Milan-Torino: The Rossoneri squad


Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Torino F.C. on Sunday afternoon when the clock points 18:00 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro for the 1st matchday of the 2016/17 edition of Serie A and coach Vincenzo Montella has named his squad for this encounter.

Jherson Vergara, Cristian Zapata, Jose Mauri and Jose Sosa are out of the squad, as well as Gianluca Lapadula who is carrying a suspension from last season.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (#99)Ignazio Abate (#20)Andrea Bertolacci (#91)Carlos Bacca (#70)
Gabriel (#22)Luca Antonelli (#31)Giacomo Bonaventura (#5)Luiz Adriano (#7)
Diego Lopez (#1)Davide Calabria (#96)Keisuke Honda (#10)M'Baye Niang (#11)
Mattia De Sciglio (#2)Juraj Kucka (#33)Suso (#8)
Rodrigo Ely (#93)Manuel Locatelli (#73)
Gustavo Gomez (#15)Riccardo Montolivo (#18)
Gabriel Paletta (#29)Andrea Poli (#16)
Alessio Romagnoli (#13)
Leonel Vangioni (#21)
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Clark Kent

Anyone know what has happened to Lapadula?


He was injured and now is carrying a suspension from the previous season. It’s a shame because I really wanted him to have a full preseason to settle in properly. I was curious to see what he brings to the table


I read that now that Bacca stayed that Lapadula will go back to Pescara LOL didhe really think he was going to be a starter


miha gave Rodrigo Ely a chance last year…lol didn’t last long

Scoga Montana

The same here but in any case good luck boys and bring home the 3 points


lol just 2 goals mr. luiz adriano has gotten the number 7 jersey

Auwal aliyu

Can any body tell me where is sosa play for


My heart says milan will win 3-0.
My head says milan will win 2-1

Sam Yarmie

Take ur heart ❤ bro..


Sosa? Only montella knows. Anyway sosa is not in the squad


sosa is not in the squad because the international transfer did not arrived yet from besiktas -.-

mukaila abayomi

Comment:good luck to my teat


guys anyone knows how to get the new Milan Tv ?

Rossonero 23

So… let’s see…

De Sciglio – Paletta – Romagnoli – Antonelli
Kucka – Locatelli – Bonaventura
Bacca – Niang

Yeah, I know that we will instead use Montolivo and Bertolucci, but I just can’t stand these two… 🙂

Forza Milan! Crush Toro tomorrow!


Comment:my boys will make it tomorrow

olalekan mojeed

welcome come back too the best family room


One good abt this team is the self believe montella is instilling into the squad……….. I believe GOD will we are winning tomorrow

Abdul Kano

Comment: Hope Tomorrow Will Be The Beginning Of Good Things To Happen To Milan Again.


I’m watching juventus and thinking, where will Pjaca find space at all. Even being in multiple competitions they are about to sign cuadrado too. Kids these days are fools. Stalling their development joining teams like man city and Real Madrid just to be shipped away the next season or two.

Dwayne Kanas

Pjaca might be used as a super sub in CL…Juve want to win CL that’s why they sogned big this mercato…ahhahaha i hope they lose!

Mathijs Savicevic

Anyone knows where to watch online?


Have u tried

Mathijs Savicevic

Every evening


Save this site….watch any sports event live for free….be patient, as youll have to close a few pop ups first, but its worth the annoyance.


Ull find it in youtube. Just late a few minutes from real live, but more easily to watch.


Mihajlovic will tear us apart tomorrow, Torino is more of a team. 3-1 for Torino and a reality check for Milan

Milan fan since 94

Let’s come back here at8pm and see if torino have ripped us apart ! As u put it ! Hahaha … Ted if milan players were wearing juventus shirts or napoli shirts they would be a decent team ! In others words they are alot better than they have been made to look .. mark my words ! For a start there are 5 or 6 players starting 2nite who could represent Italy on a good day ! That says alot. .meet u here at 8pm


Yes! Exactly! All I want from them and believe me I am a die hard fan, but all I want from this team is to have a good day, but they didn’t have one in years so…

The point of my comment, for u to understand, is that right now Torino is more of a team than Milan is and that Torino are mentaly a lot stronger than us right now. We have outstanders such as Bacca, Suso, Niang, Roma, Donna but they need the team to perform.

Got it?


Ted, do u call itself a milan fan? How can u hope DAT mr defensive miha will beat my milan tmrow, something is wrong wit u! Milan will do well did season, we just needed a coach who’ll bring out d best in our team n Monty is d man


Milan will get reality check but u need to get ur brain checked boy. Where did I wrote that I hope they’ll lose? U probably a new fan, u’ll understand my comment soon

Dwayne Kanas

it’s about facing the fact that Milan isn’t as compact as Torino


Monti is NOT “the man”….Monti is an overrated half a footballer who has hijacked Milans captaincy and is directly responsible for the coup against Seedorf….

The day Monti is sold is the day Milan will once again have a true Captain.

*I watched NDJ play the other day for L.A. Galaxy…Nigel, right now, today, is still far better than Monti, thanks Miha!


Another year another garbage team after what might be the worst mercato ever. Tis Team literally has 1 quality player which is our goalie, Juventus’ bench is stronger than our best squad even Toro has a better squad pff I am sick and tired of this sh*t.


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we expect to win with poli and bertolacci and our leader bonaventura? Just see.. I will bet all my money on torino.

Heart says milan
Head says torino

I will make alot of money betting on the opponent of milan



De Sceglio gomez. Ramanogli. Abate

Kucka. montolivio. Bonnaventura

Suso. Bacca Niang

Probable lineup vs Torino


sorry. we are talking about stupid milan.

stupid milan will start paletta 100% and also bertolacci 100% watch and see


Gomez ? i dont tink so, Palletta instead Gomez needs time to adapt with the team & the league! hard to predict the result but Montella is doing great with his first 11 in the preseason the problem is when the subs enter (like vergara) our bench is full of sh*t players . i hope the starting players r good enough to return back milan to europe! Forza Milan!

Coach Seedorf

I understand your point Ted which I’m concerned about too. With us, Miha performed well against sides that came out to play than those who closed up themselves(smaller teams). Both are new coaches in their teams but defensive football is certainly easier to play than attacking football, hence Torino are more settled than us already. I hope we win tomorrow though but let’s not underrate Miha


Miha always performs better with smaller teams such as Torino, he’s a good coach for a mid-table team that plays compact and defensive football and Torino is more compact, they don’t have much quality but they have the right mentality. We have few outstanders (Bacca, Niang, Suso, Roma, Antonelli, De Sciglio, Donna) but no mentality. Hope for Milan to win but u can’t blame me for being pesimistic…


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I believe in ac Milan,although not too organized but luck will see us through…forza milan


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Good lord our team is garbage. Galliani better be doing something right now. I just hope Locatelli can get a few minutes, and that Niang and Suso have good games. Gomez probably shouldn’t play, needs time to adapt, but if somehow we mange to be leading maybe he’ll play a little. Hoping for the best today, but I really don’t see a win against this improved Torino. If this is our squad for the rest of the season don’t expect to finish in the top 6, 7th would be lucky. Expecting a draw tonight. Hope I’m proven wrong.


Comment:@ ted & sheva, if u guys think we can’t win versus torino, then who can we win against? Pls be positive. Milan all the way.


I think after 5 years of “being positive”…it is out the window..REALISTIC just walked in the door =) I am still a fan…always will be. It is not my job to “will them to victory” with all the “positively optimistic” enthusiasm. It is Milan’s job to produce quality and win games….my “positive” outlook makes no difference on what they do.


@Wes you are the man!

Exactly, when i see fans like you i regain hope for this club. Thanks for not beeing one of the sleeping “stay positive” fans.


Even liecester were garbage according to many pundits and a completely unknown team before the pl start. This year according to few of our ungrateful lot think we are garbage . If liecester can pull off a stuning premier league title winning season, WE ARE AC MILAN, why cant we? The only difference are the fans. Only 10000 tickets sold uptil now, does that gives you a clue that the city of milan have lost the interest in the team. So basically coming to real point if the people of milan were passionate about their team we would had never… Read more »


Yea I believe the coach has a charisma for Milan success cos he has proven that to use I cant wait for my Milan to explore and go again to where we belong forza Milan add me pls wattsap +2348096501245


Milan will lead 1-0 in half time and then in the 88 minute Belotti equalise and the match ends 1-1


C and Belotti… Still a better love story than twilight.


Still not as good as the love story with Milanista121 and Bonaventura


ted, u said 3-1 predicting Torino will win, we all saw it. what type of milan fan are u! but days not a problem, I read somebody saying if dis milan first 11 are wearing juve or roma jersey, we will appreciate them. what milan lack is a winning mentality and dey can do magic. Leicester city did it. athletics did it. Porto did it. milan can do it forza milan

Milan fan since 94

Exactly my point there’s not much wrong with our players as like I said 5 or 6 of them playing 2nite could easily find themselves wearing the Italian jersey on a good day ! Yes I know we all know we need abit more quality! But honestly it’s a mentality thing slash tactical thing , montella knows how to get this team working which is why I say many will be suprised just how good this milan team will and can be


please name the players that could easily find themselves wearing the italian jersey on a good day.

No please tell me on a perfect day.. who would?

Milan fan since 94

De sciglio, donna, abate, bonna, anta, monta, that’s 5! Even roma is good enough if u ask me sheva


Good coach will bring the most of his players.. just like what Conte did in the euro 2016. Nobody was expecting that Italy could beat Belgium.. big time.. but I have to be honest.. I don’t think Montella has reached that level, yet.. but I am an accountant.. so I love to be clearly proven wrong than vaguely right.. lol


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We don’t need poli in today match Montella just have to play Gomez with Roma to see the best of Donna by saving


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King Harv

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Forza Milan✌️


A good start is what we need. Let’s hope for the best.