Milan meet for Musacchio but can’t close a deal until Bacca is sold or the preliminary with the Chinese is signed

Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images
Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Adriano Galliani was in Valencia today to talk with Villarreal for Mateo Musacchio but his hands remain tied as the Rossoneri wait for an influx of money.

Milan are trying to strengthen the squad of Vincenzo Montella but at the moment are lacking the cash to close deals.

Galliani was on Friday in Spain to discuss Mateo Musacchio with Villarreal as the Rossoneri are looking to sign the 25-year-old defender. An agreement wasn’t found and even though there is optimism, according to Di Marzio, that a deal can be reached, it’ll take a while longer.

As reported by Milan TV (new version of the Milan Channel) earlier on Friday, the club from Aldo Rossi 6 will not be able to close for Musacchio until one of two things happen: either the preliminary contract with the Chinese gets signed and the new investors deliver transfer market money to the club’s coffers (€50-100 million); or Carlos Bacca completes his €30 million move away from Milan.

The Diavolo have already accepted an offer from West Ham for Bacca but the player, who reportedly doesn’t fit Montella’s game-plan, has yet to accept their terms and said this week that he wants to play in the UCL. It’s believed that he’s waiting for Sevilla / Atletico Madrid to make a move for him.

Meanwhile the documents that need to be signed with the Chinese are almost ready but the date of the closing remains unclear and could be next week or on the last week of July. CCTV, Chinese’s government national TV, reported earlier today that Robin Li of Baidu has completed his $437m takeover for 70% of Milan but Fininvest, according to, deny the rumour.

The contacts between Milan and Villarreal will continue but as of right now, Galliani doesn’t have any money to spend to close deals. An agreement with the center back was found a while ago.

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Like everything about this club , nothing is done well.


WTF are they doing?? They just keep f**king around


The negative story continues, at first why must we sell Bacca? Our highest goal scorer. It’s funny to me honestly. All I got to read on Milan news is that Juventus completed the signing of Benitia or Roma loan Inter Milan defender on Milan News?
Can’t we for once complete the signing of good quality players and read the caption MILAN signed world class PLAYERS. Sell the club and have rest of mind


Imo I find Bacca ridiculously overrated. He doesn’t contribute to the team in any ways other than scoring, can’t finish with his left foot, no skill whatsoever, and thinks he’s bigger than the club. And he only had 4 more goals than Pavoletti, despite playing more matches (16 more!!!). If I were in charge of another club, wouldn’t play more then 20 million for him.


Mate, why don’t you play for Milan and score more than Bacca then?
He was our best goalscorer for years, ffs. And with this shitty midfield.
If he want’s to leave, he can leave, at this point of his career it is understandable he wants to win stuff.
But to say he is overrated or denying his contribution is really nonsense. Stop it.


Hmmmm, another day, another story.. God help us…


Hmmmm, same old s*it just a different day right?


can’t believe this, and I just read Milan has agreed terms with aberloa. this will be the most stupid decision in world football. sorry for the typos


Awkward hearing antonelli also saying Milan have never worked with the ball so much.abate said he last time they did was with LEONARDO!!!! First it’s really unsetlling, so what the hell have they been doing for 4 years. No wonder they have looked lost when ever they have the ball.


Maybe they have been busy working on the balls, if u know what i mean


This really is Season Zero for Milan. If we don’t sell and end up signing a bunch of mediocres like Lasagna and Soriano that’s it. As Abate says we can’t go another season without European football, but right now my confidence in that not happening is at an all time low.


I pray we should top 10


Milan depression continues to worsen. I check everyday for some news of breakthrough deal with rumours involving good but not great players. Everyday, though, the spider webs get more complicated. We are becomming Nottingham Forrest


Milan – and drama . .


Acmilan = Ampoli , Atalanta ,Cremonese all the smaller team sale thier best player to get money to buy cheap ones


It’s reported Milan will now get 50 million for summer spree from new investorsas the deal will be completey closed in January and only then we can expect real shopping spree.

So if they buy Mussachio for 25 millions and (god forbid) Sosa for 8 million they are left with 17 millions and they didn’t even start rebuilding midfield, flanks and attack…



Milan selling Bacca who is probably the only marketable player we have, meanwhile Juventus got Pjanic, Benatia, probably Pjaca and are thinking about Higuain, Inter got Banega for free, negotiating Joao Mario and Witsel etc. and Milan are there chasing what they chase the best, scrap!


Comment:well said to all the milan fans but i hv nting to say bt wish them the best bcaus i can support any other club forza milan


So its true the chinese will only give away 50 m for transfer budget? Then milan/montella shouldnt say they dont want bacca anymore if they really want to raise money by selling him, not in public anyway. That kind of statement only decreases his value. It doesnt make sense nor it is smart move


I think Galliani needs to stop talking to the media period. Been doing it for years. And it’s cost us deals because teams hate it.


That would be better. Yet even better solution than that would be for galli to stop talking period


I try to be optimistic, but sometimes I don’t understand what this club is doing. We fail to get Pjaca, which is fair as you can’t always get the player you want. The logical thing to do is look for a player with a similar profile, a young and skilful winger. Instead we are linked to Candreva (who is very good, but almost 30) Those are completely different players. Not because of position but what they will bring in to the club for the future. If we don’t manage to get Mussachio, we’ll probably look to Arbeloa as an alternative.… Read more »


Yep, Galliani and Berlusconi are great in Milan’s successful in the past, I appreciate it. But now, they even = 1/2 Beppe Marotta in Juve, at least in “less speaking, more doing”. Well, until now Juve have Pjanic, Pjaca, Benatia, Alves and supposed to get Higuain soon, and all the players have option to be paid in 2-3 years or free, loaned. What a good affairs! I don’t believe if we fail in Musacchio, we even get Rugani, well, perhaps we have 5-10% chances to success, I guess


@ak, agreed. There’s no rhyme or reason in our transfers anymore. We just stagger from one idea to the next, vastly overrating mediocre players who wouldn’t have got anywhere near a Milan team pre-2007.

dibal clement badibanga

god help us plz


God is retired and is forever a neapolitan so theres no way hes willing to play for rival ac milan


I read that Milan will buy defender 2 Midfielders and one forward, which in my opinion will be Arbeloa, Zielniski, Sosa, but who is forward? well, doesn’t matter i have lost faith in this management long time ago, i just hope one day Maldini replaces Galliani.


I think we’ll do better next season regardless who we buy,I have a good feeling abt lapadula n I wont mind if bacca leave cos he seems not to be committed to the club,he shouldn’t be threatening us abt offers he’s never better than even borriello when he was in milan,slhd he leave , heaven will not fall.

Perttu Junnonaho

Does ac Milan have any good news, because our direct rivals are getting much stronger whit their new signing and we as ac Milan have nothing to show for! Berlusconi must pick him self up and start getting our thing in order, because pretty soon it will be too little too late!


This club is now a desert.


From all the so called big clubs in europe they are the most dysfunctional.. first it was just sad to see your team that bad, but now it’s very very irritating and annoying with no plan for the future, with the president seems to not really want to sell the club. Just look at the big clubs around europe and see how they do things for example take a good look at dortmund who sell 3 key players but they have a very good scouting system that allows them to bring many youngsters who are very promising. It’s just embarrassing… Read more »


Valencia offers mustafi to Milan for 20million. I think we should take it


Why? We can get injury prone Mussachio for 25 million


Milan is racing Torino for Grenier… Racing with average team for an average player…



He is good on FIFA tho…


ARBELOA is joing milan at age 33!!!!!!!!!!!!

He wasnt even good in his younger age, and now free agents and of course GALLIANI signs him. And we wonder why we pay so much salary to DEAD WOOD.


Now that they’re offering milan mustafi at a discounted price at 20m and Villarreal r asking for over 30m for musacchio shouldn’t we take mustafi? I’ve known mustafi since his sampdoria days and I know he’s a solid cb, really don’t know too much about musacchio.. Is he better than mustafi to spend the extra cash?


So signing arbeloa and now rumored to be in talks with konko. soooooo, the only thing that means is we are going to sell one or two of our fullbacks. My assumption would be MDS will be on his way out and Calabria on loan. Shame…. I thought the Chinese were supposed to be approving these deals as well. So something is sketchy here


Yes, Pjaca and Zielinski deals couldn’t be finalized becouse of the chinese, but how did we got Lapadula?


I hope my acmilan not win, otherwise the team gonna be fine no need more players