Paletta’s agent: “Milan want to keep him, so he should stay”

Gabriel Paletta of Milan in action during the TIM pre-season tournament match between AC Milan and US Sassuolo Calcio at Mapei Stadium - Città del Tricolore on August 12, 2015 in Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)
Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Gabriel Paletta will return from his loan spell and his agent expects him to stay with the club in the upcoming season.

With Philippe Mexes and Alex both gone (and Rodrigo Ely possibly going on loan), the Rossoneri will need to get some new faces in defense for next season and a new-old face is expected to be Paletta.

The 30-year-old is coming off a decent season on loan at Atalanta and will return to Milanello for the start of the new season at the beginning of July.

Speaking to TMW, Martin Guastadisegno who represents Paletta said: “At the moment there’s nothing new. Milan want to keep him, so he should stay.”

Cristian Zapata has already extended his contract while Alessio Romagnoli will stay. A new, younger partner can be found for Romagnoli but the market is pretty much locked until the sale talks end.

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He shouldn’t have left in the first place,big head galianni just giving away the better players and retaining the useless ones.


I really don’t know why a player like him should be PUSHED out. Very decent and modest player. For all the money and noise they made on Bertolachi and Romagloni, they are both not better than Bonaventura and Paletta

Milan fan since 94

Also rami !’ Uncle festa and Co pushed him out! And now look he’s the leader for a France team who are one of the favourites to win euro 16! Typical milan these days!!


The only possible benefit of the doubt I can give to Galliani over what on the face of it seems to be a huge screw up, is that he’s reportedly a negative influence in the dressing room.


Palletta would be a good back up option.. He is an Argentina born-now Italian guy.. Ideal mentor for someone like Mammana, the best and only cost-efficient CB option out there for us now.. Still do not know why Berlu chose to keep Mexes and kick this guy out


Finally a long overdue common sense regarding transfer being displayed at milan


Paletta… yet another guy we shouldn’t have let go. I don’t know about you guys but I’m having a hard time watching Ibra, Darmian, and Rami at these Euros.


Old guy is decreasing from his Parma days and we want to build with him. Well maybe if the Chinese are ambitious they would then reject this one and do something different from what Galliani does. Only sensible thing will be bringing Paletta back then sell him.


The reason Rami was sold and for that low amount is because Sevilla allowed Milan to pay Bacca buy-out in installments in return. Normally you pay entire buy-out amount in one payment but Sevillla gave that discount so that they would get Rami for 3.5 million

Ricardo Leite

Barely lookin at his bar-head reminds me of our good old days when we used older players who were willing to vomit their lungs on the pitch rather than lose a game. They were so committed. We should
not be overly bothered about age. The question should be; Can the player in question deliver the goods? Let’s give Mr Palleta what he deserves; a chance to prove what he can bring in.