Teams news: Milan are without the banned Giacomo Bonevantura, Suso and Jeremy Menez and without Michael Agazzi, Luca Antonelli, Ignazio Abate (who was included in the squad but is out due to throat inflammation) Michelangelo Albertazzi, Daniele Bonera, Mattia De Sciglio, Adil Rami, Michael Essien, Riccardo Montolivo and Sulley Muntari. Torino have to do without the suspended Nikola Maksimović and without Luca Castellazzi, Cesare Bovo, Alexander Farnerud, Maxi Lopez and Fabio Quagliarella. Kickoff is at 20:45 CET at San Siro.

Watch the match highlights

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Filippo Inzaghi
Christian Abbiati; Cristian Zaccardo, Alex da Costa, Gabriel Paletta, Salvatore Bocchetti; Andrea Poli, Nigel De Jong, Marco Van Ginkel; Keisuke Honda, Giampaolo Pazzini, Stephan El Shaarawy.
Bench: Diego Lopez, Donnarumma, Felicioli, Mexes, Zapata, Mastalli, Piccinocchi, Cerci, Destro, Di Molfetta, Mastour.

Torino F.C. (3-5-2) – Giampiero Ventura
Daniele Padelli; Matteo Darmian, Kamil Glik, Emiliano Moretti; Bruno Peres, Giuseppe Vives, Alessandro Gazzi, Omar El Kaddouri, Cristian Molinaro; Josef Martínezl, Amauri.
Bench: Ichazo, Zaccagno, Jansson, Gaston Silva, A. Gonzalez, Basha, Benassi, Morra, Rosso.

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

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Why zaccardo and not play mastour or molfetta


Because we have a bad coach


Dude zaccardo is RB, molfetta is attacking RW, Mastour is AM. So ur comments are irrelevant and weird in my opinion. If you are suggesting not to play zaccardo, better say inzaghi should play felicioli isntead. However i think inzaghi giving abbiati and zaccardo tributes, i think they both leaving in summer


and there we have it, two wrong offsides and a red card. Im starting to wonder if the judges are actually bought or wtf is going on. almost everymatch the judges make huge mistakes against milan. As if the situation isnt bad enough


Well el shaarawy’s goal is very important for his confidences, hope he can build his performance again starting from this goal! But i think he needs to get subbed by di molfetta at 60-70′ marks. He just recovers from injuries i dont want us to rush him.

Well zaccardo’s red card is debateable, should be yellow i guess, but red card? Im not sure about that. Should ve play felicioli instead of him pippo.

However i hope both di molfetta and mastalli can get a chance here, mastalli in for van ginkel at70-80′ would be the best


denied a clear goal scoring opportunity, and was the last man, definite red card (albeit very unlucky).


That Red was harsh and Amauri was clearly offside in the build up to the card anyway. This is an absolutely terrible call for multiple reasons.


Its an offside for Amauri before the foul
Hm…Conte watching the game.. Whats going on..
Personally i prefer emery as our coach but if our plan is all italian maybe conte is slightly better.


THAT IS OLD SES! Bravooo!!

68th minute Ses out Zapata in??
ok ses cant go 90min, but why the hell he puts zapata??? we have 3-0 lead, attacking and pressing…. And have RB Felicioli on bench…

Zapata is on the doors out of club and he puts him in instead of some primavera?? Why??

Anyhow, very good performance! SES is back =)

Redouan Arafat



Conte is probably watching players for his NT selection, probably Paletta, Poli, SES and Darmian are on his shortlist


No menez no Bonera = Milan victory.
Bonera has been notorious all this while but the last 4 games confirmed that Menez is a big problem. W/o menez everyone is ticking really well. 10 man Milan is away better than 11 men which includes Menez!!!!


That Menez gave us very important goals at the begining of the season. Else may be we might have been fighting relegation. Dont be ungrateful!


You are right. After getting some goals he became big headed. He’s above all his team mates so he will dribble alone. Soccer is a game of team work. Is he better than messi or zidane? Even those 2 are great passer. Either he be the humble n motivated menez of the first 10 games. If not, grt out of milan as he caused us 20 games


Hahaha u r kidding me. If menez never ever played, we woulf be fighting for cpl spot right now. He started well, but he became proud n arrogant thinking thay hes messi or zidane and this scum caused the downfall of the team. The team was stagnant with him playing. I don’t think inzaghi did any magic or the rest of the players improved so much technically. Menez is the cancer. Yes, he won us 10 games buy caused us to lose 20. If this arrogant fool continues this way, pls go to Qatar or MLS


we said similar things about Balotelli too, we just need some discipline..


At first i was wondering why zapata takes el shaarawy’s place instead of di molfetta. El shaarawy is clearly exhausted and needs to be subbed, but then why did zapata introduced, but after zapata takes RB and poli subbed for mastalli, i think i can get whats tasotti trying to do. He chooses mastalli to make his debut, so yeah, i can forgive him lol. Anyway, great comeback from el shaarawy. And i hope we buy van ginkel. This boy seriously can become our star

Kofi Agyeman

One coward coach I’ve ever seen… Wht is der to loose mr Inzaghi dis is an opportunity to play mastour..


afterall pazzini wants to stay


This is now 3 matches in a row where we have shown visible improvements in our overall play (Would have beaten Sassuolo had Jack not gone and got him self sent off so early). Our play is so much more fluid without Menez up top holding on to the ball too long and squandering opportunities. Our midfield has been more organized as of late, and we haven’t been exposed on the counter. It’s still obvious that we need to upgrade certain areas of our defense, Alex is incapable of completing an entire match and Bocchetti will probably be returning to… Read more »


Yah without menez. Milan is playing better


I think we need van ginkel, so keep him..
Mastalli van ginkel monty/de jong are good..
You can still add bonaventura, poli and honda in buy jose maria from parma

Forward buy gabigol and bring back niang..
Sell menez cerci…out pazzini, matri..etc
We have elsha, gabigol, niang
You can add molfeatta mastour suso or play honda as play maker…

Keep de sciglio, antonelli, abate, alex/palleta..
Buy experienced cb, and play maldini’s son.,

Sorry for too much fifa..


Finally someone with realistic plans for our Milan to the next season! I agree with you, love it! But you forgot Felicioli in the defence and I prefer Emery as coach for Milan to the next season. 🙂


Van ginkel has been our best midfield as of late.. I think galliani should really work on buying him from chelsea. Besides they said van ginkel isn’t in their plans


Agree…we should buy van ginkel…quality player…6-8 millions is fair for him..and happy to see SES is gaining confidence….


great game by SES, and Mastalli was also good, looked confident!

I keep saying it and it annoys me.. If Alex can’t finish a full 90 minute game he should not start a game.. we keep subbing him out.

I don’t want to comment on Inzaghi subbing 2 defenders in again. I’m glad we won the game


inzaghi for another season?!


i like your sarcasm 😀


Ses wasn’t that great yesterday but. I noticed he can’t really beat his man in a one on one situation, inzaghi always complaining about injuries, as we saw, most of the squad players were out yet we won. Torino’s game plan gave milan the initiative to attack ryt from the start. I bet if lazio came to town, we would sit deep waiting for them to make a mistake. This squad isn’t that bad as pippo has made them look all season.


Really liking El Shaarawy – van Ginkel partnership


Totally. Hope he stays next season and becomes a regular.

Next to El Shaarawy, I’d say van Ginkel deserves MOM. Played like a boss in midfield today.
For once, it didn’t hurt that much to see that number 21 on somebody else.


El Shaarawy needs to learn to use his left foot more before he gets too old. He could have had a decent chance at a hat trick today, but sadly decided to toe poke with his right, wasting a good opportunity. The ability to capitalize on these chances is what separates the greats from the goods.

Very glad he’s back tho.

Forza Milan!


Van ginkle was amazing last night easily man of the match along with SES for me. Its a shame we don’t have an option to buy, i really hope we can keep him somehow. Btw the idea of inzaghi staying is absurd, he must leave.


it good to see great team work Abbiati – did great in goal zaccardo – nice assist (deserved a yellow not red) paletta and alex- solid defensive work bocchetti-gud recovery de jong – all a pillar in mid field and good long range shot poli – did the dirty work, gud play but should be more creative in his passes van ginkel – hleped in defense and mid field also great 1-2 pass el and winning a red card to even the play a penalty pazzini – great penalty and congratulation on your 100th appearance for the club honda –… Read more »