of superstars. He’s on the right course of development and thats more important so no rushing .Will gradually get there with the rate of minutes he’s… Read more »


Hmmmmm!!Enough of the argument!!!We Wait For 3 or 4 matches and we will see the way forward!!


If u are a Nigerian or an English speaking African Milanista, pls send a message to this number to be added on the soon to be greatest community of great milanistas on whatsapp.07030135733….Its a group where u will av a voice and will be duly respected. Forza Milan
Viva Milan
IL Diabolo
Via Turatti
Giuseppe Meazza


What next, Credit Card verification?

Study Milan

I’m honestly disappointed in the attitude of many milanista here. Most of you wants us to sign Baselli, Benassi, Dahoud, Emre Can, Rabiot and many more young stars from other teams forgetting that if those player were never thrown into the heat (Action) purposely or conditionally, No one will know how good they are.

Many of us are too wise for our own good.
Forza Milan


Honda is the best player we have to replace Montolivo. Sosa looks clueless in that role and Locatelli is too inexperience.