Milan shifting targets – the disappointment remains


It is well documented how the Rossoneri have failed so far in this mercato, failing to capture any of the real targets so far other than 20m-rated Andrea Bertolacci.

In truth, it has been a pretty depressing start to the summer for Milanisti. Losing Kondogbia and Miranda (seemingly) to rivals Inter, as well as Jackson Martinez, has been a bitter pill to swallow, and many will now fail to believe a word of what Galliani says when it comes to transfer dealings.

Waking up in the morning to see Milan linked with the calibre of player such as Higuain and Witsel is always pleasant, but realistically we all know they will not end up playing at the San Siro next season, as much as we get ourselves excited.

“If we save €40 million on Kondogbia and €35 million on Jackson Martinez,” Galliani told La Gazzetta dello Sport “we’ll have another €75 million to spend wisely over the rest of the transfer window.”

That is not the point though, is it? Those were the players he wanted, and the deals embarrassingly crashed and burned right before our very eyes, yet he has the audacity to come out with a comment like that.

For starters, it almost implies at the €75million that would have gone on a 22-year-old French international and one of the brightest midfield prospects, as well as an established and dynamic goal scorer at a high level, would not be spending wisely.

Of course, the fees may have been slightly inflated, but that is the market. Every football fan knows that in order to get the best, you must pay a premium, and definitely don’t approach negotiations as naively as Galliani has.


Its almost as if he is waiting for everything to fall into place for him, by offering money that he assumes will secure services of big players, then acting surprised that there is competition around, before finally walking away with a red face having been pipped to the post again.

How exactly Milan are failing to recruit is another issue. Perhaps Galliani is failing to sell the image and the project that he, Berlusconi and Mihajlovic are building (if there is one), or that other teams simply have better ones.

There is something quite concerning about losing out to a player like Kondogbia, a player Milan apparently offered more money for (both to Monaco and to the player), but still losing out, and to a rival to rub salt into the wound.

It is arguably even worse to have essentially confirmed the signing of Jackson Martinez, only for the player himself to come out and deny anything was done. If both of those signings had been pulled off, this might be a different article.

The point is, Il Diavolo are way, way behind, even further than originally though. Everything has gone stale to the extent than Milan is not an attractive prospect at all any more.

However, I don’t want this to turn into a rant, and I will follow this up with a realistic look at how the ‘project’ should begin, including the decisions that need to be made and the improvements required.

CHoFgS4WcAAL_02.jpg large

As disappointing and gut-wrenching as some of the developments have been, there is still reason for optimism.

For starters, there are still lots of good players ‘available’ on the market. By available, of course, I mean they are not strictly off-limits and will/could be sold at the right price.

These players include the likes of Zlatan, Higuain, Witsel, Godin etc.; the calibre of player Milan has to aim for if they strive to reach the top again quickly.

In addition, it is important to note that the money is clearly there. It would be wrong to ignore that €75million worth of total bid amounts went on players almost simultaneously. The board has to use the money wisely it goes without saying, although there’s no reason that a marquee signing is out of reach.

Expiring contracts of Abbiati, Bonera, Mexes and Pazzini will give Mihajlovic and company more leverage when approaching players, and if anything has been learnt over the past fortnight, it is the important of being blunt and efficient when pursuing a player.

Perhaps it is a huge shock to Galliani that he lost two players he thought were all but done deals, plus it means he has been taught a lesson on how to rob. Now, the shoe must go on the other foot, and Milan should seek out the necessary additions and recruit them quickly.

It is easier said than done; more concerning the fact that Galliani has flown all over Europa and come back empty handed every time despite putting serious money on the table.

Everything in the mercato changes so quickly, and at the time of writing this it is being reported Witsel has snubbed Milan, despite several articles 24 hours previous stating he would be confirmed as signing later in the day.

Perhaps Galliani is blinded by his own arrogance; paying for his loud-mouth during negotiations, losing respect of all those around him.

Is it time for the ‘Condor’ to stay grounded? Many argue his time is done.

Article by Oliver Fisher

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Indeed, his time has gone.


From this writing, it’s clear the writer actually believed Milan threw out €75m to acquire Kondogbia and Martinez. I will say it was one of their regular publicity stunt to keep the fans happy seeing that the season ticket campaign was on. Galliani isn’t new in the business, for that amount he would have gotten one of Kondogbia or Martinez (if not both) if Milan actually intended

Don’t be fooled, they have got no money to spend, they are only taking us for a ride.


what the OP meant to say is that not only galliani tried to control the fans, but the media as well.
do you think its so hard for galliani to leak stories to the biggest newspapers in europe? lol
they would eat it up. and therefore fans like you would believe it to be true
so unless theres any pen and paper involved- its all spins and rumors.


Look, as a Milan fan, I’m no less frustrated and disappointed than any other rossoneris. We have been going downhill for the past several years. We have been experimenting with our coaches and strikers. We have been buying young players without giving them enough time on the pitch, and eventually lose them. Galliani should be responsible for the most of our failures. If we keep trying to find the scapegoats, we can’t hope to improve ourselves. Five years ago, players would feel honored to play for this team. They would show pride if they were even linked to transfer to… Read more »


I am frustrated as all of you guys.. The good players will come this summer. I think it is good to wait until the coach train with the players so he can know who he needs and who he doesnt need. Right now transfers are not official eather way lets wait and hope for the best

peter piper

this article is such bull, milan lost out on kon and martinez because of their coaches, with money being equal players want to play for certain coaches more than others. Both these players played outside of Italy, and am sure they know very little about Milan’s new coach. But once they hear Mancini wants them, any sane player would take notice. Simeone and Mancini are both proven coaches that players want to play for. Mihajlovic is a nobody outside of Serie A. If Ancelotti was Milan’s coach I would be my house that both Martinez and Kondogbia would be Milan… Read more »


good players are on their way, if el92 plays regularly and has a solid midfield behind him, winning will once again become a common thing for Milan


I am the most angry person when it come to this galliani. if I where GOD I would have shut-out galliani.
and talking talking talking is not matter,what we the fans can do to stop this man (galliani).
I think we should protest against him.


his time was gone a couple of seasons ago – now we are just damaging the image he and the rest managed to put – sometimes it hurts more to cling on rather than to let go


you people are naive. posting that were gonna get martinez and kondogbia, in the prime poll for zlatan and bacca. meanwhile all we got is an italian midfielder at a price that’s way over what he should be (4-5 mil according to transfermarkt), and if you think he is what will change this team’s status, let me tell you he won’t. just look theoretically- he cost 2\3 of what kondogbia would’ve cost. shouldn’t we be primarily targeting players like the latter, especially if the difference in price isn’t that high? that’s what i think. you guys need to realize, that… Read more »


This article is spot on. I will only add that Milan doesn’t have a plan or project. one season it’s a youth project, the next season it’s an Italian base players.

The club doesn’t have a good scouting team either, instead everything is done through Galliani and he signs players from only 2 agents, Raiola and I believe Bronzetti.

How can a club at this level even compete with the best in the world when they are so disorganized?

Galliani must leave. Only then I will be convinced that Milan can return to greatness!


Comment:there is nothing like a project in Milan….. The team has no direction


What if all this is just a sham? We all know that milan is tied up with doyen sports and doyen inturn owns significant shares of both martinez and kondogbia. So when the other teams that are interested in them hears that milan are seriously interested they will be forced to act fast and sign them up for something similar to what milan is offering 35 mil for martinez is fine i guess but 40 for kondogbia is too much imho. So the beneficary of this deal is doyen. Just a theory though.


You might be on to something here. I will only add that Milan doesn’t have any intention to sign these players and. they are just using it as a way to get the fans to buy season tickets.

In the long run we end up with Italian base players that cost no where near the money they claim they have to spend. So Verratti is out of the question.

Hopefully we will get we can get players like Soriano, Zappacosta, Ogbonna, Immobile, Glik, etc..


Milan will have a better season! We’ll be back to european competition, Whatever a condition of the squad,


I disagree with this article,I think Inter offered more money to both Monaco and Kondogbia,it has nothing to do with Galliani’s ineptness to seal the deal. I’m happy the deal didn’t go through as I no longer want players who aren’t ready to sweat for the shirt in Milan.If Kondogbia had truely wanted Milan,he would simply have put pen to paper,EOD. As for Martinez,Milan’s problem hadn’t be scoring goals rather creating them.Milan needs a creative midfielder who can always decide a game on his own.The reason I was praying and hoping Witsel will say “yes”.I would have send a letter… Read more »


We need to just get behind our team… support n believe… Kondogbia may explode this season, players make personal decision …. this happens even to big clubs with the exception of Madrid n Barca .. letting go El Sha.. is a 50/50 gain or loss… the European experience for him will be great, should he return on loan.. he will definitely grow but were to lose him entirely it would be the same as losing out on Kondogbia… My Milan 3-star predictions for next season are SUSO, BERTOLACI, BACCA…. We NEED! Romagnoli… Abdmenour…