Berlusconi: “Palermo? Good performance, Zlatan? Getting old, Kondogbia? A wise move”

Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Silvio Berlusconi continued his trend of controversial comments by stating he was glad that Milan got Mario Balotelli instead of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The President reflected on the victory on Saturday night, and discussed the aims for the season ahead. He also went on to comment on Geoffrey Kondogbia, a well documented Milan target who was eventually lost to rivals Inter.

Speaking after the 3-2 win against Palermo, Berlusconi said the following:

“I liked the team’s performance and I saw a match played with incredible sporting aggression. I struggle to recall seeing such a strong pressing game like the one adopted by Palermo.”

“We need to keep the ball away from our opponents, it’s something that can be worked on in training, I would like to see it with my Milan, but I’ve never been able to.” 

Slightly critical words from Berlusconi, but also very complimentary towards Palermo, who made life very difficult for the Rossoneri throughout.

“The team has been put together to compete at the top end of the table. We are missing some key players, but I saw the midfielders play well tonight. Riccardo Montolivo passed the ball around in an Andrea Pirlo style, so I am really happy.”

“The match versus Inter could have finished with another result, we could have won the match. I can see the hand of Mihajlovic with how the team are doing, from their determination to the changing room atmosphere.” 

Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images
Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Speaking on Carlos Bacca, who scored two goals in the game that essentially won it for Milan:

“I find it hard to compare Carlos Bacca with other players we’ve had in the past. He has a great eye for goal, is deeply religious, very professional, I like him a lot.”

“It was a wise move not to by Kondogbia at those figures. The starting point for the negotiation was half what Inter eventually paid.”

Typically open about his dealings, Berlusconi clearly hasn’t forgotten losing out on Kondogbia, and as usual was quick to dismiss that the wrong decision was made.

The President then made comments about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and again appeared to show a U-turn on his previous stance, distancing himself from a future move for the Swede.

“Ibra wanted to come to us, but PSG wouldn’t let him go,” he stated, confirming the rumours that were well documented at the time.

Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images
Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

“Oh well, we’ve got Balotelli now and he’s younger. Ibra, like me, is getting old,” Berlusconi joked, but there was an undertone of bitterness about his comments it must be said.

“Balotelli didn’t get a pass wrong tonight and God willing he really has changed, he appears to be more serious and pensive. He made a series of runs and passes, linking up with the other players. I hope he can keep this going in the future. I talk with him on the phone from time to time and he seems calm, I think he has reached the maturity stage in a player’s career.”

It may be in response to Zlatan’s comments to French media in which he described Milan as “desperate”. The former Milan star admitted there was interest from the beginning, but that he and his family feel settled at Paris and that the team at PSG is one he feels good about. “I have been resting up, I enjoyed the hold, but I know that Milan were a bit desperate.”

It is a comment that could be seen as disrespectful, however it is tough to imagine that a new assault won’t be made on Zlatan in the summer.

Either way, for the time being it appears Milan have acquired a rejuvenated Mario Balotelli who is willing to prove himself again.

Things didn’t work out for the Italian at Liverpool, however now he is back with his boyhood club there is a feeling of optimism around the forward, and he will be keen to repay the faith put in him by the President.

Article by Oliver Fisher

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I guess buying Bertolacci for 20mil instead of Kondogbia makes sense to Berlusconi.

Manga la Figa

Berlesconi the crook, can’t get his meat hooks into ibra and he’s slamming him as too old. Pretty low even for Silvio. He’s an embarrassment to every Rossonero


well… Kondogbia for 35+m is overpaid, but so is Bertolacci for 20m… But also, after seeing suprisingly good Kucka, he is underpaid for 3m…

But who knows, maybe Bertolacci becomes better with time, when he gets in form??

Anyhow… for now we need at least one great buy for midfield, somehow I think Veratti would solve all of our problems… I know it is kinda unreal transfer, but that is what we need… top quality!


@rosso- 138 i remember you were one hell of a basher when we signed Kuco, look how well he’s been playing now.. Let’s hope it works out the same way for Bertolacci and Jose Mauri, maybe we wont be needing Veratti when that time comes.

Manga la Figa

Kondogbia is not overpriced when you consider what he did previously. 35 mili is right there. That’s the market now days. Get with the program.
Stop dreaming about Veratti. We need to be in contention of a CL championship in order to secure that kid as well as top notch team. Chances are he’ll never come to our team.
Kucka has been good so far but we’ll see. I doubt he’s gonna be a great talent but he’s a great role player.


Yes missing out on Kongdogbia was huge as he his an enormous talent. But I’m going to put it out here and say Kuco has played better than Kondogbia so far this year!


The whole point of Berto was: 1. ITALIAN 2. YOUNG 3. LEFT FOOT 4. POTENTIAL. IT MADE PEERFECT sense to pay 20mil for him. How da f uck else are you going to get him from a rival? U know how much we paid for Nesta? At that time, no defender worth that much. BECAUSE IT WAS LAZIO therefore that much, but hey it worked out didnt it ? Berto is a perfect buy for us. Stop complaining.


If you think berto is a perfect buy, they you also like poli and bonaventura right? I dont think u were a milan fan when we had seedorf kaka pirlo etc.


Anyone with eyes could see what Nesta would become.

ACMilanSince 69

Nesta was a star before he came to Milan.


I DIDNT SAY HE WASNT? I said we paid ashitloads of money for him, also because LAZIO WANNA GET AS MUCH FROM SELLING ONE OF THEIR BEST PLAYER TO THEIR RIVAL? do you think that makes sense in your football-manager-in-your-mom-basement head? Lets say, inter wanna buy el sha, and they are only matching the 20mil monaco or whoever. ARE YOU GOING TO SELL HIM TO INTER OR MONACO? ONLY INTER HAVING A substantial raise would interest us. ROMA selling berto for 20mil is fucking common sense. why da fuck didnt mourinho sell De byuren to city in the first place?… Read more »


and we got him. i guess milan had eyes back then. whats your point with Berto?


Nesta was already a proven class player, starter for a Azzurri side much stronger than any other team there is right now, plus he was captain at the age of 20 for Lazio who was historically one of the strongest they’ve had.
I see what you’re getting at, but to compare the Bertolacci transfer with Nesta is just WRONG. Sorry mate.


its a point about selling a home grown unique player to a rival. get your head out of your arse mate.

Pa ibra

every player has a right price determined by your standard , regardless home grown or non home grown transferring to a rival. nesta’s price was right and didn’t need 5 matches to justify it. bertolacci is the same level as bonaventura and soriano they should cost 8-12m, not 20. don’t do this nesta-bertolacci example again!

Manga la Figa

Nesta was the captain of Lazio at 24. You think they’d make him captain for the hell of it? He and Baresi are the best at their position that ever played.
Milan those days had money, ambition and clout to basically get any player they wanted. Not only we took their best player, we paid them in installments as well.


Naah its not. It was a poorly chosen example there “mate”, you’re making a fool of yourself, lol.


i just don’t get it. If you Milan fans, why are you keep being sarcastic


Nesta was world class, never ever compare him with Bertolacci


once again, its about comparing their 1. Nationality 2. unique talent( NEsta: god. Berto: left-footed midfield) 3. Young, at least 10 good yeaers ahead. 4. purchased from a rival.


Some of u guys should stop crying a river on the price of berto. The whole of Italy were reluctant to pay 13 mil for verrati because he was young, inexperienced blablabla. Now he cost probably 5 times more. Berto was very good for Genoa because he played in his preferred position- cm or cam. When he is back from injury I hope miha benches Honda and put him where he can play to his potential

Duru Uche

Comment:juust let the young lad be for christ, just give him sometime he will perform. Forza bertolacci

ACMilanSince 69

We don’t need Zlatan. He is too old and will be even older next year. Raiola used Milan’s interest to try to get more money from the Arab owners of PSG. The problem with Balotelli is that we only have him for one year.


Same agent, no problem, they will work things out


bertolacci needs time. he will come good just wait and see
Patience guys patience


And his price will rise by far over these 20 million, how it did like in many other cases in the past.


Bertolacci – Montolivo – Kucka should play in a mid of three with Jack behind strikers. Seen as Honda does a lot more in defence maybe he should play instead of Bertolacci in midfield. Seeing Milan works better with regista such as Monty in front of defence, Milan needs alternative to this position, i love De Jong but he has totally different caharacteristics. To sum up Jack is our trequartista for sure and Milan needs another regista to replace Monty. They have enough of battlin wood in Kucka, Poli, Nocerino and Mauri, they need creativity. A proper leftback as an… Read more »


Idk why you guys are complaining so much after only 5 matches from berto. For gods sake the kids 21 or something like that. Give him AT LEAST a years before you call his 20 mill price a waste


He’s actually 24.
You’re are acting like he’s a teenager and still has tons of potential.

Wise Move??

Hey Berlu, when you try to sell me an idea, have it make sense…not getting kondogbia for 40 mil is a wise move??? have you seen him play? have you seen his skills? have you seen his ability? have you seen his potential? did they tell you how young he is? did they tell how big of a star he can be? did they tell you that he might be worth double that number in a few years? I understand that they don’t want to admit defeat to Inter for not getting him, but dude, don’t come saying this cheesy… Read more »


Berto will grow better and let wait and see what happen in Udinese match. Forza Milano


And I just got a nice idea….if by any means monty is injured….honda actually has all †ђξ characteristics to play register….is someone on my page???

Ebrima bah

Some fans they don’t understand Bertolacci need time