Miha: “I’ll play the best Milan XI possible vs. Perugia, I’m not afraid to exchange ideas with Berlusconi”


Mihajlovic doesn’t underestimate Milan’s CI opponents tomorrow as he reveals that Alessio Romagnoli and Rodrigo Ely will start in defense together and that Jeremy Menez is back and could get first minutes.

Pre-season is over and the season of Milan officially kicks off tomorrow (Monday) at Stadio San Siro as they take on Perugia Calcio at 21:00 CET and Mihajlovic spoke to the press today before the training session at the stadium.

“The new season begins tomorrow,” Sinisa said. “It’s not just important to give a good performance, but also get the result and as Boniperti once said – the only thing that counts is winning. We will try and do this with every match this season and also by playing good football because this is part of Milan’s DNA.

I can’t promise tricks and flair, but rather a side that is hungry to win and that makes as few mistakes as possible. The Coppa Italia is an important trophy and we want to do well and we want to win it. For this reason also I will play the best Milan side possible against Perugia. I don’t want to disrespect Perugia.

“There are no weak or strong opponents, only opponents for us to beat. We in every match have to play as if it were a final; this has to be our mentality. Difficulties? There are always difficulties in every match, there are no easy matches. However, we’re Milan and not just versus Perugia but against every team we face we have to get used to being labeled as the favorites. We must take to the pitch with the right mentality and that is all down to us. With all due respect to Perugia, who we know are a good side and that have a coach that I like and it will be a battle, but if we play as we know how we can get the victory.


“Every match is difficult and unique, but with all due respect for Perugia, we are the stronger side. We’re the favorites and so we must take to the pitch and win. We’ve been working together for a month and a half and there have been lots of changes. We’re in a good position and tomorrow we will see.

“Ely and Romagnoli will start in the heart of the defence tomorrow. Menez has been called up for the match, I hope to give him 20-30 minutes. He’s a bit behind in terms of match fitness, but that is normal. Leaders? I think that every player has to be a leader. There are players naturally with more charisma than others, but Milan have the players with the necessary charisma to make themselves heard.

“I also think that the coach has to be a leader and make himself heard. President Berlusconi? I speak with the President and I am not afraid to exchange ideas with him and I have respect for everyone’s role. He follows closely his Milan and we often speak on the telephone. CEO Galliani is also very close to me.

“If I’m satisfied? So far yes I am pleased. We have been working for a month and a half, lots of things have changed, we have started to see progress, organization, but we cannot be compared to teams that have been playing together for 2 or 3 years. We’re at a good point. We’re training here today at the San Siro because we’re playing here tomorrow and I wanted to check out the pitch.

“The transfer market? I only speak about this with the club directors. Roberto Soriano? I don’t want to talk about players that aren’t in my squad. I know him well, but I can only speak about my players.”

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He is charismatic
Now let’s win tomorrow!!


Well-spiken miha. Hope Ely – Romagnoli will continue being our defender duo for years to come. Forza milan!


agree, he said he will put strongest 11..
So Lopez, Abate and Antonelli are also in def…
in attack we will have Bacca, Adriano.. and midfield.. well.. de jong is in for sure… honda probably too… and other tw could be bertolacci and jack/poli
———— Lopez
Bertolacci-De Jong-Jack/Poli
—Honda/Suso/(20-30m Menez)
—– Adriano — Bacca

i would love if we had someone like Kova/Isco/De Bruyne for CAM… I dont get it, why dont we go for Draxler??
and CM who can supply attack with long balls is very much needed..


Our best defenders playing together. They are our future


I like a coach with courage who trusts excellence of young players than below par experience of grannies, and that was inzaghis greatest fear. Hope Ely and allessio can stand their ground tomorrow and I bet they will be our first choice for years. Regardless of the outcome, we need creative mids in our team and that’s y miha can’t promise flair


im glad hes playing those 2 in the heart of the defence and not what i saw in an article where mexes would have played with romag thank you lord because the strongest milan now should not include players like mexes, alex, montolivo, zaccardo, matri and a few others no offence to those i already called but seriously a young and fast backline is the way to go i hope everyone do their best and start winning if not destroying teams in not only the CI but Serie A as well


Young & Fast? maybe for your sons youth league…Positioning and ability to read the game while working as a unit are more important than speed. The only “breakaway” goal I recall from last year was when Inzaghi tried to high press Juventus and Tevez snaked a questionable offside goal.

bad guy

milan should sign Yarmalenko or Isco, because milan really needs creativity,monty sucks!!!


These 2 youngmen have not been playing together and i expect to see some mistakes tomorrow but i hope we are covered still and hopefully they play more together. That is the only way forward and them all the best.


I think, if zapata available to play, zapata is stronger than ely.
And talk about transfers.
Milan still need one talented player in the middle like witsel and isco also Kovacic (but now he close to madrid).
And since we have abate and de sciglio as DR (+ youngster calabria), we need more DL to rotate with antoneli, if possible i hope milan pull talented player like J.L.Gaya from valencia, but Fabio coentrao, guilherme siqueira, alex sandro, or maybe digne and davide santon is good enough to sign.


we have Calabria, Antonelli, MDS and Abate. why do we need 5 fullbacks? i’m satisfied with these guys: 2 young talents and 2 experienced players. CB is kinda problematic. Ely and Romagnoli are only CBs that are good. Mexes has his moments but rarely, Alex, Paletta and Zapata will most likely leave. we need a CB. next year hope we’ll get Abdennour, Hummels, someone of their caliber. Midfield is also need 2 players: CAM and a CM, CM would be preferable a tough, Gattuso like player some one like Witsel. and creative CAM. i like Honda but in my opinion… Read more »


Correct it just because calabria isn’t in my plan for this year. So i said we just have 3 fullback now. CB. Of course next year wouldbe the time to pull Thiago silva back or sign another strong cb when alex+mexes 34 years old (time to be let them go or time to them to be last backup when we need). So this season Romagnoli + Zapata/ mexes/ ely/ alex/ palleta (he should be leave) is good enough. CAM/AMF we have 3 players rite now, if coach Miha doesn’t want honda in the first place, then he can go with… Read more »


Serie A This season.


Jack for CAM???? oh good this average atalanta midfielder is going to provide our strikers with service, god help us.

Why dont we put poli as CAM


Hhe. Just my opinion, jack better play as CAM than CM. But another opinion, to be CAM in Milan now suso<jack<honda<(Pastore/Isco).
Yeah, i think honda still the best CAM that we have rite now. But, if honda/suso leave, best player to replace him with good enough possibility to sign is Pastore and Isco.
Sorry coach miha, now i dont think soriano will be the right choice to sign.


Your plan????? Are you the coach????
Well thanks god you are not the coach


Hhe. Yes you should. Because if i’m the coach, i’ll not talk about witsel if we have 25-35m€ to spend. It will be real milanisti on PSG to pull in on this week. Yes, The Fantasista, JAVIER PASTORE. (Since Di Maria take his place on PSG).


Ac Milan now
———–De Jong/Jose Mauri—————

Yes, correct answer, we need more DL and CMF.

Forza Milan.


could you explain DL and CMF, first time hearing about those positions.


Defender Left, CentralMidFielder.


well CMF must be center midefielder but the DL is a misteri.


Ok. Then we go with LB. Or Fullback. Hhe.


Left back should be benjamin mendy, CM witsel, and striker ibra..
Then we will fine.


Whoa, nice option my friend, benjamin mendy, young, fast, good crosser, have amazing determination for LB when he attacking, strong and hard worker.
When his dribble, marking, and tackling is good enough for now, he can develop to be the one of the best LB 3years later.
But still dont know marseille want to sell him right now. And if marseille want to sell him 20m€, i think mr.galliani must go to the bank and fly to marseille ASAP.


Comment:I like miha’s plan for tomorrow’s game n i the guys produce a good result. forza Milan


Comment: I like miha’s formation

Sir bright

They should try nd win that match cos am gonna place huge bet on them….probably 1st half wining or handicap


If I were to judge miha on just his attitude, I’d give him a 10/10. Even if he isn’t the best coach in the world, he is exactly the kind of coach we needed in a transitional period. Someone to give the lads a kick in the backside and bring back that grit and determination.


So what u all r saying go buy witsel for 30mil. Isco for 40 mil. Sell honda 10. Matri 5. Zapata 5. Zaccardo free. Nocerino 5. Right. All we pay is like 55 mil max we’ll that doesn’t sound to bad. I can agree with that


Isco, draxler, gundogan or even nasri, these are the types of players we need. Witsel would be a great signing. But is he worth 40 million? I don’t think I can say yes to that…


Witsel is 30 max. Isco yes I would definitely pay that right now 40 mil for an awesome attacking midfielder. The next kaka


You no what player i hate watching forreal poli i swear just cuz he trains hard means he plays bro do any of u guys literlly sit there and watch susu how he plays u guys dont understand hes amazing no joke im mot lien hes great but idk why he cant play i really dont. Hes very good fr and u no what makes me mad mastour how hes idk were pogba started with juvi at like 17 look what shape hes in now u no why cuz they gave him play time all these guys do is sit… Read more »


I think tonight we should give Suso a starter with bacca and Adriano. I hoped to see Suso behind 70and9 in preseason, that not happened. I think that could work nice out! They speak almost same language too.
Honda is better defense but really stinks upfront for the most of the time. I don’t think Honda can’t create the same as Suso.
My best 11
Abate romangoli ely antonelli
Bonaventura de Jong bertolacci
Luiz Adriano Bacca

cuore rosso

Omg I loved this:

“There are no weak or strong opponents, only opponents for us to beat”


Take out Suso n put menez there can’t wait to see him play there definitely be better than honda


I don’t mind Menez there. I just worry that with the Euros next year he may try and show off at the expense of the team. Not passing when he should taking stupid shots etc. Hope Sinisa has a plan to get inside his head and make him play soccer for the team and not himself.

Pitch milano

Now that kovacic is gone to Madrid we should tested them for these player:
Illaramendi: deep laying midfielder who can play those long balls
Isco pure CAM
And our mercato cam stop there cos we will be able to compete for the ucl for sure


Illaramendi cheaper than isco, but we need isco than illaramendi


I like that Ely starts. I can not say i know him well enough, but I like that Miha chooses him after seeing him in action over several weeks. Maybe our defense can finally settle over time and become the foundation for a new cycle. Keeper is fixed with Gabriel and Dinnarumma coming in unsmderLopez, and the fullbacks are well covered with the 4 we have. Good things.


“There are no weak or strong opponents, only opponents for us to beat”.. Oooh Miha 😉


Besides the win here I’m looking to see a few things. Firstly ely-romagnoli partnership to be decent. They’re both young and new to the team so they need time, but I hope they play well. Also we need that clean sheet so bad. Another is the bacca-adriano partnership, hope they can have a great game and put a couple balls in the net. Lastly, I want to see a team out there, a team that keeps the ball with high intensity and plays together. It all starts from here guys and hopefully it’s a very positive game today so we… Read more »


Plus I Adriano needs to get on the scoresheet for confidence


any links to watch the game?????


Comment:Atleast we know we have a reliable coach, not a puppet. Really cant wait to see this young CBs playing together.
Forza #Mihajlovic #ForzaMilan

Whitney Cratty

Despite his goal being the more. Riccardo Montolivo is set to stay with AC Milan.