Sino-Europe: “Our commitment is to bring Milan back into competition with the best clubs in the world”

Silvio Berlusconi with Han Li (left) and Yonghong Li (right)
Silvio Berlusconi with Han Li (left) and Yonghong Li (right)

The main sponsor of the Chinese group buying Milan has released his first words as the Sino-Europe group confirmed the €350m that will be spent over 3 years.

After the official communication from Fininvest arrived the confirmation from Sino-Europe Sports Investment Management Changxing Co. Ltd, who are buying the entire stake of Silvio Berlusconi at Milan, thus ending his 30-year reign with the red and black club.

“Sino-Europe Sports is pleased to announce the completion of the payment of a €85m deposit to Fininvest, confirming the commitment of the Chinese investors on the purchase of the entire stake owned by Fininvest in AC Milan, equal to 99.93%,” their statement reads.

“The transaction comes after the €15m payment submitted on occasion of the signing of the binding contract on the 5th of August. Mr. Li Yonghong, Chairman of Sino-Europe Sports [and also the main sponsor of the consortium], declares: ‘The announcement represents a milestone in the process that will bring to a new, glorious chapter in the life of this incredible club. For many generations of supporters, the Milan of Silvio Berlusconi has embodied the idea itself of victory and success. Our commitment is to bring this legendary team back into competition with the best teams in the world’.

“Under the terms of the agreement and to achieve the objective stated above, the buyers will provide AC Milan with €350m over a three-year period. The binding contract between the parties will be completed by the end of 2016.” MilanTV previously reported November 5th as the closing date.

A new era is at Milan and the money transferred today indicates the seriousness of the new owners and completely silences the voices in the media that had doubts over the Chinese investors.

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Long live the name of AC Milan!!! We are going back to the top!


Hurray!!! Forza Milan




Just dont jinx it man 🙂


Let’s hold on on claiming Milan are back at the top. We haven’t signed anyone who will push us back to the top yet. Let’s wait until the transfer window opens up and see who they go for. Let’s hope for the best and hope the players we go after are willing to come to Milan. So far everyone has been reluctant on coming here.


Okay. So after they have invested 350mil in 3 years, then what? Does that mean they won’t spend any money again after that? Man Utd just bought a player worth 30% of that amount. I hope after 3 years, there will still be consistency in player signings.
BTW. I had a dream Milan bought verratti for 60mil in January.


Imagine us saving the 85m till summer, add more money then buy Veratti and Isco at the same time.. I’m wishing/dreaming, allow me

Rikimaru Tenchu

They will keep spending and have promised to spend. The $350m was a promise Berlusconi asked for to confirm that they truly had an interest in Milan rather than just business

Uccidete questi bastardi

I dont like how they are flaunting having €350 million to spend on transfers. Now everyones going to know and prices for players we want just got sky high!

Dwayne Kanas

which is why we shouldn’t even look to buy stars! just get decent players who can change the game and have a lot of experience and then this will develop our many youth players currently in the team and so we are not overspending for quick success but developing for the long term, now with the money, i hope we can maybe have a new stadium in the future!


Its about being smart, everyone knows that Madrid have money, City, etc, why is it a problem to know that we have money.
Its about looking for the right players, and if we pay a little extra and if they perform, then its worth it.


Let’s wait and see, after that three year period of owners investments I hope to see the club being able to fund itself and not be dependant on their owners money any longer


With a own stadium and champions league football it will be possible. lets see what happends.

Dwayne Kanas

Agreed! we should look to get a new stadium!

Norah parker

It’s a welcome development. I am happy Milan will soon be back as the best team in the world.


A Milan only stadium is more important and will help us drastically improve financially.


We need to play our best players as well as our most promising player more often – together.

Best players:

Most promising:





Why MDS over Antonelli who in my opinion is way better and more consistent than De Sciglio.

Also, why not Honda instead of Sosa? Sosa didn’t look convincing in a deeplying playmaker role.

I think Honda or Mati Fernandez is a better option.


In Todays mercarcto,350 mil in three years is not gonna boost a team like milan,they should just deposit the 350 mil in one year and buy players who can push us for four/five years,players who can get us into europe and fill the stadium,sell merchandise,more wins,more income,350 mil?,thats just three pogbas?


That’ll be wasteful.


They dont need to buy a a player worth 100M maybe 1 but they need to buy smart and develop talented players


I think that’s what juventus are doing. They got Pogba for free and sold him for 90mil. That’s maximum profit.


Mati Fernandez got injured on international duty.

The bird

What does suracho has to say on this


Why nobody ask why we dont play whit 3 defense players
3-5-2 thats best formation we should try it sometimes and MDS always play like that in ITALY squad so why Montela dont try it

3 defenders ROMANOLY , GOMEZ , PALLETA or ELY or CALABRIA rotate them


Because to play for a whole season with a 3 man back line you need at least 5 good central defenders. We have 1 – Romagnoli. The rest are not good enough. We do have good left and right backs, MDS, Antoneli, Calabria, Abate so it makes sense to play to our strengths with a back 4.


Milan should not sale Donna.He’ll be the Buffon of Milan and Italy.


I hate to say this, but we need to follow Juve model 1. Stadium-No need to explain why 2. Marketing- Just follow juve and Milan’s official facebook pages and you will see the difference. Juve and bayern pages constantly interact with fans, put up nice videos, gifs, polls etc while our page posts just training pics. 3. Buy smart- Juve signed players cheap and those with future. Vidal for 10 million, Pogba for free, Pirlo for free.. we need a smart SD. every team knows that we now have cash and we are desperate for star players.. so they will… Read more »