Teams news: Milan were without Rodrigo Ely, Andrea Bertolacci, Giacomo Bonaventura and M’Baye Niang. Frosinone had to do without the suspended Raman Chibsah as well as without Nicola Leali, Daniel Pavlović and Danilo Soddimo. Kickoff time was 15:00 CET.

Goals: Paganini (2′), Kragl (44′), Bacca (50′), Dionisi (55′), Antonelli (74′), Menez (91′, pk).

AC Milan (4-3-1-2) – Cristian Brocchi
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate (73′ Luca Antonelli), Alex da Costa, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Juraj Kucka, Riccardo Montolivo, Jose Mauri (78′ Jeremy Menez); Keisuke Honda (64′ Luiz Adriano); Carlos Bacca, Mario Balotelli.
Unused: Abbiati, Lopez, Calabria, Mexes, Simic, Zapata, Locatelli, Poli, Boateng.

Frosinone Calcio (4-4-2) – Roberto Stellone
Francesco Bardi; Matteo Ciofani, Adriano Russo, Arlind Ajeti, Roberto Crivello (67′ Vasyl Pryima); Luca Paganini, Mirko Gori, Paolo Sammarco, Oliver Kragl (80′ Aleandro Rosi); Daniel Ciofani, Federico Dionisi (73′ Robert Gucher).
Unused: Zappino, Blanchard, Pavlovic, Frara, Soddimo, Carlini, Longo, Tonev.

Referee: Davide Massa.

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Think this might be the best setup we have, just MDS and Antonelli might have been swapped.


Why is this man playing kucka and poli on the bench these will. Make him lose this game bet me


Antonelli > Desciglio


Kuco >poli
Anto > desciglo


imo should swap Poli in and Montolivo to bench


I’m hoping we loose all remaining games including cup final against Juventus And before people jump down my throat let me explain why We have now sunk so low that I feel the only way we can now get back to winning ways is for Berlisconi to sell the club which it seems he’s very reluctant to do as he also seems to think he’s the right guy to bring it back to the top which he clearly isn’t So by us loosing games that in turn will lower the value of the club which Finvest doesn’t appear to be… Read more »


no Balotelli pls


His mad


Why mds over antonelli?


Already a goal scored right in front of Desciglio


And here we go again


Go home u unworthy bunch


What kinda coach in right frame of mind would bench Antonelli for De Sciglio? Imagine how De Sciglio stood and allowed a shot played in front of him like that for Frosinoni goal. Brocchi is a fool.


I have always said it. Most has lost it.


I have been restraining from commenting but I just couldn’t rake it anymore! Brocchi, just go back to coaching youngsters! You’re not even a regular starter back then! Galliani, just give it up already! Berlusconi, thank you for the good memories but I think it’s now for you to sell the club, i.e. when the club is still saved from further disgrace. Don’t bring the club down with your political career! I promise you this: if we lost to frosinone.. I will stop following the club which I have followed since 1992 because it hurts sooo much! I still remember… Read more »


I wouldn’t even trust Montolivo a towelboy job, sack his ass!


Sassuolo is currently @ 6th place


LOL 0-2


LOL i am not even watching anymore im watching Leicester and United


Same here… After second goal Im done, I rather watch beautifull football story being written than my club being tortured…

This is over the top… Fans need to rise up.. Last few matches we played against bottom of the league clubs.. And how many points did we get??? Shame, big shame for a club like Milan…


You know that feeling when things are so shit that you start laughing?


I feel like crying inside watching this match.


I feel sick watching Milan


Brocchi is not ready. Blunder, definitely huge blunder letting go mihajlovic, this can costs us europe league. Well done berlusconi, now sell the club.
Or at keast he should swallow his own pride, and recall mihajlovic, for the rest of this season. Better thank this failure rookie coach.


Sorry to say it, but Donnarumma have been weak today. No effort on the first goal against him, not so secure on set pieces.


Brocchi is playing 4312 because that’s what Berlusconi wanted all along. Miha knew that crop of players were not good enough. Way too much space on the wings. Miha’s work has gone to toilet since they gave him the sack. On one hand, I’m happy cuz it vindicates’ Miha and the fans that and another, it shames Berlusconi on what a tool is he. I heard rumors miha can come back if we loose. I actually want it that way so that it gives us a chance against Juve.


This is just unbelivable. You cant blame de sciglio for that goal. It was a easy save for any experienced keeper. The scores should be 2-1 to milan. Its just pure luck.

angry birds

Funny I’m watching Leicester too.
after a few minutes, i saw this milan remind me inzaghi so I switch to Leicester game.
Brochi just another inzaghi, and also our player seems like do not obey brochi, big mistake kick miha before season finish


Serves them right! I knew this old merdoso Berlusconi’s decision to sack Mihajlovic would backfire and it did in the best way possible. It’s the attractivness of the play that bothered you Silvio?! Now Milan is losing in most attractive way possible and it serves u freakin’ right!!!


Where are the Jack haters??? Clearly we need him in the side


I remember when my friends use to mock me when Milan lose games, now they are so used to it that they dont bother me again. Here we go…. 0.2


I can’t login to the forum. I have a user name, but I can’t find where I sign in. I’m having to comment as a guest.


If you are truly milan fan don’t wish this clube to win any match no-ward until berlu sell ac milan.
Protest in every where,because this is a shame and hurt to a big football club as milan become capet to relegating teams.


What happened to Donnarumma?? He used to dive for EVERYTHING. Even if the shot was yards off. The last couple of games he has been caught flat footed…!!


I can’t believe what im seeing balo can’t even take penalties anymore and that’s only thing he good at we suck


Watching Leicester and checking in on Milan… 2:0 to Frosinone is just hilarious. And now B&G will say the solution is to bring in Montella.


Sleeping European giant needs to be saved from further disgrace. Poor management costing us alot


Milan is not sleeping THEY ARE IN A FREAKING COMA


to me dey r dead


We lose against bottom team last week, and now we draw against a 19th place team.
Need I say any more?


Stupid club


Sassuolo deserve that 6th place, they at least have a clear project. Milan deserves a relegation with this bunch


Sorry, i withdraw my early support for brochi. Mds for antonelli was seriously an insane decision.


Poor set pieces from balotelli, missed a penalty and then struck the cross bar when he went for power over precision. But the thing is he is still our best forward. Bacca has the goals, but he does not contribute anything to rest of our play and have been missing simple chances uncharacteristically. Montolivo is complete waste of space, everyone else were giving their all today ( though they lack quality) and this guy was just putting in inaccurate long balls to the keeper. Our team was playing better football in the attacking sense but we have completely lost defensive… Read more »


I hope all y’all in support of sacking miha are all happy now? Mediocre fans…. I told you we gonna regret it


9matches no win and u are still calling miha.




“Life is made up of cycles, or eras. I want to remind people that we are the last side to have won the Scudetto before Juventus,” Galliani told Mediaset Premium. This old fool is a disgrace to humanity.


@Pelle80 I just saw it too in milannews. Is Inter as bad? Even though Mancini underachieved with d money spent and quality of the squad compared to Milan. That man and his friend are mentally derailed.


Shame on them really.


Comment: I’m adamant sacking miha was the right call. What has done better, He picked only two points from six matches. Brochi is doing well cos we are only lacking a bit of luck today


Comment: it was individual error that cause us today. Alex, Donna and balo. We hit the woodwork thrice plus a miss pk and other good chances. I’m not happy with the draw but happy that we are creating chances.


Comment: we are red and black. I stand with milan. Forza!!!!!


This is good guys we need more draws and more loses. The probability of selling the club will increase with this. This is for the greater good. Once sold, all the shitty players will be sent away and then lets sit down with some popcorn and enjoy the show.