Milan lose race to sign Kondogbia, the Frenchman will join Inter in a deal worth €70m

GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images
GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

Geoffrey Kondogbia will in the city of Milan next season but will be playing for the other team.

Adriano Galliani went to Monte Carlo on Thursday to try and reach a deal that will see Monaco’s midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia joining the red and blacks but despite numerous dinner meetings and countless talks, Kondogbia will not be wearing the Rossoneri colours.

Uncle Fester called Inter earlier this week to tell that that Milan will not be cashing defender Miranda and midfielder Imbula and many saw this as a way of telling Inter to stay away from Kondogbia but the Nerazzurri didn’t share this thought and went on to hijack Milan’s deal as the 22-year-old former Sevilla man will be joining them.

It’s reported that between wages (over €5 million a season for five years) and transfer fee (€35m plus bonuses), Inter will pay around €70 million to complete this operation. The player will undergo the medical check-ups on Monday and will soon sign the contract with Inter.

This is yet another player Milan miss out on as Andrea Bertolacci has signed for Roma and Kondogbia & Miranda join Inter. The transfer of Jackson Martinez is also uncertain with At. Madrid interested in ‘stealing’ him from Milan, which is something that evidently can be done these days.

It’s still extremely early in the transfer market but all the meetings and talks Milan and Galliani have had so far only brought in Rodrigo Ely from Avellino.

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Not worth that much money. He choose inter so its his loss. We should follow Imbula and go all out for Verrati.


Why do u keep calling Veratti? Don’t you understand that we are just not able to get him?? He will cost 80M if PSG decides to sell which they won’t.


AC Milan never won a battle when it came to sign big or emerging players. The only good transfers were the talents that no one really wanted at that time, but turned out to be very successful. Remember when Ibrahimovic was leaving Juventus after the decision to relegate them, Milan had a deal with him but didn’t close it because they wanted to sign Ronaldinho first. Then Inter Hijacked the deal, and Ronaldinho didn’t join and Milan was left with nothing. or Ribery who wanted to sign for Milan, and waited until the last week of the transfer window for… Read more »


Ibra didnt come because we were in the UCL-play offs, and werent guaranteed to play in the competition, thats why he chose Inter, not the reason you said… I get what you’re saying, but get your facts straight man.


Yes Verrati!


Isn’t that more than what PSG paid for Ibra and T.Silva together? 70Million E that is to much


Yes, but 70 million isnt the transfer fee. It includes how much money he will make aa well – his salary.
Anyways, i wouldnt pay for than 25 million for him, so this operation is just ridiculous. And te fact he chooses Inter instead of us makes me not want him anyways. Hopefully we will come through with Martinez though…otherwise we will indeed be a laughing stock. All this talk for nothing. Berlu needs to flex his muscles now (wallet).


I’m not happy at all with inter’s attitude, and now we re on the verge of losing jackson martinez as well.
However 35m for kondogbia is a little bit too much though. Because we don’t really know how will he turns into a serie a player. But heck, losing him to inter is hurt a little. But maybe this is the way, maybe we can get other quality players, such as gundogan to come to milan.


He is not worth it, we shld go all out for Imbula and Soriano


maybe the condor has to leave?! idk waht is happening, but im really worried. It seems like inter will have a stronger squad than us… we need a couple of strong players like they have managed to convince. i really dont understand the problem. but there seem to be very big once. maybe its because we have money but no real project?! maybe nelio is working against galliani to overtake his position one day or something similar… i know it sounds like conspiracy… maybe i just have to accept first. market hasnt even begun… so…puuuh… forza milan! imbula is also… Read more »


Im glad This did not happend i blive veratti is worth even if he can cost milan up to 45M
and we have de jong he is the same tapy of player we need someone who can controle the game, and veratti is that player.


Fuq kondogbia the mercenary! He chose the club who will pay him more. 5mil euro’s a year for an unproven player who had a decent showing in a couple of CL games last season? No player in their right mind will pick intermerda ahead of Milan, unless he is a mercenary. I repeat Fuq this mercenary kondogbia! We don’t need such players in our squad.


Might a little bit crazy suggestion or idea, how about taking inter’s kovacic? With the arrival of kondogbia, kovacic wont have place in mancini’s mind. Take him, make him our next pirlo, kovacic is very good and creative, make him rub in inter’s face


Actually that is a good idea, seriously undervalued by Inter, could be outstanding.


It appears that we will loose jackson martinez too! If it is true Galliani should resign! Not because he failed but he lied to the fans. There something wrong!


Kudos to Thohir, serves Berlusconi right for saying he didn’t want a “Thohir” that didn’t invest much. At least Thohir can implement a plan.

king kaka

The issue here isn’t whether he is worth 35M transfer fees or not. This may very well be a blessing in disguise. The issue is that Milan have/had identified him as a prime target and actively pursued him and he chose Inter. Even for a few more dollars….this would have never have happened before. Galliani’s usefulness has expired. Transfer guru my arse.


Gentleman’s agreement my arse this is daylight robbery by Inter.


Sign Kovačić, Soriano and Arda Turan and we’ll be fine in midfield…


I think he was worth it, but if he chose Inter over us then yes, fuq him.

Just don’t miss on Jackson Martinez, too.


Cheap solution, but will be worthy is marco van ginkel!!!


Money can be saving to CB


They are not going to be back to domination for a couple seasons. The bottom line is they need 8 or 9 great additions, just to be at that level again. Not just one or two. Plenty of value out there to grab… Start winning and splash the cash for a final piece in another year or two. Plenty of big names come available every year.


My sentiments exactly ….screw kondogbia. …we should get these players…
Jackson Martínez. ….Dzeko or jovetic
Gundogan…. kovacic ….baselli and Verratti
Hummels …Otamendi or dragovic …doria ..Eder balanta
perin or scuffet

And I think we should target these young prospects too
Sardar Azmoun….pjaca. …José Mauri. …gabigol. …malcom. …mitrovic. …Richairo zivkovic …andrija zivkovic. ..Gabriel iancu…nicusor stanciu. …dorin rotariu. …Ianis Hagi. ..Ante coric….Nicola murru …Mario pugliese. ….tiziano tulissi and Alberto cerri

if we could get a couple of these players it would be great.


All of this because big blow and bad choice as a coach Mihajlovic! Players that should sign for Milan don’t want to join this team now!


Because of Mihajlovic and after Anchelotti satement that he will not join Milan all of big players don t want to join team where coach is this man! Milan will spend big money this summer but will not sign big players! Era of Milan as a GIANT CLUB is officially ended!


Some notes with this transfer :

1. Galliani lost his touch

2. Reminds me with Cannavaro transfer in 2002, in the end we got Nesta that year.

3. With his choose, Kondogbia not have heart playing for Milan

I think Milan can go to get T. Silva and Hummels pair, that is awesome.

Moni Harb

I pray to god it becomes like the Cannavaro transfer in 2002. We got our Nesta the same year who I believe is better than Cannavaro. Let Inter take Kondogbia. I would rather focus on bringing players from the U21 World Cup squad for Italy.

Kk Miko

Ac Milan has failed to sign every single player they said they were .. They lost that respect and prestige they once had.. No good player want to play for them. Dam Milan invest some real money for once otherwise you will never get a good player. Forget about Jackson Martinez , he will not join otherwise he would had done it by now.I’m sad for Milan they will remain losers living of a name. The only redemption is when Mr. Bee has a controlling stake otherwise Berlusconi family will make this club the new Parma. AC Miloan will never,… Read more »

Milan Till Death

Where Is Doyen Sport When We Need Them And I Still Dont Believe Kondogbia As Agree Any Deal With Inter Until It Is Official Cause I Dont Believe Inter Will Pay Up To 70milion For A Player Whose Valuation Is Just 35milion And If They Do They Are Taking A Big Risk I Dont Want Milan To Take And Galliani Said It Will Only Cost Milan 35 To 40milion To Sing Him The Only Stumbling Block Is Wage Demand Which Can Also Be Met By Milan. 70milion Is Too Much, If We Miss Out On Him There Are Other Top… Read more »


The €70M is for everything, the transfer fee, bonuses and wages.

kwabena Adu

We should get rid of Muntari immediately I heard he wants to stay but there shouldn’t be any second chance for that rotten apple.The guy is not a Milan material and he is very very arrogant and disrespectful.


If Martinez is smart, he will choose Atletico over Milan.
Atletico is the more successful club in the more prestigious league. Hopefully, Uncle Fester has locked him down or otherwise convinced him, but I am not so sure he is coming 🙁


Kondogbia not worththat much.
– We could probably buy Kovacic, Van ginkel and Xhaka for around the same price.
– If Martinez goes to Atletico then we should bring back Balotelli and buy Embolo from BAsel.
– Buy Jetro Williiems, Ogbonna and Maksimovic for defence
El SHaa—–Balo/Embolo——-Niang/Suso
—Van Ginkel—-Kovacic——Xhaka—
Jetro—-Maksimovic—–Ogbonna—–De Scig

(perhaps not the most illustrious team, but with such a low average player age who knows what the team could be like in a few years.)


Nothing is official and if Inter signed Kondogbia for 70m then they are the biggest idiots in the universe. His best season in his career was last season, he is not even worth 20m. 15m at best!


no wonder, it’s on milan tradition honestly.

Moni Harb

Can people please stop saying Imbula, Kovacic and Gundogan as transfer targets? Inter won’t sell Kovacic. Gundogan is getting offers from Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern and EPL clubs. Imbula looks more likely out of all three, but personally, I doubt it. Besides, the window isn’t open yet. Still, we secured Jackson Martinez. It’s just that the Colombian national team doesn’t want us to do his medical during Copa America. Also, as Milan fans, we should all expect that the real transfer window of “da Milan” is in the last 3 weeks of August. I would like to focus more on… Read more »


Cheap solution:
Forward: el sha, ibra, gabigol, niang, dimorfetta, mastour
Midfield: van ginkel, de jong, binaventura, honda, baseli, mastalli, poli
Df: de sciglio, antonelli, palleta, mexes, zapata, abate, (experience cb)..
Gk:Lopez, donaruma, gabriel

Van ginkel as same age with kondongbia, but he already proven himself in serie a with us…

I trust him more than big spend money like kondongbia…


True van Ginkel over kondogbia


something fishy…doyen sports will take a huge cut from this deal, their intentions is just profit and not helping clubs.

great one

I dont see any failure in this transfer why 1.galliani make whole world looking what milan gonna do 2.milan trying to cut down they competitor not by spend a big money but by make them spend a big money cos they worry milan gonna steal the player i knew milan is linking with one of psg mildfielder And also milan knew that psg got fifa finacial fair they should realese one of their mildfield to get pogba 4.of course its a bit early to talk about transfer….and martinez even he is good but im still worry he is gonna… Read more »


Butthurt meter is overloading on this website.