Milan reportedly resume contacts for Soriano but the Milan Channel denies a meeting will take place

TURIN, ITALY - MARCH 31: Roberto Soriano of Italy #8 in action during the international friendly match between Italy and England at the Juventus Arena on March 31, 2015 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Roberto Soriano during the international friendly match between Italy and England at the Juventus Arena on March 31, 2015. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Some sources report that Roberto Soriano is again in the mind of Milan after Moutinho and Illarramendi have been taken off the table while others suggest that talks have stopped.

Milan are looking to sign a midfielder and while last night it was reported that the Rossoneri have decided to stop pursuing Roberto Soriano (and Axel Witsel), but Sky Italia reported this evening that they are back for the player.

The ‘new targets’ according to the press yesterday were Moutinho and Illarramendi but the Spaniard has officially joined Real Sociedad today while the Monaco man is injured until October which has reportedly made Milan decide to not initiate talks.

Gianluca Di Marzio wrote on his website that between tomorrow and Friday there will be a meeting between Milan and Sampdoria to talk about Soriano.

The two sides met at the end of last week and didn’t come close to an agreement but Sinisa Mihajlovic remains hopeful that he can once again work with the 24-year-old midfielder who grew up in Bayern’s youth sector.

Milan’s offer was Soriano was €10 million plus the loan of Antonio Nocerino whose contract expires next year anyways. However, according to the Milan Channel there will be no meeting this week and talks for Soriano, who has 4 caps for the Italian national team, are currently stopped.

Meanwhile, Galliani has confirmed that Gabriel Paletta will join Atalanta tomorrow. It’s a loan deal and Atalanta have no buy-out option. Michael Agazzi has joined Middlesbrough.

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Man i want a world class mid


My apologies, Miha is stuck on his level, what do you expect? He’s going to be wanting great players from mid table teams, just like Moyes…. and we all know what happened to Moyes after one season.

United Italian

you’re partially right. Moyes did pick out good players from mediocre teams (fellaini for example, who is now one of united’s best midfielders by the way) but it was his style of play that got him axed, not his choice in signings. United is united and they still had powerhouses like Mata, Rooney, Carrick, and the then powerful Vidic+Ferdinand combo. It was Moyes’ style of slowing down play, along with so many other factors that was his undoing. Not his signings. One signing we really need right now is to re-sign Bonera. We’ve gone on long enough enough without our… Read more »


I only trust ancelotti in “wanting players” Allegri brougt matri! what a fail Seedorf brought Essien, a total fail Inzaghi brougt cerci total fail now miha want this guy. we need leonardo back to sign player for us! Letting galliani and his choice of coach decide players havnt worked out very well. Also, guys… galliani have dont it AGIAN. we are linked with alex song. Another destroyer, as we dont have enough of them. Allegri put a cancer on our midfield and on gallianis brain to only sign detroyers in midfield. its like its a SIN to have a creative… Read more »


Song’s as good range is petty good actually but I get what you mean.
Carlitto wanted Eto’o and got Ronaldihno.


you got suso but it seems miha wants to by pass him and play bonaventura not saying hes bad or anything but try something or let one of the youth players get a crack at the creative mid department, letting palleta go on loan wasnt a good idea i like Zapata despite what people think to me he is better than mexes on the defensive part mexes thinks hes an attacking player stuck in a defenders body….. so having an alternative to ely and romag would be paletta in the event zapata is deployed or injured sigh forza milan


Get witsel


Witsel is overrated! Lets go poach a player from Santos! I cast my vote for a Lucas Lima and i trust the thumb down experts will do what they are best known for. I would be watching!!!!


Over rated huh?….. Ok, lets go ahead n let chelsea/arsenal or juventus sign him and milan continue to end with mediocre


So paletta is gone??Im under impression that this news somehow went under the radar… strange


What i dont understand is why milan wants to keep buying italian. It is obvious that a very few players of italy are good at the moment while the rest are only above average. Montolivo, abate and Bonaventura are above average at best, , de sciglio and romanogli have got potential to be good, while nocerino, poli and matri are below average. Only antonelli is so far is proving to be good. Bertolacchi is at the moment up in the air, but if milan has paid 20m for him, i havent so far seen why they paid so much for… Read more »


Most of our signings are gallianis fualt, but berlusconi isnt innocent. Its berlusconis all-italian project that make gallianis sign crapy italians just because they are italian.

El- sharaawy didnt want to leave, he took that decision when he realised he wasnt wanted anymore.

Im 100% SURE that berlusconi wanted SES to leave partly because of his haircut. I promise you that, it sounds bisare, but im very positive.


hahahaha @Sheva you got me laughing there! What does his haircut have to do with it? Niang and Balo also had the same style back then and they were even dubbed the Mohawk trio! All three took a photo together.

Uncle fester and Mr Bunga are not ready yet to put Milan together yet, they still want to gamble and see what they can take away this season. If we miss another CL season i can promise you Ancelloti will be back and the real deal would begin.

Home2j milan

milan is making slow in our midfild signing galliani is to blame, he have sign a creative midfilder first before signig bartollaci we need wistel and gundogan in our midfild before our midfild will be solid our opening game angaist fiorentina the caoch said after the match that we lost in midfild so galliani stop stingy and spend in midfild.


Paletta leaving?? Hahah OKAY. I thought we for once would have a mercato to be proud of. Inzaghi didnt get a a lot of things right, but he sure got it right wanting Paletta to join.
And its a loan without buy-out-Clause it makes no sense!!
We started so good, but its all going downhill. Normally its now where the magic happens for us..


Bertolacci and Soriano are nothing more than a new Poli and Bonaventura, midtable players

But on another note Mihajlovic loves compact midfield with no creativity so we’ll just have to put on with this Allegri 2.0 Milan squad


Bertolacci? He has played in what 5 games for milan? And his career has been decided? Good to know, better not purchase any more young players then.

Duru Uche

Comment:make know sense at all

Guy B

I’m getting really anoyed by all the comments about whats bad about Milan. Espaccially from people who were talking after pre season as if we’ve already won serie a now sayin that our team is shit. One match can change a point of view fast I guess? Miha = allegri 2.0? Let me break this down real quick. Allegri didn’t do a bad job, imo the only mistake he made was to sign matri for 15 mil. As far as I could see, the last season allegri was coach, milan already was in downfall and I think not any other… Read more »


“Allegri didn’t do a bad job, imo the only mistake he made was to sign matri for 15 mil.” Are you kidding?


When I said soriano was the next poli I got a thumbs down so negative this that n now u all agree he is nothing more than that hahahha people on here make me laugh man yeah well good luck to Milan cause they r going nowhere if they don’t sign any quality mids but hey whatever u all no what ur talking about right


Please all you Rossoneri out there, commenting on this blog, complaining about our “senseless” mercato, wait until Monday and then we all will see what Berlusconis, Gallianis and Mihajlovics plan was really about.
In my unnecessary opinion it will turn out to be really awesome. Well, it could also become very disillusioning (then you can slap me like i will do with myself). But for now, just stay calm and show some faith in this management, which brought us so many extraordinary talents and enjoyable stars over the decades. Believe me, finally the poor days of Milan are over.


I think Milan is missing a key player in the midfield who can connect the defenders with the attackers. And I also think that, even though we managed to get some good players in the team, we are still missing a player like Pirlo. We need a player who can change the momentum of the game. And in today’s football world, good players are rare and overpriced. We can’t compete with rich teams to buy hidden gems and rising stars. Instead, we should focus on creating those kind of players. We need to bring out the best of the players… Read more »

angry birds

This is madness..
We quality fw, bacca àdriano menez balo niang

But we dont have quality midfielder???
Bertollaci for 20m because he is italian lol!!!
We should admit it, that we really need quality midfield even just 1!
Pogba cant be grow up without quality midfield like vidal pirlo marchisio.. So it happens to player like mauri


Berlusconi wants Italian milan. That right there should tell u they have no clue what there doing. Bunch of amateurs in a new football world the only one that has adapted over years is fergy mou Carlo as coaches cause they r winners complete control over funds n players coming in but Milan will never have that berlu n gallaini in charge of what ruining Milan


As for me, its very simple n straight forward. My president as bought himself a car (great attackers) but no car will survive without engine oil (creative midfielder) and also without brake oil (tough tackling midfielder). So Mr president just needs to make this sacrifice to enable him enjoy his brand new Ferrari. A good brake pad without oil becomes useless. Funny but fact


I think Berlusconi would like this metaphor.

General Gennaro Ivan Gattuso

Very true


Dont know the feller and not comfortable with him but think Mihajlovic must’ve seen something interesting in him and IMO will be unfair to denny him his choice of solution.

Pato man

Miha shld go for isco and quintero of porto dis are players dat can fill in our pls galliani pls get one of dis playes den milan is a tittle contender.

Dee Dee

just read a report now that milan is still in contact with wistel, i hope they reach to positive conclusion on time…… we need this midfielder so badly

Dee Dee

Italian giants AC Milan are willing to spend €30 million (£22m) on Zenit St. Petersburg midfielder Axel Witsel, beating out Premier League giants in Manchester United and Chelsea to Belgian’s signature, according to the Express.

i hope this is tru……..


Sissocko of Newcastle pls

angry birds

The new reports said alex song is milan new target


B&G should consider ANDER HERERA of Man United


Milan must buy Witsel, otherwise consider thr activities in the market as total failure. Especially if he ends up as is likely in Juve. It is so disgusting how Galliani will buy Bertolacci for 20m and can’t up to 30 for axel. Soriano will make no impact on this team. Witsel is the only realistic possibility to up our game now but am afraid we shall be facing another season behind 5teams in Italy. Buy Witsel or face imminent failure that Soriano cannot avert

il magnifico

Comment:Milan should try hard to sign Witsel and maybe Quintero frm Porto.We having a gr8 season will depend largely on d quality of players present in our midfield.De Jong is d only milan midfielder I hav full trust and confidence in.Mayb el capitano Montolivo will be bk to his old self wen he returns to full fitness bt until den,we nid to get good solid midfielders in order to be able to compete with oda teams in d league.A 4-3-1-2 set up requires a very fast,agile and dexterous midfield and d likes of Bonaventura,Mauri,Bertalocci aren’t in dat klas.Mayb d likes… Read more »