The Chinese offer more but Mr. Bee already plans his Milan: Cannavaro as coach, Lippi a technical director

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - OCTOBER 27: Patrick Kluivert (c) speaks as Bee Taechaubol (l), CEO of Thai Prime Co. ltd., and Fabio Cannavaro (r) look on during a Global Legends Series media event on October 27, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo by Charles Pertwee/Getty Images for GLS)
Patrick Kluivert (c) speaks as Bee Taechaubol (l), and Fabio Cannavaro (r) look on during a Global Legends Series media event on October 27, 2014 in Malaysia. (Photo by Charles Pertwee/Getty Images for GLS)

We’re approaching the decisive days as on Sunday Bee Taechaubol will be at Milan to try and close the deal, but the Chinese’s offer remains better.

It has been out in the open that for the first time since 1986, when Berlusconi saved Milan from bankruptcy, the red and black club is up for sale and there are two groups – one led by Bee Taechaubol (backed by Nelio Lucas of Doyen Sports and other funds) and one with Richard Lee as its representative (Zong Qinghou is said to be the top investor there).

On Sunday Taechaubol is expected to arrive to Italy (according to Tuttosport Nelio Lucas could join him) and a meeting with Berlusconi will take place in Arcore in order to try and get the deal virtually done. As reported by La Repubblica this morning, the memorandum of understanding expires on Thursday, April 30, so the next step for Bee is to present the bank guarantees to cover the financial plan, which is to initially buy 30% of Milan and then go on to own 65% of the club with an increase in capital. Repubblica states that Bee also wants to sign an exclusive dealing which would cut off the competition from the Chinese.

But La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that at the moment Berlusconi is more convinced by the project of the Chinese since they are backed by the Chinese government. Tuttosport also states that the Chinese are offering more money than Bee who lowered his bid after reviewing Milan’s accounts over the last month. Bee is offering €500m for the majority of the club while the Chinese €600m.


The competition is very close and over the next week Silvio is expected to meet both Bee and Lee to discuss the sale. Sky Italia’s Alessandro Alciato meanwhile states that Taechaubol already has in mind how his Milan will look like: Fabio Cannavaro, who is currently in charge of Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande, is targeted to replace Filippo Inzaghi as coach with Rino Gattuso possibly acting as an assistant. Marcello Lippi, who used to work at Guangzhou, could return as a technical director and supervisor. Paolo Maldini and Sandro Nesta have also reportedly been contacted.

In the world of a Chinese takeover, on the other hand, Silvio Berlusconi could remain honorary president for the next three to five years with Galliani and Barbara both keeping their seats.

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Well we know what one Silvio will choose. One that gives him 5 more years of attention and keeps his buddy a job


Cannavaro as a coach?? what a joke….lol


Cannavaro as coach?!?!? HOPEFULLY they meen as a defence coach and NOT a headcoach!!! im sooo done with unexperianced and mediocare coaches!!!


I want to believe it’s defence coach cos another report says Bee is in talk with Jurgen Klop


See that’s the weird thing.
I thought that, in football, the main guy is called the “manager” and then there are a team of “coaches” behind him.
That’s the understanding I read the article with.
Hopefully it’s in keeping with that, and this a reticle doesn’t mean he wants him as manager, but as one of the coaches

silly man

I read another article which said he was considering Carlo Ancelotti (real madrid manager)… There are just far too many rumours out there at the moment. We can only wait to see what happens.
I hope Mr Bee gets it – sadly, it’s more likely he’ll choose the chinese. He and his family keep their seats, and his wallet gets fatter :/


Milan is becoming a coaching laboratory where inexperienced coaches are experimented.


I want to believe it’s defence coach. cos another report says Bee is in talk with Jurgen Klopp


Mtcheeeeeeew Bee should leave Milan alone……
Lee should b day man to lead Milan. The idea of Galliani staying is owk ,, I believe he hasn’t been doing well in the transfer market due to low transfer budgets… Could let Lee pump moni into Milan Xo as to see d diff
Forza Milan Forza Lee

silly man

You want to keep the berlusconi in power?


Comment: Cana who as coach? I can’t even trust him to coach my kids. If Milan will be bought with good money they shud also spend some of that on a proven/ competent coach. Of all the coaches in the world Mr. Bee wants to hire Canavaro? Seriously? anyways I seriously doubt this. Everything remains a rumor till Milan is actually bought. We wait…


Comment: Milan is really turning 2 a comedy house,if dis is true

Pa ibra

now I am confused as non of these men are planning things that I like. lee want galliani. and bee want lippi & cannavaro. still bee sounds better but com’on does he think that here is juve.


well, so far juve was known as the most successful club in italy (europe not included). so basically a clueless man would portray juve as something to look in to ignoring the real identity of the club he want to own, that is milan. i remember how thai minister who own city back then, do what he want, as he please and city got nothing. so i’m with you brother. i can’t agree 100% with both party plans.


Well I would not mind Gattuso in our team. (Not as a manager!)


Bee, Lee, … gee when will it be over?


I prefer the chinese because of the involvement of the government.That means there would be a lot of gains.


uh, that also mean even more politics in the game, which is horrible.


i dunno as time grows closer these reports keep getting weird before he wanted Carlo / Conte as head coach Maldini as sporting director also Barbara would be in charge of marketing now this nonsense recently it was said he would go for Klopp as head coach which isnt bad if the team does crap he gets to slap them lol but seriously i rather Bee over Lee because this is a new milan we all want and not an old Milan with all the past glory talk when things go sour so think people its either we get Maldini… Read more »

mukhtar ladan

Comment:ithink it’s better to sell the team first,before get to a new coach


I like the idea of Ringho at Milan, he the type of person who can instill Milan passion into younger players, or scream and drag it out of them, whichever works best. Seriously though, there’d be no primadonnas with Gattuso prowling the dugout behind a cooler head as coach. It said that Lee is offering more money but that’s only at the minute, his group haven’t performed a due diligence on Milan yet, which is what caused Bee to lower his offer, same.thing could happen. If Doyen Sports is a group that are affiliated with Bee this could be good… Read more »


Dont trust this speculations… They “said” they want carlo, another media wrote they want klopp… And now can? Lol.. that is biiig downgrade, i dont think that would happen… When they buy shares they would want to increase their values, amd that means that Milan needs to play better.. so risking with one coach salary (lets say 10m for carlo) and have grow of shares about 100-200m or put someone like can and pay him less.. like 2m and then have growth of 30m? Anyhow, this is pure media speculations, we t do nothing if he wants to sell, and… Read more »


Lippi and Cannavaro??? WTF! GTFO with the JUVE RATS.

Someone tell him this is AC MILAN. We want people like Boban, Arigo Sacchi, Donadoni, Costacourta, Maldini, Nesta and etc at Milan. We don’t want Juventus agents.

Bryan Kofi

Hell funny


Cannavaro???? Lippi?????


just save us already..


I wonder what Berlu will do — sell to Bee and completely revolutionize the club, or sell to Lee and keep his best mate and daughter in employment, plus pocket an extra 100 mil. Hmm….


Please can someone here tell FIFA to make it, 10 sub per match. So maybe our dear inzaghi will stop giving foolish excluse


Deal with Galliani still working in Milan is bad ,he got to go


i don’t like the way management work these days, but i don’t like inexperienced people take control of the club either.


Based on the passion on sport, bee is better option. But he should get rid of cana and lippi from his plan. The’re many former rossonerians who IMO have good ability to manage this team next year. Rijkaard, seedorf, van basten..