Milan in talks with Roma over El Shaarawy, Cerci agrees to Genoa but Atletico’s OK is still missing

Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Adriano Galliani has confirmed El Shaarawy could be heading to Roma while there is still no green light from Spain for Cerci’s Genoa move.

El Shaarawy’s days at Monaco are numbered and he could return to Italy. However, it’s clear that the Rossoneri have no intention of keeping him in the squad and according to Galliani, tonight’s opponents Roma have expressed their interest in the former Padova man.

“There are negotiations with Roma for El Shaarawy,” he told Mediaset Premium before the start of the match. “If we were to reach an agreement with Roma, we’d have to sit around a table to find a solution.”

According to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia, there could be a meeting tonight between Galliani and Roma’s Walter Sabatini to discuss El Shaarawy. Milan would like to get €12-14m for the player and are also fine with a loan deal as long as Roma are obligated to buy him.

We spoke to our friend Andrew Gibney, creator of French Football Weekly, to see how El Shaarawy has fared at Monaco and if the reason for the fall out is the relationship with the coach.

“I haven’t seen anything in the press about Leonardo Jardim not getting on with him,” Gibney told RSB. “Played him 24 times, so he obviously didn’t hate him. Was more to do with El Shaarawy failing to produce when given the chance. No goal, no assists. Only one forward has played more minutes than SES: Carillo. He’s been cr*p too, but he has 2 goal and an assist. First couple of games El Shaarawy looked decent.

“Thought he would do well, but that faded fairly quickly. Don’t blame ASM for getting rid. Feels like he is a player that needs to be loved. Has to be all about him. Not the case at Monaco.”

Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Galliani also spoke about Alessio Cerci and his move to Genoa: “There is a deal between us and Genoa, while the player is also in agreement. We just need the all-clear from Atletico Madrid.”

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Oh look. Another deal involving Genoa.




“Thought he would do well, but that faded fairly quickly.” And this is the guy 90% of fans want back….. after failing to score or assist in the French league.


Exactly man the easiest league in the top five an one of the best talent finder coach n he still flop


cant agree more bruv!


The’ve said it all “Feels like he is a player that needs to be loved. Has to be all about him. Not the case at Monaco.” thats how to run a club,serious minded people. I remember arsenal knocking the door with cash, galliani had a meeting with him he said “i want to stay in milan and the money i earn here is enough for me”. That was when i knew this kid had no balls to go further with his career.he cant just face the challenge at another club. And for the fans asking for his come back. El… Read more »

Veer khase

Well bro i agree that el shaarawy has lost his spark at the moment.Bonaventura is way much better LW than him. But even then, what is the reason that you are expressing so much hate towards him. Let me be very clear, i am not saying to bring el shaarawy back. I am in favour of selling him for a fair sum. But he does not deserve the hate you are showing towards him. Long term injuries can hamper anyone’s career. Best example is Falcao. But it does not mean that we start spitting on players shortly after they fade… Read more »


Well I certainly don’t hate him, I just don’t get all the fans clamoring for another “hope he gets his form back” Cerci-type flop. We don’t have time mess about with has-beens, maybes, if-only’s even if they are young Italian “golden boys” with funky haircuts.


Straight up bro.


Pls dnt use that word “hate” one thing with fans like you is that you find it difficult to accept the truth. I love el sha so much and expected something big from him but he didnt live up to it. Same as robinho,mastour is gradually declining too. I dnt know…


Okay! We sale him,I am 101% sure its going to hunt us back! We bought over-hyped players from Roma and now we are selling a part of our future? Yes! Sale him! The same way you sold Aubuemeyang for few bucks!!! If you can accept Boateng back,why can’t you accept EL92 back!!!? The loan deal was a mistake in the 1st place!


And those of you dubbing him as a ‘crap’ do you think its easy for everyone to get used to a new environment on the go? El92 shine in Roma,move to FCB and win the Ballon D’or! Am at your back!


I lost hope in him becoming a champion when it became obvious that he was never going to adapt his game. he should have been willing to take on the new role Miha had for him, but no… he let the hype get to him. same goes to my favourite, Cristante, who thought he was too big to fight for a shirt in Milan only for him to be condemned to Benfica’s bench. now he’s telling us how “great” Palermo is.
humility is key!


On point udo my bro.


i dont understand the discussion. el shaa wont play for us anymore.
i like him, but he was no star and he wont be in the near future.
he had enough chances he missed.
i think more than his predictable style of play (which for example robben also has, but he cant be stopped)
he needs to be given time to become an adult.
he is a boy too much influenced by twitter and instagram.

Buitenzorg Devil

Let Cerci move out and bring back SES as replacement..