Montolivo: “We gave away goals we could avoid, we’ve a lot of enthusiasm and want to amaze everybody”

Montolivo in action against Celta Vigo on August 10th 2016 at the Mapei Stadium (
Montolivo in action against Celta Vigo on August 10th 2016 at the Mapei Stadium (

Riccardo Montolivo didn’t sound too worried after Milan finished the Trofeo TIM in the last place.

Milan beat Celta Vigo in the first 45-minute match-up on penalties and then threw away a 2-0 lead against Sassuolo to lose 3-2 and finish the Trofeo TIM in the third and last place.

The Rossoneri played okay against Celta and did well against Sassuolo in the first 20 minutes. However, in the remaining minutes Milan looked dreadful, especially at the back as Jherson Vergara had a horror show, playing a part in each of Sassuolo’s three goals.

“Losing is not something we like,” Montolivo told the press after the match. “It’s a pity because we were playing well, but then we made some mistakes that we cannot repeat when the season starts. We gave away goals we could avoid. The two matches showed that there is something good.

“We have to improve but we are on the right track. Last year we won the trophy and we didn’t win anything else, let’s say it was bad luck. Let’s hope this year is different. We have a lot of enthusiasm and want to amaze everybody, we want to show that we deserve more. Let’s start from the attitude shown in the final of the Coppa Italia, putting on the pitch what the coach asks us to do.”

Milan’s next and final pre-season match is on August 14th against Freiburg and then a week later on August 21st the season starts for the Rossoneri when they play Torino at Stadio San Siro.

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Who da F*** is Verghara, and why is he playing . 2 silly goas are his mistakes. Omg my Milan, struggling to beat team like Sassuolo and Celta Vigo. What have we become. Also , can anyone here confirm that our remaining transfer funds are only 15m??? What happened to the money from the sale?


celta vigo is not sassuolo. you seem to forget that they are in fact the team that have beaten barca last season 4-2


Silly question.. clearly money from the sale is going to Berlusconi.. He is the one who selling ownership.. unless he willing to donate it back to Milan (or to chinese).. the money will never belong to Milan..


Don’t mind him. He’s probably just a kid or teenage who doesn’t know the mechanism of company acquisition.


I understand acquisition kid,maybe i out it talking bout the money that the new owners supposed to inject


These kind of friendly tournaments don’t have any impact on how the team should look like in new season, but it’s evident we lack quality in all fields. For example Poli headless chicken, Vergara (wow!) & Honda (penalty + his overall play) should all have contract terminated after yesterday showing. Our captain Montolivo is so slow that it hurts to watch him, Bertolacci has no consistency, Bacca head is clearly not in Milan & the only shining point yesterday was Locatelli & Suso (Niang was solid but his style of play and general clumsiness will get him injured very often).… Read more »


The new mr.enthusiasm




I was about to say the same thing

Pa ibra

Nice. Well jokes aside I’m more worried about Bertolacci being a starter he’s not improving I saw him rushing passes out of fear I mean he’s playing with pressure even in friendlies . I would use a midfield of Kucka-Mr enthusiasm-Poli/drop Bona in mid before new players arrive.


Its a good way to tell galliani. hey bald, we need reinforcement especially in defence.
Thats why montela keep playing vergara
Do u see how mad galliani was? Vergara own him lol

Pa ibra

I read Galliani is offering huge wages to Bentancur when there are no competitors for the players signature and to be even more wasteful he’s offering 12m when Boca Juniors are looking for 10m. I actually like the player on YouTube but what kind of business do you pay more than what the seller actually want? Is the Genoa shareholder later going back to Boca Juniors for the extra added 2m and put it in his pocket?!


Possible. He has been replaced – more or less by Marco Frossone – and he’ll leave once the take over is complete.


Coaches use friendlies like this only to narrow down lists of strategies theyre gonna use and players to pick as starting line up so we as fans shouldnt pay much attention to the results.
Its better to lose all friendlies and make improvements accordingly than to win it all and gain sense of undeserving false positive performances/results


If we really want to mix old and youth in milan, the likes of becca needs to stay


Looks like bacca is staying according to football Italia website apparently he likes Montellas style of play


oh shut up Montolivo you shouldn’t play in this new Milan more so you should have been sold same with Matri cause when he’s on the field its guarantee all life for Milan is sucked away and they will lose, plus he cant do much such as control, pass, creativity, shooting all poor, Vergara needs work and confidence a LOT of it


And you were useless as usual the only enthusiasm we need from you is for leaving milan.


lol, exactly!


We need someone like modric to replace montolivo, vidal, strikers like aguero and vardy or suarez. Defenders like Nesta, Alaba. Diego is better than Dona. I don’t mean these exact players but people that play like them.