Official: Milan extend the contracts of Zapata and Vergara to 2019

Cristian Zapata (R) of AC Milan is challenged by Felipe Anderson (L) of SS Lazio during the Serie A match between AC Milan and SS Lazio at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on March 20, 2016 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Zapata and Felipe Anderson during Milan-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on March 20, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Cristian Zapata and Jherson Vergara Amu have signed new contracts with Milan.

The 29-year-old and the 22-year-old center backs have extended their deals with the Rossoneri, the club confirmed.

“Milan announces that it has extended until June 30, 2019 the contracts of Jherson Vergara and Cristian Zapata,” a statement reads on Milan’s site this Friday.

Zapata, who is currently with Colombia in the Copa America, joined the Diavolo in 2012 and his spell with Milan can be described as inconsistent as along with some fantastic performances in defense, he also produced some moments of horror and is no stranger to individual mistakes during matches.

The other Colombian, Vergara, arrived to the seven-time Champions League winners in 2012. He’s made no official Milan appearances to date and spent the last season on loan at Livorno.

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Ricardo Leite

Vergara? Zapata? Who are these guys n what’s their business with Milan?


Verghara still hasnt lived up to his early hype but hes young so he still got time. Zapata though, i dont see what zapata has that paletta and rami dont, except maybe speed.

angry birds

Lol…hahhahhhaha..that’s why we need new management!!!


Oh i get it now, the “troll face” on the internet meme is actually caricature of galliani’s face


All this renewals are signs that there is no more Chinese’s take over.
Wish our President a speedy recovery


I like vergara, they should let zapata go for God sake, i dnt think they re selling the club


Zapata??? ——> bad news —–> can to be havoc to defense #LOL


Comment: sell or no sell, belusconi lack the enthusiasm, to fund the club, since he is the 5th richest italian, he has what it takes to move the club forward that’s if he wishes.


another metcato begins with heart failures


Silvio please just die and make us all a big favour

Let him die , otherwise we cannot tolerate another headache for every year, and Uncle Sam also should die……go go go go Silvio. your legacy ended


You and the guy above you are a disgrace to the human race. Wishing someone to die because of soccer is a joke and so are you 2.


Comment:here we go again we start d mercato with renewals of unwanted players.


And there they added 15 days extra on the deadline… He will never sale Milan!! And Zapata? Big whyy? Vergara I can understand, but not with Zapata.. Just awful


Galliani should just leave please!!!


of course. how could we let go the only replacement for lord bonera. #nightmare #zapataout


Good move. When we need to ship a few needless goals in a match, Zapata’s the man.