Milan step up interest in €30m Kondogbia, Galliani is expected to talk with the player today

Monaco's French midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia celebrates scoring the opening goal during the UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg football match between Arsenal and Monaco at the Emirates Stadium in London on February 25, 2015.  AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRK        (Photo credit should read GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)
Kondogbia celebrates scoring during the Champions League round of 16 first leg football match between Arsenal and Monaco at the Emirates Stadium on February 25, 2015. (GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

Adriano Galliani has been in contact with the agent of the Frenchman and today he will reportedly speak directly to Kondogbia, who is valuated at €30m.

Milan are expecting the answer of Jackson Martinez which will arrive later today (it will probably be a ‘yes’) and meanwhile they are thinking about strengthening the midfield, which was perhaps the weakest part of Milan in the past season.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia, Monaco’s Geoffrey Kondogbia is the primary target for the midfield and Vice President Adriano Galliani was in contact with Kondogbia’s agent on Thursday and today he’s expected to speak directly to the 22-year-old who is also wanted by Inter and Arsenal among other clubs around Europe.

Milan Channel reported that Monaco value the defensive midfielder, who has Doyen Sports ties, at €35 million but Sky believes that Milan are confident that they can close the deal for €30 million.

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i still want De Jong to stay though




good news i’m very happy these two , + ibra will be better forza ac milan


Wow This market is really shaping up.

A big difference from previous markets, being linked to players like Ze Eduardo and Kucka.


It’s like… the management just all of a sudden decided to give a damn again.


The Condor doing work!


milan becoming next man city, kondogbia is not milan class as well honda or cerci or muntari, menez i think we should be selling them and trying to get verrati and maybe bring back pato what is this jackson martinez really? kondogbia? they are the same class with those we already have in our squad and where that squad brought us to and where is italian milan as berlusconi promised

Mr. Nordahl

Son, whatever you smoked, I want it right now!


Please go back to the moon…!


son? i guess only kids come on this blog. do you really think that kondogbia or martinez are milan class players? just answer is honda milan class?


Do you watch football or icehockey?


he watches chess


well i’m just saying, it’s my opinion and we will all see next season where milan will be and what these players will do, i think that you were sure about those players too which came to milan last year and we see where we are now and what they did. menez scored the most goals for milan but most of them where penalties, he maybe is a good but we need something more then just good thats all i’m saying. and i am watching football and i am not a kid but i think that most of you are… Read more »


Correction, xfui. Not “most” Menez goals were penalties. Half of them were… And some of us have watched the game since Maldini was a teenager! Did u See him in Italia ’90?


some of you but as i read posts on this bolg i can say that most of them are kids. menez scored 16 goals half of them from penalties so what i was mistaken in one goal ok sorry for that. i watch milan since 98 and maldini is my idol so who is idol of todays milan fans?


“…and we will all see next season where milan will be and what these players will do”

Shouldn’t you be wishing well for the club you support? I read that you have been following the club forever now.


Do you know that Jackson Martinez is one of the best top 10 strikers in the World… bring back Pato haha dont even go there that would be a total waste Verratti psg dont want to sell him and even if they did it would take 80 % of our transferbudget and still face competition from Real Madrid Barcelona Chelsea Man utd man city Bayern that can offer CL + even more Money than Milan what makes you Think he would choose us and what would happen with the rest of the team that needs rebuilding man this isnt Fifa… Read more »


man what are you talking about, exactly if you are rebuilding the team then why would you buy 28 year old striker who isn’t even best among his level. i’m not saying that he is a bad player but you can not rebuild milan with that quality, he will give you nothing maybe just 15 goals and i am pretty sure that pato would score more. so we’re buying jackson martinez for 15 goals a season? we already have a striker that scores that much, well i hope that he scores more and i would love to, but i just… Read more »


Martinez has a goal ratio that only christiano ronaldo and Messi can beat. So i dont know what you are saying realy. Where did you get that he is not best among hes level? He probably are the best among hes level. Tell me where to get a striker for 35 mill that score more then him? and 15 goals a season? He has scored 28 goals in 38 games this season. Get your facts stright before you start whining. Martinez is a beast.


So you mean Verratti would cost 30 mil haha if that were true then real Madrid would have signed him already and my friend dont Believe Everything you read 90 % of it is BS anyway from what Verratti said just a month ago or something like that he said he wants to stay in Psg get your sources right you are living in a Dream World right now


“Italian” Milan is what you saw this last season.


Last seasons Milan was an Italian Milan? With a Spanish goalkeeper? With a French top scorer? With a french-Brazilian centre back pairing? With a Dutch midfield duo? With Spanish and Japanese right wi Gs? Two Colombian defenders on the bench. A French-Moroccan centreback on the bench? Granted, the January window brought in destro, Antonelli, bocchetti, Cerci, paletta (half-Argentinian) but I did not get much of an Italian feel of the team last season. Monty being injured most of the season, MDS in and out, El Shaatawy just popping up right at the end, Pazzini getting 4 goals, 3 penalties. Abate… Read more »


I am all for an Italian team like the one from 2006-07 but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t buy players like Kondogbia and Martinez. My retort was to the guy who questioned the quality of these players and was aimed at Milan’s winter spree this last season. We need an influx of quality and we need to pick Italian youth along the way. And maybe in a few years we will see a better representation with the national team.


I am all for Jackson and kondogbia, even if they are expensive, both costing more than Ibra did from Barca. But that’s the market… I guess I see what you were trying to say, even if I find it was a strange way of saying it . I Dem to among those who value Antonelli the highest. The man is powerful going forward, good headers on set pieces, decent pace and stamina, strong, well positioned and decent ball work as well as off the ball runs. No Cafu, but good both ways. I really don’t think the fullbacks are where… Read more »


We should have a core of 6 italians that would be in starting lineup, and that would be, Abate/DSC, Darmian/Antonelli, Palletta, Bonaventura, Bertolacci, El Shaarawy.

And another 5 spots taken in start lineup: Lopez, Hummels, Kondogbia, Martinez and Ibra.

Play 442: Lopez; Abate, Palletta, Hummels, Darmian; Bonaventura, Bertolacci, Kondogbia, El Shaarawy; Martinez, Ibra.
Or 4132: with same lineup but kondogbia in front of defence.

We can have bench of: Montolivo, Honda, Suso, Niang, DSC, Antonelli, Rami, Mexes, Abbiati, and primavera players


anyway i didn’t get the answer about honda i asked your opinions is he milan class or not i think he isn’t but if you think he is and i have read here many times people saying honda is a great player well now you say same about martinez and if he fails next season what you gonna say after. someone said he scored 28 goals in 38 matches but he plays for porto in portugese leage and there is a big difference between serie a and portugese league so that’s not an argument, you can not compare martinez or… Read more »


My player for this season.
Forward: Martinez, Ibra, Niang, Ses
Mid: Jack, Suso, Kongdobia, NDJ, Soriano, Baselli
Defends: Darmian, Antonelli, Abate, De Sciglio, Palleta, Hummels, Miranda, Savic, Ely
Golie: Lopez, Abiati (1yr), Perin

Some Guy

Looks good, but I prefer Bertolacci to Soriano and Baselli.


As much as I love that we wont buy 3cbs… Somehow i think Miranda would be best buy since Hummels likely wont leave Dortmund…
Leave Rami, he is true Milanista.. He needs to find his form, he can be rock solid..

Perin? I would love to, but leave him at genoa on loan, here he will be on bench and lopez would be starting..

Darmian would also be nice addition…


Actually, we have been linked with Miranda and I think it’s serious cos I read that from a good source..!


I have seen it too 🙂 i just hope it will happen


Ive read about Godin too, but he is just good with a motivator like Simeone, i would prefer Miranda over him, but i dont know…arent there any better options out there?


I would like to se Howedes – Hummels duo as our Cb, but that wont happen… It would coas us too much, but it would be investment for years to come…

Maybe Fabian Schar?

Miranda and Godin, as much as I like them, not many players succeded in transfers from la liga to serie a… Who knows?

If mihajlovic comes (why isnt this official yet? Or denied?) we could get subotic…

But nothing would make me more happy than seing ts33 back in Milqn defense with captaain armband…


@Milanista121… Better options? Yeah! I’d give 50 Million Euros to have Thiago Silva back.


TS33, its 30+ and i would not spent 50m for that, and his value is lower now: we sold him for cca 40, he is now around 26-30m


I think we should get Subotic from Dortmund, because Hummels has said many times that he will not leave Dortmund.

And we actually cannot say who are all of our transfer targets. Look back at last summer, I don’t remember talking about Bonaventura.

I really hope that we do not buy entire squad in one transfer window


Subotic has played very weak this season, and he has also just recently signed a new contract.


Gabriel Barbosa and Doria would be great addition to the squad…… They are really going and Doyern sports can make the move easier.


My team for this season.
Forward: Martinez, Ibra, SES, Niang
Midfield: Jack,Suso, Kongdobia, NDJ, Soriano, Baselli
Defends: Darmian, Antonelli, Palleta, Miranda, Hummels, Savic, Ely, Abate, De Sciglio
Goalie: Lopez, Abiati(1yr), Perin

demmy lee

Well it’s getting better by the way we re now trying to spend some cash I pray we spend those money wisely just saying tho. I still want pato in the new Milan nd also still want MVG too


Martinez and Kondogbia, pricey but fantastic buys.


IF we do get both Ibra and MArtinez it would be amazing. best attack in serie a (outmatching Tevez/Morata by far.) watch Honda find amazing form playing CAM behind them. (he will definately be in the starting 11- don’t forget he has a massive following in Asia and is definately part of Bees plans). I don’t think a 4312 necessarily kicks el shaa out of the team. He is an easy replacement for one of the two strikers. Furthermore his development will be far more smoother without the expectation of the whole team on him. Plus in three years (once… Read more »


Wake me up guys after OFFICIAL.


Same here bro!


4-3-1-2……and the team should look like this

diego lopez/mattia perin
abate/mds – paletta/rami/ely – c.zambrano/bocchetti/laporte – antonelli/jose gaya
kondogbia/dejong – jose mauri/monty – bonventura/bertolacci
ibra/ses – j.martinez/niang

and sell menez for 15m, honda for 7-8m, poli for 5m, suso, cerci muntari, pazzini and all should be all shipped out.
laporte 25m, gaya 15m, kondogbia 25m, mauri(next best thing to verratti) 5m, bertolacci 15m, anderson 40m, j.martinez 35m……135m and we have a team to compete on all fronts!


Why would you sell Suso? And Honda in his natural position is really great.


Kondogbia would be a fantastic signing. Martinez I’m hopeful, but I really don’t want Ibra


mds/abate – rami/paletta/ely – c.zambrano/bocchetti/laporte – antonelli/ jose gaya
kondogbia/de jong – jose mauri/monty – bonventura/bertolacci
ibra/ses – j.martinez/niang
perin 10m, zambrano free, laporte 25m, jose gaya 15m, kondogbia 25m, jose mauri(next best thing to verratti) 5m,
bertolacci 15m, f.anderson 40m, j.martinez 35m and recover 15m by selling menez, honda 7-8m, poli and saponara 8m, and clear the dead weight muntari, bonera, abiatti, alex, mexes, etc
so for a total of 140m be get a team which can compete on all fronts!!!! forza milan…..#believe


need perin, mauri, bertolacci, f.anderson, and laporte too


we should get rid of montolivo to make space for young players. what about van ginkel , he s cheap and worth for 7 or 8 million


uncle fester got the money….this is what he need…..i said before, do not say galliani out…..if he has budget, he is magician…..but of course i would like to see paolo in management


Comment:No comeent


Comment: It seems we have many Galliani’s in this blog wow!!!


Ibra. Martinez. Kondogbia. Witsel. T.Silva. we r done n set sell all the others wneed mentioninge don’t need no


What do you think…playing SES in 4 left side of 4 man midfield position. He is very fast to connect defends to attack & very useful for box to box has a very good eye for goal.


Midlfield for next season : Kondogbia, Jack and Mauri(done deal)


Don’t be silly, Montolivo won’t go esspecially not with Mihajlovic coming in as they worked together in Fiorentina and he was one of his favourites, same goes for Cerci but their relationship broke down a bit and he won’t have a space with new players coming in and new formation which will probably be 4312 assuming the Ibra and Jackson pursuing and Niang’s return on Mihajlovic’s request. Montolivo will probably play a vital part of trident with Kondogbia hopefully and one of Bertolacci/Baselli/Ginkel if he stays.


A new report is out saying Ibrahimovic said anything about joining Milan ,he said he didn’t talk to Galliani or anyone and his future is at Paris and he is happy there.. He is not coming so forget about all the Ibra talk’s everything is weird and I don’t understand any thing any more..


Ibra is not coming…


Ibra is not coming…report is out he is happy at Paris so he’s gonna stay..


I read the report. Stop saying things that aren’t true. He said “I’m happy here but anything can happen in football.” What is he supposed to say? Yeah I’m outta here? He said he talks to Galliani all the time. Not once did he say he’s not coming. Relax


Oh well Ibra not coming its Martinez n lacazette I’m good with that


I would be okey with Martinez as a lone striker to be honest or as a partner of Niang or El Shaarawy


Miranda is already about to hit his days… I say we go one big hit for hummels because it looks like he might go to united….


Mercato didn’t even open yet… Chill


Guys anyone know about oliver torres and lorenzo gonzalez?they are beast. Oliver is consider as the new xavi, and lorenzo gonzalez has a very impressive pace and dribbling, similar with aguero, and he is being linked with madrid and MU, I think we can try to buy those guys, and is oliver better than jose mauri?


Don’t get your hopes high, Atletico won’t give away Oliver they said it already


hopefully the jackson martinez deal is closed soon, so we can focus on kondogbia. but guys, what we really need is a good cb and ive been hearing people asking for miranda, hes good but hes too old. if we are going to spend the money we should go all out for hummels. that would be the best signing milan can make imo. guy is only 26 and arguably the best cb in the world. we have been linked with him but he has also been linked with manchester utd. we should step up our game for him because i… Read more »

Pa ibra

dont need zlatan and martinez both at the same time…we should not play with 2 centre forwards it wont be effective and cant drop any of the 2 on the bench. they can only fit together in a 442 or 4312…but again if there is a better formation then I suggest we base our transfers on that particular formation instead. I think one top centre forward should be enough if we planning on a 4-2-3-“1”. buy martinez, kondogbia(or verratti) and a top CB, save the cash that should be spent on zlatan for van ginkel.


Well I think we should get at least 2 top strikers many do man city as and all are top striker we need that too


Gk : Lopez RB: Abate CB: Paletta & Laporte (or Varane, Ginter,Doria,Balanta) LB: Antonelli CM: Witsel & NDJ & Kondogbia AMF: Bonaventura CF: Shaarawy & Martinez (or Jovetic) Subs: GK: Perin RB/LB: De Sciglio (& Albertazzi because nobody is going to buy him!) CB: Rami, Mexes, Ely CM: Baselli, Poli,(maybe keep Monteolivo),Suso(RM -RW) AMF: Baselli, Shaarawy,(or Berardi), Mastour, Di Molfetta CF: Niang, Barbosa (or Berardi,Embolo or Mitrovic) Would love to see Ibra in Milan again, but his Value is just going down next year. Plus his salary is very high. If Money is not a Problem, would play Shaarawy as… Read more »


Martinez chose Milan – this is a great news!!!!


Martinez accepts Milan offer according to Porto president! Now Kondogbia! Forza Milan!


A great mercato this season, I hope we can get Kondogbia, Ibra and a new strong CB asap ( important ).
And in the future I hope we can get Pjanic from Roma his season stats is amazing, he can gives us creativity and key passes.


Sell menez to monaco for 30m lol..
Then use that money to buy kondogbia