Celta Vigo reportedly make an offer for Suso but Milan consider him off the market

Suso in action against Sassuolo at the Trofeo TIM on August 11th 2016 at the Mapei Stadium (@acmilan.com)
Suso in action against Sassuolo at the Trofeo TIM on August 11th 2016 at the Mapei Stadium (@acmilan.com)

Suso will stay at Milan for the season according to reports in Italy.

The 22-year-old winger has returned to Milan this summer after a very positive loan spell at Genoa and seems to have convinced coach Vincenzo Montella.

According to Sky Sport Italia, the Rossoneri have received an offer from Celta Vigo for Suso but they have no interest in selling him this summer and he will be part of the squad of the Aeroplanino for the upcoming season.

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If galli was still in charge no doubt he would take the offer. Hell, he’d sell his own grandma for a box of nice belgian chocolate if his grandma was playing for genoa




“Hell, he’d sell his own grandma for a box of nice belgian chocolate if his grandma was playing for genoa”

You just made my day. LOL!


.. Why so much hate??? The dude has lost his touch at least he deserves some respect.

Rikimaru Tenchu

Galliani remains one of the best GMs in the game and one that we Rossoneri should appreciate. WIthout him Milan would be nowhere. He struck some of the sweetest deals in world football.

Milan has been broke for many seasons now and we cannot compete with the big names. Everyone prices players high against us.

It will be worse with the new owners

Zizzu Malta

I don’t agree that the new owners of Milan would be worse. Every new Leader tries to do better, and by the way they invested in Milan as they believe they could do good for them and the club. So let us give them a chance to show what they can do, and from our side we show our support. First by buying seasonal tickets and secondly by supporting our Milan and players please.


Is suracho your [email protected]


Suracho cannot possibly be my brother as I am 100% chinese. I think we should stop hating and criticizing Galliani as he is leaving anyway. 30 years of service, even if you don’t want to give him any credit for the success in the 80s & 90s we shouldn’t criticize him for his efforts (30 years of loyalty and service). When maldini was nearing the end of his career, his performance dropped too. Are we supposed to bash him and tell him to retire or tell the coach to bench him? It’s the same with Galliani. Age is catching on… Read more »


Comment:This just shows that Jaaack is just an average player. When teams go for Suso, De Sciglio, Niang and Bacca it just shows how poor our best player last season really is.

Its not his fault that he is an average player. You can hate @Sheva for all you want but he is right


By the way, what if we think Gallian is useless only for him to join another club and propels it to prominence in future as our direct rival!? I wonder what the haters would do then!! He used the little resources trickling in to buy what bargain buys he could, only for him to find a season later that the club debt is growing and in economic sense you have to sell cari and buy economico as he tried to keep the company in a state of economic sobriety. Otherwise if he minded the team and not the club maybe… Read more »

Coach Seedorf

@ Ck & EzrGy, thanks for your reasoning, exactly on point!! First of all @ Milan10, Galliani is still in charge OK, Fassone only takes over when the deal is completed which will be end of this year. Secondly @New-Era, Jack was never in the market OK, Suso was put in the market but later withdrawn cos he convinced Montella of his capabilities. Milan was never going to listen to any offers for Jack so stop disrespecting players and managers who give their all for the club. You call Jack mediocre, Milan without Jack for these past 2 seasons, where… Read more »


“Milan without Jack for these past 2 seasons, where do you think we would have ended up on the table? We might as well have been almost relegated already bcos he has been almost our only creative player on the pitch” – coach seedorf


Jack deserves absolute respect and not silly bashing

Zizzu Malta

alayo, I agree with you. Jack deserves respect, any coach would love a versatile player like him in his squad. I don’t see how fans can say things like that about our players. Or they are just low life bored people.


Comment:He was the better one from the worst players we have that’s why you think he is good. I wish we would sign Paredes or Kovacic and then we would see how good Jaaack really is when he is playing with these kind of players

The reason why you think he is class is because you are so used to mediocre in our team so when ever he does something good(sometimes) then you jump the gun and say he’s world class

El Shaarawy was wanted by teams before we even putted him on transfer if we even did.