Report: Genoa ask Milan for Lapadula but the player is off the market

Gianluca Lapadula in training at Milanello (
Gianluca Lapadula in training at Milanello (

Despite the interest, it is reported that Gianluca Lapadula will stay at Milan.

Lapadula only joined Milan two months ago but due to a nagging injury did not participate in pre-season. He is however training with the squad and could be available for selection tomorrow night when the Rossoneri play Napoli.

Gianluca joined the Diavolo before they even appointed a coach and Adriano Galliani & Silvio Berlusconi promised him he’d have an important place in the team. However, it remains to be seen if this will be the case considering both Carlos Bacca and Luiz Adriano ended up staying.

Pescara’s President Daniele Sebastiani said that ‘with hindsight, Milan was not a great choice for him’ and there were rumours that the club that sold Lapadula to Milan were looking to bring him back on loan. Yesterday, as reported by Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, Genoa asked for the 26-year-old.

But Di Marzio claims that Adriano Galliani told his friend Enrico Preziosi that the player is not going anywhere and will remain with the club to fight for a place in the side of Vincenzo Montella.

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hope he is a good player


What about Vagnioni? When will we see him?


He was already on the bench against Torino


I know but I want to see him in action.. 🙂


Milanisti should thank someone/people for milan refusal to sell valuable players, and it certainly isnt galliani


He is 26 not 29 for crying out loud


Even at 26, that’s already someone who should be getting himself well established for the world to know of him. So far all I have read about him is that he has potential but at that age, that seems to be like he is a very slow bloomer. I think he might reach his peak and that’s as far as he goes. I can’t say or talk about his talent or what he has as in skills but from what everyone has said, he has potential but like I said this late in his age. Potential should be established when… Read more »


Strong opinions for a player you obviously know very little about…try watching him play before you form an opinion… Some perspective…not only was Lapadula the leading scorer in Serie B last year, but if you watched him play he was usually the best player on the pitch….he was also clearly the best player on Pescara, a squad which tied Napoli last week…. Lapadula isnt just now blooming, he scored 24 goals in 2011 and 21 goals in 2014 before scoring 27 last year… Maybe he turns out to be a flop, who knows ?, but this guy has “earned” the… Read more »

Moumen Rezaei

Isn’t it the other way around usually? (Milan loaning few Genoa players each season)


Cant this genoa live without milan? I was saying to myself the other day that “atleast 1 season’s mercato without doung biz with genoa”*laughs* *** and today they made an offer for i believe fassone rejected it and not galliani.


Comment: He is almost as good as Bacca


He definitely looks better than Luis Adriano, It’s just a matter of how well he settles into the team.


Why are Milan announcing the reject of Chelsea’s offer for romagnoli as if it’s a kind of a big deal? And to talk of Milan claiming the offer is a mega offer is embarrassing to our player. When British players go for more than what Chelsea are paying for romagnoli. Stones is almost 50mil, sterling almost 60mil etc. All I know is it shouldn’t be a big deal showing the world you rejected a meagre 40mil for your long term investment


They are not announcing the deal they are just making it clear to all the teams that he is not for sell at any cost so as not to unsettle the player just when the team is starting over again. And also because of the fans are starting to lose their faith in the team, this will show the fans this new ownership means business.


pure logic bro 🙂


That guy not even played a game yet the judge him already


I know a fantastic striker when i see 1 and Lapadula is most definitely a fantastic and reliable striker. I love the fact that there won’t be so much responsibilities hanging on his shoulder as a Serie A debutant, this will allow him settle gradually into the top flight and understand the league better without pressure. Montella’s method would suit him too as he’s got great technique. I will put my mortgage on this guy to be one of Serie A top scorer in 2-3 seasons to come. He isn’t much of a box 18 space attacker like Bacca but… Read more »


Inter are aboout to sIGN joao and gabigoal for 75million that means business

Hope our new owners can match that in next transfer..i dont expevt anything mircale now


Guys we are Milan let not demonise our club better rally for them against Napoli surely they win inter bought stars last season but they few points ahead of us for Milan’s boards of directors and transfer marketing it needs changes


lapadula is rugged & i luv when strikers are very rugged……i saw one of his overhead kick goals and my jaw dropped…….subsequently in games when bacca has scored 2 or more or wen milan is leading conveniently…..he shud be intoduced…..i believe in dis man


They should give back pass adriano to Genoa not Lapadula

Ricardo Leite


Ricardo Leite

Let’s go