Brocchi: “If you are fragile and do not have pride you don’t come back from 3-1, Milan played well”


Cristian Brocchi doesn’t think Milan played a bad match against Frosinone and says that while it’s unacceptable to concede three goals at San Siro, ‘we played for the win right until the end.’

A win against Sampdoria, a draw against Carpi, a defeat to Hellas Verona and a draw against Frosinone. It’s fair to say that things haven’t gone as planned for coach Cristian Brocchi since replacing the sacked Sinisa Mihajlovic last month.

Luca Paganini shocked San Siro after a minute and a half and against the run of play Oliver Kragl doubled Frosinone’s lead in the 40′ minute. 17-year-old Gigio Donnarumma perhaps should’ve done better in both occasions while Francesco Bardi denied Milan from scoring in the first half a few times.

The Rossoneri tried hard in the second half to get back in the game but saw Balotelli having his penalty saved. They managed to find the net in the 50′ minute through Bacca took advantage of a Bardi mistake to pull one back. However, 5 minutes later Dionisi scored Frosinone’s third.

Luca Antonelli came on from the bench in the 73′ minute and 60 seconds later he was already on the scoresheet. Milan won another penalty in the 91′ minute which Jeremy Menez scored to make it 3-3 at the end of 90 minutes to give Milan a point but considering that Frosinone are in 19th, it’s definitely more like two points lost. And with Sassuolo’s win today, il Diavolo are currently 7th.


“When you start a game at a critical time like this and the opposition takes the lead with their first shot, there is a moment of despair and therefore, a time of difficulty,” Brocchi said. “In my 4 games on the bench, we’ve shown fragility, but today I saw a strong reaction and Milan didn’t disappear, we remained in the match throughout. If you are fragile and do not have pride, you don’t come back from 3-1 down.

“If you say this was a negative performance in defence when Frosinone scored three of their only four attempts, I cannot agree with that. We conceded three out of three goals due to individual errors, not tactical issues. Unfortunately we are here talking about a Milan side that conceded three at San Siro, but also hit the bar twice and saw a penalty saved. We didn’t want to let Frosinone play from the back.

“We dominated possession, but unfortunately we made mistakes. I saw a strong response from a team that wanted to get back into it at all costs and with great pride we risked winning it at the death. The fact that we abandoned the 4-3-1-2 mid-match? I took a step back because people continue to say Milan were settled with 4-4-2. The trequartista is a system we cannot use right now because we are missing Giacomo Bonaventura. For me, Juraj Kucka is more of a mezz’ala (sided midfielder) than a winger, like Bertolacci, Jose Mauri and Andrea Poli. Luiz Adriano, Balotelli and Menez are strikers while Boateng is trequartista.”


“This match leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and was completely different to the game with Verona last week,” Brocchi told the Milan Channel in another interview. “We found ourselves trailing despite giving away nothing and we didn’t lose heart despite missing a penalty. We attacked much more today.

“I have to focus on the performance of the team. We created a lot of chances, hit the cross-bar twice and missed a penalty. We played for the win right until the end. The performance today is there for everyone to see. We put in a good performance, we created chances, but we cannot concede three goals at home.

“We have to remain rational and evaluate the performance of the team. I didn’t see a fragile group of players today that were lacking in pride. The team reacted well and didn’t fall apart. If the players adopt the approach they have shown this week then that leaves me very optimistic for the coming matches.”

As Brocchi admitted in his post-match presser, the life of Milan is now more complicated. If they stay 7th, they’ll have to win the Coppa Italia to be in Europe. They face Bologna and Roma next.

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Those conference speech you learned in your coaching course cannot help you in this Milan job. You might be overambitious about coaching a big club at this stage of your coaching career but the result is testimonial. I wish you the best with the youth next season.


Bla bla bla…


brocci you will gerne fired, Therese is no ? about that.

but thanks for losning 6 place now we can forget Europa again. !!!
Nice job to galliani to firing mihajlovich at this time !! totally stupid.


You’re right Brocchi. But this applies but ONLY when we play Roma, Napoli, Juventus.

We played against 19th place Frosinone. They have the league’s worst defense and conceded 71 goals
We played on equal terms against a relegation team. Good job 🙂


The Only man to blame for this is Berlusconi. Brochi is undoubtedly not of Milan standards but he’s been thrown in the deep end by a hot headed owner who clearly has a screw loose. If we would have kept Miha until the end of the season there’s no doubt in my mind we would have finished at the very least 6th. But with the squad trying to adjust to new tactics it wouldn’t surprise me if we lost our last two games. Shame on you Berlusconi. You’ve cost us European football and I hope the rumours are right that… Read more »


How can he say Milan didn’t play bad game when they gave up 3 goals at home to bottom team? Is he for real??? If this was against Barcelona then maybe we could say it’s a good score – but not against Fresinone. This was a terrible performance!!! Wake up brocchi and stop saying what bold head wants you to say!!! We needed someone like Miha and now he is gone because he spoke his mind.


Comment: I wonder what the damn miha had done that makes people calling him. He’s the cause of this mess. I wonder how people were patient with miha’s draws and lost but aggrieved by brochi. I am sure brochi would have been better had he started the season. Prior to his sacking, miha went six matches without a win. Only 2 points from 12. Damn miha


Seriously Brocchi??

Tell me, why were we even 3:1 down against bottom of the table club??? And same story against Verona??

Dude, you wont stay long here so just… please.. shut up


Omg i know that Berlusconi and Galliani are two idiots that afe sinking this club but ffs look at these morons that they appoint for coaches. Miha was not that bad but playing Bertolacci and not giving chance to Mauri was so stupid of him. And to think that we played most rigid football in Italy while not making any results against low bottom teams is a shame for any Milan fan,he was not for us. Now we have this guy who can bench our most consistent player this season(antonelli) for the likes of De Sciglio. And guys did you… Read more »


When Galliani gonna feel guilty


He has no shame and the same goes for Berlusconi


I will repeat what I have said many times before:
Berlusconi needs sun and orange juice no more viagra and wine, obviously his view is blurry.
Milan needs to change almost 80% of the team and old Galliani have to move a side too.
There is many Legends of Milan who can take this club back to where it belongs.
Today another peace of me broke down when I watched Milan play like they did.
All we have left is the memory of old days and to pray that we will come back,
Good luck to all the ROSSONERI.


Rubbish words from baby coach I can’t blame you dou cos you don’t have xperience@dis stage you played 3 lowest team in the league&you got 2 point out of 9 shame shame this is nt milan I used to support then shame on the management


I don’t even expect anything more than whaat am seeing,so if he likes he can continue to decieve himself,when a coach is good from he’s second match you’ll see changes from the play,look at lazio with inzaghi junior.


The moment when the coach talks like milan came back against a top club – and u realize its only Frosinone 😀 😀


Why do we even bother hiring these puppet coaches? This team is nothing but a complete trash. And he had the nerve to say the team played well. At least, Mihalovic used to know what to say. I am sure Berlusconi and Galliani are still proud of ‘the best team in the world’.


it’s nothing more but consolation words towards milan players who play averagely against league relegation candidate lol


And now i read that they have a agreement with Montolivo about renewing his contract for Another 3 years… I guess the namelist didnt work (sigh) This is making me very angry i need some weed asap


@C: When you receive a new 3yr contract even without appointed a new coach for the next season, that’s when you realize how much power you got. Handing Montolivo a new contract 3yr contract is totally brain dead


Its jz so funny. Its like the game i watched iis different from what Brochi is commenting about.Milan has gotten to a stage where a draw with Frosinone is a good performance. How d hell did we go 3:1 down against a relegation team? And dis idiot is talking about pride. Wat fucking pride is he talking about? A draw with a relegation team is sometin to be proud of?
I jz wish we dont qualify for europe so dat old cargo can sell d team. Its so annoying.


I am watching Genoa – Roma, El Shaarawy and Suso play well, they just needed their chances and we hear that Milan is interested in Nolito, but why can any one explain? who really is interested in such old and mediocre players.


Uh, Barcelona.


Barcelona got Vermaelen but played several times, if Nolito joins barca he will never be starter, so what we better sign him right?


I didn’t say I wanted him and I didn’t say he would start for Barcelona and I didn’t say Milan should buy him. You asked who is interested in him. And I told you.


Well ok then, but i believe there are people who still want Nolito like players.


11 goals, 7 assists, fast winger, plays on both sides, playing for a low level team who are currently 6th place in La Liga. Yeah, who would want a player like that. Chances are he wouldn’t want to come to Milan, at least he’s guaranteed European football at Celta.


Brocchi is Pippo v. 2. Maybe that’s what
They wanted all along; a corporate mouthpiece.


Just sell Milan and let Maldini back!

high bee

Comment: @Brocchi, you are a big fool. I don’t you know what the word pride means.


They are going to give Montolivo 3 years extention to his current contract. They offered Pirlo one year extention cause he was over 30! And Montolivo is what?! What a low hipochrisy!


The only logical explanation is that monto is one of galli’s bastard children. They even look so alike

Pa ibra

Its funny that now people are claiming Milan to be having better players and should be trashing Hellas Sampdoria frosinone, while during Miha’s time after poor showings people say the coach was good but weak players haha. Well the truth is,non of the two looks right for Milan. Although I see Brocchi with better potential given Milans tradition of attacking football. While Miha is generally not a bad coach he’s simply not Milan type.


@ brochi why did u accept to sail a sinking ship?


stupid berlusconi bring back our Milan or just sell this team and keep the hopes of Milan fans alive

Pa ibra

Horrible decision benching Antonelli.Shooting yourself there brocchi. And no!! showing pride against Frosinone is by winning



If you’re good you wont get a 1-3 behind against 19th place!