El Shaarawy to be bought out by Roma for €13 million, Stephan: “I never imagined such an adventure”

Stefan El Shaarawy of AS Roma reacts during the Serie A match between AS Roma and Bologna FC at Stadio Olimpico on April 11, 2016 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)
Stefan El Shaarawy during Roma-Bologna at Stadio Olimpico on April 11, 2016. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)

Stephan El Shaarawy will not be returning to Milan as Roma’s Walter Sabatini confirmed to La Gazzetta dello Sport that they will pay the agreed fee.

El Shaarawy didn’t find much success at Monaco in the first half of the season but has been mostly good for Roma, scoring 7 goals in 14 appearances for the Giallorossi who are fighting Napoli for 2nd place.

Milan sent Stephan on a loan with Roma having the option to buy him out for €13m in the summer and according to Walter Sabatini they’re going to activate the clause. “Yes we will (sign El Shaarawy), he deserves it. He has a great future and the fee is not high,” the Roma sporting director told La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Friday edition.

The 23-year-old winger who Milan signed from Genoa in 2011 will visit San Siro next week when Roma play the Rossoneri in the final match of the 2015/16 season.

“I never imagined such an adventure at Roma, so I thank Luciano Spalletti,” El Shaa told Sky. “I am disappointed by Milan’s campaign and I honestly don’t know how I’ll feel when I’m back at San Siro against Milan next weekend. These have been three important months for me.

“I knew that I could not afford to slip up. I had the right spirit and sacrificed myself for the team. The Coach had faith in me and was a very important figure for me. I must continue like this, especially as the European Championships are coming up and it’s a significant year.

“The buy-out clause? Nothing is official yet. I just have to focus on doing well in these last two games of the season and after that we’ll see what the club has decided.”

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Goodby EL92 we will miss you. I wish you best luck with Roma when you go beneath us!

Forza Milan!


Milan are mad to let young player go an want to buy flop from roma wat dat name again betoli


thanks galliani now we go 10 steps back of building an elite team…


€13m that’s all??? To Roma


Close to 50 mill for roma and berto and only 13 mill for el shaa. Nice going galliani

Milan sold football’s best like rijkaard, papin, baggio, sheva, kaka, ibra and ts33 so why not el shaa, right berlu and galli?
It wouldnt surprise me if in their madness they decide to sell donnarumma

Veer Khase

I had great respect for elsha92 before, but now i am really pissed at him.There is no wonder that galliani had screwed us but i suspect that it was elsha who wanted to leave us. In his interview in january, it was evident that he would join roma rather than returning to milan. He also admitted that it was his decision to leave milan for monaco. Galliani is useless but i will not blame him for losing elsha92 for 13 mil € since elsha himself wanted to leave us.


0_o would you wanna stay at a club that changes coaches every season with fans that condemn you as “injury” prone as soon as your performance dips?
Plus, Milan obviously has a ton of problems behind the scenes.
Loyalty is important, but realizing you’re on a sinking ship during an important part of your career is vastly more important.

Roma is much more stable.


Wow..just wow. One of the biggest talents in football 2 seasons ago, is super young, has full potential to turn around his form and was die hard Milanista – sold to rivals for mere 13 Million. Galliani is a f*ing retard. I would understand if his price tag was around 30 Million and you were scared that it would go down more, but you get unknown players from relegated teams for 13 Million.

We are going to regret this!


and keep on with matri – consider keeping balotelli – berlusconi wants to sell to an italian investor – which is outright stupid considering he’s practically the richest on the peninsula even though there were some rumours years ago that the guy who invented ferrero rocher was interested – just sell the team this is getting beyond depressing – funny thing is that we bought el sha for 16mil and selling him for 13 when hes maturing – smart

yusuf ayinde toheeb

Comment:galliani is a stupid man to let el-sharawy leaf milan 4 as Roma, and u bring us flop of the season bertolaci 4milan if u let el sharawy move to as Roma I will not support milan in my life and I will go and join Bayern Munich, real Madrid or leceister champions of england. b/cos DAT is how u let aubamiyang and cristante leave milan b/cos of ur own profit.




Galiani u need to leave the club because u don’t have any thing to offers, all our good player are going, and d one you spend on are scrap player what is ur problem?leave we don’t need ur again, I can’t see my self as a fan going to another club,if I should have my way I would have sack u many years back u are not adding value to the club.


You guys are talking as if El Sharaawy’s performance last year or at Monaco maked him a €30m player. He’s declined then and that is why his price tag declined too.