Milan ultras protest outside of Berlusconi’s villa, demand clarity and respect from the club

The AC Milan fans before the Serie A match between AC Milan and Bologna FC at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 6, 2016 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Milan fans before Milan-Bologna at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 6, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

About 200 fans were outside of Silvio Berlusconi’s house in Arcore and 3 of them had a brief encounter with il Presidente.

At 20:30, around 200 Milan fans from the Curva Sud group gathered a few meters outside of Berlusconi’s Arcore residence with banners, choirs and smoke bombs.

The fans, who are waiting for signings which seem unlikely to arrive soon as the signing on the preliminary gets postponed time and time again, had slogans and signs such as “Who are the Chinese?”, “Enough messing about!”, “Galliani, Milan hates you!”, “Respect your fans!”, “Immediate clarity on our future!”, “Galliani is the embarrassment of Milan”, “Galliani when will you leave?”, “We want a president!”, “€400 million in May, €200 million in June, €100 million in July 15, €15m yesterday, Tomorrow??”

It was a relatively peaceful protest and at one point a delegation of 3 Curva leaders were invited in by Berlusconi and they spoke for about 30 minutes. According to, the fans asked Silvio for clarity on the state of the negotiations and asked for a new project in case Berlusconi doesn’t sell to the Chinese investors, with a generational change at management level.

La Gazzetta dello Sport writes that Berlusconi confirmed his intention to sell the club but at the same time conceded that there are problems emerging from the Chinese consortium, which is apparently being led by the businessmen Sonny Wu and Steven Zheng. Those difficulties are believed to be mostly bureaucratic, especially related to the transfer of funds all the way from China to Italy.

The Ultras have been protesting inside the Stadium for a while now & unless there are developments in the near future, it seems that the fans will keep protesting against the club this season.

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I feel burlesconi would sell but I’m still watching from a distance.

angry birds

Oh finally it happened, go curva sud.!!
Kick galiani ass!


Galliani is the problem of Milan now. He loves his position as CEO and vice president. Galliani is so powerful now and he he want to remain the face of Milan. all what he does is to sign unnecessary contract and organise press conference interacting with the media. Galliani will never advice Berlusconi to sell the club .


Finally you moved your azz… Thank you Curva sud!


Better late than never.


Curva sud, Pls don’t stop protesting until Berlusconi sell. We are with you guys. Forza Milan.


This is 2016 and it makes me utterly disappointed that so called milan ultras march towards the holy district of arcore where our AC MILANS temple(mosque church or whatever u may call it) is located.This is 2016 where there is no gratefulness shown by our ungrateful brothers towards our father Mr.berlusconi and uncle galliani.Like who in the seventh heaven spit out slogans like “Galliani milan hates you” or “galliani when will you leave”. This is the lowest period in the world of humanity. And btw coming to our manchurian enemies , they first promised our father 400 mil then 200… Read more »


You are surely that Forza Bonera Guy..




U forgot using capslock key and excessive amount of punctuation marks mate


I dont even know who the hell is that guy. I started blogging 1 month back on this blog


I warned you to stop smoking boy!


“This is the lowerst period in the world of humanity” Are you kidding me?
There’s war in this world and wors things…
Please hit yourself with a hammer and wake up. Galliani have done his period so has Berlusconi. We need a change now


But our milan should go in the right hands not those ching chong monkeys remember that! Constant delays in the sale. If it was upto me i would continue our fathers all italian milan dream (Now everyone start hating me because of what i said just now:p)


The Holy district of Milan is the San Siro. Not Berlusconi’s villa. Get a clue man


Deliberate troll job, has to be. Pure insanity, otherwise.


As for me with all this recent developments I dobt think Berluscolni should sale! Mr Bee’s proiect was more better than this Chineese. He should just invest on a good CB and CM.
Bacca is staying as it seems. Condolence to Maldini’s family.

Coach Seedorf

I think it will be most appropriate of you call Berlusconi your father next time, cos he is no where near our father OK. Stop generalising that pls, lol.
How do you know Bacca is staying and what happened to Maldini’s family?


Suracho u don’t know what ure not in full support of selling Milan but b&g have no regards for the fans.postponing after postponing what sort of business transaction is that there should be clarity in the sense that he should tell the fans if the sale will go through or not.den Berlusconi shud now invest a Lil on our midfield.come august we won’t give montella what he wants and we will end up finishing 8th or 9th den we sack him.if we have a director with good business acumen we should have loaned kovacic by now or cuadrado. we… Read more »


What what what are you saying allen. So having a soft corner for both our father and galliani makes me dwell in the past? Like what logic do you find in that? So you want milan sale yeh? So because our father mr.berlusconi is such a controversial figure you start becoming judgemental. Like who told you that berlusconi is THE cause for the constant delaying of sale of our milan? Back in june or in may (id remember the exact date) he already quoted that he has sold milan. Now it all upto the manchurian guys. So dont you think… Read more »


1st 3 words of ur comment remind me of this masterpiece


They dont lack business skills. If you could read you would understand that the reason for the delay is for moeny reasons. China is a communist country, transferring money to Italy isnt as easy as a simple wire transfer. Everything must be approved by the government. Berlusconi and Galliani ran this club into the ground. Do you remember when berlusconi promised not to sell Silva and Ibra? Then sold them after all of us fans purchased season ticket? Yeah, those are the men your defending. Get a clue man


Look at the other side of milan and you will understand how much hard it is to transfer money from that communist country. Seriously i feel you have not researched about the time it took for inter to transfer money from china to italy have you? Go back to do your time calculations philon


You sir are a moron. First of all. Inter is worth 1/4 of what Milan is. If that. We are talking about a BILLION dollar deal here, not 300 million. 2nd of all. Inter hasn’t made any moves on the market as of yet, its all been rumours, so what money do they have exactly? 3rd. No one here on this blog cares for your racist comments or your love fest with Berlusconi. So either stop commenting, or just leave. You bring nothing to this blog but negativity and stupidity. I forgot you have vast experience working in football for… Read more »


“€400 million in May, €200 million in June, €100 million in July 15, €15m yesterday, Tomorrow??”
With the transfer budget we should…..
Kick Monto out, bring KAKA in! 😛


It’s not galliani’s fault, what will you guys do without budget?, and when having it having berlusconi telling you what to do, they guy have connections, sometimes that helps, but im afraid the entire world whatch milan and we hare a mockery from top to bottom, matri, essien, torres, menez, balotelli, arbeloa, taiwo, constant, robihno, taarabt, paletta, birsa, ??? crap or waaay past their prime, and thats because players don`t trust milan to commit their future( el92, bacca) and agents now that to overcome this, milan must spend more( bertolacci) milan truly are a confused team, I like an idea… Read more »


Without budget? Bertolacci 20M, Bacca 30M, Romagnoli 30M.. And we sell El-Sharawy just 13M, Pirlo for free.. Poor Milan..


@B Exatly… matri 12 million????!!!

Fans like Raven are sleeping fans.. and fans like raven will sleep another 5 years.

Its so so SAD.. that they dont understand how galliani almost single handed destroyed this club with allegri.


sleeping what? look u obviolsy miss my point galliani is bad, but he is just a scapegoat, that is what I mean the true problem is silvio, why wont galliani leave? because of silvio, why did we have noob coaches to use them as scapegoat because the team is shit, so stop bashing people to make yourself look cool


“Gallani is bad” is not enough. If you dont know that galliani is at least 95% responsible for this mess, then you are sleeeeeeeeeping zzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz Signing poli when montolivio was injuried was gallianis move. Not B. Signing bertolacci for 20 million was gallianis move not B. Selling el92 was gallianis move, acerbi, traore, constant, agazzi, destro, torres, bonavenutra, zaccardo, silvestre, arbeloa, (zaza) they are all galliani moves. cassano +8 million for pazzini shows how bright galliani are. BUT.. the move that REALLY shows that galliani is brain damage is giving away pirlo. Galliani knew VERY WELL what a player pirlo… Read more »


You are the one stuck in the 2000’s and somehow we are the “sleeping fans”??


do you blame the clowns? or the circus owner? as far as I have seen not a finger is moved without berlusconi’s approval, so what are you saying? and pirlo, first read and then complain, Pirlo wanted to go to real madrid, and when that move failed he drop his morale, in his book he said i didn’t want to train anymore, he even thought of retirement, so what are you saying? he gave up on milan and in milan he wouldn’t play the way he played for juventus, so as i already said, berlusconi and galliani are making an… Read more »

angry birds

Then galliani ready to spend more for zaza wtf


The geratest joy i have for tha past four years is this protest especially against galliani let him know that he is at zero % in the heart of both management and fans worldwide.
I belife that this will inpact good effect in berlu,sale of the club and galliani for him to leave.
Thank you curva sud,go-on till some thing don good.


In my opinion the team must go like this 4411 milan need to have the ball, midfield of kucka monto, poli or bertoshit could come as subtitutes for lentolivo, at least they run tirelessly, on the wings niang and suso(fast counterattacks), in that advanced midfield position bonaventura/honda/kucka, but the way I see it, 433 is for solid teams, with a clear project, every player has a lot of resposability, and milan players or are traumatized( de scigio) or have the morale on the floor( all the team) we need midfield, with the ball oportunities to score will come, remember seedorfs… Read more »


I would like to see 4-2-3-1 too


Kick on galliani’s ass


By now everyone should realize that the so called “Curva Sud” are simply mercenaries. Where were they when Seedorf got sacked & mistreated ? Moreover, Where were they when Inzaghi was playing the most confused football in Italy ? With all due respect to our beloved Pippo of course, But what did both of these coaches had in common ? Berlusconi. The former wasn’t convincing Mr. President & the latter was just what Berlu wanted, A sheep, And we all remember which side the Curva took at that time. Now, All of a sudden the Ultras have risen, Hurray. I’m… Read more »


That Suracho guy is not a Milan fan, he’s just an internet troll please don’t like/dislike/comment/reply to anything from him… He just enjoys the attention he gets from the emotions of real fans here and we don’t need that kind of foolishness… Everyone should just treat him like he’s invisible and i guarantee you he’ll stop posting


This might be just the most weird comment i read on this blog. Like really you believe that i am an some inter fan who has all the time in the world to search for a blog which is not so popular on the internet and start trolling people? And i am being labelled an attention seeker or a troll by you guys just because i have a soft spot in my heart for our father berlusconi and galliani? You should always be glad with what you have currently thats what life has taught me. Situation may become worse but… Read more »


You are being judged because you have made several racist comments….. Your comments about the Chinese are disgusting…. You clearly lack the intelligence, historical knowledge, or cultural sensitivity to appreciate the self evident fact that all men/women are created equal…. You are the definition of a bigot, im ashamed to support the same football club as you, and only reluctantly accept that I must share the same planet as you…. Furthermore….you are being called a troll because you constantly post what is essentially the same comment. We get it, you have romantic feelings for Silvio Burlesconi, and you suffer from… Read more »


i thought they already disbanded. lol

Milan Boy

I am no longer keen about selling as the commitment of the Chinese is seriously in doubt, if Berlusconi can make a modest investment by giving us parades, Mussachio, Zielinski and kovacic, we may be good to go because montella seems like a coach that will make the most of our available players. forza milan.

Clark Kent

Wow its about damn time. This circus has been going on for far too long now.


So many available young talents that we can get on loan also… Andreas Pereira is available, Callegari too he is like a younger Veratti

Pa ibra

Berlu should sell .I dont think the Chinese will be any worse the guy has made it clear that a single family cant financial run a big club nowadays so wanting him to keep Milan is only asking for more of the last 6 years. But again if he however genuinely doubt the Chinese then should quit negotiations immediately.Just make a quick decision and move on with the transfers I mean should be able to know by now if the Chinese are capable or not. I dont see any understandably reason for all this postponement.


The 100 m penalty for backing out from negotiations?
right now both parties are playing sick and sad game of poker when everyone already knows both of them only have sixes, sevens and nines

Pa ibra

I thought the 100 m is after the preliminary agreement which still havent been made? If otherwise then he’s not been clever for signing that when not entirely sure about the dealers and now having to waste time wandering .I might be very wrong as I havent been tracking the issue well or even know much about these transactions. I just think this is taking waaay to longer than necessary. Well they better stop playing games as this waiting is effecting our transfers which could hurt both of them in the end


Curva sud are not doing enough, Berlusconi knows the fans have little or no problem really but his stubborn friend who is nothing but an enemy of progress.

Galliani should be pressures out of Milan else he wont leave because he’s a stubborn goat.


Hahaha suracho. Maybe your gf or wife left you for a rich chinese guy or did the Chinese pay cheap money to bang your daughter? Chinese as a TV repairer hahaha. Keep crying suracho haha. Yoy just come stomach the fact that China will soon be the world biggest economy, overtaking the US, in aboit a decade. You and your Berlusconi hahahaha. What a joke. Insisting that we are ungrateful. Calling for change is not a form of disrespect. All good things will come to an end. If Berlusconi love and respects Milan, she should let go. When Nesta was… Read more »

Deez Nutz

No disrespect to anyone? But why can’t he just sell the club to someone from the Arab Nations? Just saying! This will not end well..Hahaha

Deez Nutz

Suracho, by any chance ? Are you related to Silvio, or Uncle Fester?

angry birds

For all those who believe our problem is not galliani n management but lack of money. Napoli generated 183m from higuain, cavani, lavezzi, they only spent 53m to get them. Juve get 110m from pogba, they got him for free. Dortmund atletico sevilla Leicester Porto Roma etc..there’s so many great management out there.. Dont you ever think rich club like psg man u Madrid barca man city has bad management that only know to spend money not to get income. Man u got many money from t-shirts sale, man city sold their 20% to Chinese that has same value when… Read more »

Mathijs Savicevic

When we had succes, we still made some debts to our balance. This means that something is not right in your management. Eventually these losses were compensated by forced sales of Shevchenko, Kaka, Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva etc. This means that our management is failing for a couple of years. Maybe decennia. A new stadium could help but a new better fresh management would help even more. People who know who to buy and when (or who) to sell. Then a good youth academy would help also. Maybe this is the only management that s doing its work properly. I believe… Read more »

Manga la Figa

The Chinese have backed off. No doubt about it. Berlu’s greed caused most of it. It’s gonna take a lot of bucks to turn this clubs around In a badly managed league. Serie A doesn’t even have a tv contract in the US, pitiful. So I’m sure they thought twice and high tailed it out of dodge. I would. Spend over billion and it’s not even a guarantee your gonna make it to the CL because of only 3 spots. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for the club to be rescued from the clutches of B&G but who… Read more »


So after 30 years Berlusconi has disgraced Milan and now he is selling the club to the chinese group which, as appears doesn’t have the money to invest in the club, idon’t understand how can someone do such things to his beloved club. He wants the fans to beg him stay and at the end he will still become our hero, but now, for doing nothing.


Inter losing 4-0 to Bayern lol. First half.


I am watching liv v milan now. To see our line up and how we play, damn, we are not any better than Genoa or Bologna. Totally sh*t and mediocre class.
Montella has a great idea. But even Guardiola wouldn’t get shit done if you give him a bunch of idiots in our pitch.

I am ready for many dislikes, I am saying this because Milan is the only club I support. I m so frustrated of how this club has been managed for past few years…

We need revolution!!!!!!!!!


Finally, lets get his racist out and get someone who will bring back the glory days