Doyen Sports: “We can help Milan return to being great but we are not funding any transfer”

Nelio Lucas of Doyen Sports and Adriano Galliani (via Bee Taechaubol's instagram)
Nelio Lucas of Doyen Sports and Adriano Galliani (via Bee Taechaubol’s instagram)

Nelio Lucas and Adriano Galliani are working together in this transfer market but Doyen Sports insist that they are merely advisors.

Milan successfully concluded the negotiations with Porto over Jackson Martinez and the Colombian will be wearing the colours of the Rossoneri next season as Adriano Galliani and Nelio Lucas together found a deal with Porto and with the 28-year-old striker.

Milan will pay €35mfor Martinez and are also linked with a €30m move for Geoffrey Kondogbia who has ties to Doyen Sports and Lucas, who have entered to the Aldo Rossi club along with the purchase of shares by Bee Taechaubol (which will officially take place within 6-8 weeks).

“Taechaubol with a letter to Silvio Berlusconi indicated that Nelio Lucas is his technical adviser,” Vice President Galliani is quoted as saying on Corriere della Sera, also stating that Doyen don’t enter the capital of Milan. “I’ve known Lucas from 2013 (they had a few meetings in the past) and we’re happy to partner up with him as he’s someone who knows football and with whom I’m comfortable.”

Doyen also released a statement to CorSera: “Milan? We are not funding any transfer because it’s no longer possible. We can help Milan return to being great with our knowledge in the field of the transfer market and for example with our team of scouts, which is one of the secrets to our success.

“The collaboration is between both Doyen & Milan and between Bee Taechaubol and Nelio Lucas, who are friends. Lucas is Bee’s advisors and he will be of support for Galliani.”

FIFA has imposed a veto which indicates that third-party companies, such as Doyen Sports, cannot ‘move’ players or grant loans to clubs in order to facilitate a purchase of a player in exchange for percentages of future sales. Regardless, Galliani seems to be welcoming help from Doyen.

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Nothing but joy….. 🙂


I hope this means that galliani no longer can sign players like nicklas bendtler and call him mr X of the year in milan. No more constant, acerbi, traore, poli, bonaventura, cerci, etc

This i call good news


Here you are again with your crap negative approach…. Bonaventura was good… Don’t put him in that category


Man poli, acerbi and bonaventura were good signings. I know he is going after loanees and free agents, caz this is his duty and do remeremeremember he works for Berlusconi. He is not the owner neither he pays for transfers.. and dont forget he is one of the best transfer guru in the whole world.. due to lack of money his reputation is badly hit but he is great transfer guru.


why wouldnt he welcome the help we as fans are very grateful for the help and the funds


It’s such a pity Berlusconi just didn’t swallow his pride and ask for outside investment and help sooner before we were made a laughing stock of world football

I know we’r all excited about the possible new signings but has there been any sign of us getting rid of Muntari, Essian, Poli ect….. and actually I really hope we sell Monty too


Essien is already gone, Muntari’s contract will probably be terminated, Alex will probably return home and there are reports Rami is in talks with Lyon, Pazzini leaves on free, Mexes and De Jong haven’t renewed their contracts yet either… That’s it for now but we have to wait till summer market officially opens but changes will be made as Milan ain’t playin Europe and they have too much players on pay role for domestic competition only

Pa ibra

if I were berlusconi with the rumored 130-150m funds available, I would pay any amount below 80m for verratti and the remaining fund on a striker(martinez) and a top defender(???). there will probably still remain some money but l wont necessarily buy bunch of new players mario suarez, soriano, gabigol, immobile etc. just few top class and count on the likes of bonaventura, niang, suso because to me they aren’t any less than soriano & co.

Olalekan mojeed

Less wait till the transfer market open.for i too see who he called our new booss will do with our so called scraped players


Weird how we keep hearing about these rules that only apply to our club for some years now , no loans..fairplay and s–t , while big club spent like hell and no problems in the financial department . Milan was left to rot for years , things haven’t change , crazy sums for players every year and you know what ? before martinez this year we didn’t have a single players worth over 15-16 mil


Verratti is ok for next year… Now I would really like Ibrahimovic , Hummels and Soriano

gang chomba

we need a playmaker like Lucas Lima.
he’$ talented


Good, but the transfer fees should be moderate. Don’t overpay

Carlo Gambino

Comment: “whatever one does in life one should always have a Plan B”