Sheva jokes: “I see Inter directors are coming to Milan, maybe they will now change the name of the club too…”

Ukraines head coach Shevchenko during the World Cup 2018 qualifying match Ukraine-Iceland at Olimpiyskiy stadium in Kiev on September 5, 2016. (SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)
Ukraines head coach Shevchenko during the World Cup 2018 qualifying match Ukraine-Iceland at Olimpiyskiy stadium in Kiev on September 5, 2016. (SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

Andriy Shevchenko believes Paolo Maldini would be perfect at Milan as he jokes about the Rossoneri signing people from Inter, while Mauro Tassotti thinks old legends returning is a good idea.

The new Chinese group buying Milan – which is backed by the government according Paolo Berlusconi – chose former Inter COO Fassone to be the club’s CEO and he picked Inter chief scouting Massimiliano Mirabelli (worked there 2014-2016) for the director of sport role.

These decisions made waves in the Milanisti word and Demetrio Albertini & Alessandro Costacurta – both were linked with a return to the club for a ‘legend’ role – addressed it publicly. Now Andriy Shevchenko and his assistant in the Ukraine national team, Mauro Tassotti, have given their thoughts and opinions on what’s going on at the via Aldo Rossi 6 club.

“I see that some Inter executives are coming to Milan, maybe now they will also change the name of the club,” Shevchenko, who scored 175 goals for Milan, said with a smile, as written in today’s (Tuesday) edition of the sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I want to see the moves of the new ownership and the faces they choose. After so many words and announcements, it now takes facts.

“A legend to return? I’ve already said that Maldini would be perfect. But Albertini and Costacurta also have the right profiles that are needed to give a new vision. Tassotti is now with me? In life you make choices, he’s fine where he is and I’m happy to have him with me in Ukraine.”

AC Milan assistant coach Mauro Tassotti looks on before the Serie A match between AC Milan and Genoa CFC at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on April 25, 2012 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Tassotti, who left Milan after 36 years at the end of last season, added: “Milan’s situation? Every judgment now would be rushed. I’m out of the club for just about a couple of months and I still have to get used to it. The defeat to Udinese is not what we wanted but I’m convinced that Milan will return to win. A legend? If the new Milan wants to do a smart thing, then they have to choose one.”

Lots of the discussions in recent days is about the ‘legend’ that could return. Gazzetta reports that for the moment, Fassone decided to stop searching for one as he waits for the controversies to pass.

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#1Milan Fan South Africa




Stop trolling…its annoying to everyone but you.


Hey its not about money! You think dybala would left juve for milan? Even its 100 mil. Think!!! He is young and talented. Juve isn’t an idiot team who let one of their best player plays for their rival

Jay S

LOL Juventus would NEVER sell one of their key players to another team in Serie A. We had our shot at Dybala but Galliani and Berlusconi were playing games with Palermo. Yet another world class player slides through our fingertips.


Well said. I’m really afraid about Milan’s future. With these silly chinese decisions it doesn’t seem to become bright.


Why would Dybala leave Juve??? From the kings of Seria A to baby Milan???
Sometimes I think the fans are too be blamed with their unrealistic thinking.

I honestly don’t care who the hierarchy is, as long as they come and help bring Milan back to the glory days.


I love how all the legends are going out. If the chinese owners are SMART they will listen to this. The only reason I was up for them to taking over was because I hoped to see some legends coming back to us. Fassone is making a fool of himself. “Waiting for the controversies to end”. ACT instead for crying out loud, make the controversies end by your – correct – actions. If he cant convince our legends – who obviously still loves us and would want to come back, then how is he the right person for us. Starting… Read more »

Delusional Fan

Milan will get better with these directors. Nothing can be worse than what they have now. Fans should stop whining about where these people are coming from and actually support their team.

Stay Delusional people.


Well, im glad that at least the real sheva can make funny and insighful comments


I dont think its nice to see sheva making fun of milan, even its true. If i was a legend of milan i would try to help, not make fun of the situation. Milan gave him a home, not sheva milan’s. I hope this situation resolves soon before everyone makes jokes about our beloved club. Best of luck.


Ok dad


This trend must continue. I want more legends to criticize this ridiculous situation otherwise I’m afraid we’re gonna see Moratti and Mancini at the club by the end of the year.


I dont think legends critisising milan would help the situation, i think they knew very well what they are doing and the consequences after that. I dont know why appointing interista at the club, but i think they want a strong management for the next seasons and lots of experience. I would loved to see maldini at the top of management, but the chinese have the money and they decide what they do. Lets just wait an see what happenes next
Stay tunned. 😀