Report: Roma offered Dzeko for El Shaarawy, Milan rejected the offer but Stephan will be sold for €13 million

Stephan El Shaarawy of AS Roma celebrates his goal during the Serie A match between AC Milan and AS Roma at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on May 14, 2016 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
El Shaarawy after his goal during Milan-Roma at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on May 14, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Stephan El Shaarawy will part ways with Milan but the Rossoneri reportedly rejected Roma’s offer of a straight swap between il Faraone and Edin Dzeko.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Carlos Bacca and Mario Balotelli (and maybe even Luiz Adriano and Jeremy Menez) and so the Rossoneri could be shopping for strikers again in the summer.

A striker who won’t be at Milanello next season however is Stephan El Shaarawy as Roma will buy out the forward, who on Saturday scored against Milan at San Siro but didn’t celebrate. El Shaa joined Roma on loan in January and it’s already been confirmed that il Faraone will be bought out by Giallorossi for the agreed-upon figure of €13 million.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Roma tried to offer Milan a deal: a straight swap between their out-of-form 30-year-old man Edin Dzeko and the 23-year-old El Shaarawy. Adriano Galliani decided to reject the deal as it’s clear that they would rather receive cash they can reinvest.

It will be a very interesting summer for Milan, who still have the Coppa to play. Many futures are uncertain, not to mention the ongoing negotiations with a Chinese group for the sale of the club.

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I personally love Dzeko, his idol is Shevchenko and he always said that when he was at city.

With 8 goals and 6 assists and he started 21 games (out of his total 32) I think hes


Bravo Galliani let another promising youth player leave, for the third time. He’s much better then anyone on the roster right now. This is a joke. You’ve turned this team into a laughing stock.

kaka's fan

If we r to sell him, why not just get iturbe and they’re best premavera player for the 1 player


Milan is lost and finised………..!

Milan Milan

by B&G….


I just don’t get it,every player who leaves Milan starts shining in their new can milans man-management be so horrible. is this team run by clowns?
I bet even Berto will start playing like in Genoa times if he left us. God…this team has turned into a disaster…


I bet if its genoa who offer the swap galli would accept it.
13 mill is way too low for player of el shaa’s caliber, especially considering how roma ripped milan off in last summer calciomercato. Galli shouldve asked for at least 20 mill and use it to buy both mammana and el ghazi.




We cant set the terms, they can.. They signed the deal which includes buy out clause for 13m, so they will buy him for sure.


Comment: go Balusconi go Galliani go Bruchi


It’s only Galliani such offer can be made to. Sell the stars and prospects then bring in washed up.


bald head must go.. can’t manage this milan


sell el faroe and buy mamanna and xhaka

Pa ibra

Ask for Paredes/Ljajic in the deal


When milan gave elsha to roma on a loan deal, they discussed about 13 mil as an option buy at the end of the loan deal, so milan cant ask for more, even if 13 mil is way to low for his talent. I really dont understand why he was loaned out at the first place when he came back from monaco, but the decisions that are made in the last few years, i wont be surprised if milan get some expired player that dont figures in roma plans in exchange. But i do hope with the money they would… Read more »

King James

I can’t imagine El Sharaawy in Roma, he is my favourite Milan player, what a shame


There is no asking for players or anything. Roma has a clause in the contract with el sha that allow them to buy him outright for 13 mill. If Roma want him there is nothing Milan can do to stop it. This was all sorted in winter transfermarket. no reason to react now. its abit late.


My lovely Milan has turned to derby county, wat a pity, God help us to pursue galliani cos is our barrier


Comment:milan is done unless it sold

John Doe

Continuing trend on Milan. Sell good young players at low price and buy aged over their prime time overpriced.


We should get Maicon for 45 mil, we need one more right back, am i right Galliani?


Gilliani is a fool for making that statement of selling el sharra, if the boy can play with barca, milan can get back to their foot, gilliani goo , belusconi sell mialn then we can buy and offloads tired legs like, mexes, montollivo, alex, and some more idiots in the team

a j

Comment:that bald head bastard is destroying milan…i feel berlusconi mite hav had an affair wit galluanis wife…mayb tat is y he s not letting go off tat fool


It is a shame that El sha has not been given any chance to excel in Milan. He was unlucky to be out injured during his tail end of his career in Milan, which also coincided with his downturn in form, and then shipped off to Monaco. What I dont understand is that player like el sha, who shows real zeal when donning the milan jersey, is not even given a chance to redeem himself. Compare this to Balotelli, Montolivo who has been given too much time to show their worth in Milan, with the end result being poor. I… Read more »


i knew this would happen and its breaking my heart.. Galliani didnt trust Elshaa well enough, as he only label him 13mil where we could get 18m or more IMO.. why always giving away loan with an option to buy?? Saponara were sold for 4m with the same method.. is Galliani worst than a donkey? keep making the same mistake over and over again