Milan make €15 million offer for Boca Juniors’ Bentancur but Juventus have first refusal option on the 19-year-old

Boca's Rodrigo Bentancur celebrates after scoring against Newells at La Bombonera stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on February 20, 2016. (ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP/Getty Images)
Boca’s Rodrigo Bentancur celebrates after scoring against Newells at La Bombonera stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on February 20, 2016. (ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP/Getty Images)

Rodrigo Bentancur is the midfielder Milan are looking to sign & have made an offer, but Juventus have an option on the player.

It was confirmed yesterday that Silvio Berlusconi had decided to allocate extra transfer market funds so Milan can purchase a midfielder and today the news broke that the player they are after is Rodrigo Bentancur from Boca Juniors.

As reported by Sky Italia, La Gazzetta dello Sport (who are – as always – reporting it’s a done deal before it’s actually a done deal) and, the Rossoneri have made a bid for the 19-year-old worth around €15m. However, there’s a problem.

Milan TV, in addition to the other outlets, reports that Adriano Galliani wanted to keep the whole operation under the radar but the news was leaked to the media as Boca Juniors – upon receiving the offer from Milan – had to inform Juventus since the Bianconeri have first refusal option.

Their option exists as part of the deal they made with Boca when they signed Carlos Tevez to the Xeneizes in 2015. Juventus hold this option until April 20, 2017 and will now have to decide whether to make a move for Bentancur or let him join Milan. It’s worth mentioning that according the reports, Juventus would be able to sign him for cheaper – €9.6 million + €1m in bonuses to be exact.

The intentions of Juventus, who have just sold Paul Pogba, and the wishes of the boys – who doesn’t have a non-EU passport – will most likely decide if the player will be in Milano or Turin this season.

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Juve have been screwing milan up good on and off the pitch ever since that muntari disallowed goal moment and some losers here actually wished milan lose to juve 0-8 in copa final and still have nerve accusing others of having low standard upon that supposed standard they thought berlu and galli acted accordingly. Vergonha


I hope Juve and Massimo Allegri dont do some f*** boy sh*t man… i like this kid


Football is war these days and it is about neutralising the opposition before the game starts. Perhaps the Old Lady will remember the time Milan gave them one of our goalkeepers when Buffon was out injured. They need to do us this little favour…


Juve will bring in someone like Isco, they wont go for him as they would have done it already if they wanted him. This will be no problem as long milan can bring the money the club is asking for. That i think will be the only problem.

angry birds

Lol I thought we just give pressure to juve. Let them choose witsel, paredes, isco or bentacur.
Those of players have been link with us and juve. So if juve choose witsel n isco then we will go to paredes n bentacur.. We don’t want lose again after pjaca

Beto 007

We have to pay all the sh*t back to “Assholes Jive” right on the pitch otherwise they will keep dictating our roster. Forza diavolo!


Reports emerging again about Kovacic.

I’m happy being linked to this standard of player. I’d take any of Bentancur, Kovacic, Paredes, Isco. Just as long as we actually end up getting one of them and not someone like Sosa.

Milan Boy

Any of Bentacur, Parades and Isco will be good but adding Badelj to anyone of them will realy be an icing in the cake for us.


please has anyone seen this bentacur guy on d pitch before?


Nope. But based on article I read from last April, I think he’s pretty decent for a player his age. Dubbed as No. 5 Riquelme, not a classic No. 10, much more like Busquets but got skill on the ball, once was targeted by Real Madrid and Arsenal but Boca refused to sell. Wonder who informed Galliani about this kid.


How is riquelme not classic #10?


“No. 5 Riquelme”. A midfielder who plays in front of defense but has skill on the ball like Riquelme. At least that’s what I thought when I read that article.


I see. Redondo and falcao come to mind


His name is Mino Raiola.


He is nothing like Busqets and for what ive seen of him he is not that impressive. This deal is a gamble.


Where did you see him? On a live match?


What happens if we sell Bacca? Are we using his funds to buy midfielders?

Because I don’t really like the sound of only Niang, Lapadula, Adriano and Matri as our forwards.

Niang is quality but plays better off a main striker, Lapadula isn’t proven and for me is a sub to bring on in the final minutes. Adriano and Matri just arent good enough.


Montella prefers the use of a false 9, which is why Baca needs to go.


I’m not going to say I know anything about bentacur and if anyone does please let me know how he is, but we only have 15m to spend on a midfielder this transfer market can’t we look for someone who will immediately have a starting role and positive outcome to this team. I’m all for buying young talent for the future but when you only have limited funds wouldn’t we rather want someone who can make the difference right away? Teams with money and squad depth can make purchases like this, sadly we need to spend our money on someone… Read more »


If Madrid and Juve both wanted this guy then he is probably more then ready to have a starting role with us. This is the best 15m is going to purchase; a young talent that is not proven at the large club level. Also, IMHO Witsel would cost much more than 15m and he would be a bust. There is a reason he cannot find a big club to sign him, his agent is the one leaking all those stories if you ask me.


I like the way milan has restart to look outside europe for players as before.
And from here we will have best player like kaka,t silva,pato etc.
Even from best early 80,90 and even 20 century milan was’t all italian but the world especially europe and s.america.
Guys I Feel This ‘is Like top italian clube and some europe fc are dislike us by been some obtacle in one way or the other,’just an opinion’


I think Mr Montella has something to do with this … Gustavo Gomez seems to be someone he had scouted before for Sampdoria and same applies to this Bentancur … He must have told Galliani to look for these guys also (as back up to main choices)


I also say this as a concerned fan because as of today poli is considered as a starter and I just can’t see that guy on the field for 90 minutes… He adds absolutely nothing in that role and I don’t think bentancur is going to take his spot from him straight away


Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Keep dreaming Milan losers… You know that if Juve actually rate the boy (which they do) you might as well just go home and watch those old faded Betamax Gullit videos. Bentacur is ours.

Veer Khase

@mike, football italia are reporting that juve are not interested in excercising their option on bentacur, so milan are free to make an official offer. And one thing more, i am a milan fan(& i always have been), but i never consider it a good thing to disregard our rivals whether its juve or inter. I think we should leave that matter to the respective clubs we support. I hope you get the point.


Thanks for the info on the football italia report. I hope it is true as sometimes that site is known to jump the gun on things. Still probably the best source for Serie A news in the states.

Veer khase

Yeah man. Before football italia, la gazzeta dello sport also reported a similar story, so i guess there is a reason to believe.


Serie a is yours.. and winning CL will always be in your dreams as its always been. Glory hunting band wagon monkey


Cmon now mike, the last time juve won european trophy, bruce jenner was still a man


I hope he is good.he has already been signed tho..
If u check Google, his Wikipedia ull see

Rodrigo Bentancur is an
Uruguayan footballer who plays as
a midfielder for Milan.

Am kinda surprised


It´s Wikipedia, everyone can edit it, that´s not a confirmation that he joined us…


Everyone can edit, but everything is checked before aproved.


This thing also happened with Gustavo Gomez …. And he did sign for Milan …


Badelj is the real deal in terms of European/Serie A football experience and he’s even a better player. I’ve seen the boy play and no doubt he’s a “talent” not matured enough, maybe Montella would be able to get the best out of him as he did with Ljajic. Fiorentina does not even want to talk to Milan about Badelj and Sosa doesn’t want to lose him, that’s how reliable he is. More importantly, Galliani dirty antics in dealing with players behind their clubs has further affected us, let him just leave the club. Imagine Besiktas president calling Milan a… Read more »


Also I’ve said it before I’ll say it again.. We were linked with moussa sissoko a while back and now that the team he plays for is relegated and he’s more of an established player go for him! He’s a beast in attack and defence. Reminds me of Ya ya tours. He’s young too, I think we could get him at a very good price


Madrid and Juve both wanted this guy so he looks to be the real deal. Even if Juve decides to activate their option its a win win for us in the sense that it would be very difficult for them to find the room for Isco after this move. Even Juve have to abide to the roster restrictions as they most recently alluded to and complained about.


Juventus is like a Cancer for Calcio serie a. Since they cheated their way to their first scudetto they stole from Milan they grew enough funds to buy whoever they want while killing off the competition… They will never win CL cause they are to obsessed to win serie a at any cost.. that’s all they are good for… let they enjoy their gold rush cause it will only buy them scudettos. Juve Ladri di merda.


5th august 2016 The day when the decline of the milan empire started when my father unwillingly sold his gem to a stupid HEN li or whatever that guy calls himself. Where are the so called 15 million (which is too much money accordin to our chicken owners) ? Why did galliani(who is btw the best dos and negotiator in world of football) had to call our father to provide funds to milan?I was laughing so hard on5th august when UNGRATEFUL FANS of milan where dreaming about mustafi isco cr7 hahahahahahha. Your so called messiah owners are nothing but bunch… Read more »


Your IQ man, its exstremly low. They can’t invest before they own the club. And that will not happen before Christmasbreak. Galliani got funds from Berlusconi only because he will get his money back once the transaction between owners is done. Get a grip on life dude. u sound dipshit crazy.


Stop trying so hard!


Why don’t you go have an omelette and some chicken wings.. its seems more to me you are terribly craving some poltry. Coco Loco quack a doodle doo!.. lol… with your father.


Same berlusconi that lied to fans about Ibra and Thiago Silva in order to make money off of season tickets, only to sell them anyways and then refund all the fans? Same Galliani that has been lining his own pockets with his Genoa purchases and is now going to work for Preziosi? Yeah, real good parents you go there.


Suracho, more like borracho amirite?


Suracho will follow his father to his Villa soon.



Mathijs Savicevic

Are you a fan of Berlusconi or ac milan?

Honestly, I am a fan of the looks of Barbara, I wanna make babies with her.


Damn dude. U need help. There Must be something Broken in your head


please stop the impersonation.


5thaugust 2016 The day when the decline of the milan empire started when my father unwillingly sold his gem to a stupid HEN li or whatever that guy calls himself. Where are the so called 15 million (which is too much money accordin to our chicken owners) ? Why did galliani(who is btw the best dos and negotiator in world of football) had to call our father to provide funds to milan?I was laughing so hard on5th august when UNGRATEFUL FANS of milan where dreaming about mustafi isco cr7 hahahahahahha. Your so called messiah owners are nothing but bunch of… Read more »


Whatever happened to Anwar El glazing? Just watched him play today, the kid is good. I think we should go for him in the January windows.

Mathijs Savicevic

I think the deal was already done when the 15 came into the news.


Crazy suracho.youre the chicken


@ I-Milan, oh u mean when we lent Abbiati to Juve years ago for free or when we gave them Amelia. Lol. Yea they better remember that. And shame on you for disliking his comment he was right so get ur facts straight.


The BENTANCUR Guy is a Better.Dribbler than all the current Milan players,very skillful and Good passer of the Ball.WE JUST NEED HIS TALENT IN OUR TRAM.CAN’T WAIT SEE DONE DEAL.FORZA MILAN!!!!!!!!


Our best solution for our Midfield currently is Milan Badelg. He has a proven record, holds the ball well at his feet, has both long and short range passes, has a precise defensive ability and also shoots and score goals from long range. He knows SerieA well and also knows our coach & his football philosophy, win aria dwells easily bcus of his height. Comes cheap considering his 15m Euros price tag and he is just 27yrs of age. An unproven 19yrs old who does not have European football experience wouldn’t do us any good. He might need a full… Read more »


All this transfer window Bacca wanted to leave, now when he lost the chance to leave Milan he prefers to stay and he likes Montella’s system, even West Ham doesn’t want to sign him, hope he will help us this year, but next season i don’t want to see people like him playing for Milan.


Comment:Fingers cross


The only problem with this transfer is if we get him than we cant go for cuadrado bcause non-EU matters. Juve apparently dont mind to lose him.
My opinion i would love if we can get paredes or diawara, who already prove themself on serie a


Why don’t we give Carlos Bacca for Oscar swap and then matri plus 15m for a good striker


Why pay 15M for an unproven player when bastian schweinsteiger is available for loan


The deal is almost done… but then again Juves factor come and interupt us… Report says Boca suddenly want Juve to activate their “Tevez clausa” on Bentancur, because it can hold the player for one more year on Argentina… Shameful, AC Milan give 48-hours deadline for Boca to decide, take it… of leave it….

In my opinion, it is alright to give a chance to unproven player like Bentancur… football is more or less like gambling, remember Kaka’?