Gandini on Jackson Martinez: “There are still some hurdles to overtake, medical one of them”


Umberto Gandini talked to Milan fans on Twitter, refusing to use the words ‘done deal’ in respect to Martinez.

The Milan Channel announced last week that Jackson Martinez had said yes to Milan and while that may very well be the case, the deal is still not yet confirmed and many Rossoneri fans worry that Jackson might not end up wearing the red and black colours next season.

Milan director Umberto Gandini replied to fans’ questions about Martinez yesterday, giving some interesting answers.

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Comment:THIS people are just pranking us,y can’t they finalize the deal ?. juve have sign 3 new players,
dybala,khedira & Mandzukic. I think millan will end up with chievo LUCA TONY,he is the top scorer this season.


They didnt sign anybody, they can put pen on paper only with Khedira (6months before player contract runs out he can sign pre agreement, not before), and others cant before mercato opens…

Same here, we can talk and talk, but offical can be only when mercato opens up… Dybala can say no deal and whole thing drops to water… But when he signs it, than its deal done…

So stop rushing, mercato didnt even started and we have agreement with Jackson and Kondogbia, (and Mauri??) usualy we didnt search for players until last week…


Dude….once a contract is signed there’s no turning back. Khedira and dybala have been officially signed!


But how if mercato isnt open? Khedira was free transfer, so he could, but Dybala isnt…


Don’t be a fool. Can’t you see B&G are playing you as they have done for many years now?


The player moves to the club during the window.


Only when the window opens can it be filed with the FA, Lega Calcio, but if contracts are signed before that they are still legally binding.

Dybala has very much been signed by juve, whereas Martinez has not yet signed for us.


Khedira and dybala are not officially signed yet.. announcement and registration can only be done during mercato.. but they have been bind by contract to juve.. so you can say currently they own by juve but still cannot play for them..


That`s exactly the point, there does not seem to be an agreement with Jackson/Porto yet; “there is still paperwork that needs to be done.”

The dodge answers by Gandini don`t really reassure me. I read somewhere that Galliana was still haggling about the price/payment method. Wtf Galliani, there are several clubs snapping at our heels trying to sign Martinez as well, in particular Arsenal. Just pay the money and sign him!


The signing can happen but the time of the contract will be effective July 1.

shev jhb

Juve got Mandzukic for 18m and yet athletico wanted 25m from milan when we enquired about him. There is a conspiracy against milan!


Juve has many strikers, they are not in that much crisis, so if deal drops, they have backups.

Milan doesnt, we need striker NOW and thats why we pay any price just to get it.. And when clubs see that, they raise prices…

Imagine that you sell toilet paper… Regular price is, lets say 1 euro, but if man in wc runs out of paper and there is crap all over the place he would buy it for 10 euros, just to get it…


Something isn’t right about this deal. Is Miranda not playing Copa America? Why can’t Milan be straight for once?
I hope they don’t rise our hope for nothing and pray the deal is finally sealed. I do understand that players don’t want to have divided attention during this very crucial tournament but it doesn’t stop FULL agreements to be reached.

Pa ibra

medical? aly sessokho? but seriously why hasnt galliani still sign a single player yet given all the noise we making in the market. I am wondering what really he’s travelling for to portugal and france when we’ll still be this far from the players signature. stay in your office and make phone calls stop unnecessary travels making us hoping you flying back with the players.

ACMilanSince 69

Let Mihajlovic get acclimatized with the roster and then tell Galliani who he wants and does not want. The problem with the big names is that Milan can’t outbid the wealth English, Spanish and English teams.


i no longer understand this, but i guess the only way is to overpay for some of these players but then its still tricky though becoz if he flops then we are f***ed


This martinez deal is still giving me sleepless night………. Just can’t wait for the announcement……..forza milano


men don’t lose sleep, we might end up with Luca toni! 0_0


Or maybe they’ll bring back Gilirandino!!!!


We have Matri… we don’t need any striker.


Matri in attack, Muntari in midfield and Bonera in defense. Juve watch out!


Inter is going to pay 35 million for kondogbia, i am really worrie we’ll lose kondogbia..and this jackson martinez deal haven’t done yet. Bertolacci is step away to roma, ibra will stay at psg, jose mauri probably sign with fiorentina, hummels will stay, all our target deals are uncertain. Very bad news indeed!!


Oh, something is wrong with his teeth huh? LOL. To be fair, Milan made the best decision to make an excuse to not sign cissokho last minute. The guy was terrible, but the excuse could have been a little bit better hahaha.


What do you guys think about Simone Verdi? Should we buy him out?

Wilson Aigbiremonlen

Stop being easily fooled guys. This is what Milan have been planing all along. They make you believe that they are going in for the big players to create false impression to calm the fans down. Then they go ahead and sign their “ALTERNATIVES (MEDIOCRE ONES)” then they try to make you believe that they had done their best whereas there intent was never really true. Have you forgotten Mister X, Tevez with Juventus, Ibra and Thiago? Just don’t keep your hopes up so that you won’t be dissappointed. Jackso Martinez will probably go to Atletico or Arsenal. Will Milan… Read more »