El Shaarawy ‘either stays at Monaco or joins another team’, Ajax refuse to sell El Ghazi in January


Adriano Galliani has stated that El Shaa will certainly not play for Milan this season and it seems that Anwar El Ghazi is not likely as Luiz Adriano has returned and Ajax refuse to sell.

Luiz Adriano’s failed China move seems to have series implications on the transfer market of Milan as they are currently unable to do anything since their strategy is that they have to sell players before they can move in the mercato.

With the Brazilian staying at Milan, despite Alessio Cerci’s imminent move to Genoa, it’s rather unlikely that Milan will bring a player for the attack. In any case Adriano Galliani has made things clear today, stating that there is no scenario in which Stephan El Shaarawy will wear the Rossoneri colours this term.

“El Shaarawy cannot return to Milan,” Galliani said. “He either stays at Monaco or finds another club. With Luiz Adriano here too, there are too many players.” Monaco have decided not to buy-out the player so if he stays there he could be frozen out of the squad until the end of the season.

Roma are still interested in El Shaarawy but have to sell Gervinho (to China) before they can make a move. Bild reported that Borussia Dortmund have also shown interest but apparently Milan have a €20 million valuation of the player, who made 24 appearances since the start of the season with the French club and BvB would not be willing to shell out this kind of money on the 23-year-old.

Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images
Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

When things were still going Milan’s way, there were reportedly ready to make a move for Ajax’s Anwar El Ghazi but according to the de Godenzonen director of sport Marc Overmars “the player is not for sale and no club has come forward with a concrete offer for El Ghazi.” Tuttomercatoweb also reports that Ajax are not interested in selling the 20-year-old right winger in this transfer market.

Galliani has apparently heard great things about the player so a move could be made in the summer. The market of Milan is definitely stuck, even more than before. There are only 11 days left.

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I knowed that Galliani is gonna use Luiz Adriano situation to make excuses. We have 10 days until the end of transfer window and i really think that Boateng will be our best acquisition at the on of it.

ACMilanSince 69

Why is Shaarawy a pariah. Drugs? Sleeping with another player’s wife/gf? Offending Mr. Berlusconi?


You asking me or just trying to get to the top of comment section?

ACMilanSince 69

I’m asking anyone who might have a guess.




He probably slept with his daughter Barbera lol

English Nazi.



Galliani. The man… U can’t go against the man. How I want Barbara to throw this guy out of Milan.


Every once in awhile someone mentions Barbara like she fu####g matters to our team , like she knows something about football


I honestly think we are better off not making any moves this winter anyways. El Ghazi would be a decent get but he is not what we need. We already have to many attacking options on this squad. We need a field general midfielder with top playmaking ability.


Well if Mhia truly wanna go for that 4-3-1-2 formation I dont see the point of this transfer anyhow.

This is very strange. How come the sporting director trying to sing players that dont fit this formation. Its like mhia has no say on the matter.

Galliani is showing once again that he would trow money in to something we dont need.


Realy only player or someone like him i wish for is Witsel/Benaga.
Alex has show’n he can stand tall out the season. and with a more solid midfielder i think we can improve alot.

angry birds

Its enough, you are bertolacci brother, you have to admit it, berto doing nothing hahaha


0_0 what the heck did SES do?
This has to be bigger than just poor form after an injury.
We’ve kept worse players and Galliani hasn’t batted an eye.
But saying that SES is 100% out is very alarming.
There’s something that isn’t being shared.


From rumours in italy its an addiction thing. Rumours are rumours, but where there is smoke there is fire.


Been a lot of rumours flying around that el shaa was addicted to coke and Milan covered it up. HIGHLY doubt this but there must still be a reason why management doesn’t want him back. I still love him as a player, I think once he rounds into form, he’ll be a star

El coco

El sha doesn’t av a problem with the management of Milan. Galliani’s statement was basically of technical reasons. The team is overcrowded upfront and he has clearly stated this several times that if no foward is leaving no foward will arrive. I basically think what Milan should be concentrating on is acquisition of an holding midfielder imo.


You’re wrong. My cousins in Italy basically all confirmed what others said. He was addicted to drugs and spent all of last year in rehab. Milan covered it up and said he was “injured”.


There’s definitely something just like how Hachim decided to play for Morocco over Italy. Something is happening behind the press.


What happen to El Sha also happen with a lot of other players. Sheva was shut down after moved to Chelsea, Eden Hazzard this season, Cerci, Iturbe, falcao at manU, even Balotelli at liverpool was disasterous when i watched him play. So many players have been through terrible declining quality, i think its the club’s job to find out and solve the problem. I believe El Sha still young and able to regain his capability again. He doesn’t deserve to be “killed” like this at monaco. The prove that he already played 24 matches was clear for me that he… Read more »


Milannews.it, milan on paper works to renew zapata’s contract.
Yesterday on twitter,man utd fans begging club to give milan fellaini for free…lol. why do we always go for flops? Why? Why?why?.. you bring in fellaini after 1 season we start looking for who to buy him. What about imbula? Banega,witsel ? We stopped talking about them? Galliani should stop transfers.


Leave SES in Monaco so he can rot on the bench and renew Zapata who has been most inconsistent for two seasons now!

A standing ovation for u my dear Galliani!


I pray for no transfers this window, because every rumoured player would be no help at all. Seriously Fellaini, Ivanovic, Borriello, El Ghazi, Ranochla wtf is that? Only good rumour is switch of Poli for Caceres as we have a lot of box-to-box midfielders and Caceres could play as RB and also be backup for Alex. How Galliani can think that Fellaini is the answer for Milan midfield problems………. in fact his removal from ManU would be excellent first step to fix ManU midfield problems.


Lol i knew something like this would happen either buy trash or dont buy anyone at all so like many of you said i hope we dont make any signings this transfer window based on the rumours


Taarabt on his way back to Milan! Hahahahaha


Taarabt played some of the best futbol of his career at Milan. Aside from his poor fitness level, he’d be our most talented midfielder. Just because he did f*ck all at QPR/Benfica (lack of opportunities), it’s no reason to write him off. It’s amazing what a change in atmosphere can do for a players confidence. IMO, it’s a cheap option that could bring great results.




How my PRECIOUS MILAN became a CIRCUS run by CLOWNS….!!!


It really is incredible how far we have fallen and the main reason has been Galiani and Berlisconi, there both your typical example of how some people just can’t seem to move with the times Football is now totally different than what it was when both of them were in there prime Its no longer possible to build a team while only investing big money every 4\5 years and even when they do its only peanuts by todays standards Berlisconi thought he was going to not only qualify for the champions League but challenge to win it by investing 90… Read more »


Maldini also said she doesn’t know much about football. But the fans here are hyping her up like if she some kind of a brilliant influence. Remember she is also one of the main reason for Pato’s downfall. You do not get involved with players that way. Pato was young and she was much older she should have known better. Ever since they hooked up things got worse with his talent and ambition.


Well said Nas , and has anyone seen our teams value on transfermarkt lately ? We have a cheap a#s squad !



Pa ibra

This is what he always does. start the transfer campaign with sweet targets like gundogan, Alves thiago silva ,banega,. keeping it slow & frustrating for the fans then 1 morning find a reason, could be any excuse, to say how those players can’t join and then confidently start suggesting flops lol as if he’s not driving people crazier.. I’d grib and shake him really well if fellaini joins.. cost too much no passing skills and sloowwwrrw


Exchange El Sha with Gervinho.


guys I read that Taraabt could be heading back to milan, although he’s out of shape, I wish he comes to milan and work-out his fitness issues, he ll be great at milan


Really exchange Gervinho WITh elsharaawy hahahahahahahah dude u have become galliani stop the stuff Ur on please


Galliani is like 95% of this blog.

Fans here ” SES is done, he didnt score a goal in 14 games where he played 15 min each”

Galliani: We dont need ses, we need boriello, fabio or nicklas bendtner .

Fans here: (im braindamaged) yes yes yes galliani transger guru. ses didnt score in 14 matches.. yes yes yes galliani transfer guru.. yes im a fan( i dont realise that galliani will bring somebody that is 10 times worse than ses) yes yes im a fan.. and yes im brainwashed.. just dont bring ses back


Like it matters what the fans say :))))


I agree with Sheva.


Milan only problem is Galliani. Football has gone far beyond his thinking. We need dedicated fresh blood in Milan management.


I too heard in the summer that El shaarawy was suffering from a drug addiction. I found it hard to believe as I really thought he was a professional that would just work and not ‘party’… I hope that rumour isn’t true but if it is I hope he does leave, also heard cristante suffered from it too that’s y he was sold. Honestly if its true it’s right milan distance themselves from him n we don’t need any forwards now that Luiz. Adriano isn’t leavingleaving.. Worry about a cm and a cb


It seems milan are going for taarabt (loan)


If El Sharaawy is a coke head, then most likely Menez is in the same situation. Just think about it, no injury return date, always a new date appears after some weeks. What kind of injury is this. + Menez likes to party and has always had a problem with his discipline outside and on the pitch.


Well we knew from last season that Menez needed surgery. Also milan haven’t randomly put him up for sale and tried to get rid of him quick as possible like El shaarawy. But who knows if El shaarawy is actually a coke head I guess anyone can be lol.


Milan didn’t put El Sha on sale either when they supposedly found out about his coke sitausion. They just said he was injured.


U all write Stephan is a cokehead but i didn’t see any suspicious articles on web about it or any photos of him partying coming out being unusual.

Where on earth u guys pulled that rumour out?


Now I read that we are after Adel Taraabt. I wonder what the transfer gurus at Milan are smoking to come up with such outlandish ideas.