Milan receive requests for Cerci, Poli to stay, 6 teams interested in El Shaa who might not stay at Monaco


Andrea Poli is likely to stay at Milan despite the interest of other clubs while the respective futures of Cerci and Stephan El Shaarawy are unclear.

The transfer market is about to start and Milan are weighting on their options. Suso has already left and been replaced by Kevin-Prince Boateng but there could be other changes in the squad.

According to the Milan Channel, the Rossoneri have received requests for Andrea Poli but turned them down as they have no intention of selling the 26-year-old who has fallen far short of the expectations fans had for him when he arrived from Sampdoria in 2013 but is used regularly as a sub.

The official TV station of the seven-time Champions League winners also adds that there are clubs wanting to sign Alessio Cerci. Cerci is still owned by Atletico Madrid and is (at least officially) on the final six months of his two-year loan swap with Fernando Torres. It’s reported that Bologna & Genoa are interested in Cerci who was a request of Inzaghi but certainly has not lived up to his hype.


There is meanwhile a very interesting developing situation concerning Stephan El Shaarawy. il Faraone joined Monaco in the summer with a clause in his contract indicating that the French club will have to buy him from Milan once he plays 25 matches. He has so far been used in 24 games.

As reported by the MC, it’s still unclear whether Monaco will buy the player and if they decide that they don’t want him then he could leave them as early as January. Apparently 3 Serie A clubs and 3 Premier League clubs have already spoken to Milan about El Shaarawy, who hasn’t really managed to recapture the magical form he had in the first of the 12/13 season and whose career feels stuck.

Adriano Galliani is still in Brazil on vacation with his partner and will only return next week to start working on the transfer market and try to fulfill the wishes of Sinisa Mihajlovic (and Berlusconi).


  1. thanks goood thats god neeeeeews,
    let cerci gooooo 😀
    and keep el shaarawy 🙂
    then only Vitsel,
    in my opinion I will sell Poli and De Jong too and get Soriano.
    and then only Matip is left,
    Lopez in exchange for Balotelli

    perfect january transfer

    • Well if jack gets injured who do we have? We don’t have a set date when Menez will return and Niang is a striker. I’d rather have him available than have him either, A) rot on the Monaco bench or B) sell him for super cheap.

  2. Im happy for cerci to go and if he goes, we all happy
    then we can keep el shaarawy, 3 amigos back together balotelli el shaarawy and niang
    we will only need Vitsel, and Matip too buy, 30/35M for both of them
    in my opinion I will sell Poli and De Jong too, and let Mexes and Zapata go or try to sell them and get Soriano
    exchange Lopez for Balotelli
    that will be the perfect transfer window for AC MILAN

    • Sounds great I would love milan to sell poli and replace him with Soriano, personally if I was galliani I would try and put that in the same deal maybe 4-6m and poli for Soriano.
      Then sell either mexes or zapata preferably Zapata because mexes isnt retarded when he’s calm.
      Then we take back el shawarrey because I’m sure he could be used in this formation allowing bona to push back and be more of an insitgator in the middle.
      If we could get witsel that would be sweet but I don’t expect it. We would have bona, motolivo, Soriano, witsel and berto as rotatable mids. The only problem this causes is what to do with Kucka as de Jong should be sold.
      Also I would love to see little Gigi squash any rumours of a Man U exit, because it’s annoying to hear it all the time when you are keeping track of milan.
      Although we would have a few mids it must be understood bonaventura could rotate with Stefan so we would really only have 1 of these players benched if they are in bad form or their is an injury.

  3. I was just coming on to comment about El Shaa then i saw this article. Poli staying is fine by me he is a great squad player who always gives his all.
    But how about this Cerci leaves and El shaa comes back and takes the right side in midfield? With bona on the left and el shaa on the right with his pace, it would be awesome. I was hoping for something like this to happen, i hope he comes back, maybe this will be a blessing in disguise. The rumoured italian clubs are Roma and Juventus, the third is probably genoa i’m guessing… We cant let him go to another top team in italy, we have to hold on to him!

    • I’m thinking the same thing for some time now but the problem is he likes to cut inside with his right leg and doesn’t really use his left, he would need to convert into a winger but Mihajlovic didn’t even want to try him as an SS in the start so why would he want to try him as a RM… He should stay anyway he could be useful as a backup to Jack where they have no real alternatives or try to ocuppy a striking position when needed

  4. I want a new cb with romagnoli and 1 or 2 new midfielders and balo to switch with lopez and thats all. I hate inter so much we have to beat them next month. They really do have good players to be honest but we need a good transfer i hate them soo much

  5. It seems like Milan sees El Shaarawy just as that 15mil Monaco was willing to pay up, otherway they would consider bringing him back. He clearly is better than Cerci. But he was unwilling to adabt for another position eralier.

    Ofcourse Bonaventura could play in the central midefield or on the right, as he is more versatile, so El Shaarawy could be slotted on the left flank. But I don’t think that Miha would take Bona out of the left wing, seeing how good he has been.

  6. If the management won’t be taking El Sharawwy back because they can’t guarantee him game time, which is the reason he left in the first place, it would be a crime selling him to any club at all in the Serie A. El Sharawwy would do well in the EPL suits his game perfectly. And why do I have a feeling Cerci would explode again when he leaves Milan, some players just don’t thrive in big name teams.

  7. Comment:vazquez,soriano,beraldi,elshaar,nico lopez,marqinhos and saponara for cerci,nocerino,dejong,zapata,mexes,honda,adriano and menez

  8. It will be good if poli stays. The following players should depart:
    nocerino,de jong, zapata, mexes,mauri(on loan), ely(on loan),lopez(he is class but donnarumma is doing fine).

    If el shaarawy returns(&not loaned to other team), then we need just two signings
    1. Midfielder(either banega, witsel,soriano)
    2. defender(caceres, markismovic or zouma)

  9. El shaa on the RM, buy Witsel and Banega and we will finish in the top 3 or at least top 5 for sure…

    ————- Donnarumma
    DeSc/Calabria – Romagnoli – Alex – Antonelli
    Menez/El Shaa – Witsel – Banega – Bonaventura
    ——— Bacca/Balo – Niang/Adriano

    I think that this is good squad, I just hope we get ElShaa back, we need pace in our team, and also I hope Witsel AND Banega will come.. Or for gods sake at least one of them…
    With cms to choose of Witsel, Banega, Monty and Bertolacci we could finally have creative midfield… And hardworkers Boateng, Kucka and Poli.. Our midfield could be set…

    Fingers crossed

    • we don’t need 8 midfielders when we’re playing 2 in our formation. Boateng, Bertolacci, Poli, Witsel and one more high profile player would be enough. SES on left and Bonaventura on the right as Balo and SES had connection and might become really deadly combo also Bona can play on both sides where as SES couldn’t do much when he wasn’t playing in his favorite position. Witsel would bring a lot of stability and i kinda thing Bertolacci could make buying that other high profile midfielder unnecessary. In that case leave Kucka. we need CBs. Alex is out in summer, Mexes and Zapata are useless. we need 1 strong experienced player like Caceres or Gilk and a great CB to partner up with Romagnoli like De Vrij, Hummels, Varane, Laporte, Subotic, Sokratis…

  10. I really dont understand why we are still talking about elsha, he did well only half season with us and cant even score 1 league goal with monaco. Lets sell him to a pl club and move on.

    • Agree on first part, but placing him as LM or RM would give us pace benefit in midfield which we need… He always brought life to a game when he played for us..

  11. Sell Luiz Adriano Cerci Nocerino De Jong bring in Candreva like rumoured and try to bring Vazquez now and Diawara from Bologna

  12. So Jackson Martinez rejects Milan, moves to Athletico Madrid, we go for Carlos Bacca and he is gradually finding his feet in Serie A and now these same A. Madrid after seeing to it that JM is worthless to them are now interested in CB. We shall see

  13. Can anyone tell me anything on Diawara from Bologna, I hear he is a talent and a lot of clubs are after him but what type of a midfielder is he? b2b? Defensive? Offensive? Thank you

  14. How is Milan even considering selling Adriano. He bring tons of energy off the bench is a good striker in general and is the biggest and pretty much only aerial threat we have in the striking position. He’s done well coming off the bench and scored some important goals. A real handful for tired defenders

  15. I’m with Pelle80 on SES. He’s done jack at Monaco and yet everyone on here’s still crying over him. His scampering style managed to bamboozle defenders in his first year but now that everyone knows what he’s going to do he’s more or less redundant. Let’s just face it — he’s a #1 flop, along with Cerci and both should go packing asap.

  16. Please sell mexes and zapata and add ivanovic, sell cerci keep el sharaawy and also try to get gundoga instead of witsel

  17. Before you all start talking about FIFA game and so on you should know that I’m not in to games with PS3,4 or X-BOX or any thing like that.
    I love the real game, and this team I have put up here is jut what I do when I have free time to search the web for young football players.
    This is a team for Milans name, the future. A team who is balanced with talents, fast player, strength and power in each individual. This is a team with big names to come for les money compering to big names with big pockets!!! WITSEL exet…
    Than we have the youth sector to improve and develop, when ever there is a promise on our youth than he aggregates to the first team. Loan all the high future prospect and we wait and see who can make it back on the first squad.

    I hope Milan gets 1 of this players.

    1 G-Donnarumma
    2 G-Gabriel
    3 G-Abbiati

    4 RB-Andy Najar
    5 RB-Calabria
    6 CB-Mammana
    7 CB-Romagnioli
    8 CB-Paleta
    9 CB-Toneli
    10 LB-Vangioni
    11 LB-Antonelli

12 DM-Tielemans
    13 DM-Diawara
    14 DM-Marten de Roon
    15 M-Sensi
    16 M-Bertolacci
    17 M-Lucas Lima
    18 M-Boschilia
    19 M-De Arrascaeta
    20 M-Kucka

    21 AM-Menes
    22 LW-Bonaventura
    23 RW-Mahrez
    24 S-Niang
    25 S-Bacca
    26 S-Balotelli

  18. I do not know why people have not suggested yet, but we could actually sign Juan Mata this January. Van Gaal misuses him on the wings and if he gets fired and Mourinho comes in, he is sure to sell Mata in the beginning itself.. Now if Mourinho takes over united, he will never sell Mata to a PL rival after the Cech blunder. Real and Barca will have no space for him. Same at Bayern who uses wingers and PSG who already has Pastore, Di Maria and Lucas Moura. So if we move for him, we have competition only from other serie a clubs. We can play him as the support striker role which Niang plays now, he will provide assists for Bacca like hell. He has struggled on the wings like Honda at Milan due to lack of pace but he is a world class creative genius.
    PS- I would like us to look at Hakim Ziyech of Twente who has been brilliant in eredevise despite the club struggling. He has some 10 goals and 5 assists, only 22, costs only 10 million due to twente’s financial problems, is two footed and can play as SS, CAM, LW and RW

  19. Mexas better than Alex!… Poli should stay hoos as sub no one better than him in the bench, nocerino should go…. Soriano is an attacker we hav too many already Boateng menez Jack honda cerci niang bacca andrino… We need solid defensive midfinder who is very mobile and versitile

  20. Y won’t it happen…. he requested a transfer Madrid will only let him go on loan so what’s the problem. Juventus just bid 35m for him we can get anyone but the management hahahahhaa yeah that’s y we r stuck with Honda aye YEAHHHH Honda gtfoh please

  21. If we could make the loan deal with Real Madrid for Isco, it will be one of the best thing latley. If we could loan Isco we would be serious in raceing for the Scudetto. Galliani has a great relationship with Fiorentino Perez so there is still a possibilty even tough it´s a small one. You are going to tell me to stop dreaming, but honestly we need to demand one big name player to change our game. Otherwise we will end up same way as last season. And why not give Fabregas a chance to sign also while he is having problems at Chelsea and needs to come to a club where he is the star, Milan is the right destination for him. We should get loose of some of the players that we are not in need of, for example Mexes, Poli, Cerci and Monti etc. Keep Alex and let him and Romagnoli control the defense along with Antonelli and Abate/Calabria. Then for next season sign a really good CB with good potential like Matip. Honestly this would do us great, this is the steps that we shall take to become the great and succsesful club AC Milan once were. #Forzamilan



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