Pazzini: “It was an important match and we got it wrong, I had a feeling I would start”

Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images
Pazzini celebrates after scoring during Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on April 25, 2015. (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)

Giampaolo Pazzini scored but has very few reasons to go to sleep happy.

Pazzini got his 99 Serie A goal and returned to scoring from open play for the first time since April 19 2014 but his goal was only a poor consolation prize for a poor Milan performance as they lost 2-1 to Udinese at Stadio Friuli in a match that even left coach Filippo Inzaghi angry.

“I had a feeling I would start,” Pazzini told the Milan Channel. “I prepared the match as if it were a final. Regardless of my goal, we did not play well and I am very sorry about this. I believed we could complete the come-back. They were tired.

“It was an important match today and we got it wrong. On Wednesday it will be very hard (vs. Genoa) and it is a very big match. There is a lot of disappointment today, but we need to bounce back.” 

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Ebrima bah

The wosh game i ever watch


*The worst game I ever watched


The worst game I have ever watched 😉


Hope Pazzo starts on wednesday and scores, i want him to reach 100 goals with us.


You saw what Inter did to Roma? Now wait till we meet Roma in week 35, then you’ll spot the difference … My point? To prove that we were bad against Inter and deserved to lose that match but we were lucky, but some Milan fans like you were in denial, you guys thought we had a very good game and the draw was a fair reflection of the match… And then Udinese brought you back to earth.. ”Stramaccioni schooled Inzaghi” wish I could have seen your face after the match..


No i didnt but i heard. And where did you hear me say that we had a very good match against Inter? The only thing i commented about the match was that ridiculous comment of yours that the ref wasnt fair to Inter. So dont put words in my mouth, thats beneath you, or maybe i was wrong.


My point was and still is.. Inter deserved to win that match hands down.. Milan played nothing and I still remain on the fact that, you thought the draw was a fair result, from your comment, I deduced that….!

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