Milan to play 4-3-3 against Juventus with Honda-Bacca-Jack in attack and Poli in midfield

Bonaventura and Pogba during Milan-Juventus on April 9, 2016 at San Siro. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)
Bonaventura and Pogba during Milan-Juventus on April 9, 2016 at San Siro. (OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Cristian Brocchi will try out something different in the Coppa Italia final after the 4-3-1-2 once again proved to be the wrong formation for Milan.

Sinisa Mihajlovic switched from 4-3-1-2 to 4-3-3 after losing to Napoli in October and his replacement, Cristian Brocchi, looks set to make the same decision after the bad defeat to Roma last Saturday.

According to and Sky Italia, the former Primavera boss – who said in an interview this week that he doesn’t think his future depends on the Coppa Italia outcome (there are reports that he will stay even with a ‘dignified defeat’ – will use 4-3-3 with Juraj Kucka, Riccardo Montolivo and Andrea Poli (favoured over Jose Mauri) in the midfield three.

Giacomo Bonaventura is set to return to the starting XI as he’s fully recovered and play alongside Carlos Bacca and Keisuke Honda who will return to playing on the wing. M’Baye Niang will be in the squad but is not fit enough to play from the get-go but will offer an important alternative.

The partner of Alessio Romagnoli is also to be determined (Alex, Mexes or Zapata) while Calabria and De Sciglio will most play on the wings if both Abate and Antonelli are unavailable.

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If we only know how playing 4-3-3 will turn out for us… Oh wait, we do know because we have played it couple of times and each time oh boy did we suck.


99.9 % sure Juve win


Please make that 101%

Milan Boy

its sad that we are still experimenting with formation at the last match of the season,that is the unfortunate situation Berlusconi and Galliani hav put us in.We pray sincerely that he sells the club and put in capable hands to run the club.We already have on ground,a bulk of young and reliable players to build the future on,we just need a few compliments and we will be good to go. Forza milan

Michael Ibangha

Comment:We can win but it’s mission impossible: stadio olympico


And poli in middle? LMAO.

The headless chicken will change the game with his killer passes to our attack.


Jaaaack is back, stop the celibate, lets celebrate. Oh yeaah


Didn’t we already try that with Honda and Bona up top?

Let’s at least switch back to 4-4-2 with Niang up top alongside Bacca. That’s when we played average football (compared to horrible football)


Its not such a bad setup for the game, what brocchi planned for the game against juve, i mean we surely dont have quality, but its the best lineup we have atm. Honda ahould be changed at half time and bring niang, and maybe mauri for poli. A true milan fan never hopes his beloved team loses a game, i mean we did played badly, but against juve every milan fan would like to see a win. But i do hope whatever the result is, milan should be sold. And if milan loses this game and the players get a… Read more »


oh boy… we go again. I just hope we won’t get more than 3-4 goals….i doubt hardly that we are capable to get something out of this match. Especially with the likes of Honda….or Montolivo.


Juve for the Double AGAIN


Broccoli treats milan like macaulay culkin treated his new found freedom assisted by his dads money in those home alone movies.

Coach Seedorf

When it comes to Juve-Milan, anything can happen regardless of previous form, that’s just the truth and the way it has been of recent. Either team could win it but it will surely be a close encounter


Can you even remember the last time milan won against juve?

King James

2011 Robinho penalty


abate romagnoli zapata calabria
honda locatelli kucka bona
bacca niang

milan could steal a 2;1 win if everybody gives 100


I think juve will give everything to win this match,on the other hand this Milan has nothing.something tells me we will get mulled in this match.


I really dont want to watch the game because i know Juve will maul Milan but i cant help my self but as soon as Juve makes 1-0 i will turn it off


now its even a crime to hope for miracles at Milan, cos lumberjacks wear our dear red and black shirt, and galliani is demented. its either juve beat us in 90mins, or we force them into extra time then penalties. then maybe we can win. good luck to our so called stars


Milan will win the match


Its really sad that milan have gone so low, but honda on the wing against evra/asamoah, I just hope for the best atleast there’s no Marchisio, Khedira and Bonucci, so there’s a positive feeling about this. FORZA MILANO.


The lineup brocchi prepares for the game is really not bad, i mean we surely lack quality but is the best that we have atm. We need 3 central midfielders because we also need the ball now an then, and we know how juve likes to keep the ball, 3 attackers, to have some chances in front of the goal, and zapata should definetly start in front of ales or mexes, not because he is better then them, but he has at least speed, and we need some speed in defence. A true milan fan never hopes his beloved team… Read more »


With this formation and starting line up, i believe we will win against juve


when Miha was coach I thought we at least had a chance in the final. Then the day he was fired everything changed. No organization no unity no defensive solidity. Just pure confusion now. It’s sad. Abate and antonelli missing is crucial it’s a sad how this season has fallen apart due to berlusconi’s pride

Alex Korami

Nice one Brocchi I know your game plan and I love it …now we shall have a Headless chicken in the middle of the pack to distort Juventus game flow (& MILAN as well) that day it will be confusion on the pitch, awe in the commentary and shock on the stands ….at lists this narrows down the win ratio to; Milan 40% – 60% Juventus ….this is Cristian Brocchi best tactic yet


Very funny!


pray for milan


we wont win this game, not even score a single goal against THIS Juventus because our coach is just another lab rat used by Berlusconi to EXPERIMENT-MILAN


This team is depressing! Get a proper manager…… At least. Nonetheless, good luck!!!