Milan and Bordeaux reach an agreement over Menez, player to have a medical on Monday


Jeremy Menez will leave Milan and join Ligue 1’s Bordeaux in the coming days.

Menez joined Milan two summers ago (June 2014) on a free transfer after his Paris Saint-Germain contract and with one year on his deal, he’s set to leave.

As reported by Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, TMW and other sources in France, Milan and Bordeaux have reached an understanding over the 29-year-old Frenchman and the player will undergo his medical already on Monday.

Menez had a great debut season with 16 goals but spent the majority of last year out through injuries. There are unconfirmed rumours that Milan will release him to Bordeaux for free.

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We should really offload some players and Menez is one of them. We’re going to keep possession and pass the ball around a lot so we don’t need a player who doesn’t want to pass the ball!

So good job even if it’s for free. Sooner or later we have to get rid of these players and their wages. Better it be now and for free than another year in the team.

Next will be Matri.


Possession ;
Bayern 62%
Milan 38%


To be honest, I always have been a Menez fan, he was the only one last two seasons who could actually take on defenders one on one – even though he has been too selfish.
But yeah, he does not fit in a passing game. Good luck to him.
All hail Lord Matri though.


Matri, Zapata, Paletta, Vergara, Vangioni, Honda and Luiz Adriano should be next. with the sum we would collect from these players we should sign Zielinski, CDM (maybe Witsel), Mustafi, and a winger maybe (Cuardado or Carassco). might be impossible but there are 3 great creative players and instead of buying a CDM we could go for Pastore, Oscar, or Chalhanoglu and play them in CM.


Easy to say, but we know that we have Galliani…


It is a good thing if he leaves,he has made his mark but it will be foolhardy if Matri stays.


Sell him moto,matri,and for bacca i support to sale him with opts 1)motela said that he don’t fit his football tactics.2) to use his fund and other to strength midfield and denfends.


Overpaying when buying and undervaluing when selling aint bad enough for milan so now they want to release under contract players for free


but he was gotten for free


So? Would you give away ur car for free just because your daddy/boss bought it for you? Im sure milan can still put at least 5-10 m price tag on menez. Not much but its still money nonetheless.


Not a bad sale…considerin’,we got him for nothin’ nd sold him for Somethin’.


Again to the people who say and claim selling Bacca will help fund for our defense… How is defense gonna help us win when our issue lies in our midfield who can’t even pass the ball correctly? Having Bacca will at least keep our team high with his scoring abilities. Selling him will decrease our chances of even winning matches. You all have no common sense. Defense only works if you have an offense to rely on. As for Milan we don’t have that leisure. Be realistic people. Yes I agree on selling players like Menez, Matri, Honda, Montolivio, Adriano,… Read more »


I really want Milan to get rid of Galliani. That would mean more to me than anything, even selling to the Chinese is not good if Galliani stays.

That’s the transfer news I’m waiting for.


His worth is 9,5M and we’re releasing him for free probably because of his injury problems and huge salary. And the best part of it is that we need money!!Thank you Galliani!!


Problem is that no one will buy him for 9.5m, most we could get for him now (bad form, injuries, fat) is 2-3m… And his wages for another year would cost us the same… So if you look at it that way, we are saving 2-3m…


For those bashing Matri, he is not a bad striker. Our style of play in recent years just did not fit him. Seeing how far we as a club have fallen these past few years its not like we can lure a better player.


tevez wanted milan, tevez`s cost 12mil, matri`s cost 11 mil, what did tevez said? juve wanted me more, i rather see balotelli there instead of matri, galliani signed matri because he was allegri`s lover, and matri seems to score anywhere but milan, so? I would terminate his contract right away, if there are no strikers i rather see paletta or abate there but never matri

Ricardo Leite

I’ll miss Menez’s forward style of play n his ability to take on players. So sorry for your inability to free yourself more by simply releasing the ball to team mates.
All the best Mr. Jeremy


At least his legacy of autofellatio will live on for centuries to come
Oh wait, thats another jeremy. My bad


Galliani is bad for business. Simple!


j.menez going we gonna miss his style of playing bt at least we got bonanventura their style of playing is quite d same and good 4 team like milan.
Milan don need abate we have de sciglio and calabria we dont need montolivo we have kucka and we need a good defensive midfield like matuidi of psg we need central defence like shokran mustafi of mussachio and most especially nw we need a good playmaker (8) with good killer pass to feed the attack lyk kovacic and i think we should try using mauri el hilali in d role.


I tot bee wants to help belusconi finance den he shuld be allowed. Cus we need players more especially midfilders and atleast a defender. And leave bacca our good and great finisher


I wish we had gotten Malcom in exchange, a promising young starlet who could develop well with DiMolfetta and Vido.

We also need to g et rid of Zapata and Kujcka imo.